i;m so emotional about this

people: *claims to love shinee the most*

minho: *literally adds ‘my lovely’ in front of all the members’ names, knows their schedules and their dances by heart, watches and supports all their activities, has a different favourite member for each season so that it’s fair to all of them, tells them ‘i love you’ whenever he’s asked what he would like to tell them, uproots the camera in a live radio show to give all the members their solo shots*

*Pirates 5 spoilers*

Ok I’m just so, so, so goddamn emotional about the post-credit scene of Will and Elizabeth, because back when I was 12, before I was trash for anything else, before I really knew what shipping was, I was complete, 100% garbage for Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, and when they had to part for 10 years at a time, I ached over it, I read fics about it, I listened to their theme music every time I was on a beach and reenacted their last scene in my head. 

…And we just got to see them having weathered that storm, reunited and asleep in their bed, together, and it was everything my little former teenage heart needed.

I mean, he woke up, realized he was too far away from her, wrapped her up in his arms. She woke up just enough to make a sleepy noise, hug him back and snuggle into his arms, and go back to sleep.

What the everloving fuck is this perfection. 

I’m really emotional rn about Robin Lord Taylor. I’m so damn glad he exists. He is 5 feet 6 inches of pure sunshine and this world truly is better for having him in it. He shows so much love and kindness and respect to others and deserves nothing but love and kindness and respect in return. I’ve heard nothing but good things about him, from fans who have met him and just in general, really. Robin Lord Taylor is an angel and a gift and we do not deserve him. Protect him.


OOC: It’s been a really, really long time.  But on my quest to clear out all of my inboxes, I wanted to at least give this blog a years-late send-off, even if it’s just an unfinished comic.  Thanks to the people who indulged me by sending asks while it was running–in this tiny fandom, you helped me put my love for the show into a creative project, which is all I ever want!  I’m getting weirdly emotional about this so I guess I’ll just leave it at that.  Thanks. <3

I saw Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales last night. Wow. I can honestly say that is the best movie I have seen in a long time, if not, ever. It was also the funniest. Oh my god I’m so emotional about it. If you’ve kept up with the series, even if you didn’t watch the 4th one, definitely go see this one. Not only will you love it, but the better the movie does in box office, the sooner they’ll get a sequel out there (which is already on IMBD and has a 2019/2020 rumored release date). If you haven’t kept up with the series but you want to see this you need to watch the first three at least because you will be so confused if you don’t (and helllo the first three are AMAZING) so yeah go see it I’m not going to spoiler anything but if you’ve kept up with the movies there are some BIG twists coming. And DONT forget to stay for the after credits scene.

Go see Pirates of the Caribbean 5 it was so good watch the first three if you haven’t or you’ll be confused and don’t forget to stay for the after credits scene.

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I'm so bitter about how they played with our emotions like that when it comes to Stiles. The writing was never up to par with Dylan's acting that character could've been (arguably) one of the best characters in television history had they actually thought about it and explore every possibility with it, but this is what we got instead.

i think the potential for the show in general still haunts me. not just stiles, but everyone, and everything. so much there, so much promise, and no follow through. 

what’s cool now is how fandom took up the helm and we’ve mostly just ignored canon and done our own thing. it’s so much more ours, and so much better, than the show ever managed to live up to. no episode will ever be as good (for me) as some of the fanfiction i’ve read, like honestly, we’ve been so blessed with the amazing work and friendships the show sort of… gave us/pushed us into lol.

i’m gonna die (◡‿◡✿) robert sugden is gonna kill me (◡‿◡✿)

did you see his devastation and despair at having to tell aaron???? because he knows they can’t go on like that, but that he’s probably about to lose the one person in the world he needs above all others right now

robert sugden is scared of being alone, but he’s about to put himself in that situation again because he doesn’t want to hurt aaron, because he needs to come clean. he needs to let aaron know that things aren’t okay.

i’m so emotional about this progress of robert’s and how far he’s come.

