I will never get over the fact that so many artists portray Histoire as only being a few inches tall when in reality

She’s freaking 117 cm, or 3′10″

I’m 189 cm or 6′0″ and that sets her about level with the midsection of my ribcage. I get that probably ruins the image of being a “book fairy” to so many people, but she’s a LOT bigger than most people seem to assume.

Aaa ok it makes me kinda sad that people think Kaneki getting slapped by one of the people he loves most is funny and he deserved it???? Hinami was one of the only people who had never hurt him until now.
do I understand where Hinami was coming from? Yes. Do I think her actions are right? No.
People don’t seem to be taking into consideration that until now, Kaneki really couldn’t save Hinami. He wasn’t ignoring her. He wasn’t ditching her. There just was simply not a way he could even remotely expect to get her out of Cocleah *alive* until now.

Randomly, in my mind, the quote: ‘… Think now and then that there is a man who would give his life, to keep a life you love beside you.’ And I was trying to remember what it was from and as I thought ‘A Tale Of Two Cities’, I also thought of Chat Noir and so then I got real sad because Chat Noir as Sydney Carton but then, he would also be Charles? So then he would die for no reason??

  • <p><b>Me, on my cold deathbed:</b> where gamzee???<p/></p>