HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @sciderman! <3

Thank you for being the awesome person that you are. You inspire a lot of people on this site, especially when it comes to creating ask blogs, including me. Thanks to you, I created this blog and have made a ton of new friends and got my love for drawing back. Thank you for all your support and love, this fanbase wouldn’t be the same without you.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful day so far! :D

Halsey lost her pregnancy and still went on stage to perform. She was in pain both emotionally and physically yet she went on stage to not disappoint her fans. Yet there are people out there who are using this new fact they’ve learned about her to hurt her even more. What is wrong with some of you, you may not like her music or her as a whole, that doesn’t mean that you can just tear her down piece by piece. How do you think it’d feel if someone tore you down like that, think about that first because she deserves none of this hate, nobody ever deserves it.

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