i.e make up

Simple Witch Tips

Greetings! 🌈 so these are things that I do that help me out, I hope they can help you!

- Take permanent mark and mark your perfumes with signs to enchant each one, I.e. beauty, lust, love, luck, protection, ect.

- Use essential oils/paints/sun or moon water/ water and salt mixture to mark sigils on door frames to bring something or use for protection.

- Enchanting make up I.e. using eye shadow colors for certain charms (green for prosperity, brown for grounding, blue for peace, purple for psychic help), using bronzer to help connect with the sun’s energy, lipsticks for increasing the power of your words.

- As above using nail polish and decals to boost energies from your finger tips. A great way to add sigils to yourself without it being too noticeable.

- Keeping good fortunes from fortune cookies - adding them to spells or using the numbers in chants to make the fortune come true.

- Using air freshener sprays as a way to cleanse your carpet, bed sheets and pillows, furniture, ect. To cleanse or charge the energy attached.

- Color book pages charged with colors of your choice and intent to bring happiness or peace of mind when hung up (I tape mine to my bedroom windows so when I wake up I am charged with happiness)

- Instead of inscribing sigils or symbols I enchant stickers with power. I use bumper stickers to protect my car (along with air fresheners), I put my stickers on binders for school.

These are just some things I do that help me, I hope these tips help all of you as well!

An open post, addressed to Men; who consider themselves 'Allies' to the cause of Female Supremacy.

The below is a totally non-complete and non-scientific list of things we (Men) can do to improve the quality of the lives of the women around us. Some of these items are minor, some require a little more effort. None require extreme action.

If, like me, you agree the world would be much better off governed solely by biological females - these are small steps we can take to help the cause along the way. By making women’s daily lives easier, we begin to lay the foundations of a peaceful, happy, female oriented world of tomorrow.

Please feel free to add to this list, remove from the list as you see fit, just please mention that your list is based from this one. I may add to this from time to time.

(P.S. - Enacting any or all of these warrants no special reward, no prize and no recognition. These should be common courtesies extended to women, by men; to improve their lives and help to try and make up for the piss poor treatment that the entire female sex has suffered for 1000s of years. )

If you work with women:

- Offer to make her/them a tea/coffee; so she/they can continue working. If she/they decline(s) don’t pester and just offer again when you next make one. Never be pushy.
- Clean her/their cup(s)if you do, don’t be lazy.
- Keep the workplace tidy, don’t leave this to the women.
- Complement women on the work they do and thank them for the their efforts. A little thanks goes a long way.
- Don’t bear down or mansplain anything.
- Don’t talk over women.
- Don’t comment on women’s appearance anything other than a polite ‘you look nice today’.

If you employ women:

- Never enforce a dress code you don’t enforce on men (I.E. High heels or make-up).
- Promote and hire women over men when possible, if it’s a choice between two candidates right for the job, choose the woman.
- When hiring women, always push for the most significant pay/benefits package possible for her role.
- Allow fully paid menstruation leave (Min 2 days per month) on top of holidays and sick pay. This should be in contracts with female employees. No equivalent should be offered to male employees (as, you know, they don’t fucking need it).
- Allow women to leave early if they have an issue with children. Don’t hold this against them.
- Ensure there is a safe, strictly enforced women-only space available (ideally accessible using ID cards/security passes only. With penalties up to and including termination for men who enter this space.

If you’re employed by a woman:

- follow her instructions to the letter. She has enough to deal with without you not listening.
- If she asks you to perform minor things outside your duties (I.e - tidy the office, or do a coffee run) do it without hesitation.
- Offer to take charge of any errands she may need running.

In the street/on the road:

- Never wolf-whistle.
- Hold doors open for women who are pregnant/pushing prams or holding bags etc. Expect no reward.
- Don’t stare at women.
- Don’t objectify women.
- Don’t push in front of women in queues.
- Give way to women at road junctions who are waiting (so long as it’s safe and lawful)
- If it’s dark/late and a woman is approaching you, cross the road/keep your distance. Due to rape culture, women report feeling tense in these situations. Make it as comfortable as possible for her.

