congration, kids, u r big siblings to a hellspawn

a series of weird thoughts led to this including “boss monsters can probably only make one baby per couple due to the whole magic transfer thing”, “but skeleton monsters can’t reproduce normally anyway so?? screw the rules? hocus pocus here’s a magic baby popping out of thin air or whatever just 4 u, Tori n Sans” and “what if the only people Chara tolerates is babies because they’re so new and so small and they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into with this whole having-a-life-business, and the demon wants to just like, lock them in a small cushion-filled room and protect them until it passes”

so here’s three babies meeting an even smaller baby for the first time. I’m guessing the trio is around 15/16-ish years old here. baby’s name is Lucida, because her parents are both terrible pungeon masters and so am I

bonus points for Frisk with pink-striped hair, Chara with tattoos and Asriel in the process of trying to leave his scene kid phase with as much grace as possible