These two scenes were taken from iCarly’s last episode, iGoodbye. This was the creator/director/producer of the show, Dan Schneider says about them:

Scene 1: “There’s very little acting in this scene.  As both Miranda and Jerry will tell you, every emotion you feel from them in this scene is 100% real.  It was a very tough scene to film.  Miranda and Jerry had eyes full of tears as we filmed several takes.  Our makeup artists kept having to step in and dry their eyes.  As I sat with the writers, watching the scene on my monitor, my eyes were also filled with tears.  In fact, I don’t think there was a dry eye on our stage.  Even the camera operators needed tissues.  This Carly-Spencer goodbye scene was really difficult for us all to get through.  So, when you watch it, if you feel that deep emotion, you should know… it’s all very, very real.  And I think it’s just a beautiful scene.”

Scene 2: “Watch Sam (Jennette) closely in this scene.  Jennette was extremely sad when we were filming this final scene.  We had to stop several times because Jennette was crying, and couldn’t stop.  It made us all cry.  So, when you watch this scene, and you see the distressed expressions on "Sam’s” face… that’s not Jennette being Sam Puckett.  That’s just Jennette.  We had to give her lots of hugs to get through it. 

•  Sam’s line, “I’ll ride down with ya" – that’s the line Jennette just couldn't say.  Every time we got close to her saying that line, Jennette would start crying, and she couldn’t get the words out.  We had to do 11 or 12 takes.  We only got one take where she was actually able to get the words out.”

  • Dan: Some fans think the kiss in this scene has some "relationship" significance. I think they're reading too much into it. There's no doubt that Carly and Freddie love each other as friends. All the characters in iCarly love each other very much. Does this kiss between Carly and Freddie mean more than deep friendship? Who knows? If there's ever an iCarly reunion, maybe we'll deal with that. But in this scene, it's really just a warm moment of love and friendship between a guy and girl who care very much about each other, and are sad that that won't be seeing each other for a while.
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  • Dan: As we filmed a few takes of this scene, one of the writers suggested that Freddie raise his arms victoriously as he walks out behind Carly. We all thought it was a funny idea, so it the last few takes, Nathan did that – and it made us laugh. Do his raised arms mean that Freddie feels he finally "got" Carly? Or is he just psyched, the way any guy is when he gets to kiss a nice, sweet girl like Carly Shay? For now, that's subject to anyone's personal interpretation. I feel that the best writing sometimes leaves a few questions unanswered, so that fans can have discussions and apply their own feelings to some characters' words and actions. I have a feeling that, some day, I'll be writing more words and actions for these characters. I sure hope so. :)
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