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The Most Beautiful Man in the World

Summary: Jordan escorts a drunk Stiles home, and finds out a lot more than he expected.

Notes: Oops, I wrote another one of @captain-snark’s prompts. (On AO3)

“Stiles, I think you’ve had enough,” Jordan says as kindly as possible.

“Nope, I definitely haven’t,” Stiles says, slurred but determined. “I can still feel my…feelings.”

“I’ll be lucky if you can still feel your legs,” Jordan grumbles to himself. He takes Stiles’ arm, and gently tugs. “Let’s take you and your feelings home, okay?”

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Clexa Weekend AU manip 🍻

Clarke: “Lexa, are You drunk?”

Lexa: “I’m totally fine, Clarke”

Clarke: “Do you wanna go to bed?”

Lexa: “YES!”

Clarke: “To sleep, Lexa…”

Lexa: “We could do so much better in a bed…You know…”

Clarke: “O-Ooookay….Let’s go!”

Happy Weekend Everyone! 🍻💓😊

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Auntie Jilli, I was wondering whether you dress up for halloween and what some of your favorite costumes have been over the years?

Weirdly, I don’t really do costumes for Halloween! I pull out my more elaborate clothing, do even fancier makeup, wear one of the really over-the-top hats, and in general dress like myself, but turned up to 13. Oh, and I usually put my fangs in, because why not? But I take Halloween as a holiday to celebrate all things dark and spooky, and I don’t want to be anyone else on that special day. 

Also, Halloween is our wedding anniversary (20th this year!!), we’re generally doing something fancy, and Pete isn’t really a costume person. (Which I’m totally fine with.) 

However, when I was still working in an office environment, I would also wear one of my blood-spattered blouses and streaks of blood on my face (because I had to catch a fast meal and didn’t have a napkin with me). The first Halloween I did that at work, one of my co-workers saw me from the back, exclaimed, “Jillian, it’s not a costume if you dressed like yourself”, and then backed up a few feet when I turned around and smiled widely.

i really enjoy that aaron is putting up a front and is all *shrug emoji* I’m totally fine I’m coping robert who? and robert is just lying face down in the street going nO one HaS eVER KNOWN a pain like thIS to a literal widow who murdered her own husband

Yknow I’m totally fine with ppl going “I’ll only like ge/ncy if it’s with concept mercy” if it’s bc of the white savior trope and the racism, but I s2g if it’s the same ppl who don’t like gen/cy bc of the “b-but she’s his doctor! It’s immoral!” I’m going to throw down because mercy being a black man would still be his doctor LMAO

Just you and me, and cake of course, lots of cake ( Fred Weasley Imagine )

request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is being bullied and is self harming and Fred finds out and is super sweet and adorable? Please? Warning!! There is self harm included!! p>

