iCant Take It

psa/callout on tumblr users 116 and tentacleds

EDIT: someone using thiscrush’s name and url was in the chat and we no longer believe its them that was sending the threats. 

SO @tentacleds and @116 think saying this is funny at one point they start referring to my pedo ex selling my nudes cuz they pretended they have em. ALSO they talk about falsely accusing a friend of manipulation to get out of this

@116 special shoutout to u worthless inbred freak stop threatening to rape minors if you dont want called out anymore

(huge tw for p much everything under the cut + receipts that its them):

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Hey! There is a BRAND NEW episode of iCarly on tonight called iCant Take It! Watch it 8 on Nickelodeon and invite your local hobos :)


firehouse fifty-one + instagram (pt. 1) [click to enlarge] 

“next, we gotta make mouch an instagram”

Nifty thing today~ /sillyselfiewarnings! O:

I actually looked like my persona today so that was fun! I love having my hair like that but it takes time ahh

Then i got home and took some silly pictures after a nice shower =w=

suffice to say I’m pretty bad at taking selfies but still just excited to have my red hair back~ Maybe one day I’ll have a mane like HW Ganondorf *o* //life goals

Anyways thanks again for all the follows tonight friends~ Please return to your regularly scheduled dash uvu <33

hahaha its latenightsonoonewillseethissss

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“Lips please?”:

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Carly/Sam faces at the mention of “Nerd camp”

“Oh crab…” *gasp* “I said CRAB”:

Gibby telling Mrs. Benson about Sam/Freddie:

Freddie- Sam > $100,000:

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Sam attacking Gibby for telling on them:

Freddie finding out about Sam changing his answers:

Carly getting them back together:

Gibby singing at the end:

Me the rest of the night: