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Who is most likely to answer "what do you want to eat?" With "you"

You scroll through restuarant after restaurant, hundreds of city eateries blurring past your impatient thumb. Italian. Korean. Chinese. Vietnamese. American…

Changkyun sits on the edge of the leather sofa in front of where you stand. He’s flicking two silver rings between his fingers, his eyes hot against your bare legs.

“What do you want to eat?” you ask, voice quiet.

You feel fingers lace around the back of your thighs, squeezing tight. You look away from your phone and down to where his fingers are snaking up the length of your waist and hips to slowly catch the hem of your tee and lift it above the waistband of your shorts. His eyes gaze up, looking for yours, as his lips kiss the little sliver of exposed skin.

“You.” he whispers.

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Queen... assign the members a high end fashion brand... Armani, Versace, Vetements, YSL, Dolce and Gabbana, Burberry, Givenchy...


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Dolce and Gabbana:

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Hi!! I love your writing so much. Do you think you could do a smut with a very mysterious and dark changkyun in an au where he meets the shy reader in a bar and gets her home...😊🖤

Here you go, love 🖤

Warning: VERY dark, almost AU Changkyun. Implied loss of virginity. Not safe for work or grandma’s house although it’s not crazy explicit. 

A/N: I listened to “You’re So Dark” (aka my favorite song ever) by the Arctic Monkeys while listening to this. 

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It took a lot longer for him to get you in this position than he anticipated. The chase was bittersweet, but the result tasted like honey on his tongue. His lips melted into yours like they were the softest mattress on Earth. Everything was worth it in the end. 

You resisted his advances, something that he predicted from the get-go when he saw you in that tiny yet surprisingly modest dress. Looking completely out of place at the bar, you nursed a vodka tonic and glanced wearily around the packed room. He noticed that you held onto the same drink for almost an hour, barely finishing one before he came over. The red blush that came over your cheeks when he came into your peripheral vision was the most delightful shade of red he’d ever seen. Pleasant greetings, small idle talk, and cautious brushes of his fingers against your skin were all part of his game. 

You were soft like a baby deer, and he was the wolf prowling in the thicket waiting for his chance to pounce. 

He talked to you like he actually cared. His ability to play this game was beyond any compare. Many ladies had fallen under his spell before, and he just planned on making you another notch in his bedpost. Your notch would be deep and among the most beautiful. The innocence and frailty that you exuded would be a shining star in his night, and come morning he’d enjoy watching the dying embers.

He had you pressed up against the back wall of the bar, his hands tangled in your hair and your bodies painfully close. The fluttering of your heart was thudding against his chest, and your sharp intakes of breath were speeding him along. Kissing you was addicting and he enjoyed ravishing your inexperienced lips. Pulling away reluctantly, he ran soft fingertips along the skin of your neck, admiring the goosebumps that rose in their wake.

“My place or yours?” The question was loaded. It didn’t matter the venue nor the length it took to get there. He didn’t care about anything besides the ability to take something that you were timidly willing to give him. 

“Yours,” you squeaked out. Fear, excitement, and something new was racing through your veins. Something all together foreign. When he all but dragged you out of the bar and into a taxi you registered that the feeling was lust

Hands and lips rarely strayed far from each other. The taxi ride and the short trek from the lobby into his threshold were punctuated by breathless moans. Low growls emanated from his chest as your shaking hands roamed over the expanse of his chest. You were testing the waters, and you found them warm and inviting. Taking the plunge you opened yourself up for him, welcoming his eager hands and skilled lips. 

You found yourself in a posh apartment that was a perfect parallel to him. Dark colors and sharp lines accentuated everything but you didn’t have an opportunity to drink it in because in a hurry you were rushed into a bedroom and onto a soft mattress. You fell back onto the plush bedding with a quiet thud, a sharp whine escaping you.

“Eager for me?” He said, dark eyes glinting as he hovered over you. His mouth attacked your neck as his hands worked your dress over and off your body. He ravished your entire being with just a dark look, heating you up in an unfamiliar fashion. Skin met skin, and Changkyun groaned at the doe-eyed look you gave him when he got bolder. 

Pain and pleasure were intermingled through the night as he took what you were willing to give him. You offered yourself up on a silver platter, thinking that he would care and caress you in a way no other man had. He got into your head, making you think that each groan of his was meant for only you. When he pushed past that inner barrier and became one with you everything shattered in your fragile heart. He was consuming like a flame and you loved the inferno he lit in you when he began a relentless pace into you. His mouth was never distant from yours, and his fingers worked you into screams of satisfaction that you didn’t realize you were capable of.

He was everything for you that night, but in the morning he was nothing. All that was left were rumpled sheets, a used condom wrapper, and a note asking to lock up before you leave. 

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owa: "I fuck 'cause I need to. I fuck when I want. I'll fuck you in love, even though it is not. I'll fucking digest you, one kiss at a time. You wish I was yours, and I hope that you're mine."

I.M 🖤