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"Look at me- just breathe, okay?" Daveed x reader please? (I love your writing so much omg it's everything 💙)

When you joined the cast of Hamilton as the understudy for Angelica Schuyler you were beyond thrilled, this show was huge and would be such an incredible opportunity for your career.

You knew the part backwards and forwards from listening to the cast album on repeat from the minute it was released and every single member of the cast had offered you their support and wishes of luck for your first performance.

Even Renee, who was sick at home had sent you a string of texts telling you how great you were going to be tonight. But despite your preparation, you’re still absolutely terrified to go on.

When you hear the announcement, letting everyone know there’s just five minutes until the top of the show you can feel the dread settling in your stomach.

“Knock, knock,” Daveed says, leaning on the doorframe to the dressing room, already in his costume for the opening number.

“Oh h-hey,” you mumble.

You drop your gaze from him, focusing on your hands as you pull at your fingers, releasing your frustrations and stress about the performance.

“Hey what’s up?” He asks, slowly stepping towards you and placing a hand on your arm.

“I-I can’t, d-do this, what if… what if I mess up?” You ask as your breathing starts to speed up, your whole body feeling like it’s shaking.

“Look at me Y/N- just breathe, okay?” He says, his voice soft and kind.

You look up into his deep warm brown eyes as he rubs a hand down your arm.

“You’re gonna kill it out there. You know this part, and you’re damn good at it,” his soothing voice helps you calm down as you force yourself to take deep breaths.

“What if I mess up though?”

“You ain’t gonna mess up,” he assures you. “But if you do, no one’ll give a shit. We’ve all messed up before, even Lin has and he wrote the damn thing.”

That last statement manages to get a small laugh out of you, which causes him to grin just as another announcement is called, letting you know it’s time for places.

“Go show ‘em how it’s done,” he says, gently kissing your forehead and leading you out of the dressing room.


Starting off my request weekend early since I’m realizing Sunday is going to be jam packed and I already screwed up trying to schedule the first prompt lmao. Hopefully that other one shows up later tonight and the rest I will start posting tomorrow morning! (And you all are more than welcome to keep sending me prompts throughout the weekend! Since it’s a holiday weekend for me I’ll be working on them until Monday!) 

This drabble was a request from @decaf-for-cutie who requested cute SidLink raspberries! So. Have cute SidLink raspberries and tickle fights! 

Link enjoyed the small things in life.

One of those things he loved so much was how vastly expansive his safe havens reached nowadays. As a boy, they were limited to wherever his music and his books could take him. While that was still the case, he had another, much more extensive one. 

And that was wherever the Zora Prince wandered off to.

On this particular day, Link found him inside the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, fiddling with one of the smaller control panels that had the elephant rather disgruntled that morning. Sidon was neither a mechanic nor was he particularly science-minded (languages and communication were definitely his strong suit as opposed to his reserved and analytical elder sister), but he tried his best anyhow.

“Alright, Ruta, tell me if that helps you at all,” Sidon huffed, rising to his feet. It had appeared that Link had arrived just in time for the prince and champion to finally figure out how to switch the console back into the correct position as it turned from orange to blue and Ruta gave a pleased trumpet.

Link smiled to himself, chuckling at how something so simple had taken Sidon multiple hours. Still, Link had to applaud him for his patience (although he wouldn’t have been surprised if the trumpeting he had heard earlier was Ruta’s end of a full-out shouting match). The Hylian crept up behind Sidon before he jumped on him, wrapping his arms around Sidon’s waist and causing Sidon to let out a yelp and nearly fall on Link.

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A short Madi & Silver drabble

Silver sat up straight on the cushioned chair vaguely wondering where and how Madi acquired it since they’d been in Nassau for all but three days and had been avoiding Berringer’s men for all that time.  He sat still as she poured a small pitcher of warm water over his head after telling him quietly to close his eyes.  The wet warmth soothed him as it gushed over his scalp, past his shoulders and down his body.

It took the sand that had stuck to his clothing and hair, the smell of the salt water that’d dried on him since he swam to shore and all the dirt and dust that had seeped into his skin.  He didn’t question where Madi found soap or the scented oil she added to the water that she used to clean them both.  But what he did question was why fate or God or luck had chosen to bless him with a woman who was so absolutely fierce and daring, but who was so soft and loving, and gentle all at the same time.

She rinsed his face and body, cleaned underneath his nails, washed his hair and then treated the tiny cuts he’d gained over the last few days.  He felt clean when she was finished.  In more ways than one.  And he felt a fullness in his heart knowing that in front of her men, and his and Flint’s she had run into his arms and kissed him like a woman who had been lost without him.  Much as he had been lost without her.

He touched her bare skin, rubbed his hands over her stomach and felt her breath hitch at the touch.  He put his arms about her waist and kissed her stomach.  Her hands stilled on his back and when she looked down at him, unshed tears began to fall down her face.  Berringer was dead, they’d won the day, got their men back, but the toll had started to wear on her.

He pulled her into his lap, took the washcloth from her and let it drop into the bucket of water near them. He kissed her neck, letting the moisture on her skin touch his face.  He skirted the soft skin of her back with his fingers while his tongue blazed a hot trail near her neckline.  Her nipples puckered against his chest, teasing him, making his cock roar to life as she straddled him.  

He wanted her.  It had been nearly a week since they left Maroon Island.  Nearly a week since he’d made love to her, and there was nothing more than he wanted right now than to be inside her again.  But greater than his feeling of desire was the satisfaction he got from simply holding her.  He marveled at how just months earlier he’d had no one to think about but himself.  No one to care for and no one to care for him in return.  Now he felt as if every moment that wasn’t spent fighting this war was meaningful only when she was in it. Now he felt as if his home and everything he held most dear was in his arms right now in this one.  And he couldn’t think of anything that would make him give her up or walk away from her.

His lips tasted hers, took in her soft moans.  He lingered on her mouth, tasting with his tongue, darting it in and out of her lips while he thumbed her cheeks.  Her fingers found his hair while he drowned in her, telling her how much he loved her through every tender nibble and caress.  He kept it slow, kept it soft, and savored the feel of her kiss.  He angled his head as his tongue danced with hers, glided over it, sucked on it and then deepened his kiss until they both could barely breathe.  

She pushed away from him finally, their foreheads touching while they both tried to get air, and she was still crying.  It was only in these tender moments the thought that she allowed herself to be completely soft.  Here, she wasn’t the princess.  She wasn’t the queen.  She was simply his, bare and vulnerable and completely in love with him.  Like he was with her.

He wiped at her tears, kissed her wet cheeks and comforted her.  He swallowed, hating that she was still worried about him.  He was humbled at how deeply her feelings ran, and he wondered if she knew the depths of his feelings for her.  It was beyond anything he could describe.  Even to him.

“Sssh…Madi.  Don’t cry.”

“Next time,” she said softly.  “Get on the ladder when I tell you to.”

He chuckled before he kissed her hard, squeezing her nipples, and then sucking gently on her top lip.  “As you wish, my queen.”

“How dare you,” Kol growled.

Klaus smirked, “Have I done something to upset you, brother?”

“Turning [Y/N] was not a choice you could make!” Kol growled louder, the glass that was in his hand, shattering in his grip.

“Ah, I have done something.” He chuckled low, shrugging his shoulders, “She’s still in transition, she doesn’t have to change, you know.” Turning away, he spoke with a locked jaw, “Perhaps you should think of the possible consequences that would follow suit the next time you cross me, hm?”

Kol watched his brother walk away. His blood coursing through his veins with anger, [Y/N] was supposed to stay human. She wasn’t supposed to be caught up in his mess.

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Drabble game 15. “On your knees” and 19. “Don’t be bad” with yoongi please ^_^

15: “on your knees”
19: “dont be bad”

You could always tell when Yoongi had a bad day at work when he walked into your apartment and slammed his stuff on the table. You knew you were the only thing that could soothe him whenever he had a rough day and you were always ready to help him calm down.

Today, he walked in just like normal, slamming his bag on the table and immediately searching for you. 

“Where are you, love?” he asked and you could hear the gruff tiredness laced in his voice. 

“I’m in here,” you called from your shared bedroom, quickly trying to make yourself presentable for your boyfriend. 

“Hi,” he smiled softly when he saw you, running a hand through the strands of his hair. 

You walked up behind him and began to slowly massage his shoulders as you kissed along his neck in greeting. 

“How was work?” you asked, even though you already knew the answer. 

“It was actually okay today,” he replied, making you raise your eyebrows in surprise, “but I couldn’t get you out of my head all day.”

You subtly blushed at his words laced with pure sin as he turned his head to kiss your lips. The kiss quickly turned deeper as you stopped massaging his neck in order to get closer to him and wrap your arms around his neck. 

“So you’re in a good mood today?” you questioned as Yoongi began to back you up towards the bed. 

“I never said that,” he answered, “I’ve been thinking about every inch of you all day, having to cover up my boner from my coworkers. So I’ve been struggling today babygirl.”

His words gave you a burst of confidence, making you reconnect your lips as your tongue swept across his lips, silently asking for entrance that he immediately granted. 

You tongue slipped past his lips and brushed against his own, making you softly whimper into his mouth. You were starting to feel playful as you pulled back and nipped on Yoongi’s bottom lip, making him groan softly. 

“On your knees baby,” he said as he reached down and started palming the bulge that had formed in his slacks. 

You smirked and moved his hand to the side, replacing it with your own as you ignored his demand. Yoongi let out a low growl that was barely audible as he tossed his head back, letting his mind relax for a moment and thrusting into your touch. 

He soon realized what you were doing, however, and regained self control as he grabbed your wrist and pulled it away from him. 

“Don’t be bad, princess,” he ordered, “you know how I get when you disobey me.”

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Fluffy drabble with solangelo taking a bubble bath together? Pretty please?

At the moment, Nico was trying his best to hide how red his face had become from seeing Will’s body. Especially since he just stepped into Nico’s bath and filled it with bubbles. They were on opposite ends of the tub, with Nico hugging his legs to give Will more room.
This was all Will’s idea.
Nico had just casually mentioned that he might take a shower in the evening when Will brought up the idea.

“Why not take a bath together? I’ll fill the tub with bubbles and we can just talk.” The son of Apollo said with a dorky grin on his face. Now here they were, naked in a tub full of bubbles and water. The red on his cheeks had only grown more noticeable when Will suddenly splashed the son of Hades, causing the raven haired male to blink rapidly.

“I think there’s soap in my eyes now” he mumbled, trying his best to hide the growing smirk.
Two could play at this game.
The moment Will had leaned over to observe Nico’s dark eyes, the son of Hades quickly splashed Will back. The startled expression on his lover’s face caused Nico to laugh, pleased that he was able to catch the other off guard.
That moment of pride didn’t last long.
Soon he was bright red and gently pressing his lips back against Will’s. Honestly, people should kiss the Apollo children more often because one kiss can make you feel a million times better or maybe only Will’s kisses. Once the blonde pulled away he looked in Nico’s eyes and smiled.

“I love you but I’m sorry,” Will said while smirking.

“I love you too, why?” Nico replied before gasping and jumping out the tub, wrapping a towel around him. Will’s laugh preventing him from getting angry at the blonde.
Man did he love this dork
Even if he could be an asshole.

;; I hope you like it, idk if its what you were expecting

Treaty - Mark (78/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To view the masterlist of drabbles for the challenge, click here

Prompt: Treaty
Member: Mark x Reader
AU: DragonShifter!AU

Word Count: 2,576

This got so long and the ending was meh but I rather like it~

The journey to the cave had taken several days. It had been long and cold, but you were willing to do whatever it took to get to the dragon that the King had ordered you to kill.

At first, the king had been suspicious of your ability as a bounty hunter. You weren’t a wizard and, unlike many other hunters, you had no magic at all. However, what you lacked in that area you more than made up for in your ability with your mind and with your sword. Tactics were always used to your advantage, and as long as you felt that you could stay one step ahead of whatever it was that you were hunting, you didn’t feel you needed magic.

Regardless, a small part of you felt sorry. You didn’t mind dragons very much…sometimes they could even be helpful. If you could persuade their human side to do something, often times their dragon side would agree. But the amount of money that the King offered to you to either go forth and slay the dragon or sign a blood treaty was too much for you to turn down.

You just prayed that it was a dragon shifter so that it would be easier to kill in its human form. If it was a full dragon or even a shifter that remained in dragon form all the time, it would still be possible to kill, but it would certainly be much more difficult.

However, you were fairly certain that it was a shifter (and male by the looks of it) because of all the little clues you’d picked up whilst tracking it to its cave.

Now, after a long trek up the mountain, you were finally at the foot of the cave and prepared to face whatever horror lay within. You mentally berated yourself for not bringing any extra fairy dust to help you – you had used it all up to make fires on the mountain.

You pulled out your sword and ran your finger down it, checking it’s strength and sharpness and humming contently when it was to your liking. You had plenty of black arrows left and, needless to say, you were feeling pretty confident in your abilities.

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Drabble prompt? Captain Canary + Lisa with the lines somewhat like, "A blonde? But blondes are never Lenny's type."

Okay, I got a very specific picture of this one and couldn’t shake it, so heads up: mentions of past (possibly one-sided, your choice) Coldflash.

Lisa raises an eyebrow at Leonard. “Didn’t think you were into blondes.”

Leonard glares at his sister. Sara’s lips twitch. “What’s his normal type?”

There’s mischief in Lisa’s expression, and she ignores a warning from her brother. “Well, Lenny likes them in tight leather, so you’ve got that much in common with his last fixation.”

“Sara’s more than a fixation,” Leonard snaps, relaxing as Sara presses a kiss to his cheek. “And Barry’s basically a friend at this point.”

Sara laughs, delighted. “You had a thing for the Flash?”

Leonard shrugs. “Then I met the White Canary and was hooked.”

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Basorexia with my boy warren please ❤ i need some warren love rn ❤❤❤ i love love love your work by the way :)

Warren + Basorexia – An overwhelming desire to kiss.

Charles was lecturing the team, a frown evident on his face as you all sat in silence. The words, ‘careful’ and ‘consequence’ were thrown around a lot, although Warren wasn’t listening. He probably should be considering he was the one under scrutiny. He didn’t care for Charles lecture, or the glare Scott has been sending him, because as of this moment, Warren was planning on leaving. He was just about ready to tell Charles to fuck off, before your voice echoed in his ears.

“Why the hell are you only yelling at Warren?” You snapped, arms crossed over your chest while Warren looked up from his hands at you, surprise clear on his face. “All of you have been treating him like shit just because he was a part of Apocalypse’s team, well news flash! So was Ororo and you’re all nice to her. It’s unfair.” You huffed, looking over at Warren.

His expression warmed as you placed your hand over his, a small smile gracing your features. You gave him a curt nod before turning back to the Professor who seemed at a loss for words. You continued defending Warren, your hand squeezing his ever so slightly. He still hadn’t spoken, his eyes now trained on you. He never noticed the way the light caught your eyes, making them swell with colour, or how your nose crinkled faintly when you rolled your eyes,

As Warren looked at you, really looked at you, he was hit with an onslaught of unforeseen affection that made his chest tighten. His hand clenched around yours just out of the sheer shock. How could he had not seen this before, felt this before because God, it felt so right. You glanced over at him, tongue swiping over your mouth as you whispered, “Are you okay?” Warren’s mouth felt like cotton and not trusting his own voice he just nodded. You watched him for a moment longer, lips pressed together in concentration, eyes glistening with something unreadable. Warren felt a blush creep up his face from your gaze, but it suddenly softened into a brilliant grin.

Warren’s gaze fell briefly to your lips, which looked so soft and kissable and he couldn’t think about anything else. He should be worried about Scott practically bashing him, or the fact Charles seems to be agreeing, but you were looking at him like he was your world and the way you rubbed your lips together before speaking only drew his focus further away from the meeting. Warren took in all your features as you spoke, memorizing them like it was the last time he’d see you.

He tried to remember the way your hand felt when you slipped of away from his, elaborate hand actions making him smile. He wasn’t sure what you were saying, everything was white noise at this point. All Warren’s senses honed in on you and only you though his attention was brutally ripped away from you when a hand smacked the table. A curse flew passed Scott’s lips as he stormed out of the room. You smiled triumphantly, falling back into your seat. You turned to face Warren, who was in a bit of a daze. You leaned in closer, mouth opening to speak when Charles interrupted.

“Well I guess the meeting is over.” He grumbled, your eye flickered from him back to Warren.

“Thanks.” Warren managed with a hoarse voice.

“Anytime.” You winked, and now that the meeting was over, Warren didn’t have long to grab your face and kiss you.

But as the plan became cemented in his mind, Peter strode in and your smile lit up as you jumped out of your seat. “What I miss?” Peter chuckled, earning a side eye from Charles. “I’ll speak to you later.” He sighed, leaving the room with Jubilee.

Warren stayed seated for a moment, glancing over to Jean who sent him a sympathetic smile. Warren exhaled sharply before pushing past you and Peter who were hugging by the door. He could hear the “I love you.” You whispered to Peter, and Warren liked to imagine it was for him.

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“You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand, but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting suspicious.” Taehyung

Taehyung prided himself on being able to read others easily. He did it better than anyone else could, and was intelligent in a multitude of ways, but having the knowledge of being able to sense someone’s emotions had always been a strength of his. 

It wasn’t hard to realize your discomfort only an hour into the event that had already caused Taehyung to nervously itch at his tie. There was this hold habit of yours to hold his hand whenever the crowd was too much and the air too difficult to breath. He never minded, he couldn’t mind knowing that his hands were the protection of whatever might startle you.

“Are you alright?” Taehyung watched as you slid a hand over his, fingers brushing slightly against his own.

You spared a glance at him, murmuring a small answer that could have been taken either way. Taehyung grew worried instantly, stepping closer to your side so he could rest a heavy hand at the small of your back. You had always been warm, and he smiled about it into the crook of your neck when he was tired and had just gotten home, telling you how you were his personal heater and how he’d never met anyone so cuddly.

