Accessory Design Workshop at i-Academy

I attended an accessory design workshop at iAcademy yesterday. Situated at Makati’s center of commerce, this school boasts of modern facilities and exceptional courses which are perfect for students who are looking for supreme quality of education. If you had been watching Project Runway Philippines, you probably know this school. It’s where the contestant designers sketched and stitched their creations, and we were so lucky to be in that very room where it all happened.

Lunch buffet

The speaker for the day was Manu Respall. Just in case you don’t know him yet, well, he’s a jack of many trades - a book author, a poet, an actor, a model, an accessory designer and many more - who’s a fan of anything “fierce”! He was already featured in Vogue Italia yet labels himself as “nobody.” Talk about a humble guy!

Manu’s works are far from simple. He loves weird stuff, much like what Tessa Prieto-Valdez wears. The more grotesque people find his pieces, the more he likes it!

I have learned quite a lot of things from him. They’re all written in a piece of paper, but here are some of the basic ones:

► There is art in everything that we do.

► There is no such thing as “ugly art.”

► Form follows meaning. There are no rules.

► In designing an accessory, one must keep in mind the acronym C.R.E.A.T.E., which stands for:

          • C - Character (what fits the personality of the client)
          • R - Reason (the occasion in which the client will be wearing it)
          • E - Element (symbolism)
          • A - Artistry (the craftsmanship)
          • T - Treatment (what the client will feel when he/she wears the item)
          • E - Ergonomics (how it works, mechanically speaking)

Student again! (Photo by iAcademy)

As part of the workshop, we were challenged to create something wearable using 10 pieces of paper and a pencil. What’s really frenzying about it is that we were given only 20 minutes to complete the exercise!

My creation - a lame necklace!

Love Michael’s headpiece! I can feel that Michael’s in the same frequency as Manu, as he loves outrageous pieces too!

Yeah, I know, mine is too boring! I hate it too! I want something McQueen-esque!

The winner of the challenge! Hers was the most unique - a cape!

With art maverick Manu

Well, I guess everything went better than expected! I have honed my accessory-making skills and met an incredible guy! I’m so excited to incorporate what I have learned into my DIY projects!

Thank you iAcademy for this amazing experience!

For more info about iAcademy, visit iacademy.edu.ph.

Overwhelmed. Forreal.

Happiness Part 1:

The Party, our project for our Society Class, was a blast! Had some flaws but still it went well. And I’m really overjoyed when the people thanked me and told me that they really had a fun afternoon with us. It couldn’t be possible without the help of my co-organizers, the performers, and the host.

We were worried about the Chicken from Bon Chon that it might not come in time and the same with the 10 boxes of Pizza from Pizza Hut… they came minutes away from 1pm. I also spilled Iced Tea on my polo because of my clumsiness, thanks to Ken Magundayao I pulled it off! He’s a life saver and a good stylist. Don’t get me wrong, he’s straight though. Had so much fun!

Happiness Part 2:

We invited our chairperson to attend the party, and I guess he had fun as well. Anyway he asked me to drop by his office after the party but I was so tired plus my mom is already waiting for me so I forgot to go there. I’m really really sorry, Sir Ryan, if ever you’re reading this :))

Anyway when I got home I got a message from him, the reason why he wanted me to drop by at his office because he’s going to offer me a chance to have my works to be exhibited. I’m really excited for this.

Happiness Part 3:

I went to my friends house along with my other high school best friends to make a Film, it’s her project. I helped directing and filming the movie plus I was one of the actores.

The screening date is March 5, at La Salle Antipolo. I think it’s for free so if you’re from La Salle Antipolo please do watch it :)

Thank you, Lord :)


External image

When I graduated from high school, choosing the course to take was the biggest decision I had to make. My parents were pushing me to take Engineering since my uncles are Engineers and they are successful in that field. However, even though I’m good at Math, I wanted to take business or computer related course, unfortunately, I had to obey my parents because of the educational plan they got for me.

