Ok but the general consensus seems to be that Junkrat probably received little to no affection in his years as a junker right?? So can you imagine a point where Junkrat and Roadhog have been together for a while as partners, and they slowly start to trust each other enough that they can let their guard down and help each other when it’s needed . And then one day after Junkrat has been injured in some way, Roadhog notices the how tense he is and offers to give him a massage. At first of course he’s confused like “tf is that??” which gives way to shock cause they’ve so far only done things that were out of strict necessity, and Junkrat had never had anyone offer him much of anything. He agrees a little hesitantly, trying to act all casual about it, but when Roadhog really starts to rub him (and so gently, how in the hell did he have the right to be that gentle with such huge hands???) He just kind of loses it and gets emotional because it feels so good, not even in a sensual way, but just the caring touch of another person, something’s he’s never had, never been offered, and probably never felt deserving of anyways


Porn makes me.dick.soft.
I think Im a broken
Token nigger. Only
Soft spoken when
He hears the phone ring
Tingling sensation in the pants
Sentimentality is the feeling of romance.. Only with a body.
The spewing blood of a young
Underling, about sums up how much cum a slut Sucks instead.of a good.fuck I see
.. Pretty beads
Lead the eyes to the
Split in the stream
Only leaning ever so slighty
To the right.. Warmth is another
Feeling I get.. Boop