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Smartphone Witch

If you’re like me, you always have your phone with you. It’s like an extension of your hand. Due to this, I’ve found some ways to incorporate my phone into my pagan lifestyle. Here are my top five iPhone pagan apps:

1. Free Candle 
by Poet Mobile
Free or Upgrades $0.99

A lot of the time, I’ve lived in places where I can’t have candles or I’m traveling and can’t bring any. This has been super handy for on the go spell work or meditation. You can also listen to music in app and use flashlight to have light from the other side of your phone. A feature I really like is the blowing out feature, if you blow from the bottom (towards the mic) the flame goes out. Gives it a real feeling. 
Another option is Virtual Candle by iHandy Inc.  

2. Wildwood Tarot
by The Fool’s Dog LLC 

While this isn’t a “traditional” tarot deck but man do I love this app. The descriptions are useful and applicable and mostly positive, with short and long descriptions. The app also has a section for exploring new spreads and journaling . It’s my on the go tarot deck and I can do a daily card pull while I’m on my tram ride to Uni. The artwork is really pretty too. A bit pricey but so worth it. 
There are some free options too but they’re not as good, I’ve found.

3. Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day 
by Fifth Star Labs LLC
$2.99 and Add Ons

This isn’t just pagan related but I’ve found I use it a lot when I’m outside speaking with the Goddess or meditating. I’ve tried other sky apps before and this one is the absolute best. It sends you notifications of cool things happening (like a comet or something) as well as gives you details about the constellations. Super cool. 
A good free alternative is Star Chart by Escape Velocity LLC

4. Stop, Breathe & Think 
by Tools for Peace
Free with in-app purchases available

I cannot rave about this app enough. It’s got everything you need in it. It lets you put in your emotional and physical state and gives you suggestions on your current state. It has a bunch of free guided meditations but also some extras you can buy for pretty cheap. You can sign up and it syncs all your progress to all your devices. I really recommend for beginners too. It’s helped me begin to check in with myself more and meditate daily. 

5. Herbal Pocket Library 
by Librania

I’ve recently gotten a lot more into using herbs in my practice and this has SO MANY THINGS. From herbs to fruits to veggies it basically has everything you need. It also has some cool functions like bookmarking, highlighing, and personal notes. It’s also a bit of a gardening app as it gives you some tips on how to grow them. Overall really useful. It’s more based towards medicinal uses but still a really cool app.
A good free alternative is Herb Guru which is a little more pagan oriented but with less stuff. 


that’s my friend code! if you decide to download walkr, please add me so we can work together! 

Looking for a text to speech app

I need some iphone app recommendations

My younger sibling has been having some nonverbal days lately and she wants to find an app for her iphone to help out and keep from some really frustrating games of charades

(Okay she’s smarter than me and I can’t keep up with her charades, anyways)

What she’s looking for:

Text to speech.  She wants to be able to type things and have them said, but

She also wants a cleaner interface with shortcuts so she doesn’t have to type out every single word, because that takes too long and she’s got lots to say.

Thanks for helping out!

Any ideas would be really helpful? 


Hey yall shameless plug, i dont do this often but my dads been workin with a team on this hella cool messenger app, its p rad?? U get like, a character creator + animations for ur avatar when you chat, its got a rly nice design and yall should check it out!!

It even made front page on the app store soon as it came out?? Its Or heres a link too if u wanna check it out (am on mobile sry) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nod-chat-with-emotion/id1011965802?ls=1&mt=8


Hello everyone :) I came across this really cool APP on my iPhone and I thought I’d share it for those of you with smartphones.

The APP is called “ACNL Guide” and it allows you to catalog everything you have in the game and look up any item too. You can check off the villagers you have, check out when their birthdays are or even just look at holidays/ events coming up.

I’ve found this APP very useful and the best part… IT’S FREE!!

So those of you who have smartphones I’d seriously suggest checking it out!