Jeff Buckley performs live at the Mercury Lounge on December 31, 1995, 20 years ago today, in New York.

01. New Year’s Prayer / You & I
02. Lover, You Should’ve Come Over
03. Curtains
04. Kick Out The Jams
05. Auld Lang Syne
06. Grace
07. Mood Swing Whiskey
08. I Woke Up In A Strange Place
09. Last Goodbye
10. Lost Highway
11. Mojo Pin
12. The Other Woman
13. So Real
14. Dink’s Song
15. Alive
16. 3 is a Magic Number

Stephen: Name the world’s largest pyramid.
David: It’s not an Aztec one is it?
Stephen: Yes it is. I wouldn’t expect you to know its name, if you did I would give you forty points.
David: I don’t know its name, but I’ll spit out some consonants.