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What are your thoughts on nsfw fanart of you?

I’ve already answered this before lol but I’m totally fine with it if you’re of age to be doing so!

ADHD & "out of sight, out of mind" relationships

Is it weird that it’s hard for me to maintain personal relationships if I don’t physically see them all the time? Like I love my parents and my sister, but I never really *miss* them. I only get homesick when I’m about to leave, but once I’ve adjusted to being at school I’m totally fine. I can go months w/o contacting HS friends and weeks w/o seeing my college friends or even my bf during the semester. I rarely if ever get the urge to reach out. I just don’t think about them, which sounds super callous, but I definitely do care? But it’ll be like 2 weeks since I’ve seen someone who lives a building away or a month since I’ve called my mom and they’ll text me like ‘I miss you!’ and I…don’t? I don’t feel compelled to seek out their company and sometimes I don’t even reply to messages because I don’t have the mental energy to hold an interaction with them. It’s like I pause all my friendships to come back to later, except real life isn’t Netflix and people won’t hold your place if you don’t actually put in the work. I can feel my high school friends drifting apart but I still don’t feel interested in their lives away until we’re back together in person and it feels just the same as always. I don’t realize it’s weird how little I talk to my parents  (who I love very, very much and have a great relationship w) until someone’s like “lol my mom calls at least every other day” and I realize that my mom’s expectations from me are “maybe a few emojis every month”. My boyfriend sometimes complains that he’s never been the one in the relationship to be nagging for a text back. If I’m at college, I don’t miss home, and if I’m at home, I don’t miss my friends from college. 

Is this an ADHD thing? I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I hate that I feel this way. I feel so shallow and self-centered because I struggle to maintain attachments whenever there’s physical distance. I saw this one random blogger make a personal post about this same exact thing, wondering if it was a facet of her ADHD, and now I’m wondering if it’s a facet of mine, too. It’s like I lack “emotional object permanence”, like if I can’t see the relationship it’s not right in front of me. I’ve only just been noticing this because I’m in college, but back in high school I rarely hung out with my friends outside of school and only sporadically had contact over breaks. I didn’t think that was weird but now I’m thinking it kind of is.

(I have Inattentive Type ADHD w/ impulsive tendencies)

Ugh, this posted instead of going to drafts. Tumblr, WTF?!?

Anyway, I was going to look up attachment styles for you because it sounds like you have both the typical ADHD out of sight out of mind thing like you say, but also it sounds like your attachment style is a bit out of whack. You can read up on it via the link from this post. There are ways to mitigate some of the challenges associated with an off-kilter attachment style, and counselling is a good way to work through that process.


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U should get a belly button piercing.

Oof!! No thanks! I just say that in regards to myself, I’m totally fine if others choose to do that!

Jungkook: It’s okay, Jimin’s just casually talking and interacting with others. Don’t be awkward.
Jungkook to Jungkook: Lol, no biggie, I have it under control, I’m totally fine.
Jungkook to Jungkook: Okay, but just to be sure…

  • what i said: i'm totally fine
  • what i meant: you know i just really really love mark lee so much he's the most precious thing in my life he deserves all the love and respect for he's so generous, nice and has this leadership within him i mean look at how he looks after his members in nct dream and how he cherish them and also the same with the other units he's just this very kind person he's literally an angel i'm telling yall an angel with that kind of smile that brings so much shine giving the members a vibe of positivity throughout the day and oh my god also his laugh that makes me laugh as well his happiness is just so precious he's just i really love him with all my heart i'm-

Samurai Jack: The Samurai and the Assassin

Yep… I’m on the jashi bandwagon now; please though, I’d rather not go through the same arguments people use against this, it’s just a personal opinion and I’m totally fine if their relationship turns out to be platonic by the end of the season

However since the last episode, it has been clarified:

1) Ashi is not a minor, she is a full grown woman.

2) Jack DOES NOT AGE. He has been 25 years old last I checked for the past 50 years, and if you’re going to use the “mentally older” counter point, it’s funny that no one seems to be freaking out over other “immortal/mortal” relationships like Thor/Jane, Wolverine/Jean Grey, LITERALLY EVERY VAMPIRE/HUMAN RELATIONSHIP, etc.

3) A romantic-ish or platonic relationship has been alluded to.

4) There’s literally no proof that he’s her dad.

So that’s where I stand, I just like the idea of it, and if it does or doesn’t happens I’m totally fine, but I’ve been through the same arguments before, so please don’t waste your time.

OMGCP Characters as Weird Shit My Friends Have Said.
  • Jack: "i'm high on life and stress. it kinda really sucks."
  • Bitty: "wine night is a state of mind"
  • Ransom: "i'm iconic, what can i say?"
  • Holster: "taylor swift just gets me. i was waiting for you to wake up to say that"
  • Lardo, lying face down on the floor: "no obviously i'm totally fine"
  • Shitty: "you fuckin noodle with chicken wings!"
  • Nursey: "hang on, i got tree in my eye"
  • Dex: "get in the negativity box"
  • Chowder: "i feel like if i were being attacked by water buffalo, you'd help me, right?"

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Is it okay to make my own flowernoodle? I love the design ;w;

Sure! Kiwicha is just a Quetzalcoatl, so I don’t own the species or anything. Just as long as it doesn’t look the exact same, I’m totally fine with it :) Thanks for asking!

hey team, you probably know me as infamous tumblr ultraleftist sofia anarchoanimeism, but my other, more dignified identity is that of an editor of @deltamagazine alongside another upstanding member of your tumblr communist dashboard, edwad @edwad.

we worked really hard to put together issue 1.1, and we hope that you’re as excited about it as we are. both of us are full time workers in shitty service industry jobs, and all the labor that we put into delta has come from our precious spare free time - making a journal like this has been a lot of work from the both of us, from spending late nights reading over submissions to formatting and laying out the final version of 1.1 that’s available now, not to mention the hard work we’re putting in to making a print copy available. we do it for free and we’re (or at least, i’m) totally fine with that.

that having been said, the biggest challenge for a project like this one is not being able to the work: it’s getting the kind of content that you all want to read, or, better yet, submit. what i’m trying to say is that if you’re as excited about this as we are, if you spent even a few minutes browsing 1.1 and thought to yourself, “wow, this is pretty cool,” then we could use your help: circulate the Call For Papers for issue 1.2 on Digital Materialities. we have some exciting editorial content prepared for it, and in order for it to be possible we need some more submissions to fill it out.

finally, stay tuned: after 1.2, the later issues for 2017 are all going to be really fun as well, and we’re predicting (and have received) a lot of submissions for them already. it’s the anniversary of both the Russian Revolution and the publication of Capital this year, and we want to use this time to reflect on and engage with the legacy of both of those, but in order to make the upcoming issues of Delta possible, we need to keep the ball rolling with exciting and critical stuff for issue 1.2.