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yeah im not gonna be able to finish this today so have a colored sketch for now  

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It's such a gross double standard that same sex ships are the ones seen as mental and delusional. No one calls hendall shippers mental. No one cares that people still ship him with Taylor even years after it ended. No one even cares that fans ship Harry with themselves (which is awkward and weird as fuck)

“No one calls hendall shippers mental. No one cares that people still ship him with Taylor even years after it ended.”

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how about alex fierro in 3B??? because it's canon that alex does wear dresses (there's dresses in her room) and no one draws her wearing skirts or dresses. (i was gonna ask for hearthstone in 3E but someone beat me too it haha. though if you want to draw more hearth, shall i recommend 2A?)

[the shirt says ‘sorry 4 not giving a shit’ in pink letters]

aaaa man alex in a dress!! so cute,,

Your girl published her first victuuri fanfic <3


“There was more, there was so much more. Yuuri couldn’t compare the smell to anything. It was just like his mother had said. There was too much beauty and too little words in all the languages in the world to embody the invigorating, terrifying, but addicting fragrance of his soulmate.”

Everyone has a fragrance that only their soulmates can smell, and from a young age, Yuuri Katsuki has longed to catch the scent of his soulmate and someone to call his own. However, Yuuri never expected that the enchanting perfume of his soulmate (and idol) to cause him heartbreak and pain, but simultaneously inspire his own beautiful fairytale towards loving Victor and learning to truly love himself.

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Could you please make Maki and Kaito doing a dance together? ; u ; Btw I really like your guys art!

Ahh thank you !!

best kids,,

I wasn’t sure what kind of dance, so theres a little doodle under the keep reading thing

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Lmao I'm gonna get hate for this. But about the OC, isn't mystic messenger supposed to be played as if you are in the game? Doesn't having an OC that is not you kind of take away from the otome experience? Well that's my two cents nobody wanted. Ok bye rip blog

lol, why do you think you’re going to get hate for this? 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

On that note, I’m going to respectfully disagree with you. I don’t believe creating an OC character takes away from the otome experience, or any experience for that matter. That’s like saying creating an OC from your favorite show who resides in the same universe as your favorite show takes away from the experience of said show. 

OCs contribute to creating more fan-created content within fandoms, whether it’s Mystic Messenger, YOI, Final Fantasy XIV, etc.It may not necessarily be canon, but, some of the best fiction I have read for Mystic Messenger included OCs and canon-divergent content. 

Anyway, that’s my two cents. ♥

How Twice Would Kiss You


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