Riley Mae’s 1st moments. I may start doing more video - what do you think?

200+ followers may not seem like much, but to me it’s like a billion followers. Thank you all so much! ☺️

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▪️Dark’s/-Iplier characters/people (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE):▪️

(Some users may appear twice.)

haleyscomett-art, irdeadite, yoru-kage, reilpikram, citycatslack, reilpikram, sconeo/ scones-dark, rileyomalley, hittower, haleyscomett-art (Haley) and citycatslack (Day), bunny-virus, and tinyboxtim

❗️If your Dark or you wasn’t in this, it’s ok! It doesn’t mean your not special. It probably means that I’ve never heard of you or I just didn’t have room, and that’s my fault not yours.❗️

PND x Belong to the City

Just some summer fun in the pool, felt like this song fit the vibe we were going for toward the end of the night.

Check it out, we were messing around w my phone. Hey lexieast you look fucking bomb especially in slow mo.

My bird chest isn’t as lucky but it’s cool lol

Oh and we’re calling this, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to kick you”

Directorial debut lol

***we have no fucking rights to this song!!!***


“Princess” video process

Here is part of my latest piece “Princess” video process. Support me on Patreon and you can get the full version, enjoy!


Backyard hangs today with my girls.


I took an image on Tri-X every day in 2014 and developed and processed the film at home. Here are the results.


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Video from Ashtyn’s 3rd Birthday Today <3

💋Dirty YouTuber Confessions💋

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Super Mario Bros. 2~Theme
Spongebob Squarepants~This is a load of barnacles…
Spongebob Squarepants~Can you feel it yet, Mr. Krabs?
The Office~No, God, please no

P.S. You anons need Jesus.


I’m letting go 🌃


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