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*curtsies* Duke, I was going through your tags earlier and I saw that you didn't plan on reading any Stephen King's books because of spite. Why do you spite him (or his writing?), if you don't mind me asking? I'm very curious

*Curtsies* Not sure where you found that because I can’t find it. Under the Stephen King tag I’ve said pretty consistently that I’ve never read his work just because it isn’t really a genre that appeals to me. I don’t really have anything to add to what’s in that tag already.

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I don't know if you're a Stephen King fan but did you hear that JJ Abrams is making a Stephen King shared universe tv show? They confirmed Pennywise the clown, Shawshank Prison, Danny from the Shinning and more are going to be in it.

Shining, not Shinning. You want to get sued?

  • Them: Bob Dylan's voice sucks!
  • Them: Rothko's work is just a bunch of squares!
  • Them: Stephen King's books are depressing!
  • Them: I don't-
  • Me *grabbing their face and looking them in the eyes*: Art doesn't exist to please you.
  • Them: ...but...
  • Me: Art. Doesn't. Exist. To. Please. You.

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Do you think that Stephen King was racist or just old?

I haven’t read all of King’s work, but I’ve never read anything of his that I’d call racist. Some of his characters use racial slurs, which helps show the racist mentality of the characters, but as an author? I don’t think so. I could be wrong, but as far as I know King’s a good guy.

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I don't know if you're a Stephen King fan but did you hear that JJ Abrams is making a Stephen King shared universe tv show? They confirmed Pennywise the clown, Shawshank Prison, Danny from the Shinning and more are going to be in it.

Interesting…  Any Randall Flagg inclusion?

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NAME: Lea (Getit? Iamlea?)

NICKNAME: Depends on the person! But no universal nickname different than my own name. 

ZODIAC SIGN: Libra-Scorpio cusp (like on the minute…)

Warning: The following questions are all answered based on current feelings. These feelings are very fleeting and it could be that tomorrow they all change again!
FAVE BOOK SERIES: Harry Potter for childhood nostalgia, Discworld series for teenage nostalgia and… I am not going to put down an ‘adult’ nostalgia series because I ain’t THAT old yet. (But 20+ would be everything by Stephen King)
FAVE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Oh I love the characters by Terry Pratchett, but any well written character tbh. Oh oh, Peter Pan always has a special place in my heart. 
FAVE FLOWER: Daisy’s or Dandelions
FAVE SCENT: Tuca Tuca by Lush (IF ANYONE EVER FINDS THIS OR IS ABLE TO BUY THIS, please let me know! it is discontinued and I am still mourning…); Cinnamon scent, spicy scents! 

FAVE ARTIST/BAND: Meat Loaf (nostalgia factor), but I’m a great fan of Headhunterz, KHSMR and Ummet Uzcan at the moment. 
COFFEE, TEA, OR COCOA: A good vegan hot chocolate! if not, then gimme all the tea please. 
AVERAGE #HOURS OF SLEEP: Not enough sadly, (7 hours I think?)
NUMBER OF BLANKETS: 2! Two one persons, one for me and one for the bf. 
DREAM TRIP: That would be a trip in which I could meet all my friends again, so that would start in Germany (no idea where exactly, @incarniunknown ), then go to England (Sheffield), then Scotland (Edingburgh), then go to America for my girl Arikia (New York), then South Korea for my bae Wietske (@lifelovekorea), Australia for Emily, and end in Thailand on a beach where I think about how lucky I am to have met all these awesome people.  

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Hearts in Atlantis (2001) review

*5th viewing*

I’ll admit, I’m a fan of Stephen King, even if I haven’t read as many books or seen as many adaptations as a lot of other people. One of the adaptations I have seen, though, is 2001′s Hearts in Atlantis starring Anthony Hopkins and Anton Yelchin.

Beware of potential spoilers ahead. 

The film centers on Bobby Garfield during the summer of 1960 (though, basically, the majority of the film is told through a grown-up Bobby having flashbacks about that summer in the winter of 2000), whose life changes after a strange man, Ted Brautigan, moves into his house as a boarder. The two then develop an inter-generational friendship which forever changes how Bobby sees the world around him.

Now, I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the acting was. I mean, you’d expect someone of Anthony Hopkins’ caliber to be good, but I’d say he went above and beyond expectations here. And not to mention Anton Yelchin and Mika Boorem (who would both go on to be in Along Came a Spider later that same year) are, once again, really good for being 12 and 14 at the time. But really, special mention goes out to Anton, who showed a rather impressive variety of emotions, especially by child actor standards (hell, it even made me emotional, but there’s equal chance that’s also due to hindsight). As for the rest of the cast, they were rather good, including Hope Davis (Liz Garfield), Will Rothhaar(John “Sully” Sullivan), and even Alan Tudyk (who cameos as a guy at a carnival).

As for the story, I thought it was beautiful, but then again, maybe that’s another thing I should’ve expected, considering it’s based on a Stephen King novel. It tackles the issues of growing up, and how eventually, childhood melts away and we’re faced with the harsh realities of real life. I know that that may not have been what the phrase “Hearts in Atlantis” may have been referring to in the novel (yes, I read the short story that inspired this movie, though, I’ve yet to read the rest of the novel), but I felt that they found a lovely interpretation nonetheless.