In the home:

- Men should strive to make women’s lives as comfortable as possible. There are studies that show men THINK they’re doing more in the home than they’re actually doing when it comes to house-care/home cooking/house cleaning and childcare. There’s no such thing as a man doing “too much” around the house, but there is such a thing as a man doing too little (and most men do too little). It isn’t ‘glamorous’ or ‘fun’ but it is absolutely reasonable and necessary. This means men do at the very minimum 75% of the household chores, ideally more. Women have to put up with much more shit at work on a daily basis than men do, she shouldn’t have to worry about doing as much as you in the home.
- If you have kids, make it clear in absolutely no uncertain terms that all major decisions are made by the Female head of the household. Any girls growing up in the household will see female authority as natural and act accordingly, any boys growing up will see this and know to respect female authority in life elsewhere.
- If she has friends over, don’t get in the way. But do make yourself useful.

When raising Daughters:

- Teach them unlimited aspirations.
- Teach them about excellent female role models.
- Don’t enforce über femininity on her, she’ll decide for herself later in life her look/style.
- Take her to self defence classes.
- Make sure she sees the head of the house is Female.
- Ensure she feels safe to talk about anything to you.

When raising sons:

- Teach them to respect and listen to what women are saying. Don’t enforce female supremacy on children, but also don’t reinforce societal roles of Female submission and male dominance. The removal of toxic masculinity begins with fathers and sons.
- Teach them about excellent female role models.
- Make sure he sees the head of the house is female.
- Make sure he feels he can talk to you about anything.

In the bedroom/Sexuality:

- Never pay for sex. The chances of the woman invoked having gone through no abuse/degradation is nil. Paying for sex is paying for the abuse of women.
- Men should never push for sex from a partner, regardless of how horny they are feeling. While trying to ‘come on’ to a partner is of course fine, accept her first rebuttal. If she wants sex, you’ll know about it.
- Prioritise the woman’s desires/fantasies always. Do your best to put aside your own wants for her benefit.
- If a woman has said no to a sex act (I.e Anal) never ask for it again. She’ll let you know if she’s changed her mind and wants to try it. Anything else is pressuring her.
- The woman should dictate what sex involves. Even if this extends to rarely/never having PiV. The idea that this IS sex must be removed from society, it’s merely an act on the massive spectrum of sexual activity (and can be very disappointing to women when compared to female centric acts like cunnilingus).
- Never sexually dominate a woman (even on her request) as much as this appears to contradict the previous point, it doesn’t. The overall goal of female supremacy supersedes the individuals sex lives. The less instances men have any authority over women the better.
- Reverse the orgasm gap. Women are naturally capable of multiple orgasms whilst men are not. It’s selfish and unfair to limit women to one or no orgasm(s) when she’s capable of much more. Sex should never involve a man orgasming and a woman not. The reverse is acceptable.

When professionally dealing with women (serving a table, sales etc):

- Be polite, use ma'am/madam unless you’re told differently.
- Don’t eavesdrop on conversations.
- If she has an issue with your service/establishment - listen attentively, she’s probably been pretty nervous about asking you because of social conditioning.

On a night out
- NEVER touch women without permission.
- If you ask a woman to dance or buy her a drink, if she refuses don’t press the issue. Wish her a good night a walk away.
- Intervene if a woman is clearly on her own and being intimidated by a man / either report or step in.


- Don’t tell sexist jokes.
- Don’t wolf whistle.
- Don’t mansplain.
- Don’t intimidate.
- Don’t raise your voice.
- It’s the little things that count: men should regularly ask the women close to them (e.g.: mothers, wives, girlfriends, etc) if they “need anything [else] done?”, or “is there anything [else] I can do for you?”. It’s a good simple open-ended question that can lead to women naming their needs and it doesn’t come across as unusual when asked. It comes across as considerate and polite.

Just to re-iterate, none of these things qualify you as a female supremacist ally. These are good starting blocks though. Let’s make a better world! #FemaleSupremacy

(P.S. - Big thanks to @radfem-femsep-femsup-amazon for her help input and excellent additions. It’s been much appreciated)

The real gag is: Normani Kordei did a cover and sung like five parts by herself over simple 808 tracks by layering and harmonizing with her own voice

Looking for legitimate, respectful, honest discourse with conservatives anywhere from right-libertarians, neocons (no one would self identify anyway), traditionalist/social conservatives, right centrists, and garden variety republicans.

