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I finally hit 5,000 followers! Thank you to everyone that helped me along the way and to all my followers for being super amazing. You guys have supported me so much these past couple of months and I am forever grateful.
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Follow Forever:

lelogan - timi obsessed with dbh, you are the funniest person on tumblr no argument whenever im sad and i see you on my dash i smile and laugh to myself we can fight how much we want but we always come back for each other.

stratfordfinest - arthur of danger aka the only fanfic i like and read. i don’t know what i would do if you hadn’t written danger, i remember when i heard about danger i looked it up and when i read the first chapter i was hooked and amazed by how you made me feel, your story makes me forget the world and enter another one which i love so thank you..

morningsuns -  kelly you don’t follow me or know who i am haha but i worship your blog and psds im jealous of your skills and they way you are so nice and generous to people never stop blogging.

mabuses - sara queen of photoshop and quality we had our good and bad times but i never really hated you, you are a very unique person who likes to speak her mind and i respect that i remember the day i followed you i was like “wow how did she do that how did she colour that?” haha your amazing don’t change.

lookatmenowbiebs - kim my baby, we live in the same country and speak the same language how can i not love you? your edits are amazing and original. just the way you make your theme and everything look is so perfect you’re talented don’t forget that.

chanelcelayas - daniela? an amazing girl who is sweet and real who deserves millions of followers. i remember that day seeing you liked all my posts and i was like who is this stalker? haha i honestly love you and we should talk more often.

smilingwithjb - one of the first blogs i ever followed always angry i didn’t have your psds or your theme haha i can’t ever get enough of your edits i’ve known you and your blog for a long time and i hope ill remember you for a long long time.

mrsbiebur - i haven’t known you for a long time but somehow it feels like ive known you forever. you’re sweet and nice and just pure perfect don’t change..ever.

destinyrauhl - another girl from israel i adore. your gifs edits and psds make me want to quit photoshop your maniping skills are amazing you are amazing..

seldrew - ivanna. let me start by saying i creep on your blog everyday and i die a little inside haha everyday i go to the movies you giffed just cause it makes me laugh and happy, your psd is amazing and original your gifs are something out of this world you should never stop posting never.

dr3ws - aga? we haven’t talked in a while but remember when we were best friends ? when i was bieberderek and milabes? whenever i was down or in a fight you were there for me, not matter what. you were a friend who listened and gave advice what more can i ask for? i feel like i owe you something back after everything you done for me..so whenever you need someone ever you come to me your hear me?

jasondeeps - nadia what can i say about you… you are the most creative person i know the way you gif and edit is just perfect and mind blowing i honestly don’t know where you get all this creativity from but don’t stop using it.

princebiebers - renan they guy who wants to fuck me lol sorry about the girlfriend thingy…your edits they way you edit is unique and astonishing you are funny and you’re a guy who loves justin bieber could you be more perfect? your amazing remember that.

kidrauhl - anne, the bitch we the flawless url the girl with the most famous justin bieber news blog that has 60k + followers i think we can say you’re the queen of tumblr..you get judged alot and hated alot which i don’t think is fair you’re funny and you speak your mind and theres nothing wrong with that. you can like whoever you want, you can be a fan of whoever you want, you can be whoever you want. screw everyone and be you.

brauhl - the girl who owns the url bieberderek haha oh remember “stratf0rd-star” remember when we had that big fight? and then somehow we made up and i gave you my url? haha it sounds like we were drunk but instead of marrying you i gave you my url haha you’re not on lately which is sad and annoying but when you get a chance to come online talk to me i hope you don’t forget me..

glacierbeauty - i always save the best for last…i can’t write how i feel about you cause its so hard to explain it feels like we are best friends who are so far apart and it hurts we talk almost everyday and when we do i get sad i honestly do, to think i actaully have this connection with someone but i can’t hug and feel them it sucks i hate it but we have to keep talking i feel like we are gonna be friends forever somehow even when we don’t have tumblr when we’re thirty and ill talk to you about my kids or something and one day we will meet…we will.

To the next following people i would like to say sorry to cause i didn’t have anything to write to them but you are all amazing and make my dash beautiful:

verifiedbelieber , beautifulsparks , clearmenows , lukesbrooks , wespeakbiebs , fallenshumanity , runawaynights . ofjustindrews , kingjdb , -whenusmile , doctorbieber , rauhl , nightofmelody , fromcanadas , ohlordbieber , inspiredbyjustinb , whatkidrauhl , unbrokens , blaming - nolans , biebermynigguh , belieberthings , turnbieber , jdrewsbieber , ttranquilly , carlyjepsens , biebber , ppickme , likebiebs , wankingbieber , bodyrokks, kidrauhlhood.

i apoligize if i did forget someone.

i want to say thank you to my followers and friends i deleted my blog that had over 6k followers and started fresh and i don’t regret it, i needed a fresh start i needed people to know the real me…

Thank you everyone.

I love all of your blogs, you’re all amazing. Some of you  may not know of my blog’s existence, but I wanted to put in all the blogs I love in this. Stay awesome!

abc: adoringkidrauhl, ashbensos, asktaylors, beautysbeats, consumingpayne, boobvatos, bieberkiss, cyrus-freak,

def:  demrauhl, drunkrainbows, devonnee, dreamalouds, demilovatas, ddemistry, daretochase, dashingbiebers, fearlessbieber, fixingyourlies, davidarchuletas, fallingheavens, fromcanadas, ddlovatoboobs, demetriasassvato, demisexvatto, dontsforget, destinyrauhl, fuckyesbieber.  

ghi: itslikeanangels, ilovatoworld, getnakedrihanna, irrationiall, hypnottizing, headfirsttt, itsohsmiley, huntforkatniss,

jkl: likebiebs, lesbian-for-ddlovato, juicynights, kisstherains, lovatoswag, justemis, justinsflawless, jasonmcanns, juicydevonne, kurberry, katyperrys, likeasongs, lovattoo, losingyourminds, lightthefuze, katherynh-udson,

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vw: winterdawns, whatkidrauhl, wordsofwisdoms, wtfisinnerbeauty, verifiedbelieber, wolfspayne, 

Sorry if I forgot someone!

springsbreaks follow forever: so basically thank you for making our dash perfect every single day, some even don’t even follow us but you’re still perfect and one of the reasons my stay on tumblr is the best. We love you all and stay fab.

