iPro Lens System

ipro lens system

iphone ile türeyen yeni nesil fotoğraf çılgınlığına schneider uzak kalmamış ve ipro lens system‘i oluşturmuş. paket bir iphone kılıfı, kılıfla uyumlu bir tutacak, geniş açı bir optik ve balıkgözü bir başka optikten oluşmakta. 199$ etiket fiyatına sahip ipro lens system, fotoğraf makinesi olarak iphone 4/4s kullananlar için iyi ama pahalı bir seçenek. 

Macworld gives 4.5 stars to iPro lens system

The review is pretty much a rave. “I can imagine the iPro Lens System as a great option for people who make skating, biking, and other action sports videos. It might be a worthwhile investment for Instagram lovers, or anyone who has started to rely on their iPhone camera to take photos more than their DSLR. People who don’t frequently take photos with their iPhone and still want extra lens effects once in a while should consider cheaper options. But for those who are avid iPhoneographers and want the very best lens accessory for their device, this is it.”

Of course, it’s still pretty pricey: $199.

Schneider Optics Launches the New iPro Lens System for iPhone 5, 5S, 4/4S, Galaxy S4, & iPads

Schneider Optics Launches the New iPro Lens System for iPhone 5, 5S, 4/4S, Galaxy S4, & iPads

The iPro Lens System of versatile interchangeable lenses has been expanded so it is now compatible with even more devices including iPhone 5, 5S, and 4/4S, as well as Samsung Galaxy S4, and current iPads.

Designed by professional lens and filter maker, Schneider Optics, the iPro Lens Systemis purpose-built to enable professional quality photographic and video imagery with smartphones and iPads by…

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iPro Lens System Helps Produce Stunning Imagery For Bentley Mulsanne Spot

iPro Lens System Helps Produce Stunning Imagery For Bentley Mulsanne Spot

Did you ever think that the day would come, where highly creative individuals would shoot TV commercials using smart phones? Well for better or for worse, it is now being done. When Austin Reza, Creative Director for Reza & Co., was commissioned to come up with an idea for a new Bentley commercial—featuring their new Mulsanne model—everyone expected him to produce something edgy. But almost…

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iPro Lens System Turns iPhone Into a Pro-Grade Camera

At this year’s Macworld event, Schneider Optics showed off the iPro Lens System. The package includes professional-quality fisheye and wide-angle lenses, a clever protective cover and a case that doubles as a tripod mount or a convenient handle. The fisheye lens captures a 165-degree field of view, while the wide-angle lens provides 35% more coverage of the area in front of you. The lenses are attached by twisting them on and off of the specially engineered cover. The lens case acts as a tripod adapter or can be used as a handle which also twists onto the iPhone’s cover.

The entire three-piece system costs $199 and is compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S. It is available today at the company’s website. Schneider Optics also announced the upcoming launch of their new iPro Tele Lens, another option for turning your iPhone into a professional photography gadget. The Tele Lens is a 2X telephoto that narrows the iPhone’s field of view by 50%, zooming in on images without the loss of quality that occurs with a digital zoom. Get an UNLOCKED iPhone 3 or 4 here! The iPro Tele Lens will be available in April. It can be purchased with the iPro Lens System or it can be bought separately for approximately $100. Check out the video of the AppAdvice team getting a first-hand look at the iPro system:

iPro Lens System disponible para iPhone 5, 5S, 4/4S, Galaxy S4 y iPads

iPro Lens System disponible para iPhone 5, 5S, 4/4S, Galaxy S4 y iPads

VAN NUYS, California, 23 de febrero de 2014.— Schneider Optics, el iPro Lens System de lentes versátiles intercambiables, ha sido optimizado para ser compatible con más dispositivos aún, incluyendo iPhone 5, 5S y 4/4S, además del Samsung Galaxy S4 y los actuales iPads.

Diseñado por el comercializador profesional de lentes y filtros, Schneider Optics, iPro Lens Systemse ha construido con el fin de…

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I’m not into promoting “i” products but the ad for this lens looks pretty cool

iPro Lens System Is In Flux With L.A. Photographer Michael Britt

iPro Lens System Is In Flux With L.A. Photographer Michael Britt

Los Angeles based photographer Michael Britt introduced a creative twist in his “In Flux” photo exhibition which showcases the architectural wonders of L.A.’s historic downtown architecture. To accomplish the dreamy images of his photography exhibit, Britt has to dig deep from his artistic wealth of knowledge to come up with this technique of documenting L.A.’s architectural treasures, to both…

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Schneider Optic's iPro Lens System for serious iPhone photographers

The cameras on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are already pretty impressive as handset cameras go, but for the more serious photographers who really want to get the most out of their iPhone’s camera, there’s the iPro Lens System by Schneider Optic. Of course, this accessory is one adding to the ever growing list of accessories that an iPhotography enthusiast can choose from. More »

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Skull Bound TV Chooses iPro Lens for Social Media & Location Scouting

@skullboundtv chooses @iProLens for aweseome Social Media & Location Scouting #photography

Location scouting can be a tough thing to do considering all the weight that you have to carry–bringing a full fledged DSLR only adds to the burden. How then will you take pictures? While the most logical thing to do would be to use your smartphone, any self-respecting digital photographer knows the limitations of a smartphone camera. Enter the iPro lens systemfrom Schneider Optics. The perfect…

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