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It’s probably kind of out of character and not canon how it happened and stuff, but I wrote a thing for how the world ended so I figured MN should have a story of how he started. aksnfigfhfifh I hope it’s okay. These characters are fun to write, they’re so cute.

Mother Nature’s life had been a strange one so far, to say the least. He had only been around for a few years, and still didn’t honestly understand what exactly had happened.

Ever since he could remember, animals walked upon his skin and flowers grew up through pores, magma sizzled within his veins and water cooled his curves. Then one day he awoke and had eyes. The magma was now replaced with blood, and the grass and water was replaced with flesh. It was strange, like a surreal dream, but the moment he took his first gasp of air into new lungs, he knew his purpose, he knew he was Mother Nature.

For the first few days his new skin felt strangely wet and light, like the clouds that had once surrounded him, but eventually it settled and he began to feel warmth and weight, it was nice, comfortable. Feeling the grass beneath his few feet was a strange experience, he’d felt animals tred gently on his grass a million times before, so being the one to tred was now strange and new.

The world was wonderful. It took him a few weeks to get used to this new body until he could run and dance and talk, and once he could, he never wanted to stop. Finally he could see the animals up close, small soft mice and big hairy bears and smooth long snakes, they were fascinating and beautiful and he felt like he could see the world through their innocent and pure eyes. The animals loved Mother Nature, and he loved the animals back.

He took great pride in taking care of this wonderful place that had once held his own heartbeat. Each day he would plant new flowers and trees, find nuts and seeds for the small animals, and sing songs of gratitude and joy in the treetops with the birds as the sun came down over the horizon and the world curled up to go to sleep. It was a wonderful life really.

Years passed, though they felt like days to sweet Nature. He watched his animal companions grow and reproduce and age and die for generations. It was sad sometimes, but also happy, and natural.

 During his time he wandered the earth, exploring the flourishing rainforests and empty deserts and sparkling oceans. He loved to swim for miles with the dolphins as they told him their stories, and to take naps in soft vine hammocks of the tall rainforest trees with the wise old orangutans as they sung him the poems of their people.

Yes, Mother Nature’s life had been a strange one. Though one warm spring day as he took his weekly walk through his favourite valley of oak trees and orchids with the friendly neighbourhood pond toads, he heard a sound he had never heard on his planet before.

He heard laughter.

It was a strange sound to hear. Mother Nature had only ever heard his own laughter, he’d never met an animal who could re-produce the sound. Immediately his curiosity was piqued and with brief apologies to his toad companions, he ran in the direction of the sound.

It was when he reached the huge field at the end of the valley filled with bright and wonderfully smelling wild flowers, that he first saw them.

MN’s eyes widened as he watched the two figures in the field, he quietly ducked behind a tree to watch so he wouldn’t startle them. What kind of creatures were these? They stood on two feet just like he did, and had skin instead of fur just like he did, they even wore fabrics to cover their bodies, just like he did!

One of the creatures was tall, his skin was a soft baby blue and he had wild dark hair and deep beautiful eyes that reminded him of the vast night sky in the clearest valleys where the stars shone like a billion tiny diamonds in a sea of darkness. He wore dark long robes and a funny little hat upon his head, he looked dapper and formal. Whilst the other creature had soft pale cream skin and untameable hair in colours Mother Nature had never even seen, bright vibrant blues and reds and purples, she out coloured the flowers by a mile. She wore soft white robes that were a little shorter, with a neat star sewn to the front.

Where had these two new creatures come from? Mother Nature had walked the earth so many times and he had never once seen creatures such as these, nothing that even came close. He watched them in awe.

The taller one was gently pacing around, plucking the wild flowers and holding them to his nose to smell each one’s elegant musk, while the shorter one pranced around, stretching her legs as if she hadn’t been in an open space for years, she leapt and span and giggled with a ferocious and passionate joy.

The taller one inhaled deeply into a blue flower, closing his eyes as he took in the scent, though suddenly he yelped and dropped the poor plant as a small bubble bee hovered out and poked it’s sharp rear into his cheek. The shorter one stopped in her tracks and suddenly began pointing and laughing quite hysterically at him.

Then Mother Nature heard voices. Once again, like his own, but different. His hand moved subconsciously to his mouth in surprise and he felt his lips tug into a smile at the antics of these two adorable new creatures. He wasn’t sure whether he trusted them yet, but they seemed pretty harmless.

“UGH Something stung me! What if it’s venomous? I’d thank you to stop laughing Ms Artistic, if it doesn’t trouble you hugely.”

“HA! Sorry, you should have seen your face though, you were like WUUUHH!”

