HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANA! Well, today is not your bday but is tomorrow and Im not going to have internet in 10 minutes so yeah, //spanish now// bueno ana, FELIZ CUMPLE ojala que la pases re lindo porque te lo mereces demasiado, no te conozco demasiado pero las veces que hablamos me cague de risa, y me caes reeee bien y sos totally awesome. PASALO HERMOSO te quierooo mucho mucho mucho besito *Sweet Sixteen*


My first year in sexymmiley is coming to end. So here are my favorite blogs of 2011. Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

cyrushaven juicynights worldoffeelings cyruscupcake foxycyrus mileyisrocking 

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 Follow them all, they represent flawlessness in blog. They’ve made my first few months on Tumblr amazing. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Years, guys. ♥

[These are the people who have the best edits/personalities/themes/BLOGS.]

worldoffeelingsdemetriasassvatochinasprincessofabeautifulnightdemisintheclosettotallymagicstopthisgirlcantbetamedjustalibertywalk, lightthefuze, juststaysblownawaysdemrauhl and mleyraycyrus.

You guys probrably don’t even know about my existence but ya, just know that you’re all so purfect and I LOVE YOU ALL FOR LYF <3


Ante todo, holi Ana(?, sé que en tu país ya no es tu cumple pero que importa, nunca es tarde, jé(?
Bueno, sé que no hablamos mucho pero te desea un muuy feliz cumpleaños, & que la pases muy bien, ojalá la hayas pasado re genial en ese día. Eres una chica muy agradable & eres quality,& te robaste a mi Demi, te odio(? ok no asdasdf.
PD: Revisa tus regalos ya, no quiero que Demi se ahogue con el papel de regalo, ah, & dice que está ready para el whiplash(?
asdasdf, bueno, re cualquiera mi discurso, pero bueno, en resumen, feliz cumpleaños & que sean muchos más! :D

Friends of 2011}worldoffeelings/Ana

I just ADOREEEE this amazing chick name Ana. Her everything is WAY quality. I just love her vibrant colors sfm! She’s hilarious and awesome guys! Just one glance of her blog and that’s all you need - you’ll instantly fall in love! I definitely am looking forward to more of her amazingness in 2012 on my dash. Hoping that we will get to know each other more too! She deserves millions of followings for real..iloveok, soooo FOLLOW HER!

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can u mak a follow forever

im too lazy to bother making an edit. so here.

officialkrystel AKA my best friend.

societykilledthedreamer AKA tumblah bestie.

worldoffeelings AKA best editing.

lovatoliquor AKA funniest bitch i’ve met on tumblr.

demism AKA bad bitch.

corinaisprettycool AKA beautiful bitch.

taybenzo AKA THEE bitch.

thats all i can think of right now.

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