BTS Climbs Up Oricon Charts and Sells Over 70,000 Albums

While BTS is currently slaying in Korea with their latest album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2″ and their title track “Run,” they are also meeting great success in Japan with their Japanese single “I NEED U.”

On December 10, Oricon’s Daily Single Chart revealed that the group sold over 11,143 albums that day and rose from third place to second place. On the same day, popular Japanese group AKB48 sold 31,921 albums and received first place. Meanwhile, Japanese boy group EXILE sold 9,164 albums and dropped from second place to third place.

After releasing their Japanese single, BTS has continuously sold over 10,000 each day resulting in a total of 71,106 albums thus far. They are expected to sell over 100,000 albums in a matter of days.

Congrats to BTS

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[NEWS] SHINee 'I'm Your Boy' Album Won Their 1st No.1 on Japan Oricon Weekly Chart

Korean Group, SHINee, has placed themselves 1st on Oricon Weekly Chart with 45,000 copies of their 3rd Album, ‘I’m Your Boy’ (released on September 24) being sold. Since their debut in June 2011, it is their first time winning top spot through a single album.

Previously their past records was 2nd place for 'Boys Meet U’ Single released in June last year and their first debut song album, 'Replay - You’re My Everything’  released in 2011. 

The album contains 12 songs under various genres, including the title song Downtown Baby, the single hits Boys Meet U and Lucky Star, the Japanese version of the Korean hits Everybody and Dream Girl as well as the new songs Picasso, 365, Perfect 10 and more.

SHINee also launched a special event on September 24 in Roppongi Hills Arena celebrating the album release, during which the members introduced the album and performedDowntown Boy and Boys Meet U, interacting more closely with the fans in Japan.

SHINee will also be launching Japan tour SHINee World 2014 ~I’m Your Boy~ on October 28 until December 17, presenting a total of 30 concerts in 20 Japanese cities, including Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya, Fukuoka and more.

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Morning Musume。'14’s 55th Single 55th single, “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa / Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai / What is LOVE?” enters the Oricon charts at #1 with 119,442 copies sold on the first day. Congratulations girls!


123 # 56,139
Wakuteka # 54,047
Help Me! # 61,291
Brainstorming # 65,915
Wagamama # 96,075
Egao no kimi # 119,442

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Oricon charts and overseas fans

alright people *cracks knuckles*

so when those tweets about Oricon not including the overseas sales in their sales total, I emailed CDJapan about it (since I use it only but this also applies to other online shops) and it took them a couple of days to reply since they were investigating the matter with oricon.

Their reply came in confirmation that it is true that Oricon does not count overseas sales anymore.

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oricon has released their daily ranking charts for september 27th! shinee’s newly released bluray / dvd for their shinee world 2016 dome concerts ranked on three different charts: #1 on the music dvd, #2 on the overall dvd chart, and #2 on the overall bluray chart. screencaptures of their rankings on all three charts can be viewed @on shinee’s official japanese twitter account. congrats!


[ORICON RANKING] 8th Ideal Faces Chosen by Women

  1. Keiko Kitagawa (1)
  2. Haruka Ayase (2)
  3. Satomi Ishihara (8)
  4. Yui Aragaki (3)
  5. Maki Horikita (4)
  6. Ko Shibasaki (5)
  7. Mirei Kiritani (-)
  8. Kyoko Fukada (7)
  9. Aoi Miyazaki (6)
  10. Nozomi Sasaki (-)

*number in brackets indicate their rank last year.

This marked as Keiko Kitagawa’s second consecutive year on number 1. Congratulations !!!

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