i;m really sorry

BTS REACTION: You having sharp pains after they fuck you.


“I’m not going rough again, I don’t care how Many times you beg me. Do you need ice cream Or something?”

Wouldn’t actually know how to react tbh, he’d probably be a lil cocky but mostly concerned, he’d definitely try and be more gentle next time.

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“I’m really sorry, does it hurt much?”

Would DEFINITELY be concerned for you, he’d refuse to touch you again because he’d be afraid of hurting you, but in the back of his mind he’d he lowkey proud that he was so rough.

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“Ah I’m sorry, you did ask for it though”

He’d be cocky but apologetic, mainly blaming you for moaning his name and begging him to go rougher, he’d groan whenever you asked him to get you a hot water bottle or anything because he doesn’t think it was his fault.

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“I told you it’d hurt though, and did you listen? No, we’re not going rough again.”

He’d moan at you, saying he was right and you were wrong, he’d find it cute when you groaned in pain because he’s a weirdo, he’d probably stay with you throughout the day but if he couldn’t, he’d call and text you to ask how you were doing

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*embarrassed and low-key proud*
“You have pains? Sorry, just don’t let any of the guys see you. I don’t want them knowing stuff only I can know.”

He’d take care of you throughout the day, and if he couldn’t, he’d be like jhope and constantly text asking if your okay. Jimin is a very passionate and emotional lover. He’d want to be by you allll the time and when he couldn’t, he’d call and text you as much as possible and constantly worry about you if you were in pain like this.

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He’d find it funny but would also be concerned just in case it was serious or something. He’d probably feel bad for you, and he’s make sure they next time he wouldn’t go as rough.

“No baby. Not after what happened last time, we’ll go slow and gradually get faster, deal?”

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Would literally just be worried about people finding out that he isn’t a Virgin. He’d obviously be concerned for you, but he’d probably ask you to try and hide it for his careers sake. He’d remind you that he loves you so much and wouldn’t want saesang fans and media to disrupt the relationship.

“I’m sorry baby, I love you. But don’t let anybody other than me know about this okay? I’ll take care of you”

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I really like following you but I don't think I can continue if you think real people should die for making fictional content. I'm really sorry. I hope you continue to make fantastic art!

you’re overexaggerating dude that’s literally. not what i’m saying

“thinking real people should DIE for making fictional content” =/= wanting adults to stop creating and consuming ch//ild po//rn ? why are you painting me in a bad light i never said i wanted anyone to die

the worst i’ve said is that people are nasty and should stop dhdjdhdjh no need to water it down and rephrase

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Headcanons for the Bakusquad and Dekusquad doing group projects?

This ended up being super long, so I’m really sorry :’) I just *clenches fist* I love these babies so much


- Kirishima has the biggest house of them all, so before they moved into the dorms, they’d go to his place if they had a project to do.

- After the dorms, they tend to study in one of their rooms.

- Mina’s happens to be the most study-friendly, with armchairs, bean bags, a dope window seat and a snazzy little couch thing. Plus, her bed’s super comfy. Her room becomes the official/unofficial sleepover-study-movie night place for them all. 

- What’s Blu Tack? Glue? Pritt sticks? Sero’s got everyone covered and will 100% be highkey oFFENDED if anyone uses anything but his tape to stick stuff down.

- Mina has so many highlighters? She has pastel ranges, scented ones, glittery ones, thin ones, thick ones, really obscurely-coloured ones (Denki: why the fuck do brown highlighters exist? Mina: why the fuck do you exist sparky. aLSO IT’S HONEY-TINTED CARAMEL)

- Denki makes the BEST playlists? He really loves lo-fi, so he makes his own hand-picked mix to listen to with his buddies.

- Kirishima is the motivator. He’s the one bringing food!! Hugs!! Screaming the harmony to that song!! Rapping the alphabet backwards!! Rapping the facts on the impeccable notes Bakugou has down!! Rapping each individual letter in each person’s name!! Beatboxing as someone tests someone else!! M A N L Y!!

- Bakugou has the most beautiful notes anyone has ever seen. They’re clearly written, colour-coded, key words have a different font to the rest of the writing and there’s diagrams punctuating anything. It makes Mina downright proud.

