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DWSA HEADCANONS PLS! i love them and have a nice day 😄

aaaa !!! thank u sm for the ask! i’m so freakin glad that people are enjoying my headcanons !! ily anon whoever you are <33
credit for a few of these again goes to @wordofyourbodyreprise


  • they all do secret santa every year and all of them Know to just get melitta socks
    she has shakespeare socks from her bro, and got van gogh, klimt, da vinci, and munch socks from some of the others
  • they all speak asl at some level, some are better than others
  • they all do some sort of group costume for halloween every year


  • he will personally fight freud
  • hates so called “animal rights activists” (aka peta & uninformed bigots)
  • melchiors actually a really careful person when it comes to eve ry thin g
  • he has glasses but he rarely wears them because “he doesn’t like them”
    wendla steals them bc they’re close enough to her prescription and she forgets her glasses at home a l o t
  • even when moritz or thea aren’t present, melchior has a habit of still signing things as he’s talking to someone
  • can someone get him to stop talking about psychology? please??
  • “latin is an important language” - melchior gabor
  • melchior gabor is the King of disappearing at parties so he doesn’t have to socialize
    he’s also king of losing his wallet
  • melchior gabor has five (5) fidget spinners
    he doesn’t even like fidget spinners, he has them just to piss people off
    well it roya l l y pissed moritz off when one day he had enough of melchior’s bs and threw the spinner in the middle of a busy street


  • she has a liiiil bit of a temper and if she’s pushed the wrong way, she will fucking go off on someone
    bobby mahler was a victim of that at one point
    she made him cry and now he’s scared of her
  • likes to tie her hair up with colorful ribbons
  • she went by wendy in elementary/middle school bc it was easier for everyone
    some of them still call her that occasionally bc honestly its rly cute
  • wendla and ernst’s passion is community theatre
  • can run in stilettos and it Scares melchior
  • has to sleep with some kind of white noise in the background otherwise she Wont


  • absolutely adores aloe plants
  • his smile is honestly the best thing ever and lights up everyone’s day
  • he likes it when his gf plays with his hair
  • never gets tired of deaf puns
  • piggybacking off of my last round of headcanons with colleges and careers and stuff, mo ends up going into social work
    he shows up at home after work with two deaf foster kids and convinces otto and mart to let the three of them adopt them
  • his lock/homescreen is a pic of him, mart, and otto


  • sits for life drawing classes in college in order to make a little more money
  • ilse neumann is 5’ ½" of pure spite
  • can make even the ugliest of pantsuits look great
  • hav i mentioned what a lesbian she is???
  • she’s a tea drinker and melchior, who fuckign ru ns off of high amounts of caffeine, looks at her like she’s insane
  • martha convinced her to try burning incense and now she’s Obsessed


  • never actually sleeps in her own clothes, it’s always one of her bf’s shirts
  • she’s honestly Always stressed about smth
  • martha lived with her aunt for awhile while she was trying to sort some problems out with moritz and otto
  • her aunt is a psychic and can tell sooo much abt a person by just looking at them
    melchior didn’t believe in it at first “she knew me and thea were twins when it was only me there!” “a lot of people have twins, it was just coincidental”. after he went over there once to talk to martha and her aunt said something to him abt him being a miracle bby, his outlook on it changed
  • martha is resident advice lady to thea for things involving depression/eating disorders/problems in general bc martha’s Been There
  • martha has a Love for lacy lingerie js,,
    otto does too (on martha)


  • hanschen and ernst have matching ties that thea got them for prom: ernst has a rainbow tie and hans has a bisexual flag colored tie
  • he and ernst are so domestic and it’s adorable
  • forgot to get groceries when ernst was gone for a week and he came home to a basically empty house and was like “??? wha t ha ve you eate n??”
  • watches victorious as a form of Depression Entertainment
  • he loves wicked soo much ngl
  • he’s straight as an arrow for eva noblezada
    and carleigh bettiol


  • when ernst blushes, color goes into his cheeks, ears, and neck n hanschen thinks its the cutest thing
  • has color coordinated binders so he stays Neat
  • he’s Very Particular on the arrangement of things in his and hanschen’s apartment
  • does drag and absolutely Kil l s I t
  • likes to pick flowers and put them in his unsuspecting friends’ hair
  • he came out to his parents after he turned 18 and got kicked out,, luckily he has an amazing boyfriend who helped him out
  • has seen moana more times than he cares to admit


  • he and otto got their first tattoos together
    in georgs basement, by his uncle
    they thought it would make them Cooler
  • he’s double jointed & a weirdo who can lick his own elbow?? (this is totally based on someone i know,, it’s s o frea k y) 
  • tells the Best scary stories


  • everyone calls otto by anything and everything they can think of that sounds like his name
    ottoman empire, otto-bahn, river otto,  otto-matic, otto shop, etc.
    (i l OV the headcanon of melchior occasionally calling him eddie bc of oedipus so s/o to @melchixr !!)
  • works like three different jobs to help out his mom and younger siblings


  • hates to see her siblings upset and will Fight
  • she owns one (1) pair of shorts
  • her favorite broadway show is newsies 
    she introduced melitta to it and created a monster
    “jeremy jordan can STRIKE me anytime”
  • in love with ben tyler cook


  • her black binder for scores and sides is like three inches thick
    it also has a taped on picture of aaron tveit for Inspiration 
  • she’s a photographer
  • so is ernst
  • hans is the Model
  • her secret weapon is her ability to Riff
  • she n otto are both lifeguards & work together at a local community center
  • her closet is 50% thrift store, 25% department store, and 25% stolen clothes from her sister, brother, & boyfriend
  • owns a pair of lounge pants that have lobsters on them


  • she’s weirdly good at standardized testing
  • owns nothing but dresses and skirts and they’re all super cute
  • has a Collection of lil trinkets she finds in random antique shops and thrift stores
  • she’s got a lil string of fairy lights from wendla that she decks her chair out with
a saeran hc post

i know there’s a ton of these out there and this is SO LONG im sorry i dont know how to shut up lol, i want to update my fics but im in the home stretch of getting through this week of classes before i go on break ;;;; so uh, have this post of some kind of general hc’s and some thoughts on how saeran feels about each of the members of the rfa + some vanderwood

spoilers of course, also mentions of smoking and vague notions at abuse and stuff, also this is just super long and ridiculous and im sorry aha

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