“Brr…  T-there’s a chill up my spine…?”

Izuma’s Object head project “Pack Rat” Is going to have its first volume run from Bulletproof+ as a lovely homemade saddle-back book!  Sam is working his hardest to get it all sewn up and ready for the shows!! There’s been a few pages which have printed arry, but they will be turned into signage and Limited stickers so that no resource gets wasted!

The book itself will also only be available in a limited number, so consider this the ‘first edition!’

We’re all super proud of Izu for taking on such an ambitious project, shes currently at 310/4535!! This first volume contains 24 pages of Object Headed goodness! Be sure to check out and follow the blog for more info about all that!

This is also our first book, (mini sketchbooks & zines aside of course!) so we’re super excited! Remember: our next show is Fan Expo Vancouver, and we’ll be at table #a110 in the Artist ally! ((Izuma wont be there in person, but is likely to be with us at Anime Revolution in August, if you would like your copy signed!))