Here at eTech Parts we only partner with the best; we firmly believe in quality – that’s why we’re pleased to offer iFixit brand tools to the Repair Community at wholesale prices they can afford. We’ve expanded our line of wholesale iFixit tools and plan to offer more as they become available in the future. So far we’ve been extremely satisfied with our partnership with iFixit and the Repair Community loves it, too!

iFixit creates some of the highest quality repair guides for iPhones, iPads, iPods and just about anything else that could require repair! iFixit’s goal is to fix the planet by offering free, easy-to-use repair guides to teach people everywhere how to fix the devices they love.

Thanks due in part to planned obsolescence and our throwaway culture, electronic waste is a growing concern and one that iFixit is determined to help stop. eTech Parts is proud to support iFixit, a company with lofty goals and premium quality standards!

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