Feeling different and excluded by others is probably the worst feeling. She never really felt like that in her entire life but since she came to Hogwarts, everything suddenly changed. Y/N is now 16 years old, she is skinny because she is afraid to eat infront of others since every one is calling her fat even though she totally isn´t, she wears her hair in a ponytail because every one says her hair is disgusting and she never looks up because she doesn´t want to bother any one with her ugly face. Her parents are muggles and apparently this is a huge problem, especially for the Slytherins. She doesn´t understand why because havinf muggle parents don´t make her a worse witch. The worst of all her bullies is definitely Draco Malfoy and his gang. When ever she hears his voice, she hides some where and almost gets a heart attack every time she was near him. Having classes with him is even worse. She has the worst luck and was seated right next to him. Every time she sits next to him, she tries to pretend he isn´t there but that´s way harder than she thought. You might think, if you can´t stand a person, you wouldn´t even spent your time talking or noticing the person. But Draco is using his entire energy to bully her and make her life harder than it should be. Today it was one of the days where she had class with Draco. She was walking down the hallway with her head down praying he wouldn´t be there even though she knew he would. She was sweaty because she was wearing a hoodie in the summer. Y/N was lost in her thoughts and didn´t saw the red headed tall boy standing the middle of the hallway. She ran into him and trembled an excuse “ o-oh m-my, I-I didn´t see you I´m s-so sorry.” She didn´t dare to watch up and actually see who she ran into, as though that could make everything worse since she was convinced that her face is too ugly to be seen.That was the reasom why she rushes away to her classroom nad overheared that guy saying “ No worries, every thing is good. It was my fault not yours !” When she arrived at the class Draco was already there. He sat on his chair, she took a deep breath in, looked at the ground and made her way towards her chair. She put her bag on the table and began unpack it silently, without making one noise. When she finished she wanted to sit on her chair but Draco pulled the chair away and she fell on the ground. Every one started laughing “ hahaha loook at you mudblood, laying on the ground! Well, that´s where you belong to.” She stood up and sat herself on the chair. She was red as a tomato and tried to ignore his mean words. Swalling the tears. “ I always thought you Gryffendors would be confident and full of courage but I don´t see that in you. You rather look like a homeless rat. Maybe they put you in the wrong house or even in the wrong school because honestly you don´t belong to any of ous” He said grinning and it seemed like every one agreed with him. During the class he was quite. They had Snape and it would turned out bad if he would have said anything. Even though none of the teachers have ever said anything against the harassment that was happening. After class Y/N tried to get out of the classroom as fast as she could but she wasn´t fast enough because right after she left the classroom some one pulled  Y/H/C hair. She didn´t even need to turn around to see that it was Draco. “ Hey disgusting. Can you do me a favour?  “ he said with a fake nice voice. Y/N dared to look in his angry face. “ Stop sweating you fat pig and please, can you never ever come back to this school again?? That would be really nice of you and I mean look around. There is not even one person who likes you or your face.” Y/N´s heart was hurting, her head was hurting because Draco pulled so hard. She couldn´t hold her tears back. One tear after another rolled down her cheek. Finally Draco let go of her and she ran on to the girls toilet. She closed the door and started sobbing.Why are the like that? What have I done wrong ? she thought and started to roll up the sleeves of her hoodie. Scars are all over her arms, some faded already but some were fresh. She took out a knife and searched for a place to cut. She placed the knife and made a slow cut, closed her eyes and let pain go through her entire body. Tears were still running down her cheeks. Blood ran from her skinny arms and she did another cut. Y/N couldn´t believe what a huge impact other people had on her by just bulliying her or by simply say nothing. She started sobbing again and breathing heavily. Overhearing the door that some on opened “man this is ridiculus “ a male voice said. She stopped sobbing and hold her breath, she hoped that he hasn´t heared her yet. But he did. “Hello? Is there some one crying ? Or is this how women´s bathrooms are?” He asked. This sentance  conjured a little smile on her face, what a weird boy she thought. She heared steps walking closer to her door and suddenly she realized how serious this situation was. He would find her crying with blood all over her arms and then he would laugh at her and probably will tell every one about it. She pulled the sleeves of her hoodie over her bloody arms. “knock, knock” the boy knocked on the toilet door. “ Hey, are you okay ? “ he asked and he sounded worried. “ Yes please leave, I´m totally fine. “ She tried to speak as happy as she could and prayed that the boy would finally leave. What is he doing here anyways? she asked herself. “ Well doesn´t sound like you would be okay actually. Why don´t you just come out and we talk a bit? “ he said with a calm voice. “ Can´t you just leave? I really want to be alone.” Not true. She doesn´t want to be alone. All she wants is a friend with whom she can talk to, some one she can trust. But she was sure that this weird guy, standing in  the girls restroom definitley wasn´t a potential friend. “ I´m not going.” The boy answered with a strong determined voice. “ I don´t know you and also, you are in the girls restroom that´s illegal I guess.” “I don´t care. So either come out now, or I get in.” She couldn´t believe him because why should some one she doesn´t know care for her wellbeing? Suddenly a boy was standing infront of her. She was shocked and looked up in his with widened eyes. It was the red headed boy from earlier! “ Wow.” He said. Y/N turned red and looked back at the ground. She totally forgot how disgusting she is. Also her eyes must be puffy and red because of all the crying. “ You are the girl who ran into me! “ he said. “ Yes, I-I´m sorry” she trembled. “ Oh no it was totally my fault! I was standing in the middle of the hallway.” She didn´t say anything. “Okay and now tell what´s wrong? and ..” His look went to the blood on the ground and then he saw the there was blood tripping from her arm on the ground. “ You didn´t cut yourself, did you ? “ He asked totally shocked. She swallowed, she tried to find a way to escape but his huge body was blocking the door. He then softly grabbed her  arm, she didn´t even try to push him away because she knew that it wouldn´t make a difference.He pulled her sleeves up and looked at all the scars. “Why?” He said and looked into her eyes. In his eyes she couldn´t see and hate or disgust but what she saw was grief and worry? Tears were suddenly rolling down her cheeks and started to talk. She told him what Draco did to her and what they call her. She told how loney and ugly she feels and how much she wanted to leave this place. “ I don´t even know why I trust you all this, I mean I don´t even know your name and you could tell that every one and then there is even more hate against me. “ All the time she was talking, he said nothing, He just looked at her. “ shhh, I´m not going to tell anyone and my name is Fred Weasley.” “ Y/N Y/L/N”  “ Listen Y/N, don´t listen to what other people say. Especially not Draco, I mean have you looked at his hair? You are beautiful just the way you are! You really are beautiful and not fat! “ He said and looked into her eyes. A little smile was built on her face “ Well, I-I …no you are just saying it because you feel like you need to.” He raised an eyebrow “ No I´m not. You are truley beautiful. And I think we should go on a cake date. Eat cake all day long and drink tea.” She started laughing  because she couldn´t believe his words. “ What are you saying?” “ When you smile amd laugh you are even more beautiful do you know that? “ He said and smiles at her. “ Stop that´s weird. “ Y/N said but smiled for the after a long time. “ We will have a date, maybe two, three or more: Just you and me. And cake, lots of cake. And lots of smiles. I will make you smile every day from now on, I promise. “ He said and pulled her into a tight hug. She didn´t believe him but it felt good to be hugged and in his larged arms, she felt saved for the first time.                                                                                                                           