A,B,C- adorauhl, adoredemis, allfredoflores, ashbensos, biebrauhl, bejustins, carlyjespen, clearminds, crayonskin, canadabieber, catchingfeeling, canadastratford

D,E,F- dontforgetts, delevingnrs, ddrews, dieinyousarms, echoesofnight, firstmarch, flawlessbieber, flytoyous, f1nnick, flytoyous, fadedmornings

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N,O,P-  neensdobrevs, nextoyous, niggahwolf, ohlordbieber, omaha-mall, ofgraces, onlyforyous, praisingdrew

Q,R,S,T- radiatebeliebers, rockmafias, reflectyourlights, russetts, runsfaraway, ryanggood, recklessjustin, stratfordsfinest, strengthofourloves, stateofgraces, startsford, selenatia, smilingwithjb, turntoyus, taakeyou

U,V,W,- verifiedbelieber, warrioreverdeen, wonderhaz, willstolove

X,Y,Z- youownthenights, yoursplatinum, youtubieber, zeynmalik


A; andlastgoodbyes ,adorauhl

B; biebergasmic ,biebrauhl

C; cantbetamed ,christmaslove ,crawlingshadows ,cleartomenows ,crossingskies , creepingjustin 

D; demrauhl


F; foxybieber 

G; getnakedmiley

H; harryedward ,hearingmelodies ,happinessishardtofind 

I; imsodonewithjustinbieber 

J; jasunmccann ,jasondeeps ,justinmallette 

K; kristenstewert ,kingbieber ,kisstherains ,kidrauhl

L; lovatobiebers ,lukesbrooks ,lovingkidrauhl, lelegances

M; morningsuns ,march1st ,meplusyous ,marchfirsts ,marsandback ,mellaark , mistletoelogan 


O; ontarios

P; perfectrainbow ,pattiesmallettes 

R; rockmafias 

S; stratfordsfinest ,sofaraways ,stopthisgirl ,sonofaguns ,stunningbieber , sweetiebiebs ,speakingintongues 

T; talksoflove ,taylortswifts ,takeyous 

V; voguecyrus 

W; wordsofwisdoms ,whereareyounows 

Y; yearauhl


All of these blogs are absolutely 110% flawless. I honestly could not ask for better people to follow because each of these blogs bring something amazing to my dashboard,whether its hilarious text posts or flawless edits. I just want to thank you all for being so perfect ok .

- Happy Hollidays xx, Kina

happy holidays! thank you guys for making my dash beautiful and enjoyable every day every time i come on. it’s basically a run through of some of my favorite blogs and friends. i am so so so happy that i made a bunch of new friends this year and actually got followed by some amazing people, whom’s edits make me want to jump off a bridge and stab myself in the eye. and overall im just really thankful for this year, so here’s a piece of my dash and i was gonna do the a,b,c thingy but lbr who got time for that shit. thanks for being flawless fierce bitches xoxoxo

thanks for being idiots: i’ve made new friends this year but im never going to forget the old friends. i talk to only a few people now, but every now and then there’s a message exchanged between some of us, and i really love you guys and i’m so thankful that you guys make me laugh and that i’m friends with you. you guys all have huge personalities and you’re all too #quality and #ratchet for me but sucks2suck right. anyways thank you guys for everything and basically talk to me sometimes ok ok ok ok ok bye freaks

allyza, chrisie, duda, kristen, grace, paula, jess, chaney, luli, kelsey, falon, julio, anna, victoria, floflo, coni, tati, veronica, brittany, bianca, cece, marcelo, leticia, maddy, jenn, bekah, katie, abir

these bad bitches slay all your favs: basically your edits make me cry, your personality is so well rounded, i have talked to some of you before and i like you a lot so i know you by your names but idk man if we’re still friends cause we dont talk anymore and im too shy, your colorings are perfect, your humor is excellent, and we all happen to like the same people so my dear queens and kings of tumblr;

morningsuns (kellykellykelly), kidrauhl (anneanneanne), angelsnows, pattisonspenis, libertyscars, getnakedmiley, isabellaswan, niallhorans, obiebers (justinnnnnnn), princebiebers, swagity, colorsthesky, crapersky, thatshouldbebieber, outoftowngirls, thoseopeneyes, daretochase, duerre-s, juststays, brightofglow, kingbieber, worldoffeelings, andrew-garfield, mightyheroes, lovatorivera, robstenisfearless, gustingrant, selcose, theoceanswide (lunalunaluna), fromdoncaster, jumbomumble, ofabeautifulnight, stayingstrongfordemetria, justalibertywalk, nakedqueer, isthemusictoblame (theresaaaa), lightthefuze, nickaylarivers, mccannjason, stewarter, clarissawayland, dianna-agrons, lovatobiebers rainingfires and alivebythecandlelights

so basically in other words i owe all of you a lot because you guys make my tumblr experience whole and y'all perfect so happy holidays!!!! :-) <3


Follow Forever 2012 Edition!

I just want to say that you all are the best of 2012. You all make my dashboard looks so flawless everyday. I may not talk to all of you, but i love you all and you're my friend. I hope you have an amazing end of year and that 2013 be better than ever. I love you all!

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