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Frank and Claire Underwood reciting this scene from Double Indemnity

The One With Redepmtion

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Summary: When Liam brings Theo back, the pack asks for your help to get him to cooperate. But you don't believe there’s redemption for Theo since he tried to kill you after pretending to be in love with you. 

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“You’re joking,” I scoff. Scott’s expression suggested the complete opposite of a joke.

“No,” I shake my head, firmly, “You’re insane if you think I’ll help Theo.”

“You’d be helping me with Theo, not helping Theo,” Scott corrects, tilting his head, “Please? He says he’ll only help if he can talk to you.”

“So he doesn’t want to help at all, then? He just wants to harass me more,” I scoff, “No. Not happening.”

“He doesn’t want to harass you. Y/N, he loves you,” Scott says. He immediately frowns as though surprised by his own words.

I stare at him in confusion, “He loves me? You don’t actually believe that, do you? You and Stiles were the ones who made me break up with him and put him in the ground to begin with – how the hell did you even get him out?”

“Liam used the sword.”

I inhale sharply, walking over to the chest at the foot of my bed and opening it only to find my sword missing.

“Kira left that for me,” I growl, my eyes glowering gold at him, “You had to bite me to keep me alive, Scott – because of Theo. She left me that so that no one could bring him back and you just fucking did it anyway!”

“I know,” he says softly, “But we need him to bring everyone back… we need you.”

I bury my face in my hands, “You’re asking too much,” I shake my head, feeling myself tremble just at the thought of having to face him again.

The last time I’d seen him, he’d stuck his claws so far into me, trying to escape in the tunnels. Kira put him straight in the ground but with his combined powers he’d taken from his betas, Scott’s only option was to turn me.

We’d dated for around 6 months before that – until I learned his true indemnity and intentions. I was hesitant to break it off… somewhere deep down I wanted to believe he was good. But he had done too much damage and I had no option to end it when my only family was the pack.

Still, I’d never expected him to try kill me. Deep down I thought what we had was real. Out of all the lies he’d told, I don’t know why I thought our relationship was different.

One thing was clear: I would never again go near him.

Scott places a hand on my shoulder, “I know it’s a lot to ask but please just think about it. For Stiles.”

“There’s no deal without her,” Theo leers, crossing his arms over his chest, “It was your job to convince her.”

“You almost killed her,” Liam scoffs, “Did you think she’d be happy to see you?”

Theo glares and Liam.

“He has a point you know,” I say, leaning in the doorway. I try to stand still and keep a confident front despite wanting to shove Kira’s sword into the ground and send him straight back to hell.

“Y/N,” Theo stares at me with wide eyes as he inhales deeply, “Your scent… it’s – you’re a-“

“Werewolf,” I finish for him, walking until there’s a metre’s distance between us, “I take it Scott didn’t tell you. So don’t try anything because I’ll rip your heart right out.”

He grimaces at the comment, swallowing hard.

“I have no ill intentions,” he reassures me.

I roll my eyes, “If you had no ill intentions you would’ve helped Scott without making demands.”

“Was it so wrong to want to see you? To apologize?”

I narrow my eyes, “Apologize for which part exactly? The part where you lied and used me to get close to Scott? Or the part where you killed me – yeah, you literally killed me and Scott had to bite me to bring me back, Theo. So if you’re feeling good about yourself because you didn’t kill me, you did. Just think of me as dead, just like you wanted me to be and help them. I don’t want to see you,” I spit.

“Could we have a minute?” Theo doesn’t say it as a request. I feel myself grow nervous but give Scott a small nod to let him know its okay.

“We’ll be right outside,” he tells me as he pulls the door shut.

The air settles and Theo stares at me in silence, his eyes studying every inch of me. I shift uncomfortably under his gaze.

“I am sorry,” he says, his eyes sincere, “For lying to you. For hurting you. And most of all, for making you feel like I didn’t love you when I did.”

“You don’t kill the people you love, Theo.”

