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Stronger then you Remix by IBringDaLulz

So glad to see a new vid from dis guy!


I’m trying to rally up people to bring Ibringdalulz livestream back from it’s grave. Let’s get the word out! Bring back our favorite streamers like ROBcakeran, Kuran, Sickness, Osaka, and of course LULZ!  

The stream was once a great place to hang and we were a family. I don’t want our good times to stop.

Rap from the heart
  • Rap from the heart
  • LunarPhoenix
  • A very Brony Thanksgiving

This is my rap dedicated to bronies, specifically MictheMicrophone and IbringdaLULZ for inspiring me. Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you like it!


This is my tumblr rap

I just found a mic

And I’m really glad

To be spending thanksgiving on tumblr this year

With all my friends

We’ve got nothing to fear

I have been inspired by Lulzy’s

And Mic’s raps about all the ponies

This is LunarPhoenix, and I’m hoping and prayin’

That you like my rhymes, cause it’s for you that I’m makin ‘em

Some people say I’m not very clever

And been sayin’ that I would never

Rise to the top, but Imma prove them wrong

People be rebloging this rap all night long

I’m sorry that I don’t have a backbeat

But stop hatin’ and just get in the back seat

I don’t have any music software

Hell, this is from my webcam’s recorder

But I don’t care, it’s all in the heart

With well thought out words, anything can be art

I don’t care about fame, I just want to be heard

A lost voice drowned in this sea of words

I’m not musically inclined,

But look closely and you will find that

I put thought into what I’m spewing

People look at me, say “what are you doing!?”

I stand up tall, and boldly say

There’s a show you should watch, My Little Pony’s the name

This world needs to be taught some better morals

And on this show I’ll place golden laurels

And I know there’s some people who agree with me

Just watch the show, and you will see

As this world slowly gets worse and worse

Equestrians will rise as I spit this verse

We’ll all stand tall and head outdoors

Fall in line and proudly go to war

But we won’t be using weapons

we’ll be handing out hugs like they’re ammunition

see all the hatred, shout “FIRE AWAY”

and much love shall be spread that day

now remember, all you who are just like me

afraid of what other people will think

shoot for your dreams, and stand up tall

we’ll all help you up whenever you fall

just be sure that whatever you do

 you keep your heart strong and true

now that my advice is said and done

I’d like to say this has been really fun

This is lunar phoenix, signing out

Happy thanksgiving y’all, see ya next round!

  • Stronger Than You (Rap)
  • Walter

So, iBringDaLulz made a rap remix of Stronger Than You, posted the instrumental and encouraged others to try their hands at their own verse. So…I did this. I quite enjoy rap and often rap along to my favorite artists, but this was the first time I rapped something I wrote myself.

Here the lyrics:

I may be a rock, but I know how to rap
I’ll blow of your socks, so baby, just step
aside so I’ll show you how two become one
Not beat ya too fast, because I wanna have fun
The end of this fight, to me it’s Crystal Gem clear
And I think you know, too, cause I can smell all your fear
Come on and do your best but it won’t be enough
I’m serious here, believe me, there’s no bluff
Either one of us alone could even win in this fight
And you think you have a chance against Garnet combined?
The loser of this battle is already set in stone
And I’m just gonna say it’s the gem who fights alone
Call me Air Jordan cause I’m gonna slam dunk
you, I’m harder, better, stronger than the daftest of punks
I’ll now procede to show you how the Crystal Gems do
Don’t even think of winning ‘cause I’m stronger than you!

Hey, you!

Yes, you! The one who used to frequent the livestream of iBringDaLULZ!

Have you ever just checked in on the stream recently and see that you’re the only viewer? Do you do this often? Are you frustrated every time this happens? You’re not the only one!


A couple of us have started attempts to revive the stream. Osaka has been trying to get some of the old streamers streaming again, although Rob has been the only one to cooperate (thank you Rob!). What I found to be the problem is that nobody is checking the stream anymore to see if anyone’s streaming, and the only way to get viewers is to tell other people that the stream is live. What we need is a way to notify a large number of people all at once in a way that is passive, instantaneous, unobtrusive, an appeals to a large number of people at once.

And now I present my solution: A skype group. One with the “Users are listeners” option enabled. This prevents people from talking and starting calls in the group and makes it strictly business related with the sole purpose of notifying people whenever someone starts streaming. The group would have a few non-listeners (mainly just me) who will post a single message whenever someone starts the stream up. These messages will tell you who is streaming and will contain a link to the stream. Hell, I might even link my stream uploads in the group is people are interested.

Now, how are we launching this skype group?

I have opened up my ask box here on Tumblr. SEND ME, RALADORN, OR AUSTINC72 AN ASK IF YOU’RE INTERESTED. LIKES OR REBLOGS DON’T COUNT. If you don’t have a tumblr account, just send me a message on anon and put your skype name in there. If enough people are interested, I’ll launch the group and add everyone who has sent me an ask. Also, be sure that you have one of us added as a contact on skype first. My username to add is the same as on here. If you’re not in our contacts lists we can’t add you to the group, and people with the “listener” status can’t add other people. Lastly, if you have any questions, I would prefer if you contact me on skype rather than on tumblr. 

In order for this to work, though, we need your help. It won’t work unless enough people are interested, so help spread the word about this. Tell people who used to stick in the stream about this, and if my plan pans out, hopefully we can get the stream started back up again. 

I actually really miss the old days of the fandom. Not because “Ugh fandom isn’t da same” I mean my own experience with the MLP fandom.

I miss the days of the IbringdaLULZ livestream, I miss Lulz, I miss Sickness, Hagen, Temporal Walker, SoaringFlight, Wubz, Pipsqueak, Phantombadger, Citrus.

And a lot of you will say “hey you can still talk to these people right, I mean you still know Temporal Walker and Phantombadger right? I mean the latter follows you.” well yes. I guess so. but the community feel from back then was just fantastic. Could just be me remembering things stupidly but it felt simpler back then. I was just starting to do art, I met a lot of great people, had a lot of fun. Nowadays I just feel detached from everyone as they find new people to talk to, I do too. I guess it’s just a reminder not everything lasts forever.

Except Lulz’s hiatus’s


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfqjR0HvABw)

Yo, new music. Wrote it, recorded it and put it up all in one day, BLAM! So yeah, enjoy ^^

Original remix by ibdl-ibdl & chisanaai