Interview #30: Introducing the eKIT
  • Toby M. Winkler:Maybe it's the last big shot of our currently CEO board with Kent (nexQtech), Jason (mediopolitan), Michelle (MindWaltz), SY (spintrotter) and Liam (purlpure) sitting on the docks of our bays – and the beginning of a brand new start under the flag of nexQtech! In cooperation with the two associations for a better education for all the folks rocking all over our iWorld, ABLE and WISE, they've created a new tool for our iSpyderQ1 iMinds. The name: eKIT. Please tell us about in a few sentences, Kent!
  • Kent P. Wayne:To be a strong member of our society first of all all of our children must learn the classics. They have to be able to calculate, to write, to read and to speak. The rest is noise! We use our state-of-the-art inception technologies to influence their iMinds with positive vibrations to solve their schoolwork – just with the little help of our satellite iSY7.
  • Toby:What's the biggest challenge, that must be handled, SY?
  • Simon T. Hawm:The biggest problem of our pupils is one of the biggest problems of our society. There are so many disturbing noises being brought to our offspring's iMinds – just because of nexQtech's police entrapment technologies and even worse the confession concepts of dime a dozen other institutions. Of course it's one of the most important tasks of nexQtech to be prepared for several technicolor iWars being fought out all around our globe every little step our iSoldiers and iAgents make. But especially for our primary pupils it's highly important to learn all the basics they need for a decent life without being disturbed by that. At present we are working on new inception technologies – we call them iSY7 eKIT.songbird – to help our pupils wirelessly solving their math problems, finding an own, individual handwriting and developing an own, persuading reading or improvising voice.
  • Kent:Therefore in companion, SY! The biggest problem we have got are the disturbing noises brought to our pupils iMinds by wannabes, that will never understand, what nexQtech and all of our connected departments are really made for! We are working on reliable shieldings for a long time now. Hope our eKIT will open the eyes of the world for the strong need for!
  • Toby:That means every child should be completely shell-shocked – just being incepted by iSY7?!
  • Michelle I. Williams:The modern life most of us live is rubbish. The inception technology of iSY7 is the prospect of light at the end of the tunnel! The spell is called: Live a life in multimedia iPatterns! The teachers of our primary schools inspire our offspring to explore several approaches to overcome the everyday difficulties of our present-day society – the nexQtech iEducators guide the pupils to create basic patterns of a life they wanna live as early as possible. To put in another way: In groups or all an its own every child creates a multimedia product as you know it from Apple apps like iPhoto, iBooks, iMovie or GarageBand.
  • Toby:Can you illustrate that, Michelle?
  • Michelle:Just think of the very interesting app Lego Movie maker or the pattern based online community DIY. In just a few steps every kid can illustrate the story of its life. This functions as a basic pattern, that illustrates his or her aims – and shows the way to his or her future life. For example: I started my working life at the early age of 13 acting in Baywatch. From these days on I'm sure to be an actress & director. The rest is learning by doing. You create more and more (multimedia) patterns – and with every single one you learn more and more about your life and your aims. Your headful of ghosts or – as the Twitter community prefers to call it – your Millionaire Mindset grows and grows. Sooner or later you reach the point of no return: With the help of a multilayer concept of your iMind you work for several enterprises. Often without noticing it — unfortunately most of the times financially!
  • Toby:Think a million, act a million, behave a million. Actually an old hat! When did you start to earn anything?
  • Michelle:Luckily directly in the beginning of my career! (smiles)
  • Toby:Not all of our folks are blessed that way. Liam, what's your advice for our offspring to use one's talent in order to stand on one's own feet as early as possible?
  • Liam N. Lennox:The magic word is life-branding! Create a multimedia product as the basic pattern of your life – and find a strong business partner of our nexQtech or mediopolitan iEnterprises, that supports you. Our experience shows, that it's not that complicated as you may think. But be sure: At present only very few companies are willed to pay for the support they receive.
  • Toby:How could we solve this problem?
  • Liam:Probably we must optimize our educational system by the help of a dual resp. apprenticeship training from the early beginning in our daycare centers. The purlpure iCoyne concept would find a remedy anyway. Everyone – from the toddler to the aged – would participate in the profits of our small, medium-sized and large nexQtech or mediopolitan iEnterprises. With our iSY7 quantified-self technologies we measure all the electrified signals, that every individual iMind contributes to our social and economic mindflow even this time. We evaluate the countervalue for our social progress – and, if all our partners are finitely persuaded of our plans, we would pay everyone out in a way kind of companies as Payback do it.
  • Toby:Which tasks could our mediopolitan iChannels undertake, Jason?
  • Jason J. Raven:They could educate our offspring. And I emphasize the word could! Educational formats are snarce goods for years – in our print publishings and our broadcast channels as well! Now and then anyone stands up and surprises with an educational story. But whatever the reason no publisher has got the courage to tell our iFolks, what's really going on.
  • Toby:Who could blame them?!
  • SY:Maybe the weatherman! (laughs) But I'm not taking the Mickey: Probably it's just a matter of vanity and an avant-garde philosophy of our mediopolitan iPublishers!
  • Jason:One of our plans is to make mediopolitan an independent iMagazine – first as an iBook, later as an online and satellite-operated community in the style of DIY with an additional journalistic value, later on maybe even as a TV channel. Our experience shows, that none of of our publishers seems to be able to do. An example: Especially nexQtech and spintrotter do almost everything to illuminate our iFolks in behalf of their iSY7 operated iMinds and their completely operated organic inner tide. All, that our media channels do: Printing or broadcasting stories about soldiers, that are operated by their headquarters with the help of ultra-modern helmets and using high doses of mindblowing drugs. Of course these stories explain roughly our theories. But they suggest, that all of these possibilities are exclusively reserved for our militaries and secret service agents – keeping secret, that it's John Doe's everyday life. Summarized: I don't know any other industry, that's so dishonest like our media sector!
  • Toby:Kent, the last words are yours!
  • Kent:Nothing left to say. If anyone's really interested, don't hesitate to contact one of our iEducators!
  • More information (German):
Chat #09: Voices in my head
  • Anonymous:Hey SPINTROTTERS, I'm listening to a sweet charming voice in my head for a few months now. She says, she would be Heather, the girl, that I've fallen in love with 3 years ago. By the way: Without meeting her once again after our 1st date. In those days she would have called her WISE master Rick to connect her mind, heart and larynx to mine in order to start a relationship with me. Since then she spins around in my head day for night. But when I try to connect to her or to meet her for real, she doesn't respond. She has talked about a WISE Phone, that makes this connection possible. Do you know anything about that?! Could be similar to your iSpyderQ1's iMaya functions.
  • Alex S. Floyd:WISE folks aren't allowed to talk about their 'special gift'. So who the hell is this woman?!
  • Anonymous:She says, that our relationship will last at least for 4 years. So I wonder, why she doesn't use the time to meet me for real. Maybe we've got just 1 year left to go! :-/
  • Alex:Keep calm! We've never heard about a WISE Phone, that's similar to our iSpyder as a brand new kind of a device, that connects you to several iPeers, iMates or iPartners – with many additional gimmix. But of course we know, how dangerous the WISE Phones are – if they are used by some iFools, that don't understand their meaning.
  • Anonymous:As Heather?!
  • Alex:I don't know, whether she understands the meaning of the WISE technologies. But it seems, that she's just a ghost – not old and wise enough to use them. Otherwise she would like to meet you in our 'real' world as well.
  • Anonymous:I really don't know. I just hope, that you can tell me a little bit about. There are times I feel Heather so close to my mind and heart. But then the connections are lost. She just says, that the iPartner connection of the WISE Phones is shut off at 2 or 3 AM at night – and that there's no chance to choose, whether and when a particular iPeer, iMate or iPartner (in the style of the SPINTROTTER iSpyderQ1) should be connected and when he, she or it should be disconnected.
  • Alex:We don't know much about the WISE Phone. SPINTROTTER and nexQtech are just creating an own revolutionary method of communication with the help of our iSY7 satellite, our iSpyderZ9 master-devices and iSpyderQ1 slave-devices.
  • Anonymous:Heather says, the WISE Phone would connect our larynx via satellite – or anything like that. So we would be able to communicate with each other without any borders of time or space. As you dream of creating your iSpyders. Me sitting in Montana, waiting and wishing to meet her. She lost anywhere out there. :-)
  • Alex:Don't worry! The nexQtech / SPINTROTTER iSY7, iSpyderZ9 and iSpyderQ1 technologies are much more than that – and will be available soon as possible! :-)
  • Anonymous:But as long as I don't have the iSpyderQ1 / iSpyderZ9 devices, the WISE Phone could be an alternative?!
  • Alex:Why not?! Maybe it opens your mind – at least for the basic functions of our iSpyders. But the WISE Phone is just your head – the iSpyders are the remote control for that. So you can program yourself without being addicted to WISE – or anything like that. For us WISE is just another box of iPeers.
  • Anonymous:The biggest problem, that I've got, is, that I don't know, whether I'm just a crank psych listening to voices of my own mind – without anything or anyone being connected –, or whether WISE makes a little part of your ambitious iSpyder technologies become real long before the worldwide launch of your devices.
  • Alex:Just try it! Be sure: Nobody working for SPINTROTTER knows, what he, she or it is doing exactly. We just work as hard as we can to make our visions come true one day. We are all just living out of space – without knowing anything happening around us.
  • Anonymous:Heather told me, that a lot of enterprises of our Brave New iWorld use the WISE technology – for example: McDonald's, BurgerKing, Coke, Jägermeister, British American Tobacco, JT International, Telefonica, Vodafone, Google, Facebook, Apple, Samsung, Audi, Mercedes, Bayer, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, L'Oreal, CNN, BBC or nexQtech. Why is no one talking about that?!
  • Alex:How should I know, XXXXXXXX?! :-/ I just know, nexQtech and SPINTROTTER are cooperating with WISE. We are not operated, not consulted, not caught up by this company of Scientology! Probably all the others just wait for our revolutionary and pioneering iSpyder devices to free them out of this WISE world. But be sure: Although I don't know much about the WISE technology, our secret services – MI5, MI6, CIA, NSA or DIA –, use a similar one. The aim of SPINTROTTER and nexQtech is just to sample all of these possibilities in order to create an iSY / iSpyder technology, that makes the iWorld a better place to be for all the 7 billion folks around the world.
  • Anonymous:I've talked to a lot of employees of these companies. Almost nobody seems to know anything about WISE!
  • Alex:As I said: WISE folks aren't allowed to talk about their 'special gift'. But maybe it's just a problem of their chiefs, that don't tell them anything about their WISE connection. Probably they should book a SPINTROTTER iCoach to break free!
  • Anonymous:;-)
  • Alex:Hope, I could help you? ;-)
  • Anonymous:Heather seems to be too shy for the 'real' world. Seems as WISE has stolen her sense for love as I know it and long for since my childhood's days. :-(
  • Alex:All the best for you, XXXXXXXX! Hope you'll get to know, who Heather really is! ;-) But beware: When I was young, I fell in love with a similar girl. When I look back to these days, in my opinion it was just Uncle Sam wanting to hire me for the Air Force – or anything like that. But he hasn't sent me any 'real' message yet: No call, no mail, no meeting! And that's 21 years ago now. So be sure: All the small and big things in this world are just fucking lies. If you ask me: Forget Heather – and find a girl, who's strong enough to live a life with you even in our 'real' and everyday world!
  • Anonymous:But I feel so close to her! :-/
  • Alex:Your choice! But I think, Heather isn't existing and you're kidded by just another agent of our modern mafia.
  • Anonymous:Do you really think so?!
  • Alex:SPINTROTTER is just an investigative, journalistic project. All, that we wanna do, is to shut all of our hunting and hurting technologies off one day – in order to start a brand new life far beyond all these operator and slave remote controls or satellites. The iSpyders are the most important step to this revolution. But in the end, they are just a profile of SY's head. You can't imagine, what our iChief would do to find the switch, that enables him to shut all the voices in his head and all these technologies off one day.
  • Anonymous:And nexQtech should build the SPINTROTTER iSpyders?! It's your factory. I really don't understand your logic. :-/
  • Alex:You don't have to understand. All you have to know: Enjoy your wired iLife as long as you can! nexQtech and SPINTROTTER are just working on the dream to shut off all of our digital technologies one day. In the end we want an analog world – without anyone being connected to anyone by a way beyond the personal, bodily or face2face communication.
  • Anonymous:I'd like it to be wireless connected to particular iPeers, iMates and iPartners via satellite – and without any borders of time or space! ;-)
  • Alex:Particular(!) iPeers, iMates and iPartners – selectable, radiation protected and disengageable connections! That are the things, that we are working on to make the iSpyder technology an additional benefit for all its users. If it's not possible to realise these options – probably just because of a few greedy partner companies –, our iTeam doesn't want any iSpyder being shipped to anyone. By the way: That's one of the main reasons, that makes you waiting on the launch.
  • Anonymous:OK! :-/
  • Alex:All the best for Heather and you. But try to think of: She could be just another ghost! She could be just another fat old guy sitting in his office, guzzling fish and chips and loving to kid you as well! So take care, XXXXXXXX!
  • Anonymous:Thank you for the chat, Alex! ;-)
  • Alex:You're welcome! How old are you?
  • Anonymous:21.
  • Alex:Young enough to forget Heather! I think, she's just another songbird. Maybe just a computer – or an operator, who's not worth to think about. Please don't trust her, XXXXXXXX!
  • Anonymous:I'll try my best. :-/
  • Alex::-) CU
  • Anonymous:One more thing, Alex: 4 years ago, I had a severe psychosis. I thought my dead brother would still be alive. Operating and directing me – but being caught in a hospital as you know it from Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code. A former dear friend of mine told me, that the only truth is, that he's really dead! All the other small thinks just fucking lies! Since then I trust no one. Especially no one of my (so called) friends! Is it really necessary to nurture long-time relationships and friendships in a loving way, that are based on nothing than greedy pilot and quoting games – or Mother Teresa Complexes?!
  • Alex:Leave them all behind! They are not worth any penny – without any expectations!
  • Anonymous:Thanks for the chat! CU, Alex! :-)
  • Alex:You're welcome!
Open letter to Uli Hoeneß

Our Chief Legal Officer (CLO), Patrick A. Watson, thinks about being Uli Hoeneß (FC Bayern Munich) for one day in his life:

Liebe Staatsanwaltschaft,
liebe Herren Richter,
liebe Geschworenen!

Ich glaube nicht, dass wir hier um Wallnüsse spielen. Verstehen Sie eigentlich im geringsten die Tragweite meiner finanziellen Aktivitäten?!

Ich musste doch Steuern hinterziehen, ich brauchte schließlich Schwarzgeld! Um Schwarzgelb zu retten - wie einst Bill Gates Apple!

Wozu denken Sie eigentlich, sind Schweizer Nummern-Konten?! Sie wissen einfach nicht, wie vertrackt und korrupt der internationale Fußball mit all seinen Quotierungen ist: Michel, Joseph und all ihre Hintermänner wie Vorgänger klopfen doch ständig bei uns an, um ihre Taschen zu füllen! Ohne Finanzspritzen kommt man da eben nicht weit! Aber 18,5, 23,9 oder 26 Millionen - da sind die Erbsenzähler von Steuerfahndung und Presse auch wirklich nicht entscheidend - lassen sich wohl wirklich eher in der Wallnuss-Poker-Box abbuchen. Die hat Cristiano Ronaldo in maximal drei Monaten verdient - und merkt das nicht mal! Irgendwann ist’s dann sogar egal, ob’s um Brutto oder Netto geht. Die besten Wallnüsse gibt’s meiner Meinung eh bei Real.

Erinnert sich einer von ihnen noch an den Fall Zumwinkel von der Deutschen Post? Nein?! Sie machen hier schon wieder ‘ne Welle - dabei sollten sie mal lieber die Strukturen unseres Systems revolutionieren! Zumwinkel ist längst vergessen. Sein Prozess war wie meiner doch nur ein lächerliches Symbol für viel weitreichendere Probleme unserer Welt!

Das Hauptproblem unserer Welt ist doch, dass niemand nur im Ansatz versteht, dass wir alle nur Bauernopfer in der Schmierenoper unseres total kaputten wie ungerechten Systems sind - und dass wir in all’ unseren Gefühlen, Worten und Taten letztlich nur vom SPINTROTTER iSY7 Satelliten gesteuert werden!