“The person I was a few months ago, I’m not the same now.” His voice shakes as he speaks, “These past few months… where I was… all I could think about was how if I came back, and you were okay, how I would make it up to you. How I would use this second chance to-“

Second chance?” I scoff, slamming him against the wall, “This isn’t a second chance. There is no redemption for you. Only penance.”


“Don’t say my name,” I say through gritted teeth, “You will help Scott and then you’ll disappear. I’ll never forgive you but at least if you do this, you’ll be doing one good thing with your sad excuse for a life.”

He stares at me with bloodshot eyes as I let go of him.

“Don’t do anything stupid,” I say warningly, “because I’ll personally take it upon myself to kill you if you do.”

I said the words with confidence but I barely feel it.

I hated myself for being relieved that he was okay – even though I wasn’t.

I was glad he was there in front of me.

“Wait,” he calls out, as I head for the door. I turn around expectedly, tapping my foot against the floor impatiently.

“I love you,” he whispers.

I stand still, my hands dropped by my sides.

“I know it probably means nothing to you now but think of it as a promise – I’ll do right by you; for you.”

I nod once before walking out. Once I’m outside I slide down against the door, sobbing quietly. I knew he could hear me on the other side of the door.

But suddenly it didn’t matter that he knew he broke my heart; everyone knew it. I was too angry to try and hide it and I was angrier at myself for still letting my heart race when he says those three words.

It was ridiculous watching Liam try and talk to the Ghost Rider we had trapped but what was worse was being left alone with it and Theo while the rest of them went to look for Lydia and Corey.

“Well, if we can’t communicate with it, then what?” Theo asks in defeat slumping against the wall. I sit down beside him, resting my head on my knees.

“I don’t know,” I mutter, exhausted, “I just want Stiles back.”

“Do you remember much about him?” Theo asks. I shake my head.

“He was your best friend. He was practically your brother,” Theo reminds me, “The day he found out we were dating he punched me in the face – and that’s before he knew I was a chimera.”

“He broke his hand,” I laugh, remembering, “And you didn’t even flinch.”

“He punches like a gir-“ he swallows hard when he notices me frowning, “- a great boxer,” he mumbles.

“Mhmm,” I roll my eyes.

“Would you have punched me if I said ‘girl’?”

“Don’t tempt me,” I smirk. He shifts his leg so our knees are touching, “Did you really mean what you said before? That there’s no redemption for me? That there’s no forgiveness?”

“I was just mad,” I mumble, looking up at the ceiling, “You’ve helped everyone a lot the past few days. I’m sure they’ve forgiven you – or at least don’t hate you as much.”

“I wasn’t asking about them,” he sighs, turning to face me. I look straight ahead, avoiding his eyes, “I know.”

“So? Did you mean it?” He places a hand over mine and I quickly pull away, holding it against my chest.

“Are you scared of me?” he asks, his voice strained – panicked, as though he wouldn’t be able to cope if I was.

“You’re different since Liam brought you back.” I turn to look at him, “What happened down there?”

“Retribution,” he says, his eyes filled with the pain of past memories.

Before I can press any further, the door creaks open. Unfortunately, it’s not a pack member that fills the doorway.

I stand up first, “Mr Douglas?”

He turns to me with blood red eyes. I turn to Theo in a panic but he just stares at him – in recognition.

“He’s a Nazi Alpha werewolf – the Dread Doctors had him in a tank,” Theo explains quickly, “You need to get out of here!”

He shoves me towards the back door but I don’t budge.

“He’s right you know,” Mr Douglas says, his fingers trailing over the whip in his hand, “It’s not you I’m here for.”

“GO!” Theo nods confidently, “He won’t hurt me.”

I didn’t believe him but before I can protest, he pushes me out the door and locks it. I slam my hand against the caged part, trying to put my hand through to unlock it but he just swats it away.


“Go y/n!”