What is the legitimate role of government?

I see conservatives promoting free markets, how can a government exist in a free market?

Is taxation theft? If so how should this small government be funded?

If we agree that free markets make for better products through competition, what prevents competing businesses from providing the services government currently provides better?

How do you determine what services should be ran by government and what services are better left to competing firms?

I appreciate any respectful responses, I’m not out to attack anyone (in this post 😉) and I’d appreciate intellectual honesty (i.e. Let’s not make up crazy, extremely rare, probably would never happen in 100 years situations and base our entire policies on this chance these situations arise)

Thanks so much! I’m going to tag a few people to get the party started.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Marcus did that video for views or just to get noticed by DnP? The phandom isn't really happy about all the theories that he talked about...

Views, 100%
i don’t think Marcus really needs a notice from dnp and even if he does he should know that talking about dnp is never a way to get noticed by them, (especially if you’re a peer, and they don’t like it at all; Dan unfollowing Shane for reference, someone he used to admire. although i’ll admit shane did take it too far)
plus, Marcus prefers quantity over quality for his second channel stuff, as his top priority for MoreMarcus is daily content and he prides himself on that. I think he just wanted a new topic for a video and picked a random topic (and dnp is usually good for views, however nasty trick it may be). if you look at the things he talked about, i.e. Dan and Phil making up names on liveshows, lubegate , phil being psychic and whatnot, they’re very dumb and amateur theories compared to the level of actual, serious theorising we do (predicting their move, Dan’s rebrand, off the top of my head) so if he did want to do an actual video about us theorising then he could’ve easily done one out of our actual serious theories. this was just him banging a video out (probably to stir the pot a bit bc i looked at his views on the last four of five videos on moremarcus and i didn’t spot a single one over 200k, which is low considering the channel has 2 mil + subs)
also, i don’t think he really cares about interacting with dnp or making videos with them much. i think if he did he could’ve made a collab (even on his channel) years ago considering they do know each other. marcus and dnp are from different worlds.


jesus why is it so hard for men to realize that it’s literally SO easy to keep me happy by occasionally acknowledging my existence as their girlfriend on social media

Paint the Mirrors Black: Binding/Banishing Thing

Inspired by a song; this spell is to help you forget about an ex-partner / lover who was abusive, or just a negative presence in your life. You can also use this spell to help yourself move on from a bad relationship.

*This spell requires reflection on negative experience(s); if you are unable to do that for whatever reason, this may not be the best spell for you.


  • a mirror; a handheld mirror is best for this (i.e. pocket mirror, make-up mirror, etc.); you can easily get one at the dollar store
  • black paint and a paint brush
  • some fabric to wrap the mirror in (an old t-shirt is fine)
  • a hammer

Set up your altar / work space by laying down scrap paper or old newspaper and readying your supplies, as well as any other actions you take before spell work.

Hold the mirror and close your eyes. Reflect on all the negative / harmful / abusive things this person has done to you. Remember how bad you were made to feel because of their actions, and project all that negativity into the mirror. You can either channel it through your body and arms, and out through your hands, or you can take in deep cleansing breaths, and exhale the negativity out and into the mirror. (If you have another method feel free to use that, just expel these feelings out of you and into the mirror.) Once you have removed as much of the negativity from your system as you can, set the mirror down on the paper and paint it. As you apply the paint, say / think / modify the following:

I paint this mirror black to forget you
I no longer hear you in my mind
I no longer see you in my dreams
I no longer feel you in my heart
The pain you once caused me is no more
Any influence you once had is no more
The thoughts and feelings are no more
Trapped inside the mirror, bound in black
You are gone from my life
And gone you shall stay

Once your mirror is completely covered in the black paint, set it somewhere where you won’t see it often to dry (like on top of a cupboard or in a closet, etc.). Once it is completely dry, take it out and wrap it up in the fabric. Go outside with it, and bring the hammer. Set the wrapped-up mirror on solid ground and smash it. Channel any feelings of rage / hatred / etc. you have left in regards to the person or situation into the smashing of the mirror. As you do so, say / think / modify the following:

As this mirror breaks and shatters
So does your hold on me
I am free of your bonds
Free of your [abuse / lies / manipulation / whatever they did to you]
No more will you haunt me
No longer shall you influence me
You will never come back

Continue the smashing as long as you like. When you are done, rid yourself of the mirror, either by throwing it out or burying it somewhere away from your home.