“Are you sure?” It was like an unspoken rule, to hold his hand, that say, whenever you felt nervous or it’s not exactly you’re used to hold his hand out in the streets or when hanging at home. Taehyung didn’t mind. Not too much, anyway.

But he couldn’t help but notice, however, that the hand holding was being more and more common nowadays. He can remember the time you hold his hand on the way to the grocery store the other day (and it’s only a five minutes’ walk) or the time you wouldn’t let go of his hand even after you both crossed through the safe entry that is your building’s front doors.

“You know,” he said firmly, but it was his gentler voice that he used when he knew you needed an extra set of hands to keep you supported. “When you’re afraid you’ll lose me in big crowds, you always hold my hand.” You hum gently to let him know that you were listening, your eyes gazing upon the few other people crowding the changing room. Your eyes flatter, innocence fulfilling your orbs as they meet again with Taehyung’s. “But now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people in the room and I’m getting suspicious.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” It could have been a cue to let go of his fingers, to let him know that you don’t need his hand to protect you from whatever might be frightening at the moment. But instead, you squeezed his hand tightly, as if you were indeed afraid you might lose him if you didn’t do so. It was probably the case, anyway.

Taehyung kissed your forehead and his fingers smoothed over the fabric of the expensive outfit you had put together for this one night. “If you wanted to hold my hand so desperately, you could’ve just told me so.”

He was already tugging at the front of his tie, loosening it from the hold around his neck, and you had never seen someone who looked so good in a suit that they barely wanted to wear. Taehyung squeezed his hand around yours, the fabric of his jacket warm against your skin.

“Where’s the fun in doing that?” you replied, softer this time, and Taehyung just smiled before pressing a chaste kiss to your neck. “And you might get mistaken for the times I do need to hold your hand.” 

“Believe me, love, I’ll know,” he murmured, and he meant it. “I always know.”

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Look how fucking boyfriend he looks in this gif………

- Nageoire 

[Drabble] - Numbing

[[ I only add a fore-warning simply due to the dismal nature of this drabble, as it touches on Viktor’s depression. It’s nothing terribly serious, but if you don’t want a negative read, then perhaps skip this. ]]

               Soft hues of green and yellow sprinkled through the large window panes, casting colour across the dismal and withdrawn, dark room. The hues drifted lazily over the grey sheets and bed banisters, the old walnut dull and almost grey-scale save for the sudden flashes of light coming from the lively city outside.

               Such a contrast to be seen; flashes of gold, greens and yellows cascading between fogs and mists from the busy city state, painting their tinge across a grey, cold room, giving a temporary pigment to the withdrawn space. It was beautiful in a way, like a stain-glass window giving an eye onto a room made specifically to bolster its beauty with its deliberately drab colours, but that was far from the case.

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"I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. " Oak xreader please. 😁

You wake up in a cold sweat, heart pounding in your chest and your breathing fast.

Only seconds after waking up, the details of the dream have already faded from your memory, leaving you with only the left over feeling of dread and fear, settled in your stomach.

Beside you, your boyfriend Oak, turns over, looking up at you with only one eye open.

“Y/N? You okay?”

His voice is soft, gravelly still from sleep as he rubs his eyes, squinting in the darkly lit room so he can see you.

“What? Oh um, sure. I’m fine.” You mumble, running a hand over your hair.

“No you aren’t. Come ‘ere,” carefully, one of his large hands moves to settle on your stomach, pulling you gently towards him.

You let him move you until you’re back on your side, head tucked under his chin and his arms wrapped tightly around you.

“I don’t… don’t wanna lose you,” you mumble into him, lips grazing against his solid chest.

You aren’t really sure where the words come from, probably the left over fear from whatever it was that haunted your dream.

“I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere,” he whispers.

He kisses your forehead, his large strong hands gently rubbing your back as his arms tighten slightly around you.

“You promise?”

“I promise baby.”

With his thick, muscled arms holding you tight against his body, practically shielding you from the world, you feel safe. Safer than anywhere else in the world.

Shinichi ❤

Kaito hung a ‘Under Maintenance’ sign on the rest room door and quickly slammed it shut. He had to rush or he’d miss boarding the airship. 

He placed the duffel bag Jii-chan had passed to him on the counter and zipped it open to examine the contents: a new disguise, his trusty makeup kit, a few of his tools and a set of instructions as to where the rest of the tools and his suit had been stashed on the ship. He quickly changed into the waiter’s outfit and removed his mask. He decided not to go for another mask and use only makeup to disguise his features. 