Going Vegan??

So i have decided that I am becoming a vegetarian with the goal of eventually becoming vegan. This is a huge step for me as i was a self titled “carnivore” insane meat eater, but after watching a few health documentaries I’ve realised the taste is not worth the sacrifice I am making to my health and environment. It’s day 2 and I’m currently feeling totally fine, no cravings (i worked in a deli for 8 hours today and wasnt tempted once). I’d love to connect with other people in this community, vegetarians, vegans, people slowly transitioning and share success stories, so hmu if you’re on the right track to a healthier lifestyle! :D

  • Michael: (Two Player Game) Hi Jeremy, let me comfort you, support you, and be your closest friend. (Or more if you know what I mean *wink wink*)

Cartman only works as a character if there is someone working against him!!

I’m so tired of Cartman being a piece of shit while also being portrayed by the show as a sympathetic character. Like, Cartman needs to be an antagonist and a villain and I’m TOTALLY on board with him being delusional and self absorbed, because that’s integral to his character. I’m also totally fine with him reacting really grossly to Heidi trying to establish a give-and-take relationship, because of course he would feel victimized by someone who is only trying to be his equal. (Although my heart is broken over Heidi being so easily convinced she was the one at fault and wasn’t “working hard enough” like thank GOD she’s free of him now)

But for shitty old Cartman to work, there needs to be someone in opposition to him! WHICH IS WHY KYLE STAN AND KENNY NEED TO BE CHARACTERS AGAIN ON THEIR OWN GOD DAMN SHOW!!!!

Cartman. Does. Not. Work. Without. Kyle. 

There’s no balance if Cartman does whatever he wants, unchecked, with no one there to point out he’s a manipulative bastard. This is honestly getting ridiculous.

me, alone in the apartment, walking down a long hallway in the dark: “Man, it’s kind of surprising how okay with this I am. You’d think I’d be worried about creepy murder clowns jumping out to get me or something like that, but I’m actually totally fine.”

me, fifteen seconds later: “goddamn it” *hits a light switch*