First we had Rickrolling.

Then we had reverse Rickrolling, where you trick people into thinking they’re about to be Rickrolled, but it’s really something else.

Then we had post-reverse Rickrolling, where you set up what looks like a reverse Rickroll, and folks are pleasantly surprised to find that no, it’s actually just a Rickroll.

What’s next?

this week the senate will vote on whether or not to give the fbi warrantless access to your browsing data. this is extremely dangerous and a violation of privacy. not only would the fbi be able to essentially hack into your computers and internet service, but they might also hack into ones overseas. anything on your computers, they’ll be able to have access to. this is an extremely dangerous power the fbi is trying to get, and it CAN be stopped, but only if you guys are willing to put forth the effort.

how do you stop it? first, get the word out. twitter, tumblr, facebook, just get the word out by either making your own status or sharing this link

secondly, call your senators. on this website, just enter your phone number and it will give you a script to read off of. it will take you less than 30 seconds, trust me. you can also tweet them, send them emails, etc. all the contact info is on this site here. they will listen. dont know who your senators are? go here and scroll to the bottom. it lists all the senators and who you can call. also, you can tweet at them or send them an email. (all the links in this paragraph lead to the same source)

guys, it is extremely important this bill not get passed. PLEASE reblog this and at least tweet at them? you dont even have to think of anything to type. you literally click the tweet button and it does it for you. please, guys, please.