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my house is being killed by the wind and rain and the power has been out for hours
its cold as shit and our heater isnt running, i can’t sleep because the wind is too loud
our house is literally shaking, theres rain coming in from every crevasse
i cant see my girlfriend and its really hard to see the light in this situation
i just need to think about people and things that make me happy

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

got an angry comment on an angsty fic i wrote and i told my friend and then i couldn’t help but hear hawkmoth in my head—–

my new secret hc

  • hawkmoth anonymously writes angsty fics to make people angry enough to be akumatized
  • they are ladynoir fics posted on the ladyblog
  • all of them are of lb and cn either getting together and breaking up, or one or both of them dying, or losing their miraculouses to him (he would write that)
  • he has not successfully akumatized anyone yet, but he has gotten close
  • so he does not stop trying
  • he becomes a popular angst ladynoir fic writer as a result

£10 Icon/headshot commissions open!

Each will come with a variety of gradients and backgrounds and whatnot because I love stuff like that. So you’re getting like 5 images total.

You can edit and crop them at will, of course, and even give me color suggestions. 

I’ll do canon characters and ocs, preferably humanoid! 

IM me if interested! 

honestly i die a little seeing liam so ://// because let me tell u about liam payne, he’s got the most dazzling, comforting smile and presence, and it’s so unike him?! :( he looks so outside of himself and it makes me sad!!!! like what’s wrong?????? wHO HURT HIM

I heard people are being cocks and sending @midnightmarionette hate? 

Anons, say henlo 2 my lIL FREIND!!

(But seriously if you are sending hate to them block and unfolow me cuz y’all are fucking disgusting for thinking it is ok to try and tell people they’re worthless or whatever I will lITERALLY find you and end you. Dont fucking harass my friends)