Soon, a new face stared back at him from the mirror. A naïve looking waiter who seemed like a nervous rookie. Perfect. As Kaito stuffed everything back in and got to cleaning the evidence, he noticed the Band-Aid on his elbow.

 Where- Oh right, Mouri-chan gave it when I grazed it catching the little lady

Kaito shook his head at his carelessness. Such things could blow his cover in no time. It was the details that make or break a disguise. He brought his arm forward to rip off the Band-Aid so he could cover the underlying graze with makeup as well. Held against the mirror, he noticed something written on the band aid. He squinted at the mirror to make out the reversed image

 Shinichi ❤

the band aid proclaimed in a cute scrawl. Kaito blushed as he stared at the characters of his Meitantei’s given name adorning the Band-Aid.

 “Maybe…I’ll just…keep this on. Besides, it’s just a Band-Aid…on a waiter’s arm. No one’s going to notice…”

Prompted by: @brieflysteadysoul  at the Kaishin Discord chat~

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23 and Ronald Wesley for the kiss prompt. Ily!

23. Kiss on a dare

As the clock had past midnight, the common room had quite quickly emptied of students. It was just you and your friends who were still awake - none of you wanted to go to bed even though the classes would start early tomorrow. Just as your eyelids had started getting heavier for each second, one of the Weasley twins suggests you would play a round of a muggle game called Truth or Dare. And who were you to say no to have an excuse to stay up later? With Hermione’s complaints had the dark red couches and armchairs been moved to the sides of the room so you all would fit in a circle in the middle. 

The time had passed without anyone noticing. The sleepiness you had felt before was now gone. It had started off soft, with just some funny truths and unserious dares. But by each question did the truths and dares get more exciting and thrilling. Fred turned to his younger brother Ron, a devil-liked smirk on his face. 

“Ron, I dare you to kiss (y/n)”. The room fell out in a low “ohhh”, but you and Ron stayed quiet. You looked over at your friend and long-time crush, who’s face had turned red as he watched you.

“I mean, are you okay with it?”, he asked, his whisper of a question almost getting drowned by the other’s laughter. You gave Ron a short but firmly nod before Ron leaned in and closed the space between the two of you. As your lips, the laughter around you disappeared and the only people in the room was just the two of you. 

The kiss wasn’t much more than a brush of the lips, but you knew that this wouldn’t be the last kiss for you two. 

Peter, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t. I can’t keep doing this to myself. Keeping myself awake at night because I’m scared for you. I’m spiraling out of reality. I love you but I can’t be with you anymore. 

Peter stared at [Y/N]’s text message. His heart falling heavy in his chest as he read it over and over again. 

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So glad you're continuing these drabbles! I actually have 2: First, a follow-up to Sara finally getting her dance (chapter 4), and a follow up to Chapter 8 (Leonard finally stealing that kiss).

From this drabble.

It’s a dance by only the loosest of definitions; they sway vaguely in time to the music, moving closer with each shuffle.

This isn’t the dance they would’ve had the first time; back then, being this close to someone, this willing to touch someone for something other than necessity, wouldn’t have happened.

She’s looking up at him, and there’s no space remaining between their bodies. He lowers his head, resting his forehead against hers. Their noses brush, and their lips stop so close, too close.

Not close enough.

“Kiss me?”

Her request is simple. His response, closing the distance, everything.


From this drabble.

He’s reasonably certain that a kiss freely offered isn’t stolen, but it’s not like it changes anything; he was never actually going to steal a kiss from Sara.

Then again, he’s come back from the dead. Every moment from here on out is stolen, it its way, not paid for but taken, something he wanted, needed, fought, bled, and died for.

Leonard only has to lean forward to kiss her, and for a moment, it’s too much like the kiss at the Oculus.

So he deepens it, stealing the kiss away from the tainted memories.

This is theirs, theirs alone.

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Hi! Could you do the "you don't really love me-" secret relationship prompt for Yuto plz and thanks <3

Secret Relationship ⎢Always Accepting

Being insecure was a fault in itself. Being insecure and in a relationship with a person made up to be perfect was an issue. Or, eventually, it would be become one. The trick was, when the problem began to show it’s head, it came from the so-called ‘perfect person’ – who also proved to be an insecure person. At times, even you forgot that idols felt the same emotions that you did.

“It’s my only day off,” Yuto gave a huff, arms crossed as you so passively applied your makeup in the mirror. “My next one won’t be until next week and we haven’t even seen each other in – let’s see – a week!” He flashed an imaginary watch, emphasizing his point.

