Your Daily Dose of STFU Skyler haters

Here’s what I don’t get; almost everyone is crying out for strong, well written women in entertainment.  When we get one in Skyler White, the knee jerk reaction of “bitch, whore, cunt” comes out in full force.  Here’s the thing, you don’t have to agree with her choices, or even like her choices; however, it’s hard to deny that she’s in total control of her own agency.  She doesn’t roll over and cry while Walter was sneaking around, she took action, she filed for divorce and kicked him out.  She reclaimed herself by going back to work and found comfort in an old friend, and while it’s not the best thing to cheat on your husband, I can certainly understand why she did it.  It was in part to have a bit of happiness with someone who in her eyes was the complete opposite of what Walt had become.  Walt tried to take away her agency by attempting to rape her, her choice to sleep with Ted was a step in her reclaiming her own agency.  Perhaps there was a dash of revenge fucking with Ted, and again, I can understand that completely.  

When she finally finds out about Walt’s activities, she’s faced with a choice to either run off forever or stay and become involved.  Unfortunately, that decision is not as easy as it sounds.  Hank was nearly killed because of Walt, and because Skyler feels loyalty to Hank (via Marie), she really has no choice, but to stay and help.  She crafted the gambling story to keep Hank from finding out, and made damn sure that the meth money went to rehabbing Hank, because Walt was responsible.  Yes, there is a bit of naivety on her part, thinking that being a Meth Kingpin was like running a normal business.  I think she was genuinely shocked at the level of immorality that goes along with that particular career path.  Perhaps she thought she could handle it, or she thought that having some control over things would make it less horrific and scary.  However, by the time she realizes the truth of her situation, it’s too late; she’s now Walt’s prisoner and hostage and has no choice but to do what she can to save herself and her kids.

And oh yeah, if you’ve suddenly decided that you now like Skyler because she went Skyensberg on Lydia, you can go sit on a cactus.