“I did NOT pull that expression; it just gave me a startle that’s all.”

“At least we know there’s defiantly life here. I told you there was life here! See, I CAN sense when a planet has life!”

“I keep telling you! You can’t sense when a planet has life! No one can sense that!”

“Well have I ever been wrong?”

“Lucky guesses, that’s all it is.”

“FT sulking about being wrong, that’s all it is.”

“Excuse you, I don’t sulk!”

“Sometimes I wonder if you even hear yourself you know, I mean you- LOOK AT THAT!”

The shorter one suddenly seemed to light up in absolute wonder and amazement as she pointed at a small rabbit in the grass, which stopped chewing it’s mouthful as it looked up at them in surprise at the sudden exclamation.

Both of the creatures seemed to stare at the rabbit in complete awe for a few moments, it was as if they’d never seen a rabbit before. Their curious and innocent hesitancy made Mother Nature giggle, he tried to hold it back by putting a hand to his mouth, but it came out as an amused snort between his fingers. He wasn’t sure who these people were or where they came from,  but as he watched the taller one take a few hesitant steps towards the rabbit, then get startled and hop back when the small creature suddenly darted off, he knew he wanted to protect them both.

He continued to watch them for a few days, always staying in the trees, sometimes whispering to the animals and giggling over their strange new guests’ antics.

He watched as they joked gently with each other and laid in the flowerbeds, pointing at the fluffy clouds and saying they looked like people and animals that MN had never heard of before. He laughed as he watched the smaller of the two push the taller into a stream and then laugh as his cloak got wet, only for the taller one to splash her back and get her hair all wet. The two of them laughed a lot, as if they’d been friends their entire lives. It made Mother Nature’s heart feel happy.

He smiled as he watched them discover the animals, they managed to catch up to a rabbit eventually, the taller one had scooped it up in his gloved hands and held it at arm’s length as if it might explode at any second, while the smaller one reached out fearlessly and stroked the creatures soft ears and head, beaming as she did so. They met a butterfly, a beautiful one with deep caramel and black wings. Both of them wanted to touch it but every time one of them had gotten close, it had fluttered off to another flower. Nature had watched them in amusement for hours, they were like two curious baby fawns, just learning and discovering the world for the first time.

They never seemed to sleep, never ate or drank. It was strange, at first he’d worried that they didn’t know how to find food, but it occurred to him quickly that if they needed it, they’d probably have attempted to look by now.

It was only on the fifth day of watching them that MN finally interfered with the newcomers, when they discovered another less fluffy animal.

He’d watched them in mild amusement as they’d crouched by the alligator in the river, watching its beady eyes stare into the abyss, it’s mouth open as it lay waiting in the muddy water.

Though his amusement had quickly turned to panic as he watched the taller one reach out to put his hand in the alligator’s mouth to poke it’s rough tongue. Without even thinking about it, Nature leapt down from his tree in a single bound and sped over as fast as his feet would take him, skidding to a harsh stop as he suddenly cried out “DON’T DO THAT!”

The two of them suddenly span around to face him, the taller of the two whipping his hand back in surprise just seconds before the alligator’s strong jaws snapped shut, making them both flinch and glance back at it for a moment in shock.

The taller one scooted away from the alligator slightly and what followed was an uncomfortably long silence while the two new creatures took in the sight of Mother Nature. He felt a little strange with their eyes looking at him so intensely, his own voice caught in his throat for a few moments as he really looked at them for the first time up close too. They were quite beautiful and stunning creatures.

The taller one looked dazed, he subconsciously seemed to rub his arm beneath his long cloak  as if thankful it hadn’t been bitten off, and his face looked almost crimson with blood rush. He was smiling at MN, his smile was sleepy and friendly and made MN want to smile back.

The shorter one looked shocked, but curious. She squinted at Nature for a moment and twisted her head similarly to the way MN had seen puppies do when they couldn’t understand a situation. She seemed to briefly glance at her companion for answers, though upon seeing him so flustered and dazed, she just turned her expression back to MN with a huffy look.

The silence went on for slightly longer than Mother Nature felt it should, so he took a breath and cleared his throat, looking between them both with a polite smile.

“….I’m Mother Nature. Welcome to Earth.”

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Oh my god Alycia Debnam Carey is a precious angel from what ive gathered from her friends' tweets, she watches giant squid videos on youtube, likes quantum physics, likes jazz music, says goodnight to siri, and aggressively raps LOL one of her roommates posted a photo on instagram and the caption was sorta like "i live with a goddamn angel" cause alycia made her tea and wrote a cute note because alycia'sroomie was having a bad day :') like omg how does she play LEXA so well i want to cry