(i’m also still 100% convinced he’s headed for a breakdown, even if ed don’t show it)

but if anyone can look at robert sugden right now and say he doesn’t love aaron dingle with every fibre of his being, idek what to say to you

i’m really sorry to do this like right in the middle of such a big event but i’m putting this blog on hiatus.

skam really means a lot to me so i’m super emotional about it ending and want to take some time to a) enjoy tonight with my friends without worrying about posting things on here and b) take some time to idk mourn the show i guess? recover a bit

thanks for your understanding, keep checking the henrik holm tag for updates x


New Interview where Special Talks about the Manchester attacks and the new album


Special Ghoul honors Chris Cornell… the brakes hit and I’m so fucking emotional about this. Special.. I will sob in your arms.. Having one person I love honor the passing of another I love.. holy hell..

So I just finished Lord of Shadows. And I have no one to talk about it with, and I'm extremely emotional, so I'm gonna let out my feelings (be warned, spoilers ahead!!)

Julian blackthorn, at age 12, stood up and took over the role of being both mum and Dad to all his younger siblings, and also, as head of the institute, because his uncle was in no state to do so. At aged 12. It was said multiple times throughout this novel alone that Julian would do anything to protect his siblings - absolutely anything. And my poor Julian held Livvy Blackthorn as she died in his arms, crying, telling her to open her eyes and that he’d always be there for her. If I write the exact quote I will dissolve into tears again. Julian will blame himself wholly and completely, on that matter I’m 100% certain. And I’m so worried about him right now guys. I’m worried about his fate in the next book, how he will handle Livvy’s death- whether he will break completely and try to get her back using The Book the way Annabel was brought back? Or go completely Dark!Julian. I suppose, both are pretty much the same thing. But anyway, this poor boy, who had lost so much, done so much, gave up so much, to protect his family, had lost one of his younger siblings. It’s 3am, I’m so tired and emotional, my Julian deserves so much better than this!!

I’m just

so emotional

about Akko finding out about Diana’s dream

about Akko learning of Diana’s family 

about how they all lived up to their motto of “Affection” by healing soldiers and civilians of both sides of war

about how Diana is trying to preserve that part of the Cavendish name over her aunt’s

about how Diana has as much passion about her dream as Akko does about hers

about how Akko used Chariot’s words and helped Diana believe in herself

about everything

Blurryface era is over.

i’m excited for what’s new, but also i’m terrified. idk why. i feel so many emotions while thinking about ers, but also i feel empty now that it’s over. The tour began on may 31, 2016 and concluded on june 25, 2017. 123 shows. more than one year we had the chance to see them live and spread pictures and videos of them. so many shows that conected the clique. what’s next?


Janis and I did one more video Saturday night, answering more anons and talking more about the sequels! 


(I’m emotional watching this and you know what, we need to make an island, a fandom island because the world is so much brighter when I’m with my fandom loves.)

Alright ALRIGHT I’m emotional about Emison

Specifically Ali’s development like
If they have Emison be domestic as fuck and end up married it will be such a breakthrough for this genre of TV show

The shows head bitch, it’s original antagonist mean girl who tore girls down for years, and was tormented, stalked, abused, and raped by A, and the men in her life, who was directly broken by violence and misogyny, finds herself in the one woman she loves.

What kind of magical shit

We need more stories like this. I need more former mean girls to find themselves in another girl. I need it.

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You're the first fic writer to actually make me cry. Idk man, it's Adrien!! He just can't believe this whole time, the only person he's wanted has loved him so much and he's just been so starved of affection and here's Marinette who is a literal LoveBug (tm) and she's so ready to love him and receive his love and I'm so emotional.


Poor Adrien, neglected and unhappy and pining for someone he doesn’t think loves him back when HOMEGIRL PICTURES HIS FACE IN THE SKY AND IS ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT HIM AND HOPING HE’S HAVING A GOOD DAY.

*falls to the ground and weeps*