Ravi week Day 6: AU - Ravi in all my Favorite AUs I Could Think Of 

  • Superhero AU - so Ravi is lowkey the sidekick in this one but he’s just out minding his day when someone decides to rob him and then all of a sudden The Major is there pulling the guy off of him. The [Liv superhero name that I can’t think of] is running up to them and The Major is telling her he’s got it, and they both give him a wave and are on their way. 
    • Ravi’s immediately in love with both of them lmao and he unintentionally keeps getting into trouble. The white haired douche villain who’s name Ravi can never remember almost drops a truck on him, he gets kidnapped, almost run over. Every time, the two are there saving him and it gets to the point where Ravi’s just like, “What, are you guys stalking me now?” “Oh, hey, thanks for saving my life, I’m eternally grateful - oh you’re welcome, random citizen!” “The sass is not appreciated.” 
    • He does eventually find out who they are though (mostly because he basically followed them home one day and was like “HEY SO YOU NEED A DOCTOR ON YOUR TEAM”) and he sasses Major for making his own name the superhero name and promptly plops himself into their hideout and goes “yeah so here I am let’s go team what’s on our agenda for today?” 
  • Game of Thrones - the awkward squire who everyone thinks is going to die, but somehow he enters every war and leaves with, well, his head on his shoulders. Gets a bit more serious with every battle, a good group of friends, it probably comes out that he’s the bastard of some king, Ravi ends up ruling, nbd everyone hail King Chakrabarti. 
  • Vampire AU - Ravi is vampire bait. Most likely gets bitten by Blaine and spends the remainder of his immortality holding it against Blaine. 
    • “Oh, come on, you found the love of your life doesn’t that mean anything -” 
  • Coffee Shop AU - come on. Ravi meets Major here (Major is the barista) and he’s just shamelessly flirting with him let’s be real. Definitely awkwardly asks out Major by asking for “whole milk with cinnamon. Kind of like you and me, right? Cinnamon in the - sorry, let me start over.” 
  • Ghosts/Supernatural- Ravi finds ghosts interesting even though he’s scared of them, and he’ll reluctantly go along with any ghost hunting shenanigans that Major and Liv pull him into. Major believes and just wants to find ghosts. Liv thinks it’s all bulllshit (”you’re a zombie, Liv,” “Still”). 
    • Clive still can’t believe Ravi goes along with this white nonsense. Ravi will argue on how it’s based on scientific curiosity, but when he hears a noise or something falls and he almost drops the EMF from fear, he’s inclined to agree with Clive. 
    • They decide to hold a seance and Ravi kind of just goes “why did i do this why did i do this why did i do this” the entire time and when the ghost addresses him by name Ravi almost starts screaming. 
      • He texts Clive later asking if he can come over. Clive lets him but definitely salts his house and lights candles and put up an extra cross on the door and maybe kind of sort of flicked Ravi with holy water when he came through the door. Ravi couldn’t blame him. 

Random notes from Rose McIver’s Q&A at YEG Expo…

– She asked for the recipe for “brains chili” because she loves to cook, then promptly lost it before she could make it.

– She’s been shooting in Canada so long she feels like an “honourary Canadian.”

– Funniest story from set involves almost being run over by a woman on a scooter – Rose tried to stop the scooter so the extra wouldn’t get hurt; Rahul jumped put of the way and hid behind Malcom. There is footage of this somewhere.

– She feels that every brain is just an extension of some aspect of Liv’s personality in some way. Before she became a zombie, Rose felt that Liv was probably very practical and uptight. Becoming a zombie freed her from her “boring” life.

– We will see more of Liv’s mom and brother this season and she even hinted at learning more about Liv’s dad as well.

– Rose ships Liv/Major and really hopes that, in the end, they find their way back to each other.

– Her favorite episode was “Twenty sided, die” because it was one of the few time the cast could share one scene all together.

– She loves when people cosplay people from iZombie!

– There are ALOT of people that came to see her from the OUAT and Power Rangers fandoms.

– She wants to see Liv eat the brain of a “gym bunny” so she can just work out for the entire episode.

– Her least favorite brain was the “grumpy old man.”

– Before iZombie, she put hot sauce and tiziki on everything anyhow so the role was perfect for her.

– She listens to David Bowie to get into character because he wrote a lot about being “different.”

– She is just super nice. If you ever get the chance to see her at a Con, do it. :)