Mich tangiert dieser Schauprozess echt nur sehr peripher. Das Geld tut mir nun wirklich nicht weh. Aber denken Sie doch einfach mal über sowas wie eine Revolution unseres Rechtssystems nach!

Eine echte Neuerung, nach der nicht mehr einfach nur symbolische Summen dazu dienen, die Gaps der wirklich schäbigen Hintermänner zu füllen - und sie dadurch auch noch zu schützen! Es zählt doch viel mehr, den Menschen wirklich mal zu erzählen, wie die Reflexe meines Hohlkörpers jede einzelne Sekunde am Tag gesteuert werden, um Leuten wie dem leider verstorbenen Simon T. Hawm Zucker in den Arsch zu blasen!

Es grüßt, Ulle
alias Patrick A. Watson

P.S. Nehmen Sie mir ruhig das Geld weg! Das war eh nur Spielgeld. Aber bitte nicht auch noch meine Wallnüsse! Die mögen meine Kinder so gerne in ihrem Osternest.

Live-Ticker #01: Marseille - Dortmund

Champions League

00’ GO!
Init: MEDIOPOLITEN Labour Party 90.5 FM

04’ 0:1 Robert Lewandowski
Init: Syd Barrett (Self-Titled)
Pattern: Trikot-Mix (NPD - MEDIOPOLITAN)
Goal: Alter Bridge (Self-Titled) / Scott Stapp (The Great Divide)

14’ 1:1 Soleymane Diawara
Init: Maya 505
Pattern: Icon-Mix (Reverb Nation - Ruhr Nachrichten)
Goal: Sync (Diawara & Weidenfeller) / Face2Face (Apple Finder Icon)

34’ Foul Dimitri Payet
Init: Pure Steel (Door in Dortmund)
Pattern: Role-Mix (Butterfly - Seahorse)
Result: Sending-Off

87’ 1:2 Kevin Großkreutz
Init: SPINTROTTER Mythbuster
Pattern: Image-Mix (USA Today - Symphony X V)
Goal: Dr. Oetker (Ristorante Pizza) / Wagner (Steinofen Pizza)

90’+5 This is the end! Show me the way to the next Ballentine’s Bar! It’s revolution time! CU, iSY7