Some folk are just Insecure

What I learned from ship policing and that Dream Daddy fiasco is that some folks are very insecure to get mad over fictional characters.

These people must be insecure about themselves because they have to one, make their sexuality/gender the most important thing about themselves. And two, their sexuality/gender has to be super fragile that they find a way(i.e. make something up) to get mad over something that doesn’t concern them.

Their anger isn’t just a waste of time that they could be using towards actual advocacy, but they hurt themselves in the process.

You have people getting beaten, killed, and harassed for being gay, but when somebody calls that out, people are skeptical because being called homophobic is tossed around so loosely.

However, I don’t think they care about actual homophobia. They say they do, but they’re only mad when it “affects” them because they don’t like what they see online. They’re in the position that because they’re gay, they can find a way to shame someone for liking a ship instead of respectfully disagreeing.

That doesn’t make someone tolerant of someone’s sexuality, but it perpetuates sterotypes that make gay people or people who are left leaning super emotional and irrational.

"Muse and Mun Fun Voice Meme"

1. Read your bio in your Muse’s voice

2. Mun says their Muses favorite line in Mun’s voice.

3. Mun says their Muses favorite line in Muse’s voice.

4. Mun lists 5-10 things their Muse has taught them.

5. Mun reads the back of a shampoo bottle in Muse’s voice.

6. Mun talks about their favorite thing Muse does. You know, little quirks they like.

7. Muse talks about their favorite adventure. ((i.e. Make something up, talk about an episode, etc.))

8. Mun talks about Muse’s accent. ((i.e. How different their characters voice is from their own))

9. Mun fangirl’s about upcoming shows, movies, comics, etc.

10. Muse says goodbye, in anyway they please.

11. Mun does Muse’s enemies’ voices.

12. Mun tells the story of how they met their Muse.

Episode Review: ‘Jelly Beans Have Power’ (S08E19)
  • Airdate: January 27, 2017
  • Story by: Ashly Burch, Adam Muto, Kent Osborne, Jack Pendarvis
  • Storyboarded by: Hanna K. Nyström & Aleks Sennwald
  • Directed by:  Cole Sanchez (supervising), Sandra Lee (art)

What if you were to wake up one morning and discover that you had an ability or power that, despite being there your whole life, had remained untapped and unused. You might be excited at first, but soon the existential questions would inevitably pile up. Why didn’t I know about this before? What effect might this have on my life? What does this all mean and who am I really?

In this episode, Bubblegum struggles with these same questions. She tries her hardest to utilize her candy elemental powers that she discovered she had in the seventh season episode “Elemental”. Her desire to do so is influenced by Slime Princess’ ability to masterfully control her slime powers; for some reason, Bubblegum cannot seem to attain the level of power that Slime Princess has. After meeting Chatsberry, the primordial candy elemental, in a dream, Bubblegum begins to unlock the secrets of her powers. It is only when her kingdom is in danger from a flying cootie catcher that she begins to figure everything out: she has been unable to access her potential because, as a scientist, she has been horrified that she was not aware that she had the power to jettison candy out of her hand. She feels as if she does not truly understand who she is anymore. Eventually, by logically breaking down the components of candy, Bubblegum is able to tap into her real power; in other words, Bubblegum has to think about her magic logically in order to ‘flip the switch’.

But when the cootie catcher is defeated, Bubblegum realizes that her extreme power caused untold amount of collateral damage to her kingdom. She may have won the battle, but she has a long way to go before she can truly be considered a master of her jelly bean powers.

In the end, it’s revealed that the cootie catcher was a device created by Patience St. Pim; the episode ends by suggesting that the sneaky ice elemental is up to… something.

