I am a monster

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She hadn’t warned anyone, she couldn’t. The moment she had found out about Henry was the moment she had decided to take action, using the wand she had gotten months before. Rumplestiltskin’s heart was turning completely black, and she could only try that spell once, when the man in him was still alive, to trick his mind into believing that he wanted to get rid of his curse, that he had gotten everything he wanted, true love, power, son, and didn’t want to be the Dark One anymore.
And it worked.
But all that darkness couldn’t be vanquished with a kiss that wasn’t real enough to create true love magic, and that was when she used the dagger that Rumplestiltskin himself had given her in his daze, tying the curse to herself.

When she had returned to her home, because it was home now, everything was better.
She was in control, finally, her clothes white, swan feathers now that she was reborn, that she didn’t have to mourn her son for long, skin sparkling without the disgusting scales of the previous Dark One and feeling more powerful than ever.
“I’m coming for you,” she told Blue, speaking through one of her mirrors in her bedchambers. “And you can tell the others that there is nowhere to run.”
“You monster…”
“Oh, yes… but I’m also more than that. I’m the monster. The one other monsters like you fear,” Emma cut her off, voice calm as she tilted her head with a soft smile, “You took my child from me too… and I will take all of yours.”
She lifted her arm in a delicate move, making the image disappear and her reflection return.
That was when Killian spoke.

You are not a monster

“You are wrong,” she told him, turning around with a swirl of her long feathery gown, “I’ve been one for years now… and there is nothing wrong with that.”

Killian hadn’t known where she was, but as it took her awhile to return, he’d begun to fear the worst. Begun to think that something had happened to her–or even worse, that she had done something, something irreversible. He’d wandered the castle, looking for her, and still unable to find her, and that was when the fear had set in. 

That is, until he heard her voice coming from her rooms, and for a moment, a brief sigh of relief managed to escape. She’s alright, he thought, moving to the door, in time to see her finishing her conversation. He’d only caught a part of it, but it was a part that Killian had to refute. “You’re not a monster.” The words felt true, felt right, but as she turned to face him, he wondered just what happened. 

“You–” Had she really gone and done it? Killian simply stood there, staring, his eyes running over her as if to take in everything about her. She was changed now; she was different. And he didn’t quite know what to think over that. “Emma…” But what? What could he say to her, now, now that she had gone and taken the powers of darkness upon herself? “I thought you weren’t–I thought you were finding another way.” It didn’t even dawn on him (yet) that it meant the crocodile was dead. Gone. Just that she had changed–and Killian was pretty sure it wasn’t for the better. 

But he shook his head. “No. You haven’t been. You’ve wanted people to think you were, to have them fear you, but deep down, love, you were never a monster.” Killian knew monsters, knew what they were capable of. The demon had taken everything from him, Cora had nearly killed him–But Emma wasn’t like them. Or at least, she hadn’t been like them. 

What was she now?

Killian still hadn’t really moved since entering the room, and even now, continued to just stand and stare, the shine of hurt in his eyes something he couldn’t really hide. 

It's All A Misunderstanding // Quick

May Puckerman sighs as she steps into the house, hanging up her coat and keys. After double shifts at the hospital, all she really wants is to relax. Noah’s truck is in the driveway, so she just prays that he’ll do her the favor of picking Sarah up from her friend’s house to bring her home for dinner. He’s not sitting on the couch watching TV like he normally is. But it’s a Wednesday, so he probably came home to nap after practice. Poor boy works so hard on that football field.

Quietly climbing the stairs, she opens the door to his bedroom, trying not to wake him if he’s asleep. Her jaw slacks a little at what she sees when the door is open, however. Her Noah practically curled up with…Quinn, if she remembers correctly. Thankfully, fully clothed.The same sweet girl who helped her around the house just days ago. May is about to leave with a small smile and leave them in peace, but the discoloration gracing Quinn’s face catches her eye. Bruises on her cheek and a busted lip. 

“Oh, no,” she tears up slightly, covering her mouth with one hand before making her way towards her, still not wanting to wake Noah up. “Quinn,” she kneels in front of the blonde, shaking her slightly in an attempt to wake her up.

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Achieve Greatness Now


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