Rap from the heart
Rap from the heart

This is my rap dedicated to bronies, specifically MictheMicrophone and IbringdaLULZ for inspiring me. Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you like it!


This is my tumblr rap

I just found a mic

And I’m really glad

To be spending thanksgiving on tumblr this year

With all my friends

We’ve got nothing to fear

I have been inspired by Lulzy’s

And Mic’s raps about all the ponies

This is LunarPhoenix, and I’m hoping and prayin’

That you like my rhymes, cause it’s for you that I’m makin ‘em

Some people say I’m not very clever

And been sayin’ that I would never

Rise to the top, but Imma prove them wrong

People be rebloging this rap all night long

I’m sorry that I don’t have a backbeat

But stop hatin’ and just get in the back seat

I don’t have any music software

Hell, this is from my webcam’s recorder

But I don’t care, it’s all in the heart

With well thought out words, anything can be art

I don’t care about fame, I just want to be heard

A lost voice drowned in this sea of words

I’m not musically inclined,

But look closely and you will find that

I put thought into what I’m spewing

People look at me, say “what are you doing!?”

I stand up tall, and boldly say

There’s a show you should watch, My Little Pony’s the name

This world needs to be taught some better morals

And on this show I’ll place golden laurels

And I know there’s some people who agree with me

Just watch the show, and you will see

As this world slowly gets worse and worse

Equestrians will rise as I spit this verse

We’ll all stand tall and head outdoors

Fall in line and proudly go to war

But we won’t be using weapons

we’ll be handing out hugs like they’re ammunition

see all the hatred, shout “FIRE AWAY”

and much love shall be spread that day

now remember, all you who are just like me

afraid of what other people will think

shoot for your dreams, and stand up tall

we’ll all help you up whenever you fall

just be sure that whatever you do

 you keep your heart strong and true

now that my advice is said and done

I’d like to say this has been really fun

This is lunar phoenix, signing out

Happy thanksgiving y’all, see ya next round!