@MileyCyrus: Happy Bday Saaaam where yo party at??  ❤❌⭕💋

Happy Birthday Sam! I know we don’t talk much but I consider you a friend, and you’re one of my favorite people here! I mean.. you ship Jiley so hard, just that makes you one of the best. But yeah, i’m not the best at this.. but I freaking love you and I hope you have a great day, gurl! :) 

firstly, i’d just like to say sorry for the rubbish edit. anyway, I’ve decided to do a summer follow forever, so if you’re in this i’d just like to thank you all for being so amazing and for always keeping my dash alive with flawless posts. p.s if you think you should be in this but you’re not then message me to let me know.

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Hey guys sooo I kinda decided to do a back to school follow forever as you can see. Firstly i just want to say sorry about the edit (if you can even call it that), it’s awful but i didn’t know what to do and i give up with photoshop. Anyway thank you to all the people below for making my dash flawless all the time and keeping it alive all the time (especially over summer when i all i did was come on here oops) with your perfect edits and your dumb textposts :P and yeah good luck with school or college or whatever the fuck you’re doing <33 Oh and if I’ve forgotten you i’m really sorry, I’m an idiot and I follow so many people so it’s hard to remember everyone but i still love you even if you’re not here! - Donna


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hey, so i decide to post a winter follow forever. I’d just like to thank all these flawless people for always keeping my dash alive with their perfect posts and edits. anyway, I hope you all have a merry christmas and a happy new year. p.s. sorry for the shit edit… i didn’t know what to do and sorry if i haven’t put you in this i follow loads of people so it’s hard to remember everyone. oh and if i spelt anyone’s URL wrong please tell me and i’ll change it lol :)

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A letter to Justin Bieber regarding management

Dearest Justin Bieber,

We have a very big proposition for you and we ask you to listen to us before you make any decisions.

Ok, so it’s no surprise that over the last few months you’ve been going through a lot and we understand with your break-up and everything else, it hasn’t been easy. So we can understand the drugs and the parties and the girls and the spray paint and stuff. BUT that doesn’t mean that we accept it or that it’s right. Look in the papers – all you see is negative stuff:

“Justin Bieber did this” “Justin Bieber did that” “Justin should go to jail” “Justin Bieber has to pay a fine” “*insert country* is glad to see the back of Justin Bieber” “Fans are selling Justin Bieber tickets because of his recent behaviour”

and then haters put their comments in:

“douche” “asshole” “the next train wreck”

But you HAVE seen these, haven’t you? Of course you have. We know that you see everything that goes on, every message, every story, every comment, every rumour, you see them all.

As Beliebers, we can tell when you’re happy and when you’re faking – trust me. It kills us to see you trying to smile when you don’t want to. And then we see so-called ‘Beliebers’ saying “OMG he’s such a dick, why won’t he fucking smile?” You’re human, you’re supposed to have off-days, but to us it looks like you’re not allowed to have an off-day. It looks like you always have to keep that smile when you shouldn’t. Your Beliebers are seriously worried about you. We are scared that you are about to prove those haters right and become a train wreck if you don’t slow down for a while. That amount of pressure isn’t good for you. You need a break. Our problem is that we feel you’re too busy trying to please the haters that you’re overlooking the fans you already have – the ones who have gotten you to number one almost every Music Monday, who buy all the plastic crap and t-shirts and posters with your face on it, who put up with Scooter’s bullshit with the Believe movie. Girls have tried to auction off VIRGINITY for a ticket to your show. It just seems right now that Scooter only cares about reeling in more fans and getting in more money than the people who pay his salary – us. He doesn’t seem to care about all the negative stuff in the papers (even though he should cause it’s damaging both of your careers tbh) and he seems like he’s too afraid to say ‘no’ to you, where he should and his damage control tactics are shit, let’s be honest here.

Ok, so here’s our proposition:

Two of us, Sinead and Sam (I’m Sinead, hi) were talking about this and we decided that we would be WAY better managers than Scooter and here’s why:

