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[Image: A screenshot of a tweet by user RileyJayDennis. The text reads: "if you can identify as a woman, I can identify as a [insert object/animal/etc here]“ is just the anti-trans version of "if men can marry men, then I can marry a [insert object/animal/etc here]” ur anti-trans/anti-gay arguments are outdated, boring, illogical, and ridiculous]

I definitely coincide, it would be more difficult if you choose letter “e”, even the letter “t” would be more difficult to “not use” (check English frequency of letters in this wiki or in the picture below). Still, it’s good to exercise inventiveness trying to fight shy of using some specific sign, I did truly enjoy writing this thing indeed, even though English is not my mother tongue. ;-)

“Zrób sobie przysługę i naucz się odchodzić. Gdy łącząca Cię z kimś więź słabnie, naucz się, jak odpuszczać. Kiedy jakaś osoba zaczyna Cię źle traktować, naucz się po prostu iść dalej… Do czegoś i kogoś znacznie lepszego. Nie marnuj swojej energii, próbując wymusić coś, co nigdy się nie zdarzy. Ponieważ prawdą jest, że na każdą osobę, która Cię nie docenia, przypada jeszcze więcej ludzi, którzy tylko czekają, by Cię pokochać, tylko lepiej.”

Reyna Biddy


I’m not sure when this feeling started - maybe a few days ago, or a few weeks, or even a few months ago. It feels like I’m slowly disconnecting from the social internet. I read a piece by a journalist earlier, where she made a forthright speech about not installing Instagram on her new mobile phone, and I rather sanctimoniously found myself thinking “told you so”.

It’s jarring in a way, because I used to share so much. I have been a member of Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and Wordpress for as long as I can remember. On occasion I’ve also been a member of some of the more “fringe” social networks, such as Blogger, LiveJournal, Reddit, Ello, Posterous, Vox, Yahoo 360, and so on. Until quite recently I would wander taking photos each day, and share cropped, filtered versions of them to whoever might discover them. It never occurred to me to wonder why I was doing it. I still don’t know why.

And yet I’m still writing - still recording the mundane happenings of my fairly ordinary life, and posting them out in public. Sure, I don’t attach my name directly to them (actually that’s a lie - if you know where to look, you can connect the dots), but I’m still posting these words. I don’t know why I keep writing either.

During a quiet moment this afternoon I looked around at the people I follow on Tumblr and Wordpress, and couldn’t help thinking their lives are far more interesting than my own. Perhaps that’s why I follow them - to vicariously live through their posts. I’ve written about it before. It’s the old “grass is greener” thing, isn’t it.

This evening an email arrived from a distant friend. The email signed off with “Your biggest fan”. I felt both like a fraud, and like I might do cartwheels up and down the hallway. I never think about people actually reading the stuff I post - I never consider that somebody might actually enjoy reading any of it. Perhaps it’s best that I don’t.

I’m smiling while writing this though. Because as much as I have distanced myself from the social internet in recent months, the thought that somebody out there likes these idiotic ramblings has kind of made my day. While sitting with my cousin in a bar once, she scoffed at the thought that I had any defences against her - I’ve never forgotten her words:

“Your walls are made of mud, and I am the rain.”

I’m starting to suspect that anybody that takes an interest in me is a rainstorm of a sort.
FCC Commissioner: “Please Stop Us From Killing Net Neutrality”
On December 14th, the FCC will be most likely voting to repeal net neutrality, and the situation is so bad that one FCC commissioner that will be present for...

December 14th, the FCC will be most likely voting to repeal net neutrality, and the situation is so bad that one FCC commissioner that will be present for this vote, Jessica Rosenworcel, made a plea to the Amerian people: “Please stop us from killing net neutrality.” She encouraged Americans to “make a ruckus” in order to stop them. 



Do not attack Ajit Pai’s kids, or anyone in his family for that matter.

No doxxing, no death threats, no name calling, no nothing. They have nothing to do with Pai’s choice, as dumb as it is, and shouldn’t suffer for his actions.

Especially just after we discussed with Keaton Jones’ situation about no bullying, we shouldn’t be hypocrites and bully others as well.

And a second note, as much as you may hate Ajit Pai, don’t doxx him and don’t send him death threats. You lose moral ground when you do that.

A PSA by Krow.


There is only a few more days until the FCC vote we need to do something anyone who can please do something our Internet is going to be taken from us everything we acsess for free will have to be payed for…

And we all know no one wants to pay for something that is supposed to be free for all to use

If you want to help keep our internet

CALL YOUR SENATORS (202-759-7593) or if you aren’t good at talking to someone or your just too shy you can text ‘RESIST’ to 50409

If we want to keep our internet and our society intact please do these things if possible