Right now, since I’m in charge of my career path, I have to be careful with my decisions and I have to make sure that I’m going to be successful in it. Since I’m into computer and fashion, I combined these two in building my dream to have my own business, which also lead me to blogging industry. Even though I have so many experiences in both fields, my experiences aren’t enough and I still have to learn more.

When I found out about iAcademy, I was amazed that they are offering everything I want! They are known for their niche courses in the field of Computing, Business, and Design. It’s like a school that is custom-built for me. iAcademy’s courses are very specific to the learning needs of its students, with the goal of producing globally competitive graduates and professionals.

External image

iAcademy provides their students with real world experience – something that a lot of colleges shelter their students from. Beginning with its location, iAcademy is located in Makati, giving students a glimpse into what awaits them after graduation. So if you’re used to going to Makati, working there won’t be a problem.

External image

External image

External image

External image

iACADEMY’s partnerships with prestigious global institutions serve only to give their students the best possible exposure to their chosen craft. For business, the school has an existing partnership with DePaul University in Chicago, recognized for excellence in experiential and service-based learning. In fashion, they have an existing partnership with Polimoda Fashion Institute, known as one of the top European fashion and marketing schools. And for Design, they have as their Creative Director, Dane Romley, who was the character artists in the longest running animated show, The Simpsons. 

External image

External image

The school’s extensive network of partners also gives students the perfect platform to immerse themselves in their chosen fields, keeping themselves updated in the fast-paced world of technology, design and business. This also translates to opportunities for job placement in the student’s preferred industry, where their education and training already gives them an advantage by virtue of their understanding of the demands of their chosen fields.

External image

External image

One of the biggest regrets I had when I was in college were being afraid to decide on my own and being weak in choosing my own destiny – I was afraid to stand up and tell my parents what I really wanted to become. So, I ended up wasting so much time back then.

Whenever I have talks to different schools, I always tell the students to make the right decision and don’t be afraid to fight for it; because I don’t want them to experience what others and I have been through. Statistically, 1 in 3 students currently enrolled will seek to transfer school. So if you think your current school doesn’t provide your needs, which will be a big problem in the future, why stay when you can transfer to a school that is tailored fit to your needs?

In any case, schools like iACADEMY have made an effort to make it easier for transferees to explore educational options available to them by simplifying the process. For instance, one of the biggest questions that students and parents of students interested in transferring have is whether their current accumulated college units will be credited by their new school. Another concern is that despite knowing that their current college is not a great fit for them, they don’t really know what the next steps are.

iACADEMY understands that transferees are a source of quality and diverse students, which is why they try to provide rational and easier transfer policies. Interested applicants can start by following this simple 3-step process:

  1. Get a copy of your current college transcript and download the iACADEMY transferee application form from the website.
  2. Fill out the form and bring it when you visit the campus.
  3. Upon submission of the application form, iACADEMY’s admissions counselors will provide you with the following information:
  • Which of your current subjects and units will be credited to iACADEMY after transfer.
  • Schedule for guidance counseling regarding your academic future with our team.
  • Detailed next steps on what you can do to move forward with the process of transferring.

For more information, you can visit iacademy.edu.ph, call (02) 889-7777, like Facebook.com/iACADEMY or send an email to inquiry@iacademy.edu.ph. You can also drop by the iAcademy campus at 324 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Bel Air, Makati.

Author at Once | iACADEMY

Sign up! This is especially great for writers who already have finished manuscripts. If you put in the work,you could have your novel published at the end of the course. Writers who are still working on their novel will get help in plotting, shaping and polishing their story. I will be there to discuss aspects marketing the old-school way and through social media.