- Ya boi Blasty McSplody is the one helping everyone with things. If it’s a presentation, he’s the one assigning roles. If they’re making a poster, he’s giving everyone a handmade, laminated information sheet and setting them sections to do. If they’re just revising, he brought flashcards, a whiteboard, and two laptops (he stole Deku’s oops- he 100% knows his password still. It’s been KatsuDekuBFFs123 for 11 years now) so he can both make and take part of Kahoot tests and Quizlet quizzes.

Presenter: Kirishima
Co-presenter: Mina
Scribe: Sero
Posters and stuff: Denki
Leader man: Bakugou


- Everyone studies in the library or in Tenya’s room.

- They’re all- with the exception of Ochako- in the top 10 of the class.

- Ochako sometimes feels bad about it, but the rest of the Dekusquad is quick to reassure her that it’s fine! They like tutoring her.

- Flashcards is literally the way that these children work.

- Tsuyu has the best memory out of all of them?? Nobody knows how or why. She always gets 100% on points tests.

- However, Tsuyu doesn’t have much time to revise when she’s at home because she has to take care of her siblings, which is why she’s not closer to the top of the class.

- After they move into the dorms, her techniques start to improve and she starts giving Shouto a run for his money.

- Tenya has a never-ending supply of index cards. He uses them for speeches!! Flashcards!! Little doodle notes!!

- He really just likes to hold them. It makes him feel more intelligent. In fact, his erratic movements calm down just a bit when he’s holding them, because our fast boi feels like a true intellectual with them in his hands.

- Shouto literally has never revised in his life.

- He calls reading through a textbook 15 minutes before an exam at the speed of light heavy revision.

- Light revision is spending 5 minutes highlighting his notes from class.

- Everyone is literally horrified, and they teach him the glory of Quizlet and planning out revision schedules and colours and highlighters.

- Now he has the Quizlet and Kahoot apps on his phone and spends 99% of his time on them.

- None of them particularly like to eat during studying as they find that greasy fingers aren’t too pleasant over their notes, and there’s always a risk of food spilling onto whatever they’re working on.

- Izuku and Ochako have a friendly rivalry about whose notes are better.

- Ochako’s are colourful! Visuals! Fonts! Diagrams! Colours! Boxes! Bubbles! Bullet points in those boxes and bubbles! Studyblr! Different pens!

- Izuku’s are all separated by topic! Underlining! Boxes! Bubbles! One pen for writing, one colour for highlighting! The most colour you’ll find is when he’s highlighting one of his definitions or drawing a box.

- Visual, colourful notes and diagrams are better: Ochako, Shouto

- Linear, bulleted notes are better: Izuku, Tenya, Tsuyu

- Another friendly rivalry is whether mind maps or flashcards are better.

- Mind maps: Ochako, Izuku, Tsuyu

- Flashcards: Tenya, Shouto

I have no words, really. How fucking immature are people. You problably don’t know how hurts if someone take away your partner, the day after you make a number of relationship. Just, why you want to see a person suffer on it? I want to see you in the situation on Drinks.

I’m really sorry for him, so much, he is a really good person and he don’t deserve it.

If you want to have a relationship, stay SURE to have it, don’t stay with someone if you already have another crush. If you have a crush, this can be not love. Crush and love is SO MUCH different. If you make this everytime you just make people bad and more times you can have horrible problems with who you stay.

If you have this broke, STAY STRONG. I know how much is it, because I already feel it. I know if you think it make you bad, this is totally normal and understable. But stay positive. Don’t reply on these people, because probably you have more after. Make something you like, this can perfectly help for distract yourself and stay calm. Eat, sleep, play videogames, everything.

Try to delete your love for this person, don’t try to wait to stay togheter or something like this, because the person isn’t a good partner.

@drinksss I hope you can stay fine and listen my advices. I know we don’t talk, but really, I know what you feel and I want you strong.

Midnight at iHop || Lai Guanlin Oneshot

(moodboard is mine but pictures aren’t; credit to the owners)

Summary: After a movie night, both you and Guanlin were starving. Hence your date at iHop.