You sensed the agitation in his voice. He wasn’t angry per se, though you could tell there was something else brewing in the inside of his mind. Yuto wasn’t an easily offended person. He was irritated, but at more than the subject at hand. “I already told you, I can’t miss my friend’s party. This isn’t just a celebration for nothing, she got a promotion.”

“Your friend is always throwing a party for something, or going on some random outing that she’s invited you to. You’re with her more than you’re with me.” How could he forget the several times that you came home late, while he came home early to surprise you. He would say nothing, and sometimes even lie as to not cast guilt; saying that he got home only minutes before you did. However, now, he wasn’t afraid to pull punches.

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Mai Soli - A Kalagang Drabble

Mai Soli - A Kalagang Drabble

Kala gets off blockers long enough to let Wolfgang know he’s not alone.

I am not even trying to guess at what Will’s plan might be for getting Wolfgang out of his predicament at the end of Season 2.

This little plot bunny wouldn’t leave me alone. I make a couple of assumptions that could easily be wrong:

1.     Kala is not stopped in the airport upon landing in London, or if she is, the gang gets her out. Because Whispers knows who she is and where she is going.

2.     As a precaution, they all take blockers to keep Whispers in the dark. Most of the time.

3.     I honestly think Wolfgang is in Berlin or somewhere near Berlin, given the timeline of the episode.

I apologize in advance if this sucks.


He swam in a dark, safe place. A place where he didn’t want to wake from. Fear and pain waited outside of this dark pool. Electricity and blood. Memories pressed in on all sides, images he tried to push away for fear he might expose someone else.

But Kala’s face, her voice, would not leave him. Even though Whispers had seen her, had invaded his mind, he still needed to feel like he was protecting her.

Go, he begged. Get away from me. He’ll hurt you too.

It was like pushing his body through water. Warm, soft and so very resistant. No matter how hard his strokes cut through, the waves always came rushing back. Like her voice. Over and over.

I won’t leave you alone.


Will warned her of the risk when she made her decision. In consequence, he refused to speak of their plans with her until the very end. As soon as she’d been compromised, she’d taken a blocker to keep the cluster safe. She was not even allowed to know where they would meet. But now that she was here, nothing would change her mind.

“He can’t be there alone. He can’t think he’s been abandoned.”

Will’s face became hard, the warning clear in his tone. “Just long enough for you tell him. Thats all the time you get. The minute I think you’re in trouble, I’ll force-feed you if I have to.” Will softened, became more gentle. “We need you, too.”

Need. He, better than anyone, should understand that this was beyond something as venal as need and want. It was metaphysical. A question of existence. She could no more cut any of them off than she could cut off her own arm or leg. And yet that’s what she was being forced to do when she took those pills. What they were all being forced to do.

Her hatred for Whispers had no limit.

Wolfgang had scoffed at Lila when she told him they were mai soli, “never alone.” Kala’s cluster had argued against her getting off the blockers precisely because of this, because this time she would truly be alone. But she had won the day. So they had no choice but to let her.

She skipped her dose.

When the electricity ripped through her body, she fell, convulsing, to the floor.  She bit down on her lips so hard, she drew blood beyond that which rose up from her lungs. She tried not to scream. She sensed the agony of her cluster beyond the closed door of the bedroom, knew from the looks of horror when she’d proposed going off the blockers just this once that this had been their fear. If she screamed, it would be worse for all of them. For Wolfgang. She had to be strong.

Why are you here? Go! Wolfgang begged.

No, she countered. We’re coming for you.

She willed herself to be in the room with him. He was not alone. Lila. One day, that bitch’s life would be in her hands. Kala would be the one to end it.

“Still fighting?” Lila taunted, licking her thick, venomous lips. “Pity. We could have ruled the world.”

The only thing Kala pitied was that she didn’t have one bullet. One chance to get at her.

Kala stood on the other side of the gurney, her fingers ghosting over Wolfgang’s lips. A momentary expression of peace crossed his features.

Paddles. Electricity. Pain.

We’re not giving up on you.

Then everything faded to black.


When she woke again, it was to Riley staring down at her. Kala was on the floor, her hair matted to her face with blood. Tears glittered in her cluster-mate’s blue eyes.

“It’s time.”

Riley held up the black pill.  One of the ones Kala had made. Her hand trembled as she took it from her. She’d put all of her formidable mental abilities into deciphering the chemical composition of the blockers. It was her best work of chemical engineering yet.

Riley handed her the glass of water. Kala searched for Wolfgang but she was locked out by his unconsciousness.