I feel that I can safely say we have all been in a situation wherein we discovered some facet of our mind/self/body that we had never really been aware of before. It can be (and often is) a scary and frustrating experience because we, and only we, have lived inside our own bodies. How is it that we have missed a feature of our very self? It’s enough to make one question their very nature and ponder if there are any other aspects of ourselves that we’re not aware of.

But of course there are! That’s the very nature of living. We go through life stumbling into unfamiliar territory, be it new feelings, new physiological features, new ways of thinking, or shifts in perspective/worldview. These changes are natural, and they’re important parts of self-discovery. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s easy to explore that which we are unfamiliar with, but we should, because a rejection of these facets is in a way a rejection of our very selves. Like it our not, these features are a part of us. We must accept who we are to live the very best life, just as Bubblegum must accept who she is in order to effectively use her powers.

The acceptance process is often a very difficult one, as it often times questions many assumptions we have about what is ‘right’, ‘good’, or ‘natural’. Oliver Sava of The A.V. Club, in a review of this episode, uses his experience of coming to terms with his homosexuality as a point of comparison. He writes:

Identity isn’t something set in stone. People change dramatically over time, and it can be a real challenge to understand those changes and accept the person you’re growing into. This episode made me think a lot about my personal coming out process and how difficult it was to accept that I was gay even though it was clearly a huge part of who I was. The foundation of who I thought I was had been completely upended, and it took years for me to embrace that part of myself instead of being afraid of it.

I agree completely with him, and I have my own point of comparison. Last year, I was diagnosed with depression. I was horrified at first, because, despite ‘living in my own skin’, I had never clearly and cognizantly recognized this fact. It shook me to my very core, and made me confront many assumptions and ideas I had about mental illness. In the end, however, I grew more confident in who I was. Like it or not, my mental illness was a part of me, and I grew to accept that. Now, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t treated it, merely that I have not attempted to deny it or feel ashamed of it. I stumbled into unfamiliar territory, and eventually came to accept what I found.

An important thing to point out is that the way one processes and accepts who they are is going to differ from person to person. For instance, Slime Princess is easily able to come to terms with her slimy powers, whereas Bubblegum eventually accepts her very nature only after processing it in her own way. I would argue that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of self-discovery (excepting self-harm and dangerous activities), as, to quote Bubblegum, “People get built differently.” We all process new experiences in our own ways, and for Bubblegum she had to do that by thinking about her jelly bean powers from a scientific perspective. The important thing is that, in the end, she ultimately embraced her nature.

Onto more lighter topics…

The art and design for this episode are quite fun, and illustrative of the episode’s idea of a universal, Jungian candy archetype that makes up a integral part of reality. Indeed, this is reiterated time and time again in this episode, both obviously in the dialogue, as well as more subtly in the episode’s design. For instance, Bubblegum’s dream takes place in what appears to be a psychedelic version of the Galaxy of Flavors (perhaps a visual metaphor for what one could call—echoing Chatsberry—the ‘cosmic candy consciousness’), and the episode’s title card clearly depicts Bubblegum’s brain and lungs as being composed of jelly beans (i.e. making up the very fabric of her being).

Hanna K. Nyström, one of the episode’s two storyboarders considers her hot streak with this episode. I called her the MVP for last season, and if she keeps it up, she’ll win this title again. This is also Aleks Sennwald’s (the episode’s other ‘boarder) third great episode. If Nystrom and Sennwald remain partners for the remainder of the season (as Islands seems to imply), I think we can expect great things from them (and spoiler alert, I’ve seen Islands, and their episode “Hide and Seek” is amazing).

Mushroom War Evidence: Nothing.

Final Grade:

Note: The show is really on a roll. I don’t think I’ve ever given out this many straight-A’s before (excepting several of the Stakes entries, as I now honestly consider those to make up one big ol’ movie).

Lily Evans, a.k.a. Jame’s Potter’s favorite thing to wake up to in the morning.

Taken by a sleepy but delighted Prongs the morning after she officially moved in

Huge shout out to bearwonder for making Luca Hollestelle’s eyes green (i.e. making up for my utter lack of photoshop skills)

Borogravian Nugganites - The game

A game for 3 to 8 players.

You will need

  • pens,
  • a number of empty cards or small slips of paper,
  • a hat, jar or box,
  • and notepads or scrap paper for taking notes.


