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Ok… So this happened tonight. Hanging with my boy @robinandre at a #ilovethe90s show & I wound up on stage. (at Le Poison Rauge (Lpr) 158 Bleecker St.)

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Ninetees is set to release the first collection of 90’s inspired clothing on September 13, 2014. 

This is our “Black As Black” shirt. It pays tribute to everyone’s favorite Disney Channel Orginal Movie, Hocus Pocus. Printed on grey tri-blend pocket tees, it’s not only comfy as hell, it let’s everyone know it’s almost Halloween. 

Follow us here on Tumblr and/or Instagram to keep up with us at Ninetees and also how to place your order on 9/13/2014!


Flashback - Mandatory Roller Coaster 1995

Drawing comics is something I’ve been doing for years. This is just the first one I’ve put online. But what if I’d done it earlier? Twenty years earlier? The internet was in its infancy, but it existed. What if I somehow got the idea for Mandatory Roller Coaster in 1995? It might have looked something like this…

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“Tyrannosaurus!” 💜👍👊 He definitely is so cool! #justsayin 💕😊 @austin_st_john #humble #badass #firstcrush 💕😊😳💕 #behindthescenes #turbofilm #powerrangers #turbo #mmpr #mightymorphin #mightymorphinpowerrangers #tyrannosaurus #jasonleescott #austinstjohn #teamaustin #teamasj #90s #the90s #ilovethe90s #90skid #90skids #foxkids

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an american and a brit discuss boy band reunions
  • amanda:Hi Stu! how are you?
  • stu:I'm well. I woke up with a broken toilet, but now I have a fixed toilet. Life couldn't be better. How are you?
  • amanda:glad to hear things are looking up for you.
  • i'm well, rereading your S Club 7 article to think of all the reasons N*Sync would make for a better reunion show
  • stu:Better than S Club 7? Seriously? One of S Club 7 made a solo album of nursery rhymes about vegetables. Can any of N*Sync really compete with that level of desperation?me: Two words: Joey. Fatone.
  • stu:I just saw the phrase 'Dancing With The Stars At Sea'. I concede.
  • amanda:Yes. It's actually far more depressing than even I expected: "He's also hosting the Las Vegas show "The Price is right" at Bally's Las Vegas, as a celebrity guest host."
  • But one thing an S Club 7 reunion offers is the past relationship dynamics of Paul & Hannah ...
  • stu:Especially since Paul was the first to leave the group, and his solo career tanked. Also, he's fat now. And, in my head at least, desperate to win Hannah back.
  • But, wait, isn't one of N*Sync an astronaut now? That trumps everything, surely.
  • amanda:Astronaut Lance Bass has yet to realize his dreams of intergalactic travel but maybe if they were going to do the reunion show, they would finally send him and broadcast his portion from space?
  • Or maybe they all could be in space?!
  • stu:Yes! And Justin Timberlake has a double-denim spacesuit. And a curly wig on top of his helmet.
  • I think this might be a dealbreaker - does the N*Sync reunion include Lou Perlman?
  • amanda:I think it should. definitely.
  • is he even alive?
  • yes
  • stu:I think he's in prison?
  • amanda:Projected release date of March 24, 2029
  • So he can't go to space
  • stu:Such a shame. Meanwhile, S Club 7's manager still roams the streets like a shadow.
  • amanda:Does their manager have a sordid back story?
  • stu:He created American Idol and The Spice Girls. So yes.
  • amanda:Enough said.
  • stu:You know, I think you've swayed me. Just to see how Joey 'Las Vegas game show host' Fatone reacts to Justin 'Billionaire megastar' Timberlake, I think I'm all for an N*Sync reunion show.
  • amanda:Well, I'm still entertaining the idea of sending S Club 7 and N*Sync into space for a long running reality television series.
  • And Lou Pearlman would have a surrogate like in Arrested Development.
  • stu:I tell you what. Add a Survivor element, where one of them is jettisoned out of an airlock each week, and I think we've got ourselves a deal.
  • amanda:Perfect. Deal.
  • stu:Hands across the ocean.
  • amanda:Okay, great. I think it's fair to say we've made a great contribution to society today.

Child of the 90s by Microsoft. Brings back great memories.