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THANK YOU FOR THE SQUISHY DAICHI DRAWING I so can't get enough of drawings of chubby daichi and there are so few to find on tumblr... so thanks, you totally made my day!! Also, I was asking for art, but now that you're offering headcanons, please tell me some if that's okay! Again, thank you so much I love how you draw squishy daichi!

HNGMFMFM aaahhh i’m glad my art could make your day! ;;v;; ALSO THANK YOU FOR JOINING THE I LOVE CHUBBY DAICHI CLUB!!! there’s never enough daichi in general orz but yes i’d love to see more chubby daichi out there!! ToT

here are some more chubby daichi (+iwadai) headcanons!:

  • as he’s trying to lose weight by exercising with Iwaizumi, he’s also changing up his diet, eating in smaller portions but having five meals a day + water diet. its absolute T O R T U R E. Daichi enjoys eating just about anything and his habit of eating more than he should just because it tastes good is not easy to get rid of. Iwaizumi has to watch him like a hawk to keep him from sneaking extra bites. Iwaizumi doesn’t actually want to be strict with Daichi tho (he actually wants to spoil him with all the food) but Daichi made him promise to. Iwaizumi struggles to be strict especially when Daichi sulks. He has to distract Daichi with kisses and carry him away from the kitchen before he himself ends up giving in.
  • i like to hc Daichi as the type to walk around their apartment without pants on so he’s in his briefs a lot of the times, but ever since he’s realized how chubby he’s gotten, he wears a lot of sweatpants or windbreakers which is one of the few things Iwaizumi finds unfortunate ever since he’d gotten chubby. (Iwaizumi is always lowkey thirsty for his thighs ok muscles or chubby it doesn’t matter. hes gotten so used to seeing those grade AA thighs everyday that he’s having withdrawal thirst)
  • despite Daichi not “liking” Iwaizumi touching/squishing his chub, he finds it comforting when they’re cuddling before sleeping or maybe its because he’s too tired to protest (it’s probably a little bit of both). Iwaizumi soothes him to sleep by rubbing the skin of his back softly and gently massaging the squishier parts
  • Iwaizumi carries Daichi on his hips and over his shoulders all the time (there are plenty of other times where Daichi is the one carrying Iwaizumi. It was just a fun thing they made a habit of doing when they were just friends) and Daichi loves being carried by Iwaizumi but he’s always hesitant to let him now that he’s chubby. He tells Iwaizumi he can get up on his own in the mornings even tho he’s barely functioning and actually does want to be carried. After a week of Daichi refusing the usual morning carries, Iwaizumi realizes what’s going on and decides to carry Daichi anyway. Daichi refuses without much effort and gives in when Iwaizumi tells him he’s not heavy and that he’s barely straining a muscle doing so, then peppers his forehead with soft kisses. Daichi’s totally swooning
  • Daichi doesn’t understand why Iwaizumi likes to play with his squish all the time. He thinks about it one day as he’s in the bathroom touching his own stomach chub. Iwaizumi catches him, a grin stretching across his face as he sneaks behind Daichi to join the stomach squishing party. He earns a headbutt for that and somewhat of an apology along the lines of “sorry but you really shouldn’t have scared me. so you deserve it.” Even though he says that, Daichi kisses the swelling forming on Iwaizumi’s head as a sincere apology and Iwaizumi’s smiling like he’s forgotten all about the pain

Hola, aquí Mai y vengo a ser responsable ah.

Jasper es sociable, energético y astuto. Pero también bastante desastroso, inmaduro e impulsivo. Le gusta la fiesta y las golosinas, además ha sido parte de muhos clubs porque su interes por las cosas dura muy poco, excepto por el arte y la fotografía. No se que más decir de el, pero pueden leer más de él aquí, si quieren.

Si les interesa alguna conexión con Jasper favor de pasar por el dm ^-^

*gif cute de Tarjei que no carga*

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face the past- ‘ d a n g e r s i can still prevent. i think maybe that’s the path… away to the r e d e m p t i o n i’ve been looking for’ // for elise :D

don’t lie - vampire weekend // houdini - foster the people // dream - imagine dragons // magnet - bombay bicycle club // psycho killer - talking heads // big black coffin - peter bjorn and john // not while i’m around - jamie cullum // touch (feat. paul williams) - daft punk (x)

2014 Appreciation Post

Hey guys, I started this blog at the beginning of this year and I just wanted to say that the people I follow and the people who follow me are amazing. Thanks for putting up with me this year. I met some wonderful people here because of video games, HTTYD, PJO/HoO, TLoK, OUAT, tv shows, and awesome art so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone before 2014 ends (it’s still 2014 in California).

Anyways, here are the blogs that made my first year on tumblr amazing, and that i loved seeing, whether it was in the beginning, middle, end, or on my dash, or anywhere:

These are not in any order, sorry. (Split into segments to make it easier to read.)

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Also, i know i’m forgetting some people, I just don’t remember/know their usernames now, because of url changes and stuff.

(ps to the people i follow, i’m sorry for the occasional spam of notes from time to time lol)