Requested: no

Word count: 972

A/N: ajdkfhla sorry for the reallyyyyy ugly mood board. I tried to make it pretty but it F A I L E D. Anywho, this scenario is dedicated to my wonderful wife @daehwifi (admin min) her birthday was last week but my perfectionist ass had to rewrite this 13478x because I just thought it wasn’t perfect enough for her. ILY SM SORRY FOR THE REALLY LATE FIC !! I’m really sorry if it’s bad. I really tried ;-;

It was the weekends and Guanlin, your boyfriend, invited you over for a movie. It was 7 PM when you got to his cozy home. You thought it was a good idea to watch the Lion King despite Guanlin’s groans. Originally, you guys both had your own side of the couch, hugging your own snacks you slowly ate. Halfway through the movie, you guys hadn’t noticed how close you were nor did you know when or how you guys slowly moved towards each other. By the end of the movie, you guys were ropes tied together - your arms wrapped around waists, your legs twisted around each other, and your bodies warmed each other up. You and Guanlin stayed this way for awhile before both of your stomachs started grumbling.

“Wanna grab something to eat?” Guanlin asked while he quickly gave you a sloppy peck on the cheek. You groaned even though you enjoyed it.

“Yeah, I’m starving,” you laughed. Guanlin got up and lend you his hand so you get could get up. He quickly grabbed his keys off the table as he held your hand. You grabbed his wool scarf and wrapped it around his neck with love. He quickly pecked your forehead (if yall can’t tell I love forehead kisses). His ears immediately turned red from the action. He did his best to tuck them underneath the scarf. His efforts failed when you pitched his ears to signal that you know he wasn’t s-s-smooth. He rolled his eyes as he put on his Adidas ultraboost. As you walked out the door with Guanlin, the night welcomed you with a cold breeze.

Since iHop wasn’t far from Guanlin’s house, you guys decided to walk. The walk was silent. It wasn’t a bad silent but a good. You guys basked in the presence of each other as you walked side by side. Guanlin slipped his hands into yours and was shocked by how cold your hand was. He immediately slipped your hand into the pocket of his sweatpants. Warmth immediately returned to your hand. You guys walked down the sidewalk for a few more minutes, still in silence, until you reached your destination. 

“Let’s try something new today,” you said as you both entered iHop. He hummed in response. You guys chose a chair near the windows and sat down. A friendly waiter with a beaming smile came towards your table with menus. He placed it down gently and left. You picked up the menu and looked through. You noticed they had new stuff on the menu. You and Guanlin took your time to look through the menu. After a few minutes, you both have decided what you wanted and ordered. You ordered the strawberry cheesecake stuffed french toast and he, on the other hand, ordered the cookies and cream stuffed french toast (I’m sorry if this isn’t how you order at iHop. I’ve never been even though there is one like 10 minutes away??). The food came out a few minutes later steaming hot. 

Both you and Guanlin were practically bouncing up and down in your seats like four-year-olds. You guys quickly grab your utensils and started to dig in. You took a whiff of your french toast as it got close to your mouth. It had the strong scent of maple syrup with the mixture of warmth and home. Despite its nice pleasant smell, your taste buds didn’t enjoy it so much. The strawberry was too sweet for you and the cheesecake filling gave it a weird taste. Disgust quickly took over your fast. Guanlin noticed your reaction as he was about to ask you how your toast was. The sound of his deep laughter drowned out the noises around you. Suddenly, you forgot about your awful french toast and was entranced by his laughter. The corners of your mouth lifted from ear to ear and your heart was warmed. Guanlin’s voice knocked you out of your trance. 

“Do you want some?” Guanlin gestured towards his toast.

“You sure?” you quizzed. He nodded as he pushed his plate towards you. You cut a small piece and put it in your mouth. Immediately, the cookies and cream filling danced on your tongue. You chewed it with delight.

“I like yours so much better,” you said as you cut another small piece.

“Really?” he asked. You nodded as you gave him his plate back. Guanlin immediately switched your plates upon hearing those words. 

“You don’t like yours?” you asked confused. He shook his head.

“I do but, you like it more than yours,” Guanlin replied. “I’d rather see you smile happily while you’re eating than glum.”

Your cheeks started to heat up but, you tried to ignore it and keep on eating. Guanlin wouldn’t let you go that easily. He pinched your cheek as you were chewing.

“My girlfriend is so cute while she’s blushing,” he cooed. You immediately swatted his hand away from your face and gave him a death glare. He chucked and continued eating his toast.

After five minutes, you guys were finished inhaling your food. You moved onto dessert, which you also inhaled in a few minutes (more like a few seconds). Even though you protested that you could pay for yourself, Guanlin kept on persisting that he would pay and ended up winning. 

Guanlin held the door for you as you walked out to start on your adventure home. You held his hand immediately since the night air got colder than before. He let out a chuckled, which earned him a befuddled look from you. 

“what are you laughing for?” you asked as you playfully nudged him.

“I just like the way our hands fit,” he said.”It’s like they’re made for each other.”

You glanced down at your intertwined hands and smiled.

“I guess they are.”

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I'm really sorry if I'm bugging you or just causing complications by asking this... could you please refrain from referring to Muffins as Ditzy Doo or Derpy? I feel somewhat offended. Like, they name a disabled pony "stupid"

i mean, i’m autistic myself and im quite comfortable with the name ‘Ditzy Doo’ unlike the original name ‘derpy hooves’ which is obviously a lot worse. though for certain requests i will call her by ‘muffins’ or ‘bubbles’ if someone wishes that! that quite okay with changing her name around.

though i feel like ‘muffins’ is playing way into the ‘bro/ny fandom’ personality? cause the fandom makes her like obsessed with muffins? and im not a HUGE fan of it because of that??

i know there’s other variations like ‘bubbles’, ‘bright eyes’, ‘dizzy doo’, ect.

- Mod Star

Mail Nov 19th

I’m alive

I’m sorry
I didn’t send you any mail yesterday …

I was absence
in the last HS event in 2017
To everyone who’ve come to see me
I’m really sorry … I’m sorry …

I was imagining
that there might be people
who can come only in that day
or people who’ve looking forward to it so much
thinking about that really made my chest hurt

I’m also regretting
that I can’t see Mayu san’s
and STU’s Kuroiwa chan’s
Last HS event

Today when I checked my phone this morning
lot of member is contacting me
asking about my condition
They’re all so kind(;A;)

I’ve already lost counts on how much
I have been helped …

I also want to be someone
who can help people who are in need

I really like
my fans who always
greet me with smile and warmth
the most. Thank you.

I already rested
a lot today & yesterday
I’m feeling a lot better now
and I’ll be go to work tomorrow… !

It’s a very very important work
oh, if you don’t mind
I’ll send you mail again tomorrow!

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Hi! Are there any fics where one of them is a merman? If there isn't can you recommend any fantasy AU's? Thank you!

Hello! I’m really sorry for the late reply:(

Someone already asked for mermaid au. You can find them here.

Here’s a few great fantasy fics with low kudos that you might want to check out:

All we ever have is now by Curionenene [ 1 ch. | G | 6k+ ]

The whispers say, that the fading sound of bells is the resonant sigh of the spirits finally learning to let go.


“I thought I’d lost you even though I know better.” Taehyung remarks. “You will live a long life. A cursed one but a long one.”

Yoongi has to chuckle even though it aches through the bandages. “Figures.”)

Send a Signal, Guide Me Home by thisissuchbts [ 1 ch. | G | 2k+ ]

Really, Yoongi should have expected something like this to pop up soon. Taehyung hasn’t graced Yoongi’s life with something so absolutely him, unpredictable and adorable and unabashedly Taehyung, since shortly after he left spacedock a few months back–5 months, 13 days, and 6 hours, but who’s counting?

The message clicks off, the computer’s voice chirping End of Recording, and an empty silence fills Yoongi’s quarters.

(Yoongi’s a lieutenant commander on a deep space mission, Taehyung is a holoprogrammer at Jupiter Station, and distance makes the heart grow fonder.)

