170728 EXO-L Japan Magazine Q&A: Kyungsoo

Q1. Your ideal bedroom interior design?

A. I don’t like having a lot of stuff lying around, so if it were possible I’d like to have a modern and simple design. With a darker monochrome scheme.

Q2. A rule in the dorm?

A. Because we’ve been living together for so long, we understand each other. It seems we don’t have anything fixed. A rule to not be a nuisance is enough.

Q3. Tell us about another member’s habit!

A. Baekhyun has the room next to mine, but I think he gets sleep paralysis. He’ll groan “ah…” and stuff. I go to sleep hearing that all the time (laughs).

Q4. A habit or something you always do at home?

A. Nothing in particular. Watching Youtube videos or movies on my phone before going to sleep, if that counts. It might be good to stretch both sides of my back, but I don’t like stretching much (laughs).

Q5. Your phone’s lock screen?

A. It’s of the movie La La Land. It’s a project by a director I like, and it left an impression because I’d never seen a musical-type film.

Q6. Picture you took recently with your phone?

A. Trees, city lights from an airplane. And… it seems to be full of pictures of food (laughs).

Q7. A recent dream you had?

A. I don’t dream that vividly. It usually feels like it gets dark, and then I wake up.

Q8. Something you’re concerned with in your casual outfits?

A. Because clothes aren’t exciting to me and I don’t like looking too flashy, I avoid such wear.

Q9. Something recent that made you smile a lot?

A. When I ate this delicious tempura! It was from this Michelin-star tempura shop in Japan that I like. I like Japanese food in general.

Q10. The saddest thing that happened to you recently?

A. Although almost nothing happened personally [to make me sad], if I want to feel sad I’ll watch a movie that forces me to be. It’s not a recent release, but the Korean movie The Last Blossom made me cry awfully.

jpn to kor: @Nicht_allein | kor to eng: fydk

what should I do


W̱̎ͨ̉͗͒̓̚͜H̺̥͎͖ͥ̉̈ͪ́Aͬ̌̊̂̆̈̋͝T̟̯͚͓̳ͭ̕ ̤̤̻̮͙ͤͯ͌͑̅̑S͖͈͕̭̳͈̍ͫͪͦ͞H̶̤̗͓̖̆ͅỌ͖̮̞͖͔̈́̓̚Ư̲͈̳̓̃̔ͦ̆͒ͅLͮ̌҉͎̖͍̳̙D̝͖̆̒ ̷̲̘̳ͧͨ̅̑Ǐ̥ͨͬ̈́ͯ ̨̰̳̜͕ͣ̐̽̉̂Ḑ̍́ͥ̾̃̍ͨO̠͇ͭ̏̊̚

The War, Private Version: Kyungsoo’s diary (+ day’s events according to other members)

6/15: Rough day (title song dance practice and overnight recording)

6/17: Mental stress (first day of album shooting)

6/18: Long day (last day of album shooting)

6/23: Hot (first day of MV filming)

6/24: Humid (second day of MV filming)

6/25: Something was off today (more recording)

6/26: Bodyache (filming for SMTOWN and dance practice)

source: @carino_vento | translation: fydk

Kyungsoo: Ignored

(requested by anon)

You grumble out insults such as “Stupid, idiot, jerk, meanie,” while you stomp around the house looking for a blanket. Once you find a large duvet you drag it with you to the couch, draping it over and snuggling comfortably inside the large, fluffy cover. A permanent frown is etched upon your face while you switch the T.V. on to some sappy Kdrama. You never watch sappy Kdramas on a Friday night. As the idea settles on you, you let out a huff of frustration.

You glare daggers at the phone which rests on the coffee table before you. You blame the device for all that has gone wrong this evening. After all, it started with a call.

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