She put the pill in her mouth, swallowed. She would soon be trapped in the narrow confines of her mind. And so would he. But if things went well, it wouldn’t be for long.

She stared at the glass of water, the taste metallic. All she wanted was to sink into it together with him and never have to come up for air again.


2+7 Youngjae fluff

“Whose kid is this?” & “Yeah, but how do you know him?“

Finally… silence. With a soft sigh, you snake your arms under the small boy’s back and pick him up from the couch. You could feel his deep sleepy breaths against your arm as you carried him to your bedroom. The little angel had been running around exited all day, and had now finally fallen asleep, giving you some rest. Your best friend’s 3 year old Doyoon was probably the cutest baby boy you had ever laid eyes upon. 

So when she came by your house with an emergency, you immediately said yes to watch him. Over all, Doyoon was just an angel. You guys had played around the entire day. He had helped you bake a cake, well… he had sifted the flour in a bowl with half of it ending up on the floor, he had eaten his lunch with a big smile, you two had gone to the park for a bit and the rest of the day had flown by in a second. 

Your grip on him tightens just a bit when he wiggles around in your arms. Somehow, he started sliding from your arms, so you reposition your arms around his small waist and lay his head on your shoulder. Luckily, the baby was too tired to wake up. With your foot, you push open the door of the bedroom. You were not planning on leaving him to sleep on the couch, so your bed it was. Your bestie had sadly not answered your message yet, but you didn’t mind. You would watch the boy for as long as necessary. 

With one hand to support his head and the other under his butt, you gently lay him down on the bed and tuck him in. Doyoon stirred a bit, but then kept sleeping soundly. As you sit on the edge of the bed, you look at his tiny little face. His soft features totally resembled his mother. You went to stand up, but his small hand wrapped around your thumb, preventing you from leaving. You sat back down slowly and ruffle his short black hairs a bit. 

It would probably be best if you stayed here a while anyway, he might wake up and not recognize where he is or something. Would a 3 year old be able to tell that? Yes, probably … definitely. So staying here it was. After a while his grip on your thumb weakened, but you stayed there anyway. You hadn’t really thought about kids before. You were still pretty young, and your boyfriend had never mentioned kids ever, so you figured he wasn’t ready as well. 

Which is fine by you … or it was. Seeing little Doyoon here, you somehow started getting this feeling. Like you would protect him no matter what. The kind of feeling that you wanted a baby yourself. But you still had so much time, right? You were busy with work and traveling and your boyfriend and your house and- A small frown appeared on Doyoon’s face, knocking you out of your thoughts. His brows knitted together and he scrunched his nose a bit, like he was smelling something weird. His small hand grabbed the sheets tightly. 

Was he having a bad dream? You quickly place your hand on his small cheek and start rubbing little circles on his face to relax him. It seemed to work, but his hands were still tightly gripping the sheets. So with a soft voice, you started humming the first children’s song you could think of. After about two minutes, his frown was completely gone, and his hands had let go of the sheets, so you stop humming. You rubbed his temple softly again, when you heard someone clear their throat behind you. 

“Uhm… babe- W- Why is there a baby in our bed?” You turn around to see your boyfriend Youngjae standing in the doorway with big eyes. He was sweaty and his hair was slightly messy from practice, with strands falling over his face. You quickly put a finger over your lips, motioning him to be quiet and then pointed at Doyoon. His voice was now softer, and he was doing his best to whisper. “Whose kid is this?” You giggle at him. 

What was going on in his mind? That you had kept a three year old hidden from him? Or did he think his was your– Instead of answering, you motioned with your head for him to sit down. He did, and the bed dipped down a bit next to you. With big but serious eyes, he looks at you, clearly waiting for you to begin explaining. With a small smile, you look back at the baby.

“Isn’t he the most adorable thing you have ever seen?” You whispered, your eyes still on the puffy cheeks of the sleeping baby. “Yes… But how do you know him though? Is he- is he yours? Or- IS HE OURS?” You look back at him with a grin. Youngjae did know how birth control worked, right? A soft chuckle left your lips as you look at your confused boyfriend. Finally, you give in. “No. This is Doyoon. He is my best friend’s baby.” His face looks relieved, and then he looks back over to the baby. 

“Oh… You know… I- I actually g-got exited for a moment.” You now look at him with big eyes. “What? I think we would be great parents, that’s all.” With a smile on your face, you nuzzle your face in the crook of his neck and give him a small kiss, and then one on his lips. “I think so too.” He leaned down to kiss you again, his soft lips against yours. The both of you just sat there for a bit, and you prayed that your bestie would let you babysit again soon.