iOS 7


I can’t be the only one who feels this way.  

  • I sincerely dislike the control panel being an upward swipe from the bottom of the screen: I have to remove the protective case to get it to work consistently.
  • The update has nearly totally borked the Facebook app by apparently affecting the screen scalings.  The comment box is only an 1/8 inch tall, and the “post” button is now larger than its bounding box.  Not to mention that posts now sometimes overlap each other.
  • It looks like everything was drawn with a huge crayon by an 8-year-old prone to ADHD and a nervous tic.
  • Everything might be more colorful (meh), but it is flat.  Now it appears to me to be an Android knockoff.
  • Apparently, it has totally borked the YouTube app, as I keep getting “Invalid video ID” errors.

I don’t know.  The new interface is going to take some getting used to (not that I have a choice now).  At least with versions 5-6, iOS was distinctly Apple.  Now it seems as if they are trying to copy something else (I’m thinking the Kindle Fire, but I could be wrong about that).

7 Awesome Features on Apple iOS7

Apple is releasing their newest and highly anticipated operating system for the line of iDevices on Thursday September the 18th. There are some big changes coming on board much to the chagrin of Apple purists. Here is a list of the 7 Best features to come on the iPhone.

Call Blocking

                Without jail breaking your phone, there is now an ability to block pesky telemarketers or even a drunk ex. This is a great feature that will be used often for me, especially with the emergence of calls from salespeople becoming the norm on cell phones. This also blocks messages and face time requests as well as phone calls.

                To use this feature, you do have to set up a contact for this number and under their contact information, scroll down until you see “Block Contact”. Hit that and you are now in the clear!


Control Panel

                With the flick of your thumb up on your screen, you can now control different actions throughout your phone. You can enter airplane mode, kill or turn on; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, do-not disturb functions as well as lock your rotation, right from your home screen.

                Now, without the support of 3rd part apps, you can also enter flashlight mode, timer, and calculator. The flashlight app is always handy if you are stumbling around your room at night to get a glass of water and are too far to reach the light. It’s the little things that make this function great.


                Transferring files on the iPhone just became a little easier. AirDrop helps to bridge two devices using iOS7 to share documents, files, and songs from contacts who you allow. This means you can share photos with the family, your new song you made with your band members, or a file you need to get over to your partner.

                To enter this mode, select the file in question, and share it. It will prompt you who you want to share the item with and will take care of the rest from there, granted they are using iOS7 though.


                New modes in the camera have been added, one of the biggest changes in terms of how you capture the world around you. You can swipe your camera to enter Video, Square and Panorama modes in addition to your standard camera mode. The square mode is the newest edition to the camera option family, allowing you to take a photo which follows instagrams upload parameters. 

                There are also new filters you can access from your phones camera settings instead of going through 3rd party apps to change and manipulate your photos.


                Photos are now categorized into Collections. Collections do access your photo’s meta-data and then creates a collage of events and places, essentially creating a timeline of your photos by Date and Place. This is great for organizing photos into clumps of events and places instead of your standard first taken-last taken. You can now search through your photos with ease instead of having to scroll up and down through all your photos in search of that one perfect meme.

 Interactive Wallpapers

                Apple is catching up with the rest of the phone world (namely Android) to introduce moving wallpapers into their lineup. With these wallpapers, they move as you do. Say you put a panorama as your wallpaper. As you move your phone from left to right or visa versa, you can actually see your photos move throughout the whole frame. Pretty neat.


Overall, Apple is rolling out an exceptional product with the iOS7… and best of all, it’s a free upgrade! Apple Fans, Rejoice!

Install iOS 7 to Your Device for Free Without a Developer Account

The Following are the very easy, simple and quick instructions on how to install iOS 7 without a developer account. If you follow these steps, iOS 7 will be installed on your device in ~5mins.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

**NOTE: All links have been updated to, this is the new URL for (Kick Ass Torrents).

1) Download the correct ipsw file for your iPhone model from below.

2) Make sure you are running iTunes 11! If not click here ( to go to Apple’s website and download the new version.

3) **Plug in and backup your device**
Sometimes the update fails and you will need to restore to       your previous backup. Also you cannot backup from iCloud in iOS 7 due to the fact your account isn’t a developer account.

4) After connecting your device and backing up Shift + Click (Alt/Option + Click for Mac) on Check for Updates/Update then browse to where the .ipsw file is downloaded and select it.

Now wait roughly 5 minutes while your device installs iOS 7. It may restart and disconnect/reconnect to your computer multiple times during this process.

After it is finished disconnect your device and enjoy iOS 7!

Getting your application ready for iOS 7

iOS 7 is coming this fall, and it’s very likely that people will upgrade their devices rapidly. When the latest versions of iOS came out, about 35 percent of users upgraded to the new version of iOS on the same day, with over 60 percent of devices running the new iOS version within one month of release.

The release of iOS 7 will mark the arrival of many new features along with a new redesigned interface for iOS devices. For any major change to the Apple ecosystem, it’s important to understand what needs to be done to keep your app relevant to your users and to take advantages of the new opportunities offered by this update.

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iOS7 - Increase contrast to decrease vomit

iOS7 uses an extensive array to create a colour theme based on your wallpaper.

Unfortunately, with the availability of detailed wallpapers, combined with the oversatureated app icons - iOS7 most likely will look like barf, vomit, and puke.

Here’s the trick to tidy things up, by using yet another option that is not on by default and which resides in the Accessibility settings, making you feel that you have some kind of impairment:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast > On

Results? See below:

Source (Bulgarian):

EDIT: iOS7.0.3 seems to have reduced the vomit-factor without the need for any accessibility settings. Good riddance!






I AM ONLY MODERATELY impressed by these massive strides in the new iOS. But only moderately, because aside from aesthetics,the new functions are all available on high/mid level Androids.