Split Pea Soup by Teddyslippers [ 1 ch. | NR | 2k+ ]

Taehyung is upset and Yoongi cheers him up by reminding him exactly why he loves him

taehyung’s moving castle by heytaetae [ 1 ch. | T | 3k+ ]

yoongi is cursed and taehyung…well, taehyung just acts like he wants to be cursed by yoongi.

…that bastard.

I put a spell on you (and now you’re mine) by cosmicoffee [ 1 ch. | T | 30k+ ]

To retrieve the heart of a fallen star, Min Yoongi ventured out into the woods one night. He instead was faced with a witch, who’s broom had caught fire, holding onto a quest that was destined to change everything Yoongi had ever come to know.

Touch My Heart by xiujaemin [ 1 ch | T | 2k+ ]

If only Taehyung could hold Yoongi’s hand, then he wouldn’t be dying. Quite in the literal sense.

Waypoint by coley_merrin [ 4 ch. | E | 43k+ ]

Yoongi could have said that being the third wheel on his own ship was the reason he invited an almost total stranger on a delivery run. The truth was, Taehyung was his own excuse.

For other fantasy fic, you can find them in the tag.

- M

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it's the trans boy who asked the question, sorry for bothering you guys, I just don't feel comf asking my irl friends about this stuff. But my family is unsupportive of me and when I tried to come out it went bad ( really bad ) And my friend always talks about " the fake trans people " and I'm always scared he thinks I'm one of them bc I'm not like masc stereotypes, like I said before.. And my family thinks I'm " faking it " and misgenders me bc of the reasons In the last ask I sent you guys

Throw the friend away. Get a better one.

I’m really sorry you have such shitty people in your life. I do hope that you get better friends and that your family grows and learns and comes to support you. But, you are a guy. You know this. And you have to live your life for you. 

I know it is not the same thing at all, but I get shit from my mom and bowers and his goons and shit for wearing makeup and nail polish and pink and the works, and for a while I thought that meant I should stop. But it made me really unhappy. I like makeup and nail polish and soft colors. It makes me happy and feels like the right way to be me. I do alter myself sometimes around my mom, but for the most part I wear what I want. Being unhappy is too heavy. It takes too much time and energy. It isn’t worth it.

Be who you are. Maybe try to educate your friend and family if you think it is worth it. Also, as awful as it sounds, maybe also give them time. Hopefully they will grow with it. 

I cannot imagine how brave you are for being yourself. And I am sure you worked hard to get here, so please do not stop being yourself for one single moment. You liking things that society views as ‘female’ doesn’t make you less of a man, not for a second. 

Most of all, them being bigots and mean is their problem. It is on them. It is not about you at all. It is 120% them. 

- eddie 

(if you need to talk ooc, hit me up.)

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HEY IM BACK Your last algebra test: Did you study for it? Studying is key (kinda like speed) I’m really sorry about your bad grade. I’ve, uh, already taken algebra, so if you need any help, just tell me? Like I said earlier, not good with the whole studying thing myself, not helpful, but if you need help on homework (which can help get your grade up) just tell me? -CBeck

Yeah, I did!! I probably should’ve studied harder, though… The test was about absolute value inequalities and equations, though. Gosh that’s one of the easiest topics, yet I still did bad,, 

kneelb4kesha replied to your photo “ok so I’m not spending $30 on a Christmas elf (fuck off,…”

they come from the land of the ice and snow with the midnight sun where the hot springs flow… i’m sorry i really like the new thor the immigrant song is all i can think of

ok but @kneelb4kesha what if i named them liko and orth and used that song because i could roll w/ this


“Well, I guess it’s time for me to hand her over,” Victoria said, looking down at the dog. “I’m sorry again, really. What’s your name?”

“Thomas Lee.”

“I’m Victoria Lavender. It was nice meeting you, and I’m glad I could keep Sansa safe until you found her.”

The man smiled and began to look slightly nervous. “Um, would you mind if I got your number? …Just in case Sansa gets lost again, that’s all.”

“Oh, sure, here!”

The two exchanged numbers and said their goodbyes before departing, Victoria leaving the park to head home with an empty spot in her heart.