Okay, haha so absent ako today kasi hinatid namin si Mommy tska si K sa airport. Yun, 7:10 am na kami nakauwi ng bahay. So natulog nalang ulit ako, tas tumawag si Alexis hahaha, di ko sinagot kasi baka sigawan ako. Nakanang! Naka 7 missed calls sya, hahaha. Tas tinext pa nya yung mommy ko. Wow ah.. So yun, Gusto ko sana pumasok kaso baka pauwiin ako eh. HAHA! So yun, wala akong ginawa kundi magbasa, matulog at kumain. Tas ang tahimik pa dito kanina. Then yun dumting na yung brother ko frm school, tas yun mejo maingay na, haha. Then bigla tumawag si Alexis, free day daw kanina tas nagpapainggit pa sya kasi yung buong Humanity daw pupuntang iAcademy bukas. Ehhhh, kawawa ako di ako makkapunta kasi bukas na yung Entrance Exam ko sa Mapua. So yun, me discount daw sila. Edi ang saya nun kasi susunduin sila ng iAcademy bukas, tas papatake sila lahat ng exam tas baka me tour sila. -.- Tapos sasama pa si _____. Haha, okay lang yun kasi nag-apply ako ng form sa website nila. Hehehe. Dapat pala Business Administration kinuha ko sa Mapua. Pero okay lang yan, kasi pag sakaling di ako naka-pasa sa Mapua, sa iAcademy ako. Pero di ko talga matanggap yung gagawin nila bukas. ehhhhhhh!

Something to look forward to :)

I kinda planned to run for CSO before but when Julie told me that she’s not going to run I’ve decided not to go to… but “ one day, isang araw ” Julie dragged me out of the iMac Lab and to the Student Affars office to sign the candidacy form, exaggeration intended.

Anyway, I took the panel interview last Saturday and I sorta nailed it. I was nervous at first since Reu’s one of the panel haha! And when I told Julie how the interview went, “ Pang Ms. Universe?!

Wish us luck! Though it looks like Julie doesn’t really need it.

I’m kinda confused on who to vote since Mikee’s a close friend and Keiko’s close to me too, they’re both running for the same position. Another thing is we, Julie and I, kinda forced Keiko into running for the Student Council. Maybe I’ll go for Keiko since  Mikee’s hesitant and it seems like she was just really forced into it.


Natetempt akong lumipat next school year dito. =) Ang cool kasi ng facilities and focus talaga nila is more on multimedia, more on actual, hindi puro theories. Eh sa UST kasi, third year pa kami halos sa field works, yung more on applications. Kaya ayun, iniisip ko pa kung lilisanin ko na ang UST at lumipat dito sa iACADEMY. Mukha kasing mas madami akong matututunan dito. Nag-ooffer din sila Ng Fashion Design, Film, Animation, Marketing and Advertising, Digita Arts, etc. May short courses din sila, parang part-time. Awesome school is awesome! HAHA! Bahala na lang si Batman! >:P

Study Fashion in ITALY through iAcademy's New Program!

The birthplace of design geniuses Prada, Versace, Gucci, Valentino, Cavalli, ArmaniFerragamo and many more, ITALY is a country where haute couture is part of the culture.

ITALIAN DESIGNERS: Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, Miuccia Prada and Roberto Cavalli
(photo sources: Wikipedia, decollagedesign.com and lafulafu.com.cn)

Hosting its bi-annual Milan Fashion Week, this land of art is indisputably a world capital when it comes to fashion. Italy contains so much inspiration that it rose as a popular educational destination for many aspiring fashion designers around the world.

This pretty much explains why iAcademy, a prime college here in the Philippines, decided to collaborate with Italy’s Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and develop a special program that lets those who want a spot in the fashion industry to study right in the capital of haute couture!

The program is comprised of 3 short courses: Accessories Design, Fashion Drawing and Fashion Event Staging. Grab this opportunity of studying in a prestigious Italian fashion institute for a month! Learn not only about designing clothes, but about the business of fashion as well!

Study in Italy! 
(photo source: Wikipedia)

This is your chance! Call iAcademy School of Continuing Education at 889-7777 local 820/821 for further details. You may also inquire via email at isce@iacademy.edu.ph.

Buon viaggio, stilista!


 Neil invades iACADEMY GameVan! 

