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Hi everyone,

So theres these 2 people on here I have the pleasure to follow, Happinessishardtofind (Vic) and Morningsuns (Kelly). After following there blogs for ages and seeing how much they love Justin I think its about time them to meet him. 

Vic and Kelly are 2 of the nicest people on tumblr. I honestly don’t know how someone could not like them. They are extremely funny. Have you ever looked at there posts?? They keep my dash lively like I couldn’t imagine not following them my day would be so much boringer. 

I see all the time people trending #BiebsMeet whoever and I feel its time to give Kelly and Vic a chance. I know usually really big twitters make this happen but I believe if everyone works together we can get this trending and maybe someone from the crew will see! So on July 31st we will trend #BiebsMeetKellyAndVic (exact time TBA) and if we don’t get the crews attention we will try again on August 1st the day before their New York concert.

Please spread the world via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, anything really! And if you have any questions send me a message! Lets make dreams come true!!!!

facts about the homies you should know

  • Kelly burps at funerals non-stop and jumps in the casket with the dead body & has seen TIU 11 times
  • instead of praying at night Vic does a twerk ritual while rubbing her butt against a poster of Zayn on her wall
  • Yaz is actually in Mario Cart (aka Yoshi). she is not a real person. she is actually that little green dude.
  • Kenz doesn’t know her ABCs and she’s in love with boys who wear slippers
  • & Bri’s #1 priority in life is H. Styles no body else matters

just a little 411. you heard it here first