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Favourite Blogs - I kinda simply love all blogs listed below. It’s so sad knowing that I can’t be as flawless as them. So here’s all the blogs I love! :)

the1dblog - acciozayn - instylesbed - niallslaugh - harrystylesisperfection - hale-benson - adoringcherlloyd - onedirection-slo - 69withstyles - fuckyeahzarry - the-styles - hstylesworld - ohzarry - nhoran-s - lelilo

Follow Friday, full of fucking quality blogs that you have to follow, new blogs and all time favorite ones. All of you are amazing, and I bow to you, and some of you I am more than grateful to call my friends. I love you.

In no particular order, here is fuckyeahmariastyle’s friday 13th follow friday. Let the show begin.

the1dblog | its-styles | rollinginthegrasswithliampayne | haennis | -harrystyles | zarrys | zoueh | adoreharry | smileymxd | love-zayn | -somerhalder | dailyhoran | horanland | ohzarry | perfectlikestyles | lelilo | fuckyeah1d | onedirection-slo | hale-benson | itsonedirectionworld | weheartpayne | lostincheshire | yeahziam | slickmalik | ifuckedstyles | estclairs | horanious | hazibo | wmyb | hazomo | 5wonders | iheartniam | nialliam | boobears-butt | fiveerections | queenlouis | queenliam |  the-styles | hazzababy | malikmalik | niallmaniavashappeninstyles | directiuns | adore1d | harrytommo | zaynable guydirectioners | niallslaugh1dxrated fallenforpayneheyhoran | tomlegendson1dgrizzlyfuckhstylesforever1dlover | bonjourharry harryspeanut | mr-styles | hotdirection | kryptoniall | maistyles | malikqueen |    + all the bitches on my sidebar

yays, after ages without a follow friday, here it goes :) this post is filled with flawless people and flawless blogs so if you can’t stand this kind of people, please be careful lol

follow friday: fuckyeah1d · the1dblog · sobieber1d · d1rectioners · horanland · styleslovesme · iloveziam · theirishboy · niallhoranatemyurl · ihearthoran · hstylesworld · the-muggle-born · zayn-payne · lousbum · tomlegendson · accioniall · tomlinsoffs · chandlersbing · heyhoran · damnmcginty · niallhoran-s · catching–fire · save-you-tonight · niallsoreo · ohvashappenin · lookafter-you · zayniebaby · mattcardle · instylesbed · 5erections · z–malik · niallslaugh · paynes · styleslikeharry · iheartniam · harrys-style · ohziall · -somerhalder

my babes klasjd: the-styles · nandoswithniall · harrypotterandotherdrugs · g-askarth · thefoggylight · givemesomeofyourgravy

and remember, this is in no particular order

I may not talk to all of these wonderful people but secretly I do love you all.

These are the blog’s which have made this year on tumblr a great one, either they have an amazing blog with koala tea edits and graphics which make me want to quit tumblr and delete my blog because they’re just so incredible or whether you’ve brought a smile on my face, made my day and made my tumblr experience this year great because you are an fabulouis person. They all deserve a follow.

I hope everyone has a beautiful and enjoyable Christmas and a even better new year ahead of them. Lots of love ♥ 

I may have missed some people out, i’m sorry if i have, i have the worst memory x

onedirection-slo1dbromancethe1dblogtomlinsoffsiheartniamnandoswithnialltheysayinwonderlandfuckyeah1d69withtomlinsonhstylesworldzarrysniallmaniasmileymxdniallslaughdailyonedirectionisabout1donedirectionofficialyeah1dforeveryoungw1dwmybliamtasticihearthoranmaistylesd1rectionitseliberg33accioniallgottarawronedirection  ☆ heytomlinsontomlegendsonbootommosmileforme14pixiedrewlou-ehgotmaliktomlinsonsgirlgottabeboobearitsgottabe1deyeballsforhazzaweareloving1dtheirishboyfiveboysgoinginonedirectionfootballandotherdrugsstyleswhoremarrystylesemmeliens1d-potter-lover ☆ 69withhorantomlinsonscuddlebuddywalkingmilesforharrystylesstyleslikeharryharryssuprasharrytommoforeverlouisadorestylesits-lirrymr-styleshstylesworldsimple-but-effective-1d–harrystylesonedirectionblogtranssexualtransylvaniatomlegendsonshiuiuliamandloukarachitonewyork  ☆ omgdirectionlouistomlinsonworldtomlinslutfuckyeahzarrylou-tommoiheartyou-xo–lightupmyworldteam1directionniallhoranxoxjustlistenandlove1dlouis-tomlins0nheyhoranlouistomlinsonloverszayner1dgrizzlyonedirectionsspoonszi4mmc-styleslourrymrsdirectionliamscakesohvashappeninniall-horansoverwhelminghairflips ☆ 1d-ners 

I wish I could include all my followers in this (lets just pretend all of you are up there^ )because you are all incredible and i have no idea why you follow me but i love you still, thank you for being so amazing.

photoshop makes love with these blogs so you should follow them because photoshopping porn over here okay

✰starksfell ✰the1blog ✰fragmentedsummer

✰losedirection ✰hazwards ✰leyums ✰epicdirection

✰steferine ✰gotmalik ✰thefake1d

✰playedtilmyfingersbled ✰fromdoncaster ✰nananarry

niall-horans’ favourite blogs (in no particular order) ›› the1dblog

• Mariana is probably one of the most talented, skilful people I met on tumblr. She’s worth all the followers and notes and lovely messages she gets everyday and there’s a plus for me as well because WE SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE FUCKERS!! I envy her blog so much it’s embarassing ;__; lol kidding, it’s perfect. Go find some flaws.

my first follow friday!
just wanted to say i love you all <3
you’re all wonderful 

hazibo | the1dblog | outtatheskies | ohsopayne | mrzayner | zarrys | larry-is-real | gottabehaz | loveispaynefulandfearless | nickjblog | slaveforhoran | mmalik | hazzahorans | osnapitskelly | all the other blogs I follow (:

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who do you think are some tumblr famuos 1d blogs?