@MileyCyrus: Happy Bday Saaaam where yo party at??  ❤❌⭕💋

Happy Birthday Sam! I know we don’t talk much but I consider you a friend, and you’re one of my favorite people here! I mean.. you ship Jiley so hard, just that makes you one of the best. But yeah, i’m not the best at this.. but I freaking love you and I hope you have a great day, gurl! :) 

hey, so i decide to post a winter follow forever. I’d just like to thank all these flawless people for always keeping my dash alive with their perfect posts and edits. anyway, I hope you all have a merry christmas and a happy new year. p.s. sorry for the shit edit… i didn’t know what to do and sorry if i haven’t put you in this i follow loads of people so it’s hard to remember everyone. oh and if i spelt anyone’s URL wrong please tell me and i’ll change it lol :)

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Hey guys sooo I kinda decided to do a back to school follow forever as you can see. Firstly i just want to say sorry about the edit (if you can even call it that), it’s awful but i didn’t know what to do and i give up with photoshop. Anyway thank you to all the people below for making my dash flawless all the time and keeping it alive all the time (especially over summer when i all i did was come on here oops) with your perfect edits and your dumb textposts :P and yeah good luck with school or college or whatever the fuck you’re doing <33 Oh and if I’ve forgotten you i’m really sorry, I’m an idiot and I follow so many people so it’s hard to remember everyone but i still love you even if you’re not here! - Donna


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Sorry for the massive edit, I don’t even know what to say to you guys, here goes my follow forever. I love you all equally, even if I don’t follow y'all, I made new friends and I enjoy talking to y'all so much <3. Thanks for making my dash awesome and i have no words to describe how awesome you guys are. If I forgot you i’m really sorry just come to my ask and tell me and i’ll fix it <33, ok i’ll stop talking now. happy holidays, here goes my first follow forever in no particular order

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Dear Samaya aka perfect human being

I don’t know how to start.. you are one of my best friends on here and i think you’re awesome,i love to talk with you. I can’t believe today is your birthday omg you’re getting older haha just kidding , you still young. i hope you have an amazing birthday and be happy today,you deserve it. and sorry for this lame edit,i’m not good at photoshop (these gifs aren’t mine,i just added the text lol i’m such an idiot)  i love you so much boo,please know that!!!


Hey, so I decided to post a Christmas follow forever. I’d just like to thank all of these flawless people for always keeping my dash alive with their flawless edits and awesome posts :) sorry for the shit edit btw and sorry if I haven’t put you in this… I still love you and if I’ve spelt anyone’s URL wrong then please tell me and I’ll correct it, thanks :) p.s. I hope all of you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year - Leanne x

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