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Correspondent to Andrew’s exemplary construction of an iGoal – 0-1 Dallas Stars vs. Chicago Blackhawks – a lot of iFolks have asked us, what it is, that connects the BLACKHAWKS and the SPINTROTTERS. Easily answered: our philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility. That means cleared & cooperating iFolks in the state of 1O1. To put it in an emotive way: All for each and each for all! Or: You’ll never walk alone.

We couldn’t have said it any better than this team commercial for the BMO Harris Bank:

Greets, SY

P.S. For me Andrew’s best move is the a.ledger and s.hawm to Andrew Shaw fraternization move. Welcome on our iBoard, Andrew! Gorgeous to work with you! And to finally answer one of the most asked questions: The only thing, that drives our iTeam insane, is the illusion of progress, that’s brought to our iHearts and iMinds every single second a day!

Chat #05: Come away with me
  • ...
  • Man:What would you do if I’d sang out of tune?
  • Woman:I never look down to anyone unless helping him up.
  • Man:So what would you do?!
  • Woman:I would try to help you out.
  • Man:If we wouldn’t have this fucking sick breed of society around we all would forget about our hunting bullshit inbetween 3 days – maybe faster, but at a max of 1 week.
  • Woman:I know. But all the fucking sick folks around will never change!
  • Man:Why not?!
  • Woman:Cause they think, it’s their job to burn you down!
  • Man:I don’t need anyone to burn myself down!
  • Woman:Then leave them behind!
  • Man:I leave them behind every single night I go to sleep with you.
  • Woman:But the next day they're back, I know.
  • Man:I’d give my right arm to make them see what ultimately counts.
  • Woman:You’re a little too altruistic I think, isn’t it?!
  • Man:Maybe.
  • Woman:Don’t be any maybe, CHANGE the world, darling!
  • Man:All the folks I meet like my ideas to change it ...
  • Woman:... but in the end they all spend you nothing more than the feeling of being gammy?!
  • Man:Some kind of that!
  • Woman:I know myself what a source of anguish life is.
  • Man:;-)
  • Woman:To hell with them!
  • Man:I really don’t know any other place to be for them!
  • Woman:It’s your job to bleed them all out, I guess. I hope in the end we both will be free. Otherwise all what we are doing hasn’t made any sense since we were born.
  • Man:That’s so true!
  • Woman:Go further on – and don’t stop believing!
  • Man::-)
  • Woman:Hope we’re still alive when your visions come true, my dear!
  • Man:I don’t know.
  • Woman:Otherwise we’ll just live our life – and move on from!
  • Man:Just come away with me, babe!
  • Woman:For sure, honey!
  • ...