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Good Morning Sunshine by Mariko Klug


favorite characters edit || rose calloway & connor cobalt

“i can hear your heart beating.”
“it beats in equal time with yours. toujours.”

ID #75904

Name: Hazel
Age: 20
Country: Canada

Hello there! My name is Hazel and I currently live in Alberta, Canada. I’ve always loved writing letters and sharing stories with those I meet.

I would prefer snail-mail since I have a great interest in stickers and art. I’ve also developed an interest in film photography. I would love to send you little gifts like pictures, friendship bracelets, tea, and anything else I can fit into an envelope.

I’m going into my 3rd year of music university and my major is voice performance. I love all kinds of music such as: jazz, r&b, kpop, jpop, rock, and classical music (anything really!). I hope that we can share our different interests with one another!

Preferences: I would love to meet people who are close or around my age (17-24). I’ve always wanted to make friends overseas, but I would love to meet people from Canada and USA. I’m hoping to find long term pen-pals who are also understanding and patient when times get busy. I will make sure to give you the same treatment.


Into The Light by Mariko Klug

ID #91701

Name: Tianah
Age: 19
Country: United Kingdom

I enjoy things related to creativity, fashion, photography, music and arts, I’m very easy to talk to and I’d love to become pen pals with someone who reciprocates my energy, but if you’re shy I can bring you out of your shell. I am interested in learning a new language as I only really speak in English. My type of music is mainly hip hop, r n b, house, drill and some grime, reggae and bashment lol.

Preferences: 17-25 years old as I give good advice to people just below my age group but could also do with some.


Let It Shine by Mariko Klug