  • We would prevent any negative press by stopping you from doing stupid stuff
  • If there is negative press, we would go straight for the damage control (and not be lazy by ignoring it)(He calls it ‘being smart’, but people actually believe that shit and use it against you.)
  • We will also be able to notice when you’re not able to do something and will give you breaks
  • Two is better than one so THERE!
  • We will tell any basic bitches to fuck off if they try to sell bullshit stories about you
  • We don’t care about money or fame so our main focus will be YOU
  • We are teenagers like you so we can still have fun
  • We are also girls so we can have fun (if ya know what I mean) ;)
  •  I am very small so I can be your portable manager, and Sam can be everywhere else (I will literally fit in an overhead compartment, no worries)
  • We will get you the help you need. Therapists, rehab, anything you need, we will only get you the best
  • We will make time for you to go to visit family and friends and to be normal for a while
  • We will get you proper and nice bodyguards who will protect you from paparazzi and not fans (like wtf?) and who won’t get you into trouble with clubs and the police
  • We will reduce the number of fans allowed in the meet and greets so you can spend more time with them
  • We will try to reduce the price of the tickets so more fans can afford them and you won’t be hated on for it
  • We will find good mentors for you (with all respects, Will Smith hasn’t exactly gone through the same things you have)
  • As fans we know how your Beliebers work and we know how to keep them interested, so we would be a great promo team
  • We will be your personal shoppers and ick your outfits every day (we can also dress you. Only if you want;) )
  • And lastly, we will bring you to a toy shop and let you pick out ANY toy you want :D

So, considering all these things, I hope you choose to replace your old manager with a pair of fresh, new, smart, (pretty) and very strong minded young ladies for your managers.

I know you are very busy (which is why I wrote you this letter tbh) and if you read it, great. If you consider us – even better. Thanks for your time

Lots of love

Sinead and Sam xxx 

ok this is the worst edit ever but oh well you guys make me so happy to be on tumblr ilysm. im sorry if i forgot you these are just the people i talk to most and the people i reblog and like their posts the most so yeah and btw the people in the gifs icons are my tumblr crushes

tumblr crushes: rockmafias ~ ohnobieber ~ 1djustice ~ allfredoflores ~ swaggingkidrauhl ~ canadastratford ~ dyanobriens ~ statford ~ happinessishardtofind

people i talk to, friends, perfect blogs etc: zustin ~ payneus ~ grimshws ~ sincerelystratford ~ grimshws ~ uneicorn ~ justinbiebern ~ morningsuns ~ imsodonewithjustinbieber ~ justinjieber ~ letyouflys ~ jileys ~ onestime ~ bieberyourballs ~ swoggy ~ jadensmmith ~ bieberair ~ stratfordsmusic ~ bxdyrock ~ justerbiebin ~ aslongasyouslovemes ~ biebermynigguh ~ justinsarse ~ murningsun ~ stratfor-d ~ thoughttsofyou ~ canadastratford ~ beliebers ~ bhieber ~ rainymarch1st ~ holdinbacks ~ justinbibier ~ chazzomers ~ knowforsures ~ jusinbiebr ~ chrirsbrown ~ biggers ~ kingrauhl ~ ofatlantas ~ recklessjdb ~ flashingslights ~ jbieberslays ~ chusstin

so yeah those are my favourite blog, i dont want to annoy everyone and go and inbox them all bc lazy so im just gonna tag everyone :)

hey guys, so i decided to post a back to school follow forever. I’d just like to thank all these people for always keeping my dash alive with their flawless posts and their perfect edits. anyway good luck with college or school or whatever you’re doing lol. p.s. sorry for the shit edit, i just did it really quickly because i couldn’t really be bothered with it anymore and sorry if i didn’t put you in it, i follow loads of people so it’s hard remembering everyone’s url… i still love you though :) - Leanne

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Dear Samaya aka perfect human being

I don’t know how to start.. you are one of my best friends on here and i think you’re awesome,i love to talk with you. I can’t believe today is your birthday omg you’re getting older haha just kidding , you still young. i hope you have an amazing birthday and be happy today,you deserve it. and sorry for this lame edit,i’m not good at photoshop (these gifs aren’t mine,i just added the text lol i’m such an idiot)  i love you so much boo,please know that!!!



♡ happy birthday sam ♡

i remember when you were 18thbiebs and you were so nice to me but now ur a little sarcastic to me, just kidding ofcourse. you know i love you so much and the fact that we ship justin and miley together makes me cry ok sob i love you sooooo much sam. stay beautiful, amazing, awesome, omg and many more. i love youuuu ♡ xo ally ;)

Hey, so I decided to post a Christmas follow forever. I’d just like to thank all of these flawless people for always keeping my dash alive with their flawless edits and awesome posts :) sorry for the shit edit btw and sorry if I haven’t put you in this… I still love you and if I’ve spelt anyone’s URL wrong then please tell me and I’ll correct it, thanks :) p.s. I hope all of you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year - Leanne x

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pros of being small

  • people mistake you for a kid so cheaper stuff like cinema/bus etc
  • don’t have to bend when going under tree branches
  • wear whatever heels we want

cons of being small

  • people mistake you for a kid
  • constant ‘omg ur so sm@ll!!! llololololollol’ comments -_-
  • stubby legs :(
  • Cant get jeans to fit 
  • cant wear long dresses