ViVi Magazine January issue - Kyungsoo cuts, part one

Staff: Full of thoughtfulness; he would go around the staff present, asking them to please share in his chocolate. Always open and in a good mood, but refuses to talk (laughs). He can be quite playful too!

Kyungsoo about other members:

1. Who sleeps the most? Jongin. He has a special ability. It’s like if he’s sitting, he’ll be sleeping. 

2. Who eats the most? Baekhyun. Everyone eats well but Baekhyun is building his body lately.

3. The most impatient? Chanyeol. That’s why I have to always ask him slow down. I’d rather be relaxed.

4. The member who burns hottest? Chanyeol. All the members are manly, but Chanyeol is even passionate in his private life. 

5. The member who cries most easily? No one lately. The ones who just don’t cry are Jongdae and myself.

6. Who has the best muscles? Baekhyun. He’s been training very hard lately. I’d rather not.

7. Who is the most attentive? Chen is someone who is always concerned and considerate of others. He has a lot to teach.

Mentions by other members: 

Xiumin: Who has the best muscles? Everyone but D.O. (laughs). Maybe because he isn’t working out right now but he has a cute tummy, like a little kid’s. 

Sehun: Which member is the most organized? D.O. He will often clean up after our messes. It’s in his personality.

Chanyeol: D.O. will sort his apps and worry over details.

Chen: Who is the most attentive? He is very sensitive/detail-oriented and is guaranteed to be looking after others. I am fond.

[Kyungsoo’s voice is…]

Xiumin: Trendy.

Baekhyun: Soft and calming.

Chen: Soft like a cloud.

Suho: Gray because it’s not just deep and warm, but has a clear and young tone too. If it were a food, maybe it’d be ice cream with a sweet topping?

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EXO Reaction: Being tight in small place

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NSFW Vocabulary

Sehun:*Grabs your hips as his mouth come closer to you* Now.. what  do we have here?

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Tao: I want you so bad right now. 

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Suho: How could you do this to me jagiya? *starts kisisng you* 

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Luhan: *biting his lips starts kissing your neck*

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Kris: *
Enters to the dressing room with you* Oh, no. No clothes available here *starts undressing you*

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Xiumin: *He pushes you against him until your lips are really close* I’m sorry I got you stuck here *kinky face on*

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Kai: *You’re in a dark room hiding from fans* 
Y/N: Kai, this is to tight for us 
*takes your pants off, and fingers you*                                     Kai: Now thats what i call tight

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Lay: *Hugs you and kisses you* Will be outta here soon. *Hugs you again concerning*

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Chanyeol: *He pushes you against the wall with his hand on it* Could you be more beautiful?

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Kyungsoo:   This *comes closer to you* I really need to do something now *comes even closer and starts kissing you softly*

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Baekhyun: Gosh babe *Grabs you from the back roughly* Look at that beautiful lips 

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Chen: *Goes to your ear to whisper* I’m so turned on right now *puts your hand down and licks your ear*

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Já parou para pensar em como Deus, apesar de ser tão grande e maravilhoso, Ele também é simples?! Eu consigo encarar a simplicidade de Deus de duas maneiras. A primeira, é que Ele é humilde, porque mesmo quando erramos, Ele vai e nos da algo, mesmo sem merecer, e Ele também não obriga ninguém a nada, mesmo Ele tendo todo o poder, Ele é humilde e pede primeiro para entrar e agir em nossas vidas. A segunda, é em tudo o que Ele faz, em como Ele opera suas maravilhas. Deus não precisa de um “espetáculo” para fazer grandes e memoráveis coisas, pelo contrário, em muita das vezes é em algo pequeno que Ele faz o impossível e de repente Ele transforma em algo maior do que poderíamos imaginar. Ele é simples no falar, simples no amar, simples no agir, e isso é tão incrível porque nós temos uma mania tão grande de querer ser o contrário disso, usamos palavras complicadas e enroladas para as coisas, dizemos que o amor é complicado, no nosso dia a dia temos a mania de planejar um milhão de coisas da forma mais mirabolante possível, enquanto tudo que devemos fazer é nos parecer com o Pai e nos tornamos pessoas simples, pedir a Ele um direção e pronto. Deus é tão simples que mostra o caminho, Ele diz que o caminho é Jesus, não há mistério. Quer ser feliz? Quer realmente viver? Siga a Cristo, é simples! A simplicidade de Deus é algo tão encantadora, que só quem vive consegue realmente entender.
—  Seja como Deus é, seja simples! Carol, Chance com Deus.

who gave him that hammer… take it away 

Magazine M, issue 190: Kyungsoo feature excerpt

Do Kyungsoo has a brother in reality too, three years older. His brother entered the army after graduating high school while Do Kyungsoo entered an entertainment agency. From then on they have constantly lived apart. Do Kyungsoo said, laughing, “Everything my brother did was cool to me, so I would even copy his usernames for online games. He’s big so the sleeves of the hand-me-down clothes I got from him would always be too long, but I’d still like them. Dooshik and my big brother have completely different personalities, but I still felt the same sense of siblinghood.” 

source: @0124dks | translation: fydk