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Okey so I opened my tumblr right and I see exo is trending #1 again so I decided to see what's going on and most of them were x member fancam focus for artificial love so I'm like: "okay cool" and then...I pressed play WHAT IN THE FUCK WHO TOLD YALL BODIES TO LOOK LIKE THAT HELL TO THE NO NO TAKE THEM LORD IMA TAKE THAT CANE AND TAP DANCE ALL OVER YA BALLS SIT THE FUCK DOWN OKEY IM LOOKING AT YOU D.O YOU FUCKERS GONNA RUIN MY BLOOD PRESSURE FUCKING WITH MY EMOTIONS LIKE THAT Hell...

when I saw the artificial love fan cams and if you haven’t seen them let me bless you because there is this one part where they grind on their canes and it makes me want to cry.

-Admin M

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What is going on with Larry that everyone's freaking out about?? I'm lost please update me

Are people freaking out? I cleaned up my dash lately so if people are freaking out or in-fighting, I don’t know about it.

Liam signed up for solo work and we haven’t heard from his fake girlfriend lately.

Niall is doing his worldwide sports tourism thing and his girlfriend lasted two days. So long, we hardly knew ya.

Harry is filming his movie and sneaking off to see Louis and looking dead when doing fan pics (grey shirt and a beanie, check).

Louis is still stuck with a fake baby, fake baby mama (check out her new fillers), fake girlfriend, and fake friendship with Simon; at least he and Harry are sneaking off together in their $10 mil home.

23 of July is the 6 year anniversary of the band and most of the Larry side of Tumblr will probably lose their shit if OT4 and the actual band account don’t tweet about it.

Tired of the bullshit? Go read some fic. And if you’re bored, send me a number and I’ll write some fic.

TL;DR: Larry is real, OT4 is cool, Simon’s a dick, fic is good.

there are people who hated mal? I am so glad I’m not the only one. I couldn’t finish the series because he annoyed me to no end. His character just dragged the whole series down and I could see that in the end she ends up with him and I’m like ???? Like Alina didn’t really need Mal to be her love interest they could have just stayed friends and the story would have worked out pretty much the same ya feel? Because the whole possessive thing and being angry at the Darkling because Alina was tied to him was annoying as hell. 

Not only that we know the Darkling is going to die so idk why Alina didn’t marry Nikolai since they had more chemistry and I was digging them more.  Not to mention Mal resented the fact she was a Grisha and believed she needed to be like him for him to have worth. When she got powers he was like “I need to protect you!!” before he saw her as a friend if that at all. Alina can protect herself thank you. 

And Alina (while she was annoying af at times) was pretty good on her own. It’s just when Mal was around she became the worst and I started to dislike her so much. Because if you read pre-Mal when she was in the little palace to post little palace she is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CHARACTER. And add insult to injury she had to lose her powers for Mal to finally feel like they were equals again. 

I get the ending of having her come full circle but she could have done that sans mal. Or Alina could have gone somewhere else and not the orphanage that gave her so much misery outside of the joy she had with Mal. Even if she is in charge of it, that never seemed like it was the life she would lead. I could see her becoming an explorer or working with other Grisha (if she kept her power) but going back to where it all began because of Mal nah. It just seemed like a huge waste. 

The Mun will be gone for few days. I’m going to our summer cottage in northern Finland with my parents. //There’s no electricity nor running water in the house, so it’s pretty much hell to me.// I will probably waste all my time doodling BB and my ocs

So uh, see ya

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My Url 😀😀😀😀

Send me your URL and I'll tell you

My Opinion on;

Character in general: 

{Uhhhhh……how can I explain it to make Dedede adorable and not a shithead like Takehiko here…..oh yeah you can’t XD. Dedede is an amazing character in anime or not, I love it how we went from one Fluff to angst in one go here Dedede-mun but come on…really? He should have seen that coming. Besides that I love Dedede even if he is a shithead…at least his shithead isn’t worst than Takehiko…}

How they play them:

{Is it bad that every time I see you on my dashboard I can literally hear Dedede voice in general……cause that’s how good you are my man. You portray them so well that Crys is literally groaning right now. My how the angst fly by us now….I swear I’m already in angst hell here ya know.}

The Mun:

{I should probably head off soon but meh. If you can hear or read this here Dedede-mun I just want to say that you are totally awesome on how you portray him and all, I swear if you were in Danganronpa you could be Junko or even Nagito cause of this full on angst here. Finally, I want to say thank you for listening to my rant before that totally helped in a way….}

Do I:

RP with them: 

{Yes I do RP with this fab person….ahaha angst is love, angst is life. Its funny over on skype call with my other two peeps on tumblr we went on a full trip to angstville there….}
Want to RP with them:  

{Upupupu!~ Let there be angst. That’sayes}

What is my;

Overall Opinion:

{*isn’t silently judging you* Can I call you Junko right now cause you are the second person here causing me angst Despair I tell you! Overall she plays Dedede so well and is a lovely mun that you should follow her if you want fluff or angst, our two muses actually hit it off quite well until someone and not going to mention any names (Dedede) mucked it up. Yes, he can be selfish, egotistical and a pain but aye he’s Dedede after all so he’s technically a shithead.}

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty


     Hi ya’ll! I’m Hinata but most people call me Hina or Pandora; either or is fine with me. Nice to finally be back in a group I must say, it’s nice to be in something that has a plot set! I’m actually pretty excited to get Ibara rolling ( because I’m in Coppelion hell and ship hell thanks to @kuroppelion ) ; I personally see a lot of myself in Ibara, moreso the more I watch it. ( rewatching because i love pain ).

        I’m pretty easy going tbh, so feel free to IM me or ask for my skype if you’d like to plot or interact; I honestly don’t bite. I’m just a nerd who adores photoshop and graphics, and loves anime and manga ( when i actually get off my lazy arse to read them ) ! Hope we can all get along and I’m ooking foward to meeting new people!