With that Mr Douglas grabs him by the throat and pins him to the wall. I don’t wait to see what happens. It was impossible for me to get the jump on him – he’d clearly been around much longer. I rush to the front door. From here, his back was turned to me. I could see warning in Theo’s eyes – telling me to stop, to run.

I wanted to, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t leave him the way he left me.

I grab a pipe off the floor and just as he draws his claws back, I stick it through his back. I knew it wouldn’t hold him for long – it definitely wouldn’t kill him.

But he let’s go of Theo and I grab him, dragging him outside. I could see him attacking the Ghost Rider; eating his brain or something. I watch in fear, holding Theo in my arms.

Once he’s done, he leaves through the back door – glaring at us both as though he’s marking us.

Theo pulls away from me and stands up. I follow behind him.

“Where are you going?” I call after him, slightly shaken up – I wanted to put a helmet on – I was that scared Mr Douglas would come back for my brain.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” he yells, turning to face me. He barges towards me, stopping inches from my face. His breathing was loud; heavy.

“W-what?” I frown. I wanted to move away from him but I don’t – the closeness feels safe.

“I told you to go, to run!”

“You needed help!” I yell back. How could he be mad at me for helping him?

“I don’t need your help!”

I roll my eyes and he grabs me by my shoulders, “Don’t you get it?!”


“Theo-“ I shake my head. I push his hands off me and his eyes widen.

“S-sorry – I didn’t mean to-“ he steps towards me and then back, hesitantly shifting from foot to foot, “I wasn’t trying to-“

“I know,” I nod, taking his face in my hands, “Look at me.”

He stands still, avoiding my eyes until I tilt his head.

“You are worth it. You’re worth saving.” 

When Billy Wilder sent me the script of Double Indemnity and I read it.. I had never played an out-and-out killer. I had played medium heavies, but not an out-and-out killer. And because it was an unsympathetic character I was a little frightened of it and, when I went back to his office I said: “I love the script and I love you, but I am a little afraid after all these years of playing heroines to go into an out-and-out cold-blooded killer.” And Mr. Wilder - and rightly so - looked at me and he said, “Well, are you a mouse or an actress?” And I said, “Well, I hope I’m an actress.” He said, “Then do the part.” And I did and I’m very grateful to him. 
- Barbara Stanwyck 

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Eyeball, lullaby

👁️ eyeball: some of your favorite films

TOO MANY. Men in Black, Jurassic Park, The Mummy The Shining… still up there in my all-time faves. Some classic film and noir I love: Double Indemnity, Scarlet Street, Laura, Niagara, Chinatown, Call Northside 777, Rear Window.

🎵 lullaby: songs you love to sing
“Human” by The Killers. Mad World… pretty much all songs by Sia but especially Chandelier and Elastic Heart. @odangod knows I love belting out all the songs in Fallout 4 XD
Three Marks by sanam

Derek and Stiles learn that bonding is probably best done with ridiculous amounts of video games and maybe a little bit of time.

tags: no hale fire, slow burn, fluff and angst, soul bond

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hey guys, do you know what teen wolf episode is supposed to be a Malia-centric one? I need way more Malia screen time than what they gave us so far. thank you!

next week, so 5x14!! we certainly need way more malia in the show, so lets hope that episode delivers :)

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So first of all, this last chapter was so so great, loved it. I may or may not have listened to Play Crack The Sky for hours afterwards. But I have a question, kind of. Is Lydia seeing anyone? She is always on her phone, does she have a mysterious girlfriend or boyfriend waiting for her at home? does she do hookups? or feel like she can't have anything serious for now bc she is always on tour? does she feel lonely sometimes? idk I just want to know more abt Lydia i care a lot abt her


Lydia is single and happy about it for the time being. All the relationships that seem to spring up around her are between people on tour with each other (Ethan and Danny, Sterek obvs, Berica, the SPOILER ALERT BECAUSE I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO DELICATELY MENTION THIS IN TEXT YET Scallison that’s starting up behind the scenes etc) and she’s not *into* anyone she’s touring with so. But I believe that she seeks out people to hook up with when she wants it. Kinda like how Stiles had some regulars (for lack of a better term lol) peppered around, she probably has something similar. I feel like she probably hooked up with someone in La Bete when they were in Paris. She goes for them famous ones***. hahaha 

I think she gets lonely SOMETIMES, mostly on hotel nights when she has a room to herself because suddenly she’s not surrounded by other people and it’s weird. She doesn’t strike me as the biggest extrovert in the world though so she’s probably happy to be alone sometimes considering they’re CONSTANTLY with each other. 

