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Hello po! I am 15 years old and I am also into art, But I don't have materials for making digital arts yet q-q) I am already in grade 10 and is thinking about doing animation but I don't know how to start or even do animation because I don't really think that would be easy, like the school I should go to, or would I even get a job for it. So as someone who has an experience in digital art and if it doesn't bother you, would you give me tips or something?


Thing no. 1: Materials - The stuff you need that are specific to digital art isn’t easy to get (esp. bc they’re expensive) but its a good investment! You can start by getting a drawing tablet, which ofc wouldn’t work without a compatible computer (which ofc, you might already have.) Software is also another thing you will need, but usually you can get it along with the drawing tablet you bought! (WOW!! SO COOL!!!) 

Thing no. 2: Animating. Oh Geez - You can start practicing animating by doing some simple animations (if you research a bit, you’d animate a ball for starters) and as you go along, you’d learn about the different *magics* you can use in frame-by-frame animation, and the different transitions you can use. Though a little forewarning: animation - whether its 3D or frame-by-frame - takes a HECK LOAD of patience. Especially if you wanna get good at it, you’d have to practice drawing fast and accurate as possible! SO JUS KEEP GOING and you’ll be fine! 

Thing no. 3: Schools - there are a lot of schools in the Philippines that you can enroll yourself in by college! Most of them are Small but that’s actually The Point if you think about it: iAcademy, La-Salle College of St. Benilde(though this is p big), CIIT are some! 

Thing no. 4: OFC YOU’RE GONNA GET SOMEWHERE WITH IT - its a matter of perseverance and interest for the field! it would take awhile to get a hang of the basics, and eventually put your own style into it, but as long as you keep going and keep making art you like, then its totally Cool and Rad! The audience for your art will flock to you, so be sure to make art and be patient. 

:^D AND DANG, you’re so young bes! am p proud you’re thinking so far into the future already but don’t forget to live your Present, alright? the only way you’ll finish an artwork is when you simply start it :^DDD don’t b scared! I believe in you. ;D

That’s all I can say for now! BUT I’ve answered a few other asks similar to yours:




Okay, haha so absent ako today kasi hinatid namin si Mommy tska si K sa airport. Yun, 7:10 am na kami nakauwi ng bahay. So natulog nalang ulit ako, tas tumawag si Alexis hahaha, di ko sinagot kasi baka sigawan ako. Nakanang! Naka 7 missed calls sya, hahaha. Tas tinext pa nya yung mommy ko. Wow ah.. So yun, Gusto ko sana pumasok kaso baka pauwiin ako eh. HAHA! So yun, wala akong ginawa kundi magbasa, matulog at kumain. Tas ang tahimik pa dito kanina. Then yun dumting na yung brother ko frm school, tas yun mejo maingay na, haha. Then bigla tumawag si Alexis, free day daw kanina tas nagpapainggit pa sya kasi yung buong Humanity daw pupuntang iAcademy bukas. Ehhhh, kawawa ako di ako makkapunta kasi bukas na yung Entrance Exam ko sa Mapua. So yun, me discount daw sila. Edi ang saya nun kasi susunduin sila ng iAcademy bukas, tas papatake sila lahat ng exam tas baka me tour sila. -.- Tapos sasama pa si _____. Haha, okay lang yun kasi nag-apply ako ng form sa website nila. Hehehe. Dapat pala Business Administration kinuha ko sa Mapua. Pero okay lang yan, kasi pag sakaling di ako naka-pasa sa Mapua, sa iAcademy ako. Pero di ko talga matanggap yung gagawin nila bukas. ehhhhhhh!


Natetempt akong lumipat next school year dito. =) Ang cool kasi ng facilities and focus talaga nila is more on multimedia, more on actual, hindi puro theories. Eh sa UST kasi, third year pa kami halos sa field works, yung more on applications. Kaya ayun, iniisip ko pa kung lilisanin ko na ang UST at lumipat dito sa iACADEMY. Mukha kasing mas madami akong matututunan dito. Nag-ooffer din sila Ng Fashion Design, Film, Animation, Marketing and Advertising, Digita Arts, etc. May short courses din sila, parang part-time. Awesome school is awesome! HAHA! Bahala na lang si Batman! >:P

Study Fashion in ITALY through iAcademy's New Program!

The birthplace of design geniuses Prada, Versace, Gucci, Valentino, Cavalli, ArmaniFerragamo and many more, ITALY is a country where haute couture is part of the culture.

ITALIAN DESIGNERS: Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, Miuccia Prada and Roberto Cavalli
(photo sources: Wikipedia, decollagedesign.com and lafulafu.com.cn)

Hosting its bi-annual Milan Fashion Week, this land of art is indisputably a world capital when it comes to fashion. Italy contains so much inspiration that it rose as a popular educational destination for many aspiring fashion designers around the world.

This pretty much explains why iAcademy, a prime college here in the Philippines, decided to collaborate with Italy’s Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and develop a special program that lets those who want a spot in the fashion industry to study right in the capital of haute couture!

The program is comprised of 3 short courses: Accessories Design, Fashion Drawing and Fashion Event Staging. Grab this opportunity of studying in a prestigious Italian fashion institute for a month! Learn not only about designing clothes, but about the business of fashion as well!

Study in Italy! 
(photo source: Wikipedia)

This is your chance! Call iAcademy School of Continuing Education at 889-7777 local 820/821 for further details. You may also inquire via email at isce@iacademy.edu.ph.

Buon viaggio, stilista!

iAcademy or La Salle - College of Saint Benilde?

So I’ve decided what course I’m going to take for college (Multimedia Arts), but I’m torn between 2 universities. ;__;

iAcademy. This school is in Makati and it’s SOOOOOO awesome. I’ve been here last summer and it’s sooooo cool. *U* The facilities are just awesome. The people there are nice (or at least the people I met). Regarding academics, I’m guessing it’s also awesome since they really focus on application. Plus, I already know some people that studies here so I won’t have a hard time adjusting and I already passed the iCat.

La Salle - CSB. I’ve also been here but I haven’t toured the campus yet. But I know it’s also awesome here. I don’t know much about La Salle so.. yeah. I guess taking MMA here won’t be bad either. 


 Neil invades iACADEMY GameVan! 

 Aug 9, 2013 (Holiday) dpt wla akong pasok pro ..heto me ngttrabho :/
pro oks lng :) hnd ko nmn nafeel n ngttabho.. maliban s nglalaro lng ako s loob ng GameVan may bisita din me eheh (syempre nglaro nrn sya :) ) kso .. 8-0 ang score -___- oo ako ung s ZERO.. bokya ako s tekken -___- amff at may future s baseball ang lola mo :P ahah 



It was not long ago when I received an email of invitation to speak to fashion students of iAcademy on the topic of Fashion illustration as part of their series called ‘Fashpiration.“ Past guest speakers were Arnold Galang and Esme Palaganas. Anyway, I gladly accepted because I know that an artist must inspire! :)
It was a fun talk and workshop. I shared my own tips and strategies in illustrating and also had them make a portrait and design an outfit. And true enough, they’re really talented in designing clothes!
It was an experience, thanks MODA and to all those who attended! I hope you all learned something & I hope you all prosper in the fashion world.