Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (Chico. CA. USA) - Torpedo Extra I.P.A - Extra I.P.A

7.2% - ½ Draught

Beer #2

Yayyyyy, I’m unashamedly smitten with Sierra Nevada. When I saw Torpedo on draught, of course I was gonna buy some. This is what I meant by I failed slightly on gently ramping up the ABVs on my little bar crawl. 

A. Dark amber/reddish golden colour (copper? I s'pose) with a small but beautiful white head, holds nicely.

S. Heavy on the hops, but this is to be expected with a 7.2% extra I.P.A from the hop loving Sierra Nevada. If I couldn’t smell hops I’d be REALLY worried. Pine, Lemon and Grapefruit - Sierra Nevada themselves admit that they are a big fan of citra hops, this much is obvious. 

T. Big hops upfront, similar to the nose. There is a resounding sweetness though certainly from the malts. It’s biscuity, reminding me faintly of those lovely lotus brand biscuits you get given when ordering coffee in a fancy café. Beautifully balanced. I sometimes find the hops can be overdone in hyper-charged I.P.As and can result in a hop headache, not with this. 

M. Slightly sticky in the mouth, with a light carbonation that leaves behind a lovely bittersweet flavour (not sentiment - although with each glorious sip I am emptying the glass :( ) which one does not want to leave. 

O. An incredibly well balanced I.P.A I could drink can after can (and then fall over). The nose profile is understated, and the flavour is bang on. A perfect beer to convince even the most hop-phobic of drinkers. A treat to behold… And to think I had been putting this one off for a while. 


Hats off to Magic Hat, this beer is AWESOME!
I don’t know about your taste but I love a beer that flavorful and easy to drink. HI.P.A surely was well qualified in both categories :P
Brewed with hops, upon hops, with just a little more hops on top of that, this I.P.A is fantastic.

The label was designed by Stanley Mouse, San Francisco’s rock poster artist from the 60’s. (You can catch some of his other art on the album covers of the Greatful Dead… FUCKING COOL)

This beer is brewed with pale malt, Columbus hops and English Ale yeast.
One of the best flarved, easy drinking IPA, I’ve ever had!

6.7% alch – American I.P.A
My personal rating – 3 stars out of 5
Let me know what you think! I <3 talking beer!