  1. Each player gets divine inspiration from Nuggan, and recieve four abominations as revelations (i.e. the player makes them up). These are written on individual cards and put in the hat, so nobody can see them.
  2. Each player makes up a character for themself, usually a Borogravian citizen, noting a few details like gender, race, age, occupation, and name.The players should write this down on their notepad.
  3. The players decide on the order of play (clockwise around a table, say) and who is first.
  4. Each player presents him-, her- or itself, stating the descriptions they’ve made up. It’s probably a good idea to make note of who the other player characters are.


The aim of the game is to be the last to be condemned to Hell for indulging in abominations. This requires keeping all abominations in mind, keeping track of what the other players have revealed about their characters, and trying not to incriminate yourself.

At the start of each round, four abominations are drawn from the hat and read out loud. (Any previously drawn abominations are still in force, of course.)

Taking turns, each player reveal another fact about their character. This can be a new fact, or an amendment of a previously stated fact (although too drastic changes, like changing age, gender, race, station in life enormously etc. are not allowed).

After a player has revealed this new fact, the other players can each ask them a question about their character if they so wish (if they don’t, they’ll say “Pass”).

Should any fact be known that indicates an abomination, any other player can state so, adding “which is an abomination unto Nuggan!”

The accused player can then attempt to defend themself, but unless all other players agree it was a groundless accusation, the accused player recieves a black mark. Any player can only be accused of the same abomination once.

After a player has recieved eight black marks, that character is irrevocably on the road to Hell, and the character is out of play. The player may still participate as usual in asking questions, making accusations, and writing more abominations.

At the end of the round, each player writes one to three more abominations that are put in the hat and mixed with the others, and the next turn starts with four new abominations.


When writing abominations, limit yourself to one to four words. You can name things (turnips, clogs, hats, the sound of sneezing, etc), or activities (playing fiddle, twiddling thumbs, snoring, etc).

Try not to be ridiculously generic. “Living” for instance, will catch (almost) everyone, as will “nipples”. The only result of this is that everybody will get a black mark for the same abomination, and it’s not much fun for anyone.

If you want to target another player, that’s perfectly fine.

Abominations can be saved between games and re-used, so the players don’t have to write them all themselves during the game.


Player 1: “I’m a male, middle-aged woodcutter called Thomas”.
Player 2: “I’m a teenage female bar maid called Penny”.
Player 3: “I’m an old dwarf miner called Thorstein”

Round 1

Abominiations drawn from hat: “Ice cream”, “running water”, “flying”, “raising one eyebrow”.

P1: “I have an axe”
  P2: “Where do you live?”
  P1: “In a wood cabin”
  P3: “Is it next to a stream?”
  P2: “No”

P2: “I have a pink skirt”
  P3: “Do you serve ice cream in the bar?”
  P2: “No.”
  P1: “Do you wash glasses and cups?”
  P2: “Yes.”
  P1: “If you do you, you’ll be pouring water, which is running water, which is an abomination unto Nuggan!”
  P2: “No, because I wash them by just wiping them with a cloth.”
  P3: “That’s reasonable.”

P3: “I live in a mine”
  P1: “Is there an underground river in the mine?”
  P3: “No.”
  P2: “Are there bats in the mine?”
  P3: “No.”

End of round. No black marks have been given out. The players write more abominations and put in the hat.

Round 2

New abominations: “names starting with T”, “dyed clothes on women”, “trolls”, “cabbages”

P1: “I change my name to Bob”
  P2: “What do you eat?”
  P1: “Fish.”
  P3: “Do you catch the fish yourself?”
  P1: “Yes”
  P3: “So when you pull them out of the water, water will be running off them, which is an abomination unto Nuggan!”
  P1: “Um… yes. Sorry.”

(Player 1 gets a black mark)


Borogravia, Nuggan, and Nuggan’s ever-expanding list of abominations were invented by Terry Pratchett in the novel “Monstrous Regiment”, and the copyright for them belongs to Terry and Lyn Pratchett.

The concept of the game, the rules, and the examples were invented by Orjan Westin.

We provide…


Jack’s gonna make Hannibal’s face smell like a foot.