 Aug 9, 2013 (Holiday) dpt wla akong pasok pro ..heto me ngttrabho :/
pro oks lng :) hnd ko nmn nafeel n ngttabho.. maliban s nglalaro lng ako s loob ng GameVan may bisita din me eheh (syempre nglaro nrn sya :) ) kso .. 8-0 ang score -___- oo ako ung s ZERO.. bokya ako s tekken -___- amff at may future s baseball ang lola mo :P ahah 


iAcademy Campus tour! ♥

shete. grabe lang. mas excited pa ko dito sa tour na to kesa sa retreat, I swear. :> Osha, ganto kasi nangyari. 7am saktong dumating sila Sir Jay, yung nag invite samin para sa campus tour nung career orientation. una palang gusto ko na sumama dito, experience ba kahit di ako dun mag aaral? Nararamdaman kasi ng nerves ko na masaya to :3 

(low quality, blurred)

So ayun. basta happy happy ♥ Tapos pagdating dun sa mismong building na.. waaw lang. ang yaman naman nila sa elevator. tapos basta, walang part ng building ang hindi malamig. Ang fail lang kasi kami ni Jenine eh nag CR sa personel’s comfort room. amp. haha. edi ayun nga, andun na kami sa building..

Andito kami sa new room. este, pangalawang room na pinag dalhan samin. dito, binigyan kami ng snacks :> Tapos me pina fill-apan din samin.

Tapos bumalik na kami dun sa unang room na pinag dalhan samin, yung ayos ng room eh para bang makikipag debate lang kami, dalawang panig? hahaha. ayun. PERO yun, yung mag eexam na, tinawag lang yung mag hahandle samin which is si kuya jay, edi lumabas yung bantay, eto ang itsura namin ni jenine na mejo kabado pa dahil nga mag sisimula na ang iCAT :)

so ayun. nakaka time pressure ang test pero hindi sila masyadong strict, pwede nga kami mag usap ng patago ni jenine eh. haha. then nung matapos ang iCAT, nag workshop naman kami :>> Gusto nyo makita mga fail na drawings namin? pinaka maganda yung gawa ni Johnric :))

Drawing ni jenine. haha.

Yung una kay johnjoke. joke na joke eh -.- hahaha. yung mata, drawing ko, galing nu? XD basta sa workshop, tinuro ni kuya jaycee ang basics sa pag pepaint at drawing :>

eto naman eh yung ang kapal ng muka kong ag volunteer kung sino gusto mag drawing sa harap. eh bat ba, lubuslubusin na :))

then eto na nga, after workshop, kaen ng lunch na libre, then gumala na kami, este nag tour :D Ang ganda ganda nung campus TwT seryoso. ang saya mag libot. hihi. ♥ 

Those korean ice creams! yum! ♥ Di ko talaga pinalagpas yun aba. hahaha. yun lang nagastos namin sa buong araw :D yang paopao na yan binigay lang, este kumuha lang kami since free naman eh :))) ang saya dito. kayang mag survive, free lahat XD kahit iwanan nyo pa ko sa iAcademy, matutuwa pa siguro ako sainyo. hahaha. 

eto, eh ang kapal talaga ng muka ko, nasa photo shoot room kami tapos ayun, tumungo ako sa harap, pinicturan naman nila ako XD knowing na may kasama kaming ibang school ah :))))

eto yung nasa kabilang building na kami, kung san nagaganap ang global game chorva. :))

Tapos eto ang the VEST! =)) Arcade. ako ata pinaka maingay dito sa game van ng iAcademy kasi naman, tawa kami ng tawa sa tekken SLASH street fighter. Hahahaha. nag papanic >w< Ang astig talaga swear -.-“

Then ayun, uwi na :D ang saya talaga kahit sa byahe lang.. :)

kakaibang experience to promise. ANG SAYA TALAGA. I used all caps to emphasize the word SAYA. nakaka enjoy grabe. akalain o yun, 100 php lang lahat ng ginastos bukod syempre dun sa ice cream na ubod ng sarap :> So ayun, next week pa malalaman results eh. Yun na yun :>

© Amiel for some photos.