My Life As A Millennial Robot

For some reason, I had XJ-9/Jenny on my mind today, and so I drew her a few years into the future

My idea was that Dr. Wakeman upgraded her outfit as a kind of “coming-of-age” gift, giving her a bit of a less teeny-bopper style and something a bit more stylized.

Somehow, that meant a side ponytail, a skirt with leggings, ballet flats, a crop top and vest. But I dig it, obviously: I drew it after all.

I also toned down the saturation of the colors to match Jenny getting older: she’s still got a nice, vibrant blue though.. I also threw in some greys and changed her belly bolt from blue to match her sleek new choker and vest. I also made her eyes a  bit more grey than black: she probably asked her mom to give her something stylish so she could save the world and wink at the end.

Anyways, I had a lot of fun doing this. It took me about 75 from start to finish and is probably one of the most nostalgic things I’ve ever drawn. Maybe she’ll work her way back into my sketchbook again soon.

Originally created 10.16.2018 in Medibang Paint for iOS