I also felt the characters were amazingly written. Bobby was a really nice kid who was also inquisitive about the world (kind of like the guy playing him!). Carol was a really kind, yet really brave girl, and Sully was also a pretty fun kid to be around. As for Ted, despite the fact that he had an odd habit of lapsing out at times (due to psychic visions and whatnot), seemed like a kindly old gentleman, and I loved how he became something of a father figure to Bobby. That being said, though, I can’t stand Bobby’s mother, Liz. She was just so vain, stingy and neglectful (please keep in mind, I have very little tolerance for terrible parents), to a point where she couldn’t so much as be bothered to give her son a proper 11th birthday (for reference, Bobby wanted a bike, she got him an “adult” library card because it was free). Look, I know she told him repeatedly that his deceased father left them with money problems, but it was implied that she was actually lying about those, in the book even more so. You can also tell me of later scenes all you want, but even then there is just no excuse for how she treats her son (I’ve always gotten this sense that she doesn’t even care about him a good majority of the time). Actually, one of my favorite scenes in this film was when he was calling her out on all her BS, because, really, she had it coming (fun fact: they actually rewrote this scene at one point, but then Anton, who was 12 at the time, called the director, told him that he preferred the original version because he felt he could portray it with stronger emotions, and that’s the version you see in the final cut).

As for the changes made from book to screen, I can understand completely. See, in the original novel, the “low men” were agents of the Crimson King (from the Dark Tower series for those of you who are unfamiliar with that series), but in the movie, they’re government agents that are recruiting psychics for the fight against Communism. There are also a few other changes here and there, but I feel that some of those contain spoilers that are a bit too major than I’d like to delve into in this series, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

PS: This movie has an amazing soundtrack with a score composed by Mychael Danna and songs pulled from the 50s and 60s, most notably “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” by the Platters (seriously, every time, I say, “Dammit!” because this song is so good).

Hearts in Atlantis is a beautifully written coming-of-age story with amazing actors and characters to back it up. This is one of those movies that I’d recommend for anyone, whether or not you’re acquainted with Stephen King’s books or no.


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I’m re-reading/hate-reading/hate-myself-reading Danse Macabre and I’ve gotten to the part where Stephen King is talking about being a 20 something dude during the second wave of feminist activism and his own male anxiety about “Woman finding her Power” [capitalization are his, really]. So a young Stephen King can’t get laid because of all these newly strident feminist bitches, and when he reads Shirley Jackson through that lens he envisions this strange dystopia where high school is run like a teen matriarchy, with vicious Regina’s George’s using their scary lady vaginas to manipulate their boyfriends.  And bless your heart Stephen King, at least you’re fucking honest.  And at least you channeled your fear of bloody vaginas into horror fiction instead of red pill conspiracies.

But also, of course, I can’t think of Stephen King trembling before the gaping maw of a witch’s vagina without also thinking: 

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Myers Brigg type: ENTP

Favourite Mythical Creature: Ghosts?? But I sorta believe in them idk im really into ghosts

Dream place to make out (or more) with someone: um like a bed or something idk im not into like public indecency and shit, i’d like to make out with someone in general i guess 

Where you live: Austin TX

Where you wish you lived: Seattle, I love Seattle so much, someone take me to Seattle.

A song that sounds like you: sprawl ii by arcade fire

The last book that you read & adored: The last book I read (reread) was It, so that.  I can’t remember the last time I read a book for fun that wasn’t Stephen King?? So that’s weird.

The last film you watched & adored: As. You. Are. god it’s still making me emotional.

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what's your favorite book?

dreamcatcher by stephen king, i haven’t read it in so long but it was one of the first books i ever really enjoyed and i actually have a lot of positive memories involving the movie (i watched the movie first when i was way too young)

but it’s about five guys and them trying to stop an alien invasion and reconnect with each other and i really cared about and related to the characters when i was a tiny kid and it helped me through a lot of shit going on at the time

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mmMMMM!!! i love it when people write muses who aren’t conventionally…?? who aren’t conventional?? i just love everything about your blog, and since stephen king is one of my formative and most influential authors, i think there’s something that rings like home about your blog and your characterization and all the aesthetic expansion that you manage to incorporate into your writing. – does this even make sense? your muse just feels so right and rings so true, and it’s a huge pleasure to follow you! 

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Favorite Book(s): I don’t have a favorite but I enjoyed reading Pet Sematary by Stephen King a lot.

Favorite TV Show(s): I’m going with How to Get Away With Murder for now.

Favorite color: Black

Favorite Fandom(s): The Sherlolly fandom is the healthiest I’m in right now.

Favorite lesser famous fandom(s): Molrene fandom.

Proudest Moment: Speaking in front of lots of people (patients and family) at the inauguration of my Psychologist’s new place.

What tattoos you have or what will you get in the future: I have a FF that stands for Foo Fighters (fave band) on my back and the name of my future husband on my wrist. I want a goth butterfly, an owl and a Pansexual/LGBTQIA pride colored butterfly.

Favorite song(s): Best of you by Foo Fighters. It hits hard when I listen to it.

Place you’d like to visit some day: I’m between Minas Gerais (here in Brazil), USA and England.

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Yo, same anon here that was the first to tell you the Stephen King stuff. I felt I should write this because I scrolled down enough to find you taking it as "harassment". You (and other people) detest JumpJump's Loud Comic, right? Why are you so careless about that scene, then? They both include minors (eleven year olds in "IT") engaging in sexual activity. (I'm not hating on "IT", I love all of Stephen King's work, and this isn't hate. I genuinely want a response from you.)

You want a reaction? Well, here it is. I don’t care.

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ARE YOU A FAN OF STEPHEN KING  ?      DO YOU LIKE  D I S T U R B E D  TEENAGE BOYS  ?     what about boys who take their algebra class  h o s t a g e  for reasons even he himself doesn’t know  ?    this is an  independent   &   selective  portrayal of  CHARLIE  DECKER  from richard bachman  stephen king’s  s h o r t   s t o r y   R A G E .   (  not recommended for the faint-hearted  )  penned by alyssa.