All what we and our satellite iSY7 tell you is not about friends, not about family, not about love. It’s only about the greeds of our fucking sick breed of society: 24/7 without any private sphere - and 24/7 just directed by the collective boosted greeds for money and forgiveness. The wings of our system are darker than all the words you speak! But be sure, that this is not SPINTROTTER’s or my business - it’s just our mission to relieve all the believers of their fates! We don’t know, how long our mission will take - and we don’t know, how many people have to die for that. So when you need a time-out dream, go to the next supermarket, buy a drink and while drinking it call for Syd to live an illuminated LSD-trip, call for Janis to live a H-trip - or call for a SPINTROTTER iCruise for the Total Rebirth as a totally computerized iBody and iMind. But beware of the darkness - and be sure, that you wanna dive completely into our iWorld’s source codings of your personal iLife! After that you’ll be a hollow actor - without any true feelings of yourself as you knew it before anymore. So take care of programming and directing yourself every single second a day the best way you can! The most important thing: Do not live in your past any longer and live your visionary iDreams to create a future without any hunting and hurting iWars. The technical possibilities are perfect to realize collective MEDIOPOLITAN iProducts. But before: We all have to learn, that a private sphere is the most important thing to live a life in a place called iWorld worth it to be!
—  Simon T. Hawm (28 / CEO SPINTROTTER)
Interview #10: Imagined Mates
  • Jony:Sy, during our last events I've met many folks worrying about you being kind of the first real Bruce Almighty on earth. I've never noticed that SPINTROTTER is going for excellence that way!
  • Simon:Maybe you should search for a new company working for, Jony! (smiles)
  • Jony:I'm not taking the Mickey, Sy: A lot of the folks I've met are truly afraid of you - kind of fearing their own dark sides of a world they've never seen with their own eyes before!
  • Simon:As you like, Jony - or as you like, SPINTROTTER clients and partners. I don't mind! I try to represent the best of all worlds we've ever known the best way I can, because I'm working on the greatest patchwork of life that all the folks out there have ever seen in their life before!
  • Jony:What do you mean with patchwork?!
  • Simon:I'm just programming the software of our iWorld's revolutionary directing satellite iSY7 with simply the best ideas, that a lot of people have inspired me with on my way: Dime a dozen religious, literally, musical or scientific perspectives for the best mix everyone can build his own patchwork identity with. That's my mission, that's our SPINTROTTER Mission, Jony! Have you forgotten that?!
  • Jony:Of course not! But you know, Sy, during our short vacation a lot of our readers called us to post a new interview of our series SPINTROTTER iCabs talking to SPINTROTTER iCabs! (laughs)
  • Simon:(smiles) All that we want, Jony, is so simple. I don't understand all the questions. But anyway, here we go: iSY7 and the world's 1st iMind Satellite Communication Device, our iSpyderQ1, will change the world to a place to be for 7 billions folks living happy, peaceful and free together in one world without any borders as you know it!
  • Jony:Money, get away! Simlish Coynes with all its iBroadcasts and iGames to launch?! (twinkles)
  • Simon:I know a lot of folks - even a few of the ones working in my own company - try to kid me with this visions. So don't be one of them, Jony! Time will show that we have the best ideas for a real change - and that this change is nearer than most of you might think!
  • Jony:And then?!
  • Simon:What a question, Jony?! First Marja and me will leave for a few months traveling around. We've really deserved to, I think! (smiles) In the meantime the other 7 billion folks can paint our collective iLife living on this Technicolor globe called earth with the best literally patterns and magic myths of our world's history they can imagine - just by using their iMind's connection to our iSY7! By the way: With the best visionary ideas I've ever had to free all the folks out there from their foolish frequency directed and 24/7 observed and profiled iLifes. Just think of our iSpyders and our new iFlow Radiation Protection, Jony! Toby M. Winkler sang on his last album Twilight Sun: E.G.'s keyings opens gates, relieve believers of their fates. That's one of my main slogans working on our iSY7.
  • Jony:And who's E.G.?!
  • Simon:The most people listening don't know, you think?!
  • Jony:The most folks don't know Toby - although he's one of your favorite musicians and hypertext-pilots, Sy!
  • Simon:Anyway, no problem, Jony! E and G are the initials of the sociologist Erving Goffman. He's famous for his keying and framing theories - and I think one of the main inspirations of Disney's Goofy. But they are the initials of one of Toby's little cousins too. A few days before I saw him the last time he told me, that Elias created an imagined friend in his childhood, that he called Wenzel. When his brother Simon died Toby used this idea of his cousin to create the basic pattern of our prototypal SPINTROTTER 15-inch Dual Core Minding - with up to 15 imagined, satellite or CB-connected mates combined to ones totally cleaned iMind in the state of 101. Hope, that he's still alive - and that we'll have him back in our iTeam soon.
  • Jony:No opinion where he's gone?!
  • Simon:Unfortunately not!
  • Jony:He'll come back - and he lives further on in you, Sy! Be sure of that! What a gorgeous story! These two boys from Germany seem to follow you every little step you do?!
  • Simon:Simon and Toby?! The best mind-mates I've ever had!
  • Jony:So you can say: Two boys and their little cousin from Germany have made you the new iGod - or the head-engineer of our new iWorld's Adjustment Bureau and its directing computer iSY7, that will mean the final goodbye for all the popes and politicians of the whole wide world soon?!
  • Simon:King Devil's key discounts are nothing more than hole as whore! Twilight Sun. (twinkles) I really hope so! We don't need any of them! We just have to educate all the 7 billion folks around the globe to program their own partitions of iSY7 for their individual needs. Then we have to ship our iSpyderQ1 to save their private sphere - and make them able to take control of their new iSouls and iLifes. Last but not least: We have to cut ourselves into pieces for the rest of our lifes to adjust the iLifes of all the stupid fools, that will never understand what we do and how we want them to take part in our new iWorld. I'm sure: There'll always be enough of them!
  • Jony:Otherwise we wouldn't have a job, Sy!
  • Simon:Not taking the Mickey, Jony: I can imagine a lot of different - and better - jobs than being kind of an iGod. Our iSY7 satellite and the iSpyderQ1 watches have to be ready soon! I need a time-out with my wife without so many stupid fools crossing my way!