Oh but I think she’s not dating anyone specific not just because her life is busy, but because she doesn’t want to feel tied down at this point in her life. She travels on her own between tours and does whatever she wants and she doesn’t want to have to change that part of her life. Relationships are an extra level of effort that she doesn’t have the energy for. :) BASICALLY DON’T FEEL SAD FOR LYDIA, SHE’S GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING WRAPPED AROUND HER LITTLE FINGER MKAY. :D

***SPEAKING OF FAMOUS REGULAR HOOK UPS, unfortunatelyderek planted the Lydia/Niall Horan of 1D seed in mine head with this delightful Stiles/Harry Styles b-side and that’s just… perfect. like yep. 

edit: lolol I said Stallison on accident. Or SURPRISE, OTP SWITCH IN THE HOME STRETCH. (Jaaaykaaaaay)

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Hey! Do you know what song Karlie used in the background of her Glamour Cover Shoot video? She used it in her Backstage @ VS Fashion Show video too. Thank you 😊

Hey! We don’t unfortunately. We think it might be music they produced for her vlogs but if anyone knows if it’s a song, please let us know :)

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  It was not entirely unfamiliar to the iota of jade to wander without his lupine companion. Since his leave of the white wild north, he fared for himself, lost without a purpose other than his lust for the brush. To those of the North, he denounced the practice. To those in the South, he claimed ownership to that which he admired. Conflicted, he had little idea of who he wanted to be. To those in the capital city, however, he was quiet.

  He went unnoticed, a mere speck in comparison to the activity that bustled through the burg. He was a boy full of energy and exegesis, but that did not change the fact that he was a creature of the boondocks. The pace of city life had not well suited him before he became restless. It was not long until he need answer to fate’s calling. So it would be, Kamiki he would stay, until she appeared.

  A smile thinned his lips, tugging gently and drinking the warmth of the sun. Experiencing the city with the sun goddess was among one of the best things to happen to him. That memory would always ground him, even under the presence of the distinguishable, fiery rooftop which stood, dignifying the city by its noble structure. It was quite difficult to miss the Imperial Palace, even if one were yet to step foot in the western settlement.

  Much happened in the very swell of royalty to change him. The very palace gardens he had crept into, suspicion niggling him, taught him courage. Asides from that powerful structure and its conflagrant rooftops much like her precious crown, was a solitary resting place sheltered by the edge of Lake Beewa. In it swam many fish, in it provided a network for all the city to thrive; in it she rested.

  “Hiya, Himiko, sweetie…it’s been awhile, huh? I didn’t bring any flowers, but I have something even better!” Blue blooded smoke rose, barely a spray of liquid sprinkling from his source; but it was there. It dribbled gently down those dried gravestones which fronted the rufescent torii gate, refreshing that tenacious soul. “Whatcha think? Your knight’s gotten pretty well endowed, hasn’t he? Look at me, I’ve almost got the hang of it!”


Happy Birthday Estelle, the French princess! (indemne) Sorry for the terrible graphic, but I really wanted to make something for you to say have a wonderful birthday! You are my typography queen and I look up to you so much and take note of all the editing styles you not only use in your (WOAH HOW DO YOU MAKE ‘EM) typography posters but also your other edits of Taylor. I sometimes use the selective colour you mentioned in an anon answer (I remember!!) and you introduced me to the noise filter on photoshop. So thank you, thank you, thank you!! All hail the French princess, Estelle, or should I say queen?! Anyway, have a magnificent birthday! (: