Fixing things around the Haus was never really about the dibs for Dex. But, all the same, in the back of his mind he was still relying on his efforts in that department to secure him housing for his junior year at Samwell.

Which is why he’s a little surprised at himself for the sinking feeling in his gut when he’s officially offered a spot.

“Oh,” he replies dumbly.

Lardo blinks at him, clearly startled by his lack of enthusiasm, her hand still held out between them waiting for him to reach out and seal the deal.

Dex shakes his head and reaches his own hand out belatedly. Only to have Lardo pull back. “Bro. I’m not gonna give it to you if you don’t really want it.”

“No, no, I do! I promise I do. I’m sorry, I just thought…”

He thought that he’d be getting either Ransom or Holster’s dibs. And that Nursey would be getting the other’s. And, despite the fact that Dex has been dreading the very idea of that for the entire school year, he feels off kilter and lost now trying to imagine a scenario in which he lives at the Haus without Nursey constantly underfoot.

Even these past two years of living in the dorms, Nursey still always somehow manages to end up at the Haus whenever Dex does, stealing the last slice of pie while verbally needling at sore spots he knows well enough will get a rise out of his fellow D-man.

It seemed pointless to even hope that getting dibs wouldn’t somehow include Nursey at his side, and so Dex never bothered to factor in the possibility. He resigned himself to his fate. And now, presented with an alternative, he has no idea what to think.

“Do you, uh,” he clears his throat, watching Lardo’s eyes narrow at him, assessing. “Do you know who Rans and Holster are giving theirs to?”

“They’re giving them to Nursey, bro.”

“Right. But to Nursey and…?

“Just Nursey.” She shrugs. “Those bunkbeds don’t even have a ladder anymore, so we figured we’d turn the attic back into a single for now. And we thought we’d do you all a solid by making sure the SMH didn’t lose it’s next best D-man pair due to mutual homicide within the first week of preseason by making you shack up together. We’ve all seen how you two handle sharing a hotel room on roadies.”

To be fair, how they handle it nowadays is wildly different from the roughhousing mess of their first semester at Samwell. But apparently no one’s noticed that.

Dex goes abruptly still as a thought occurs to him that feels like a bucket of ice water over his head. “Wait. Was this Nurse’s idea?”

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Jealousy Starters


“ Do I have something to worry about? ”

“ Should I be concerned how close you and  ___ are? ”

“ Why do you spend so much time with them? ”

“ It looks like you have more fun with them than with me. ”

“ I’m NOT jealous. ”

“ Would you rather be with them? ”

“ I’ll just leave you two alone, I guess. ”

“ I’m not blind, you’ve been staring at them all night. ”

“ Why are they calling you at this time of night? ”

“ Could you stop flirting with them for one minute? ”

“ I don’t like the way they look at you. ”

“ I don’t like the way you look at them. ”

“ Do they know that you’re with me? ”

“ Is there someone else? ”


“ Oh my god, are you jealous? ”

“ You cannot possibly be this insecure! ”

“ They’re just a friend, I swear. ”

“ Don’t be ridiculous, I love you. ” 

“ What is going on with you lately? ”

“ ___ is just a friend. ”

“ I have NOT been flirting. ”

“ How long have you been stressing yourself out about this? ”

“ I’m allowed to have friends, you know. ”

“ What’s your problem? ”

“ There is NOTHING for you to worry about. ”

“ You know I love you. ”

“ What are you talking about! ”

“She’s dangerous because she knows what she wants.
 She knows what she wants, and even better,
 she’s not intimidated by these desires.
 She is not reckless with words, nor feelings.
 She’s dangerous because she’s in control.”

I commissioned @cakiebakie to draw Avira Lavellan, and I could not be more in love. Every detail is perfect, and they are an absolute dream to work with. Thank you so much! 

Three’s a Crowd (Part 15)

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Member: Taehyung x Reader x Yoongi

Type: Poly Au, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10. Part 11. Part 12. Part 13. Part 14. Part 15.

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you on my mind again

I walked home from work tonight. Thought of you. Every dog was barking, all having a conversation I was not invited to, probably because if I was I would only talk about you, and they’re sick of it.

My sister hates you, and when I say hate I mean she would kill you given the opportunity. She’s not alone you say when I tell you this, and I say it’s the one thing her and I have in common, and you laugh, and I stare. I can’t say what you being happy does to me. I feel the sun within me like I swallowed it, all of me warm.

Lily here’s the thing: we need a better apartment! you call from the shower, which occasionally turns off for no reason and won’t go on again until the toilet is flushed. James, here’s the thing: we need more money! I call back. Being poor is a lot more romantic in the films. In reality it is having an oven that takes thirty minutes to turn off and curling into one another during winter, fingers purple.

I don’t mind being poor with you. And when I say I don’t mind I mean I obviously mind but not as much when you are with me. I don’t mind a lot of things when you are with me: flat tire, missed flight, my mother only speaking to me when my father is asleep.

That time we had no electricity that week because we had to pay our rates. Us, in the dark, holding candles you stole from Remus, playing cards for hours but only Go Fish because it was the only game you knew. After work when you got home at three and we ate crackers and made up episodes of Friends to entertain ourselves. Joey and Chandler run away to Atlantis. Phoebe transforms into an armadillo and desperately tries to gain admission into a zoo. Rachel gets arrested for stalking Queen Elizabeth. Ross dies in a house fire. They all forget to go to his funeral. And us: rolling on the floor, our laughter the only thing.

There are still things I dislike about you. You won’t take buses because you think they’re dirty. When we fight and you laugh at me. Leaving all the kitchen cabinets open so I bump into them. That I tell you about why my father hates me but you won’t tell me why yours does.

(I think it’s because of me. I often forget that you should be a lawyer right now, instead of in an apartment with me and an oven that takes thirty minutes to turn off.)

Often we talk about what our lives will be like later. When we have money. When we have time. You will buy a giant couch so Sirius will stop bitching about how uncomfortable the floor is when he’s over. I want to get a cat and name it ‘milk’ or ‘bumblebee’ or some other ridiculous thing, and when I say this you stare and then kiss me senseless. I cannot believe you love me you say. All my breath deserts me. I cannot believe I wouldn’t.

You work late nights, and I work afternoons, so in the morning we eat cereal out of the box and sit in bed, talking about what kind of dogs we’d be. I’m a beagle. You want to be a German Shepherd but in reality you’re Scottish Terrier because you’re still a bit posh and also wear glasses. Scottish Terriers don’t wear glasses you say. Yes, but they look like they should I respond. You consider this, and then nod. You’re right you agree. I take a handful of cornflakes and am so fucking glad that you’re here.

I use your toothbrush sometimes when its dark and I can’t find mine, and this is something I will never tell you, primarily because you’d freak out about it. Another thing I can never say: you always buy too much popcorn at the movies for two people to eat. I also can’t say the entire reason I still have the purple sneakers from five years ago that no longer fit me is because they were the shoes I was wearing when you told me you first told me you loved me, and I did not look beautiful, so I knew you meant it.

In truth I could spend an infinite amount of hours talking about you, and the things we do when we’re alone

(including but not limited to: playing scrabble, trying to recreate that lift from Dirty Dancing, reading books without saying anything, arguing about how long the commercial is and whether it’s worth switching the channel, you kissing my neck, bumping into one another half asleep in the kitchen, arguing about who’s turn it is to do the dishes, laughing about our neighbours and how loud their sex is, discussing whether our sex is louder than the neighbours, trying to make our sex louder than the neighbours, burning our bills once we’ve paid them, getting drunk off cheap tequila and having a dance off, lying in bed carding my hands through your hair, having a staring contest over lunch, kissing each other on the mouth, kissing each other in other places.)

But I won’t. because other people (and dogs) find it boring when you talk about another person to much. I don’t mind. I have you. They don’t. I can’t imagine how awful that is.

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Can I request bughead making out by the bleachers before lunch or during cheer practice and the others don't know about them being together?

Perfect! I’ll think I’ll make this one sweet.

He toyed with the edge of her too short cheerleading skirt, smiling down at her and placing a hand to her hip, dragging her into him.

She rested her palms against the solid of his chest, her cheek falling to rest there.

“I missed you today” she hummed quietly.

He closed his eyes, resting his chin on the top of her head, inhaling and taking in the peaches and cream that was purely Betty.

“Missed you too, had to finish up some lab work during lunch. I left my phone at home, otherwise I would’ve texted you.”

“I had to sit in between Archie and Veronica, and you know how they get when they’re fighting, I felt like a mediating mother.” She pulled away meeting his eyes.

“I’m sad to say I do, I was in the middle during history, I still have Veronica’s nail prints on my arm” he pulled away throwing his arm to show Betty.

She giggled, before peeking out,

“Do you think everyone’s gone?”

He glanced over the metal bleachers.

“Too soon to tell, I’m afraid. Looks like I get to keep you all to myself a little while longer.” He reached his hands moving her slightly to avoid her hitting her head and getting knocked out by one of the lower bleachers.

She sighed softly, the ghost of a frown marring her features

“I wish we didn’t have to meet behind these bleachers everyday, just to walk Home together.”

He nodded, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear

“I know bets, but you know how our friends are, we wouldn’t get a moments peace if they found out we’re together. I know we have to tell them eventually but is it so bad to wanna stay in our little bubble.”

She leaned up against the cool metal, smiling at her incredibly sweet boyfriend

“I guess our little bubble isn’t so bad.”

Suddenly Jughead had a wicked grin on his face

“Well perhaps I can persuade you by showing you all the fabulous benefits of staying in said bubble.” His hands were holding the back of the bleacher, effectively caging her in.

And giving her a fabulous view of his amazing arms. (What? her man was hot. No shame here)

She squeaked out a giggle before his mouth was covering hers and all prior worries were forgotten.

He always tasted soo good, it was just something about him, she couldn’t quite place it. He was an amazing kisser, something that took her by surprise considering he claimed to have never had a girlfriend before her. But her favorite part about jugheads kisses was the gentle way he showed her he was all hers, he made her feel like she was the only girl in the world, it was something she had never experienced before and something she would never be able to get enough of. Threading her fingers through his hair she sighed into the kiss.

Jughead couldn’t help but smile, Betty always amazed him. How she could taste like a strawberry milkshake was beyond him, but who was he to complain, she was his favorite flavor. She knew when to be gentle and when to be rough, her fingers always massaged his head making his eyes nearly roll back in pleasure.
She was everything to him and if he could keep her all to himself, kissing and holding her all day everyday, you bet your ass he would.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.


The couple pulled apart, both bodies snapping to the familiar voice of their friend.

Sure enough, Veronica, Kevin, Archie, and Cheryl were standing in front of them, jaws on the floor.

Jughead spoke first, rubbing his neck nervously

“Hey guys, what’s u..”

“OH.MY.GOD” Veronica repeated

Betty stepped forward

“Listen Ronnie it’s not…”

But it was too late Veronica was pushing past Jughead, Cheryl hot on her tail and kevin leaning against the bleachers smiling smugly at Jughead.

Jughead shot Kevin a glare as Archie slapped a hand to his shoulder

“I knew it man, those looks you kept throwing Betty’s way, were far from friendly. I’m happy for you dude. Really”

Jughead grunted a thanks, turning to save his girlfriend from the masses

“Alright ladies can we please save this conversation for pops, I’m starving and I’ve really worked up an appetite today.”

Kevin walked ahead of him glancing over his shoulder and smirking

“Oh I’m sure you have Jughead.”

Jughead snapped his head up at Kevin

Veronica could not stop talking

“Girl if you don’t think double dates are in our near future, I totally cannot handle you.”

Cheryl huffed “well great now I’m the only single one. Thanks a lot Betty and jughead.”

Jughead quickly snatched his girlfriends hand as Veronica spoke to Cheryl about her cousin and setting her up.

“So much for our little bubble.” He whispered with a shrug

Betty smiled squeezing his hand

“We still have our bubble juggie, it’s just a little bit bigger.”

They both stared at the retreating backs of their best friends, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

jealous | reggie mantle (riverdale)

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prompt: 28- “shut up, just shut up!”

a/n: this is work of my newest lil bean co-owner davina!! please leave a warm message in our ask box or down below so she knows you guys are loving her work!! leave request my babies!!

it’s been two months since Reggie and I started dating, two truly beautiful months.

we’ve been best friends since the kindergarten so we practically grew up together, even though our families hated each other for unknown reasons.

because of that, we decided to keep our whole relationship as a secret. so the two of us were happy, at least for a while.

it was Sunday night and as a weirdo that I am, I spent it watching my favorite horror movies. Suddenly, I heard tapping on my window. I hurriedly stood up and grabbed my flashlight.

“Who… who is it?” I stuttered.

“Michael Myers” I heard a familiar voice. It was my beloved significant other, Reginald Mantle.

“Reggie?!” I was upset and creeped out.

“What on earth are you doing? You scared the shit out of me!”

“Now, now, can I come in or not?” He said trough laughter. I quickly dragged him inside my room, trying not to wake up my parents.

“So? What is so important, Mantle?”

“Look" he sighed

“Will you come to the match tomorrow night?”

“The football match?“ he nodded. 

“Reggie… I don’t think we…” “Y/N…”

“My parents will be there!” I halfshouted

“I’m sick of these secrets, Y/N! You are my girlfriend, my soulmate. I would kill for you, I would take you on a journey to heaven and show you to the angels. I care about you more than I care about their reaction.”

he grabbed my hand “please” he whispered

I was truly touched with his words, so I decided to say yes to the match.

“Fine.” I sighed

‘What could possibly go wrong?’ I thought. well, I wasn’t right.

I spent the whole day thinking about the match and my boyfriend. I hoped that my parents won't be there, regardless to the fact that my older brother was in the team too.


unexpectedly my best friend, Veronica approached me

I met Veronica last year and we have been friends since then. Best friends, actually. In attempt to grab my coffee, she realized that I was in fact wearing a Riverdale Bulldogs shirt underneath my denim jacket.

“You are not going to that match, right?”

“I am, actually.”

Even though we were besties, I haven’t told her about my relationship with Reggie.

“You… have some something you wish to tell me?” Crap, she knew me well. She knew I was hiding something.

I shook my head “No, I do not.”

That was a terrible mistake.

It was finally 6:30PM. I grabbed my phone along with my car keys and left the family house.

i was terrified and excited at the same time. The stands were full, this surely was an important match for the Bulldogs. All of a sudden, Veronica appeared in front of me.

“Veronica?” I gasped.

“What… what are you doing here?" "I'm a cheerleader, silly” she laughed.

the situation was getting worse and worse “Are… are my parents here?” I asked the raven haired girl in front of me

“Oh yeah. They are with your brother in the changing room.” Boom. That was it. It always gets worse.

“Veronica… I have to tell you somet….”

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the annual Riverdale High vs Kingsley High match.” I was cut off by the host.

“Listen, I gotta go. See you later, okay?” She kissed my cheek and ran away to her River Vixens.

I quickly sat on my seat in the stands, waiting for my boyfriend to appear.

I saw my parents, sitting there, without even noticing me. My anxiety hit me.

Suddenly, a strange group of boys in lather jackets sat next to me. I couldn't recognize them, they weren't from our school.

“Hello there, beautiful” One of them spoke, grabbing my shoulder.

“I… I'm not” I was fearful. I tried to pull down his hand

“… and now we welcome the Riverdale Bulldogs and our one and only, River Vixens!”

“I have a boyfriend” I whispered, my voice was shaky. On spur of moment, the Bulldogs appeared, with my boyfriend in the first row.

“He doesn't have to know, babe” He tried to press his lips against mine.

“No!” I slapped him. That caught my boyfriend's eye.

“Hey!” Reggie said to the guy next to me.

Suddenly, the music stopped.

“What do you think you're doing?”

He was furious. The guy in the lather jacket stood up.

“Reggie…” I tried to calm him down. The whole crowd, including my parents, was staring.

“If you ever lay a hand on my girlfriend, I will murder your ass!"  He said with anger in his voice. Tears started forming in my eyes.

Everybody started clapping and cheering "Reggie?!” I whispered.

“My… OUR parents, we cannot…”

“Shut up, just shut up.”

He sensually kissed me and the clapping became even louder.  I saw my parents, sitting there, laughing and clapping with the rest of the crowd.

I was happy, for the first time in my life, I was actually happy. I loved Reggie, the way his eyes met mine. He surely was a jealous type, but if you weren't jealous every once in a while, you wouldn't be in love.

ilivefiction9  asked:

I got the acotar colouring book a few days early, and I have to tell you that your art made me cry. I cannot stop staring at the one you drew with feyre and rhys on the balcony. Absolutely incredible. Your style really shines in this book and you should be beyond proud ❤️❤️❤️

I think that’s just about the nicest compliment I could ever receive, YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CRY. Thank you so much. It makes it all worth it <3

of grocery happenings and broken glass - sans x reader/self insert

HEY! Since it’s fanfic friday, can you do one with UT Sans and the “enemies to lovers” trope? it can just be a few scenes where the relationship changes. u dont have to ofc but idk i really like those kinds of stories :‘0c

Summary: You’re an enigma wrapped in a mystery, and he’ll do anything literally) to get you to solve yourself. (Or the obligatory fic wherein sans goes from wanting to dunk you to wanting to kiss you)

Notes: AAAAAAAA?????? AAAAAA. Mcfrickin. Love this trope. Bless u. blessed prompt. i had too much fun writing this help.

Writer: Mod Chrissu

The first time he meets you, it’s weird as hell to him.

Firstly, you are probably the best looking human he’s ever laid eyes on. Your hands are balled up and pushing into your hips, your head craned to look up with a sneer at somebody much taller than you.

When he sees who it is, the attraction that he felt immediately was replaced with intense anger.

His brother is holding a grocery basket, one that he knows isn’t his because it’s completely barren of any type of pasta or sauce. His grin is a little shaky, as if he’s apologetic, but also scared. There’s a few food items on the floor that are lying abandoned, so he assumes that the basket must have overturned in some way and Papyrus went to help you. So why did your expression hold so much fury?

He mosies on over, hands stuffed in his pockets. He’s gonna start out calm and cordial, and hopefully this human won’t give him a reason to dunk them into next Saturday. “hiya. what’s up?” He greets, keeping his tone relaxed and chipper, hoping that this goes well.

“SANS!” The way his brother says his name, almost in relief, makes his opinion of the human drop even further. “HELLO, BROTHER!”

You turn to face Sans, your face portraying annoyance. If it wasn’t for the fact that you looked like you had a problem with his bro, Sans might have considered using a sly pickup line. But no, you open your mouth and erase that possibility. “Oh, he’s with you?” You imply, pointing to the taller skeleton, who’s fidgeting nervously.

His grin turns a little steely. He doesn’t like to see Paps so scared. “yeah. s’there a problem with that?”

“Maybe. Anyways, listen here, dudebro.” Attention aimed at Papyrus again, mouth twisting into a scowl. “I got this. I don’t need somebody swooping in and saving me.” You rip the basket away from Papyrus and bend down to pick up the food on the floor, eyes widening when you see the damage done. “Damn it, the cans are dented!”

“listen buddy, i’m sure you’re just misunderstanding–” His patience is wearing very thin but an agitated sigh cuts him off.

“Look, buddy, I already had to walk all the way here because my piece of shit car broke down, I don’t need some random guy telling me off.” Your body language radiates don’t fuck with me today, and he doesn’t really understand why. “I’m sorry, but I’m not in the mood.” Food retrieved from the ground and in the basket, you straighten up and give both he and Papyrus a pointed glare. “Now if you’ll excuse me, which I don’t really care if you do or don’t, I have to replace these cans.”

Without letting him speak, you turn on a heel and stomp out of the aisle, leaving him in dumbfounded silence. What the hell was your problem?

The next time he sees you, it’s without you knowing.

It’s been a few days since what happened in the grocery store, and frankly he’d be fine with never seeing your face again. Somebody so filled with negativity and hatred for others for no reason…He doesn’t like people like that. He’s glad he’ll never see you again.

(Except he does.)

He hears a scream before he sees the blur of a person being tossed out onto the sidewalk a few houses down from where he’s standing. He almost runs over to help until another human shows up. They step out onto the steps angrily, if their rigid posture and antagonistic stance is any factor.

“Get the fuck out, you waste of space. Don’t even know why I bothered with you. You’re nothing but shit.” They spit out.

“Nonono, no please, I’ll be better, don’t do this please–” The voice is so full of fear and regret, and it’s so familiar. He knows that voice. It stirs a forgotten anger in his chest, and finally he registers that it’s you, the human from the grocery store.

Your clothes are ripped in places, there’s bruises all over your arms, the shirt you have on is riding up and showing off even more bruises on your back and sides. Your knees are scuffed from your fall, and you’re barely keeping your torso up off the ground. Your form is shaking, soft sobs emitting from your mouth. What a moment to be observing you. To avoid being seen, he ducks behind a nearby trashcan.

“You were lucky, you had me to love you! I’m probably the only person on this Earth left that actually gives a fuck about you! None of your friends or your family actually care, they’re faking it!” The human on the steps barks, and he notices a glint from their hand. They throw it in your direction, and the bottle shatters on the ground a few feet away from you, pieces scattering all over the pavement. “Get the hell out of here, you damn slut!”

The human on the steps goes back into the house and throws out a bag of clothes before slamming the door. Sans turns away from the scene, expression a mixture of shock and confusion. He has no idea what to think. Obviously, the dude that just kicked you out is an asshat, but did you deserve it? He’s not the kind of guy to wish pain or suffering on anybody else, so no, he supposes you don’t. He goes to pick himself up off the ground.

Except you pass by. You notice him there. It’s silent for one scarily long moment.

“How much of that did you see?” You inquire roughly, voice cracked from crying. A pang of pity ripples through his SOUL.

“…all of it.”

Your face is unreadable, you just grip the bag you have a little harder. It’s plastic, so your fingers sink into the material like clay. “…Fuck off.”

He looks up at you in surprise. “what?”

“I said fuck off.” You hiss, your glare piercing. “Want to know why I got kicked out? One of the cans I brought home from the store, that your idiot brother made me drop? It was dented. So fuck you, fuck your brother, fuck everything.” You grit your teeth and march off, pulling the bag over your shoulder.

He scrambles up and after you, though a tiny inner voice questions his motives. What is he gonna do? You obviously don’t want to see him, your little proclamation proved so, so why is he chasing you? He squashes down the thought, unsure if he wants to know why.

“look, kid, i’m sorry.” He skids in front of them, chest heaving with the extra effort he put into catching up with them. “i don’t understand your attitude, or why you act the way you do, but acting that way isn’t going to change anything.”

“You know nothing about me, why the hell are you trying to do here?” You snap, dropping your bag. Despite being bloody and scratched and obviously injured, you still stand as if you’re super girl about to face off with her greatest enemy yet. 

“i have no idea. i don’t really know.” He almost whispers it, because he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, or why. “but i don’t want to be the reason you hate the world so much. at least let me help you find a place to stay for a bit.”

Your mouth twists, and a range of emotions flip through your face: confusion, anger, sorrow, and finally it stops on that flat mask you had on. “..Okay, fine.”

He breathes out a sigh of relief.

He finds you a hotel to stay in, and while he wouldn’t usually pay for a stranger’s stay, he does for you. Seeing the person you had to deal with, the way they treated you…Something told him that wasn’t the only time they treated you badly. That’s a scary situation to think about, so of course you would be bitter and angry. He pays for a week, hoping it’s enough time for you to figure out what you need to do or for you to get a job.

He escorts you to your room, and it’s quiet but it isn’t uncomfortable. You’ve been through a lot, he guesses, so talking about it right now would be a little much. Instead, as you both reach your room, he asks to come in for a moment.

Puzzled, you agree, and let him in. It’s a small room, with a dresser pushed against the wall adjacent to the doorway, a lamp in the corner, and a bed opposite the dresser. Another door is in the far corner, which Sans assumes is the bathroom. There’s a table beside the bed, and on it is a pad with paper and a pen.

He picks them both off and scrawls his name and number on it, ripping off the page and giving it to you. “the dude that kicked you out looks like another bad time waiting to happen, so if he shows up here, don’t be afraid to call me, ok?” 

The hand that takes the paper is a little shaky. Your eyes skim over the words written, and the corner of your mouth quirks. “’Sans’? Like the font?”

He shrugs. “i get that a lot. anyways, i need to get back, paps is worried probably.” He points to the paper in your hand, shooting you a reassuring smile. “remember, dude’s a bad time. call me if he comes back. or call if you need help in general. seeya.”

With a blip, he’s gone, and you stare at the space (now replaced with air) he was just in. The most dumbfounded look creases your brow.

“…What the fuck did he just do?!”

Funnily enough, after the incident, he cannot stop thinking about you. He passes the place you used to live every day, and when he does he wonders if you’re okay. He’d check on you, but he did say that if you had a problem to call him. So he leaves the situation be, letting it be in your ballpark. If you need him there, you’ll call.

It’s been a long day, so he decides to go to Grillby’s for some ketchup and conversation. It’s been a while, and he hasn’t visited the surface expansion of Grillby’s very much, so he should fix that.

He teleports just outside the entrance and strolls in to a chorus of greeting from the regulars. Doggo, Greater Dog, and Lesser Dog are wrapped up in a game of poker, with Dogamy and Dogaressa watching on the side and holding each other. There’s a couple humans hanging around, along with a few monsters that didn’t usually frequent the establishment underground milling about. He waddles to the bar and hops into a bar stool, leaning on the counter and sighing, eyes shut.

“heya grillbz, what’s cookin’ good lookin’?”

A snort is his answer, but it sounds nothing like his favorite fire elemental.

He opens up an eye to see you, clad in a button up dress shirt with black slacks, an apron tied around your neck and waist. You look nothing like you did that night, which relieves him so much. There’s a hit of yellow and purple on your hands from the bruises you sustained, he notices, as you clean out a glass with a towel. Your nose is scrunched up from the bad joke he made, a small smile lighting up your face and causing a soft hue of blue to blossom on his face. 

“kid? that’s you?” He asks, opening his eyes fully, now very alert. 

“’Kid’ is not my name, but yeah, it’s me.” You also throw in your name, since you’ve neglected to tell him. Wow, your demeanor has changed completely since the grocery store fiasco, and it’s such a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to see you smile, even if it is a smug smirk.

“well damn, you clean up nice. how ya been doin’? i’m assumin’ the guy hasn’t been bothering you?” At the mention of him you tense, which leads him to backpedal, “wait, shit, sorry–”

“It’s fine! It’s fine.” You cut him off, the smirk having been wiped off your face and replaced with a small frown. “They uh, haven’t been bothering me. Haven’t heard a word from them since what happened.”

He relaxes at this. “good, good.” He breathes, slumping against the counter again. 

“…What can I get ya, Sans?” You ask, setting down the glass you were cleaning and propping your arm against the bar, quirking a brow at him. It’s sassy as hell and it isn’t helping that you’re gorgeous.

“your number.” He realizes what he said in the middle of saying it and slams his face into his palm as you laugh. “…i am so sorry. i’m used to crackin’ jokes like this with grillby.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. What do you really want, though?”

Bless you and your nerves of steel. “uh, bottle of ketchup.”

An incredulous look crosses your face, but you grab one and slide it to him anyways. He twists off the cap and tips it back, almost spitting it out with laughter when you choke.

“Sans, the fuck?!” You stammer, and he wishes he could take a picture of your face because it’s so priceless. Maybe your nerves aren’t as solid as he thought.

If somebody told him six months ago that he’d fall head over heels in love with a human, and a human that initially hated his innocent soul of a brother no less, he’d laugh and call them crazy.

Thinking about it now, it’s not as crazy as it seemed. 

Because with every laugh and smile he gets from you, his SOUL thuds a little more forcefully in his chest, his face a touch blue-r, and he finds himself trying so hard to get them out of you that he doesn’t notice how deep he’s getting into this.

He doesn’t notice until his brother does.

“goin’ to grillby’s, want me to bring you back somethin’ paps?” He asks, sticking his head into the kitchen. Papyrus isn’t as oblivious as everyone believes him to be, and he proves it now as he smiles knowingly at his older brother, which only causes said brother to raise a brow bone in silent question.

“BROTHER, YOU SEEM TO BE GOING TO GRILLBY’S A LOT IN THESE PAST FEW MONTHS.” Papyrus stops stirring the pot of noodles he’s attending to on the stove to look at his brother. He notices, but it’s not like Sans makes an effort to hide it. He can see it in the way that he smiles sometimes when he gets a text from you, or how excited he is when he knows he’s about to see you.

He know what Sans looks like when he’s obsessed about something, or worried, or determined. Papyrus thought he’d seen it all. You’ve brought out a different side of him that Papyrus loves to see, because he look so happy nowadays.

“yeah, so? i used to go everyday when we were underground.”

“SANS, DEAR BROTHER, NOTHING EVADES THE WATCHFUL EYE OF THE GREAT PAPYRUS!” He exclaims triumphantly, pulling out his best smile. “…I am happy for you, Sans. I hope you bring them by soon to introduce them to me, because I would like to thank the person who has given you so much joy.”

It’s a rarity when Papyrus speaks in a regular volume of voice, and it shocks Sans to his core. “whaddya mean, pap?”

Papyrus laughs, turning back to his pot. “OH BROTHER, DON’T TELL ME YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED!”

“im-pasta-ble, i notice everything.” Sans’ smile turns wicked as Papyrus screeches out a warning to him and then he blips out of the way of the taller’s wooden ladle being thrown at him.

It’s become a habit, for him to watch you as you work. The way you move around the tables at the restaurant, the polite smile you give to the customers and the drastically different smirk you send him when he tosses out a pun, the lingering touch between you two when you give him a ketchup bottle. 

It kills him, in a way, because he knows what he’s feeling. He knows very well what this feeling is. His love life isn’t a very active one, but he does remember a few years back when he used to have a crush on Toriel, and this feels like that except new. It’s no longer a nice thought, but a fire that consumes his thoughts whenever he sees you. It’s not the heat of the blush on his face, it’s the ghostly imprint that your fingers leave on his. His SOUL doesn’t flutter, it beats purposefully. He knows what this is.

However, it’s not him that says or does anything about it.

As your shift comes to a close and he prepares to leave, you stop him. The place is almost empty, just a couple people wrapping up their meals or nursing their last drink. You look nervous, teeth gnawing on your bottom lip.

“what’s up?” He asks, and he almost jumps when you set a hand on ones of his, the one still on the counter top.

“Uh…There uh– There must be something wrong with my eyes, be-because uh–” You clear your throat, and he’s never seen your face go so red, wow. “Because I can’t take them off you?…”

He pauses for a moment before the statement processes through his head and his face goes full cerulean. “uuuuuuhh….”

“What…What I’m trying to say– Is it hot in here? Jeeze.” You tug at your collar, smiling sheepishly. “But uh. I was wondering if maybe you’d like to, I dunno, go see a movie? Or go somewhere for coffee? I’m sorry, I just really, really like you and I couldn’t be quiet about it anymore–”

You stop when you notice his expression. The poor skeleton’s face is completely blue, and his pupils have morphed into tiny hearts. He grabs your hand gently, and before he can chicken out he sputters out a reply.

“yes, hell yes. i’ll uh, i’ll text you later?”

It’s take a moment to sink in but when it does you smile so wide that it triggers his own. “Yeah! That’s cool! I’ll uh, be waiting? Yeah.”

Reluctantly he lets go of your hand and waves with his other, before disappearing and reappearing at the entrance of the inside of his home. 

You asked him out. You asked him out. He’s so giddy, he struts farther into the house and laughs, and it’s such a happy sound. He’s never heard such a sound come out of his body.

“YOU SOUND PLEASED.” Papyrus notes from his spot on the couch in the living room, wherein he’s doing some sort of human exercise program. Sans just beams in reply, hopping up the stairs two at a time to get to his room. “WHAT’S HAPPENED?”

Papyrus knows. He just wants to hear Sans say it.

“bringing them over later this week. you’ll see.”

Beyond the Boundary

“Do you remember how you died?” he asks, gaze not locking with yours.

You take a moment to think, unable to recall a fraction of it. “I don’t, but don’t you think it’s better that way, for it to all remain a mystery?”

Synopsis: When you leave the world of the living you are given the chance to re-experience your happiest memory, but what happens when you accidentally enter someone else’s?

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader // time travel au & afterlife au

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 6.3k

A/N: just a short scenario that was resting in the back of my mind ^^ written to prep me for writing another future monster fic haha

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My faves on the cover of RS 🙌❤️

At The Beep (Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader)

Summary: A love story told through single sided voicemails.


Mi sol: my sun

Te amare por siempre, mi sol: I love you so much, my sun.

Este es mi último adiós: This is my final goodbye.

Hasta la próxima: Until next time.

Espero verte pronto: I’ll see you soon I hope.

pollito: little chicken (used as term of endearment to call someone cute)

Espero que sueñes conmigo: I hope you dream of me.

Me haces tan feliz: You make me so happy.

chulo: cutie

Tengo que irme, Te veo dentro de poco. Adios! : Gotta go, see you in a bit. Bye!

Mi querido: my dear

Madre: mother

mi hiji: my daughter

familia: family

cariño: sweetie

Eres mi sol: You are my sun

Feliz Navidad: Happy (Merry) Christmas

Hola mi sol: Hello my sun

Hasta pronto te amo: See you soon I love you

Mi amor: my love

Te amo con cada fibra en mi cuerpo.: I love you with every fiber in my body

Buenos días, mi amor: Good morning my love

Despiertate!: Wake up!

Warnings: character death, miscarriage, alcohol, swearing

Word Count: 2,782

Notes: This is my first fic so I got a bit carried away… also, I’m not fluent in Spanish, I don’t know anything about it really. I just thought it would be a cool idea to have the reader and Lin converse in Spanish so I apologize if I have made any mistakes. Please let me know so I can change them! Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to message me anytime : )

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Back to the Past (Hamilton x Reader) 7

Words: 4100+

Warnings: blood mentions, death, violence, attempted sexual assault

A/N: you are all going to hate me and i’m sorry, and i barely edited because i really wanted you to read this so here you go.

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 8

“Hamilton, what are you doing?” You asked him, and he sighed, ignoring you. He was writing another letter for Washington, his hand quickly writing the calligraphy. You admired his penmanship, watching him write. Speaking of Washington, you almost ran into him the other day, and thankfully, Laurens was there to help you stay hidden.

You were sitting on the cot that Laurens laid out for you a few weeks ago. The boys and you decided that it was best for you to sleep behind the partition wall, since it was the only place that could hide you from someone that might come inside.

As you were sleeping there, you heard the rustling of the tent entrance. You glanced up out of your blanket, and saw a large figure standing there. Assuming that it was Mulligan, you closed your eyes again.

“Lieutenant Laurens, I need to see you immediately.” The booming voice surrounded the tent, making you shooting your eyes open.

That was definitely not Mulligan.

You saw Laurens’s figure quickly scamper out of bed, and you widened your eyes. Please don’t let him look behind here. “Laurens, why are you fully clothed?” Washington asked, and you heard a slight chuckle. Laurens laughed.

“Sir, I just like sleeping that way.” You heard a small stutter and nervousness in his voice. You hoped that Washington didn’t hear it as well.

He did.

“Lieutenant, are you okay?” The general began walking around the room, looking for anything out of the ordinary. You saw him walking towards the partition, and held your breath, shaking. You saw his hands touch the corner of the partition, and began pulling it back.

You heard Laurens gasp, and Washington turned towards him, moving away from you. You heard a strained chuckle from Laurens. “Ah, sorry sir. I suddenly experienced this pain in my thigh.” You saw Washington shake his head.

“Let’s take you to the medical tent to make sure everything is fine.” You saw their shadows disappear out of the tent, leaving you alone. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, walking around the room divider.

Lafayette was sleeping on his cot, unaware of the commotion that just took place. You giggled, and he shot his eyes open. “Mon amour, are you okay?” He asked, quickly getting up. How in the world…?

“I’m fine, Lafayette.”

“You know, I’m trying here, I really am. You just need to help me, you cannot let me figure this out without you.” You said softly, and he turned to you, sighing. He placed the quill on the side, looking at you.

“Okay then, how do we do this?” He asked you. “Should we try and say nice things to one another? Should we pretend that we like each other, until we actually do? Should we just kiss and settle our differences? Is that how we are going to do this?” He said, glaring at you. “Or maybe we can forget about this, and live our lives. I forget about you, and you do the same to me. And maybe that will break this loop as you call it, and we can finally die. How about that?”

You looked at him, saying nothing. He stared at you expectantly, waiting for your response. You rubbed your head, annoyed. “This is going to be harder than I thought. How could I like you? Every word that comes out of your mouth is stupid.” You mumbled, and he stood up, grabbing your hand. “Hey-!”

“Since we cannot figure this out by ourselves, maybe the lads can help us.”

“I don’t think it works that way…”

“Do you have a better idea?” He grumbled, and you followed him, no longer protesting. He dragged you to the tent that Mulligan had by himself. He had a needle in his mouth, stitching a piece of fabric. You looked up when the two of you appeared, and he took the needle out, staring at the two of you. He glanced down at Alexander’s hand in yours, and his smile slipped a little.

Lafayette and Laurens were sitting across from Mulligan, talking to each other. Laurens smiled at you, and Lafayette nodded.

“Lads, we need your help. The only thing Y/N and I do is argue, and this is not going anywhere. So we-“

“You.” You replied, and he rolled his eyes.

“-decided that it would be best for you to help us. So, can you?” They looked at each other, and Laurens was the first to speak.

“Um, aren’t you supposed to figure this out on your own? It would be strange for us to interfere on your relationship. Unless we lock you in a room, of course.” He said, grinning evilly. You raised your eyebrow, looks up at Hamilton. He had a straight face, looking at his friend.

“You are no help, Laurens.”

“Well, mon amis, if you do not like each other, why are you holding hands?” Lafayette pointed to your entwined fingers. Hamilton widened his eyes, and quickly took his fingers out of yours, clearing his throat. You saw a blush form on his cheeks.

“Um, Laf, that was because I had to drag her here after me. She insisted that we figure this out on our own.” He responded, shaking in his voice. You never saw him this nervous before, so it was a shock.

“My friends, I agree with Y/N. It takes two people to love each other, not five. You need to figure this out on your own, Hamilton. She loves you already, you just need to learn how to fight through this curse, and see that beautiful woman that you have right in front of you.” Mulligan said, continuing to look at the stitching. “And do it before it’s too late, before she realizes that there’s someone that cares for her just the way she is.” He whispered, never looking away from the fabric.

“Let’s go, Hamilton.” You said, tugging on his arm. Hamilton stayed in his place, staring at his friend curiously.

“Am I standing in front of the man who wishes to take her away?” Alexander said, and you could have sworn there was anger in his voice. You pulled on his arm, and he ignored you again.

Mulligan chuckled, barely hesitating on his work. “Of course, Hamilton. I believe you’re the only one who does not know this. And I do plan to do so, since you cannot stand her. She deserves better than you.” Hamilton began moving towards his friend. Laurens and Lafayette got up, stopping Hamilton.

Mon ami, this is not good idea.”

“Lafayette’s right, Hamilton. We all know who would win in a fight.” Mulligan laughed. You frowned, hating where this was going.

“Just because I do not like her now, does not mean anything. We are meant to be together, and I will try my best for that to happen. I better not see you try and bother Y/N.”

“Lads, I don’t think this is-“ Laurens started, but was interrupted by Mulligan pushing his tools to the side. He stood up, towering over the rest of you.

“What are you going to do about it, mon ami.” He hissed sarcastically, glaring at the shorter man. You moved in between all the commotion, putting your hands on both of their chests. Lafayette moved closer, standing next to you. Laurens did the same, standing on the opposite side.

“Stop. Stop fighting, this is stupid. I can decide for myself who I would like to be with, I’m not some pawn you guys could use. I am a human being, so treat me like one,” you turned to Mulligan, “Hercules, stop threatening your best friend. He’s just asking for help because he can’t figure this out, give him a break.” You turned to Hamilton, “And Alexander, stop acting like such a hot shot, you both love each other.”

“I don’t want this situation to break up your friendship. I want all of us to love each other, despite what might happen in the end. For all you know, I’ll just die to stop this from happening. I just want you to make this work, okay? So, stop this childish behavior.” You said, looking between both. They stopped glaring at each other, Hamilton being the first to hold out his hand.

“Truce?” He asked, and Mulligan looked at his hand, raising his eyebrow.

“You know I don’t shake hands, Hamilton.” You moved out of the way, and he pulled Hamilton against his chest, giving him a bear hug. The man laughed, and you saw the Hamilton that you once knew. He was genuinely smiling, like he used to.

“Okay, Herc, I cannot breathe anymore.”

You smiled at the two of them, happy they settled their differences quickly. Hamilton looked at you, the smile struggling to stay on his face. You nodded slowly, understanding. He nodded, the smile going into a straight line. “Let’s go, Y/N.” He said, touching your fingers with his. “We’ll figure this out.” Before you walked out, Mulligan called out.

“Better take care of her, Hamilton. I’m still here!” Hamilton laughed, closing the tent door behind him. The two of you walked quietly back to his tent, his fingers rubbing your palm. It was comforting, much different than holding his hand earlier.

“Y/N, I’m trying. I’m trying to deal with this. But it’s terribly difficult.”

“I know, Alexander. But you’ve been getting better. Remember that night when you could barely look at me without wanting to kill me? Now, you’re holding my hand without even flinching.” He laughed, looking down at your hands together. He played with your fingers, absentmindedly.

“I’m sorry for being rude to you for this long, Y/N. I think, I think I’m beginning to tolerate you.” You smiled at him. “You are a very beautiful human, Y/N. You are much different than Erin.”

“She told me that you liked her.” You whispered, and he laughed, shaking his head.

“I believe that is the completely opposite of what I think. In fact, I could not stand her. She talked about herself most of the time, and never let me say a word. She might have taken my kindness as liking, but that is not what it was. I just wanted her to stop dancing with me, so that I could dance with you.”

The two of you entered the tent, and he let go of your hand, going back to writing his work. He did not stop talking, though. “When I saw Hercules dancing with you, I, I did not know what feeling was coming over me. But I knew that I did not like that he was the one making you smile, and not me. These emotions come out of me without my permission, and they cover the hatred that was bestowed upon me. Just now, I wanted to kill Mulligan for trying to take you away from me.” He shook his head. “I do not know what I was thinking.”

“You still don’t feel that way, do you?” You asked, and he shrugged.

“No, I do not want to hurt my friend. But I cannot stand him being in the same room as you, if that is what you mean.” Hamilton said, writing away. You said nothing, just watching him write. His writing was beautiful, and yours was chicken-scratch compared to his. He glanced at you ever so often, a small smile on his face.

You got off the cot, wiping off your dress. Hamilton stopped writing, looking at you in confusion. “Where are you going?” He asked. You pointed out the tent.

“It’s late, and I need to get back to Laurens’s and Lafayette’s tent before the sun sets too low. You know that’s when all the men start to come out.” He bit his lip, looking at his cot. He then looked at you. You began walking out.

“What if you stayed in my tent tonight?” He asked when you were halfway there. You turned back to him, and there was a smile on his face. He looked nervous, his leg moving up and down quickly.

“Are you sure?” You asked. “You don’t have to, I know it’s hard.”

“No, I can handle it. If we want this to work, we must fight through it, right? Please stay with me in my tent tonight.” He blushed at his phrasing, and began to babble, “Um, no, that was inappropriate. I did not mean it that way.”

“It’s okay, Hamilton. And I would love to stay in your tent tonight.” You winked at him, and he shook his head. You began walking over to an empty spot behind his cot, clearing it off.

“Y/N, I’m not going to let you sleep on the floor.”

“It’s fine, sleeping on the cot is like sleeping on the floor anyway.”

“Do the men in your time let woman sleep on the floor during a battle?”

“Well, it would be kind of hard to say, Hamilton. The soldiers fight overseas, and I don’t know any men or women in the army. So, maybe. I hope they treat each other equally. That’s how it should be. And you did make me sleep on the floor, don’t you remember?“ You teased, rolling out a blanket. You felt his hand on yours, and you looked at him. He gave you a smile.

"I do. And I also remember that I am a gentleman, and I’m not going to do that to you again. Now, go to sleep on the cot, or I’ll pick you up when you’re sleeping and put you there myself.” There was no joking in his tone, so you rolled your eyes, but listened.

You laid your body on the cot, pulling the cover up. It was freezing tonight, so you piled it over your head, only your mouth and nose showing. Hamilton laughed at your cocoon, and you peeked out. He went back to his desk, and began writing again. It took you a while to fall asleep, but soon enough, you were unconscious.

Hamilton’s tent opened, and he looked over, seeing Lafayette walk in. “Hamilton, have you seen-” His gaze flicked over to your sleeping figure. You were sleeping soundly. He smiled, looking back at Hamilton. “Ahh, so you have made up? Are you courting?”

Hamilton laughed, shaking his head. “No, we are not, Lafayette. In fact, I asked her to come and sleep in here. I wanted to get to know her more. She’s a very interesting person.” Hamilton smiled to himself, sipping his quill in the ink. Lafayette nodded slowly.

“So you like her?”

“Not necessarily. More like fascinated. She’s from the future, Laf. We can learn so much about it-”

“Mon ami, I believe that you are missing the big point. Have you forgotten about the curse? Have you forgotten about us being reincarnated? This is no joke, Hamilton. We need to figure this out.”


“No, do not try to explain to me about the future. We need to get her home, the future does not matter. If we do not figure this out, we will be in the future. We will be stuck like this.” He looked over at you, making sure you were sleeping. “Y/N loves you, mon ami. She has not given up on you yet. But if you continue to treat her like this, she will. And remember, Mulligan is waiting for you to do so,” he hinted, “I will be gone, then.” He nodded at Hamilton once, then walked out the tent.

Hamilton stopped writing, and glanced over at you. There was something about you, something that he thought he finally figured out. But as Lafayette’s words drifted through his head, he grew uncertain.

Did he actually hate you? You moved a little, and Hamilton jumped, hoping you did not hear what he said. He then remembered that it was all in his head, and he was being ridiculous. You grew silent again, the only noise being your breaths.

He chuckled, admiring you. He placed his hand under his chin, watching the cocoon move up and down. He soon grew tired of writing, so he blew out the candle, and walked over to the blanket on the ground. You were still shivering, so he gave his last blanket to you, laying on the hate ground. He did not know how he felt about you, but one thing was certain:

He did not want to imagine his life without you in it.

You woke up quickly, hearing a loud boom sound. You turned to Hamilton, and he was already up, throwing his jacket on. He looked at you. “We’re being ambushed, I need to go.” He grabbed his musket from the table and began marching towards the entrance.


“Yes?” he asked, turning around. You gestured around you.

“What do I do?” He widened his eyes, then slapped his forehead.

“Oh no…” He glanced you over once, then grabbed your hand, pulling you Lafayette’s and Laurens’s tent. He looked around for something, then grabbed a uniform. He gave you it, and you stared, confused. “Put on the uniform, and hide behind the paper wall. Do not move, Y/N. Do not do anything until you hear from one of us, okay? This is no joke, one of those red coats could come and…” He trailed off, staring into the distance. He blinked, looking back at you. “Do you understand?”


“Good. See you soon.”


“Yes?” He said, anxious. There was excitement in his eyes, like he was ready to fight.

“Be careful, and don’t do anything stupid. I need you.” His eyes grew wide, and a smile tugged at his lips. Before he could say more, a loud horn rang out. He gave you one last look, before leaving you behind.

You followed his orders, making sure that you stayed silent. You heard gunshots and screams outside, and a part of you wanted to run away from all the chaos. But you stayed, hiding behind the wood. You heard the tent flaps open. You were about to climb from under the cot and greet your friend, but recalled what Alex said.

You stayed silent, listening.

“This is better than my cots, lads. Look at the embroidered quilt. Does a woman live in here?” The man joked. You immediately knew that this was no one you were familiar with.

There was nothing you could do. Your friends were probably somewhere on the battlefield, far away from this tent. You were visibly shaking, not knowing what to do. If you stayed there, there was a high chance of you getting caught. But if you ran out, they would definitely see you.

You decided to stay.

“You know these colonials, they are always comforting each other.” Another joked. Okay, only two, you could get out of there if something happens.

“Lads, we are here for supplies. Stop chatting and get to your job.” Three. There were three men.


You grabbed the nearest thing that looked like a weapon, and pulled it close to you. It was a short, broken stick.


The partition was pulled back quickly, and you held up the short stick, looking at the man standing in front of you. He was wearing a red coat, blood dripping from it. You were terrified, but you didn’t want him to see that. He snickered, crossing his arms against his chest. “Look at this, lads, a woman-“ You kicked him in the balls, and he groaned, crumbling over. You leaped off the cot, running towards the entrance. Before you could, another man stuck his leg out, causing you to trip and fall onto the ground.

You face hit the ground, and you felt blood seep out of a wound. You tried crawling up, but a foot landed on your back. You hissed, knowing that the hit would leave a bruise.

“What do we have here? What are ya, a woman soldier?” One asked, peering down at you. You spat in his face, and he laughed, wiping it off. “Ha, she’s a feisty one, eh?”

“That means she’s gonna be fun.” Another said, pulling on your uniform. You tried kicking and moving around, but they grabbed your arms and legs, holding you down.

“Stop! Leave me alone!” You cried, and they just laughed, continuing to pull at your clothes.

“You know, I haven’t seen a lady in a while. And you don’t look too bad.” He sneered, and you cried, trying your best way possible to escape. But it was to no avail.

Before he could take off any more of your clothes, you heard a gunshot. The man that was tearing off your clothes was pushed back by the bullet, the shot landing in his chest. His blood splattered on you, and you gasped. You looked up, and Hamilton was standing there, holding his musket in his hand.

“Get off of her, or I’ll kill you too.” He said, holding out a smaller gun in his hand. The men let go of you, holding up their hands in surrender. You scrambled off the ground, going right next to Hamilton. He pointed his gun at them, walking out slowly. Once he was a distance away from the tent, he sighed, looking down at you.

“Y/N, are you okay? Did they do anything to you?” He touched your face, concern in his eyes. You were speechless.

He didn’t look like he hated you. He was worried, scanning your body. He looked at the cu on your face, and sighed, shaking his head. Tears gathered in his eyes, and he pulled you close to him. Your back still ached, so you groaned, and he let you go quickly.

“I’m so sorry, I should have never left you there alone. This would have never happened if I thought of a better plan. It took all of me not to go back there and kill the other two. I really wanted to, but I had to make sure you’re okay. Y/N, are you okay? You haven’t said anything. I need to know that you are fine.” He looked at you, the tears finally falling. You laughed, staring up at him. He was puzzled, his eyes searching yours. You wiped the tears off his cheek, a smile on your face.

“I’m, I’m okay. Are you?” You looked at the fresh blood on his uniform. “Are you wounded? Where are the others? Are they okay?” You asked, looking around. He chuckled, wrapping his arms around you lightly this time. You closed your eyes, listening to the fast pace of his heartbeat.

There were still gunshots and screaming going on, but the two of you were in your own bubble, ignoring the outside world.

“I love you…” He whispered into your ear. “I love you, Y/N, and I am sorry I did not realize it before. I’m sorry for treating you so horribly, I’m sorry I called you all those names, I’m sorry I wanted to hurt you. I never want to feel like that again, I-“

You silenced him by pressing your lips against his. He froze against your lips, and your heart dropped. You quickly moved away from him, your heart beating faster. “Oh no, I just thought it would be a good idea. I mean, you were ranting and I just-“

“You kissed me.” He said, looking down at you. There was a deep blush on his face. “You kissed me.” He repeated, like he was waiting for me to answer. You nodded.

“Yes.” You replied, your nerves still getting the best of you. He ran his hands through his hair.

“You like me, Y/N? After everything I’ve done, you still like me?” He said, his voice shaking.

I love you, Alexander. I told you I did, and I still do. I wasn’t going to give up on you.” You said simply, and he laughed, looking at you again.

“Can I kiss you?” He said, putting his hands on either side of your face. He touched your cut, but you ignored it, nodding. He pressed his lips against yours, his tongue scattering across your lips. You wrapped your hands around his head.

As you pulled your face away from his, you felt a sharp pain on your spine. You gasped, your hands becoming limp. Hamilton looked down at you, holding your body up. You blinked slowly, feeling the pain course through your body. You looked at Hamilton, his face in shock. You could barely think, closing your eyes.

“I, I think I’m shot.” You said, touching your back. You opened your eyes a little, looking at the blood stained on your fingers. “Alexander…” You choked out, fluttering your lids.

“Y/N, Y/N! No!” He laid you down on the ground. You touched his arm lightly, trying hard to open your eyes. Once you were barely able to see him, you smiled.

“Take your time, I’ll see you on the other side.”

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Hello! May I ask for how would the RFA+V+Unknown (if you're okay with writing about those two) about being in love with MC but she's engaged to her hot, childhood bestfriend. But MC is engaged not due to being in love but rather it's like to protect the bestfriend from gold diggers, naturally the friend said no but MC insisted since the poor friend is always being chased by gold diggers. How would they react before and after finding out the truth. Feel free to make it fluffy or funny. Thanks!

I’ll give it a try! I really hope you like it. ^^’

Ø  ~~~YOOSUNG~~~

  • Kicked puppy.
  • He loves you so freaking much, and he tries to let you know through disconcerting yet sweet messages about you being his “princess in shining armor.”
  • My man Yoosung got the spirit. He a little confused, but he got the spirit.
  • You had to politely decline, and you don’t think you’ve ever seen something so adorable and saddening in your life.
  • He called you straightaway, and… was he crying?
  • Oh my god please no
  • You tried to console him, and listened as his voice slowly stopped trembling. There were a few sniffles here and there, but he seemed okay enough to talk.
  • This is when you explained why you were engaged in the first place.
  • He laughed. You were joking, right? One big joke on Yoosung! Ha ha ha!
  • “Yoosung, I’m serious.”
  • “…”
  • “That’s the reason? So you don’t really want to be with them, right?”
  • Well… Honestly, you had taken a liking to Yoosung. He was always there when you needed him.
  • So, maybe it would be better to end the engagement? After all, you should be with someone that you have feelings for in the long run, right?
  • You hang up after saying your goodbyes and immediately call your friend to explain what is going on.
  • Friend is 100% okay with you choosing your own way. They want to be with someone they love too, and while you were a good friend, they did not want to spend the rest of their lives with you as an intimate partner.
  • You were better off friends.
  • When you tell Yoosung about calling off the engagement because of your feelings for him, his soul exits his body.
  • He is so happy!!!!!!!!!! And so are you~.

Ø  ~~~ZEN~~~

  • eNGAGED??? Wtf wtf wha t th e h e l l
  • You knew he had feelings for you, so you had to finally come clean about your engagement.
  • He was spamming the chat with incoherent phrases and shocked Zen emojis, completely baffled and fuming.
  • You found it hysterical, you horrible person.
  • You calmed him down, saying the engagement was more of an arrangement so that your friend wouldn’t have to deal with people tryna pinch their pennies.
  • “What!? So you aren’t even in love?! You should marry someone you love!”
  • like me
  • You found Zen completely charming, but your friend’s happiness was on the line.
  • But so was yours. And so was Zen’s. And your friend didn’t even really want to go through with it. So, what do you do in a situation like this?
  • You make your damn self happy. That’s what.
  • You never thought you would actually love someone. But here Zen was in all his majestic glory.
  • You’ll explain it to your friend, and they will understand. (And secretly be grateful that you gave up the act. They will be fine without such extreme measures, and they want you to be happy as well.)
  • Call off that engagement, girl! Tell the world your feelings! Get you some ZEN!

Ø  ~~~JAEHEE~~~

  • Your engagement came up in conversation one day.
  • Jaehee was shocked. She tried to hide the disappointment on her face as you talked about it over a cup of coffee.
  • You explained the terms of the engagement, then made mention of having feelings for someone else and not knowing what to do about it. She perked up.
  • “You should tell your fiancée how you feel. I’m sure they will understand.”
  • “But what if the one I love doesn’t feel the same…? Wouldn’t it be a mistake to call it off when I have no idea how you feel abo—–”
  • Shit what
  • Jaehee nearly spits out her coffee. She covers her mouth and looks at you.
  • “M-me?”
  • Well, you have to come clean now. With a flushed face, you confess your feelings. Crazily enough, she reciprocates.
  • You choke. Baehee has feelings for me too?!
  • Sorry friend, looks like the engagement is going to have to stop!
  • The friend is relieved, and very happy you found someone you truly love~
  • Next time you and Jaehee go out for coffee, you can officially call it a date!

Ø  ~~~JUMIN~~~

  • He will never admit it, but he is thoroughly upset.
  • You two had met up after the party, and he invited you to have some wine at his place for celebration!
  • You really liked him, and you got the vibe he was interested in you, though you could never properly gauge his feelings. He was always so stoic, yet very gentle and kind towards you in particular.
  • When he placed a hand on yours, you flinched back. This wasn’t right… You had to tell him.
  • Hearing your confession, Jumin froze.
  • His eyes narrowed and locked on you, like a predator staring down its prey.
  • “No, I mean, I like you! You’re the one I want! But it’s just… I’m only doing this to make these women stop prying for his money! I just can’t—“
  • You are silenced.
  • Jumin had pressed his lips onto yours, and he was not letting up.
  • He wrapped his arms around you, wanting you, needing you, claiming you.
  • You melted into the kiss; damn it just felt so right.
  • When he finally pulled away, you stared at him in a daze.
  • “Jumin…”
  • “MC, I want you to tell your fiancée that you cannot go through with the engagement.”
  • You couldn’t help but feel extremely hot at the way he looked at you, the way he spoke, desiring to possess you. You’d never had anyone want you like this.
  • In a spellbound stupor, you wrap your arms around his neck.
  • “I’ll tell him, Jumin… I want to be yours…”

Ø  ~~~SEVEN~~~

  • It was no secret to Seven that you were engaged. His “background checks” were more than enough to give him this information.
  • But it sure didn’t stop him from falling for you.
  • Everyone in RFA could tell that Seven had a thing for you, but he couldn’t bring himself to admit it firsthand because of your engagement.
  • And he never thought he could compete with someone like that.
  • Your fiancée was effin’ gorgeous. His insecurities were set on fire every time he thought of it! And of course, Seven just loves to suffer, so he occasionally constantly snooped through your fiancée’s records, photographs, and social media.
  • He even considered hacking into your fiancée’s bank account out of spite, but of course he would never stoop that low. Especially since it would affect you.
  • He knew your current fiancée would be better for you than he would be. It was a sad truth.
  • After so many urges by RFA members for you and Seven to be together, you admitted to everyone that you were engaged and explained the situation.
  • Seven was shocked. So you didn’t love your fiancée…?
  • Was there still a chance, then…?
  • He couldn’t bring himself to ask.
  • He was torn. He loved you and wanted you desperately. But it was better this way, if you were never put in danger because of his feelings. If you never knew the truth…
  • He encouraged the engagement, through clenched teeth and sleepless nights.
  • But it was okay, because you were safe…And that was the best thing he could ever do for someone he loves.
  • I’m so sorry I just couldn’t see how this one would end well sdkjfsdl

Ø  ~~~V~~~

  • “Oh…”
  • Poor gentle cornflower.
  • You could see the agony on his face. He was crazy in love with you, and everyone knew it.
  • He was not subtle. He gifted you with fresh flowers, photographs, and other “beautiful things that reminded him of you.”
  • He was so sweet, and you felt horrible for putting him in this situation.
  • “V… I wish things were different…”
  • But, couldn’t they be different? All you had to do was call off the engagement, and run into V’s arms.
  • You knew he would be the best husband, completely and utterly devoted without a shred of doubt.
  • You would be happy with V. But what about your friend?
  • “It’s okay… I suppose it just wasn’t meant to be.” He smiled halfheartedly, digging deeper into the hole in your heart.
  • Don’t you deserve to be happy? Doesn’t V deserve to be happy? Is marrying out of sheer concern the right thing to do?
  • You pondered your options for a few days, and then finally decided what you needed.
  • “V. I’ll be with you. I’ll always want to be with you.”
  • He is silent for a moment before speaking.
  • “Aren’t you to marry your fiancée?”
  • “V…” You smile and take his hands in yours.
  • “I choose you.”


  • “No.”
  • “Saeran! Just let me explain!”
  • NO.”
  • He looked like he was ready to explode, fists and teeth clenched tightly, face red.
  • Boi was pissed.
  • “I’ve loved you since the day we met! He could never love you like I do! Why him?!
  • He backed you into a corner, eyes usually the color of the sky are now darkened, menacing.
  • “L-Listen to me, Saeran. He and I aren’t… We don’t feel that way about each other.”
  • “THEN WHY?!”
  • You’re nearly trembling, and he notices. He backs away, regret all over his face. He realizes he has a problem with his anger, he’s really trying to fix it.
  • He is in love with you, wants you more than anything in this filthy world.
  • “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… You just make everything so bright… You make the world worth living in, and I—I can’t accept that this light belongs to someone else.”
  • He desperately wants to console you, caress your cheek, hold you, but he is afraid of himself. He is afraid to touch something so fragile and beautiful. He can’t let himself corrupt you.
  • He looks like he’s about to break down, no no no please no.
  • You forget yourself and throw your arms around him, nuzzling your face into his neck.
  • He freezes, his breathing stops, as if a single gust of air would shatter you into pieces.
  • “Saeran… I did it to protect him. I don’t love him, not like I love you.”
  • His heart nearly stops. A confession?
  • Gently, he brings his arms up to curl around you, pulling you in closely.
  • “Would you give him up for me? Would you be with me, MC?”
  • You tighten your hold on him. You’ve known the answer to this question for a long time.
  • “Yes. A thousand times, yes.”
Tacoma Knight

For @a-daydreamers-stories

Happy/Plus size reader

I’m not going to lie. I have a huge crush on Mr Sexy Biker that comes into the store for cigarettes every day. He always winks at me and calls me baby girl. He probably tells all the girls that to get what he wants though. A guy that hot would never go for a girl like me. Not at my size. But nevertheless I want to faint when he comes in. Which would suck. Because then I’d miss the chance to see him for the day. As he makes his way through the store every day I can’t help but to fantasize what it would be like to have him. For him to touch and worship every inch of my very thick body. For me to rub my hands over his sexy tattooed bald head while he digs his face into my chest. I think it’s hotter in here than before. On schedule Mr sexy comes through the door. He rarely buys anything but cigarettes. But he always makes his way and takes his time through the store.

“Good afternoon. Welcome to the Little Charming Corner store.” I manage not to fumble my words. I seriously hate saying that every time someone walks in. But for him I’d say it a thousand times.

“Hey baby girl” His rough deep voice giving me goosebumps.

He continues with his daily ritual. Checking out the magazines. Looking at the news papers. Etc. I try not to look obvious but I cannot stop staring. The ding of the door wakes me up from my daydream and I repeat my entrance speech. Three guys walked in. Real asshole looking guys too.

“Ew! I heard one of them say. I had no idea what they were talking about. “Thought you said the girl that works here is hot?!”

“She is! She must only work nights or something.” Said the one that appeared to be the leader of their little douche bag club.

“Figures. For real though, this one’s a cow” The third one tried to say under his breathe. But it was too late. The damage was done. Tears began to well up in my eyes. I looked down into my lap. I would never understand how people could be so cruel to people they didn’t even know.

Unfortunately for the douche bag club, Mr biker had also heard them. And if looks could kill, the three would be on the ground instantly. Good thing the owner of the store didn’t have an active working camera. It was there for show mostly now. Because Mr sexy pulled out his gun as he stormed straight for the ring leader. They guys all froze as he put his gun up to the leader’s forehead.

“What did you just say to this lady here?!” He seethed through his teeth. “Apologize. Now!” He roared. I couldn’t believe he was defending me. He was my Knight.

“Dude. We’re so sorry.”

“Not to me. To her!”

“Ma'am we’re s-so s-sorry.” The leader manages to choke out.

“Get the fuck out!” Biker yelled as the three scrambled out almost tripping over each other. He put his gun away and stormed over to the counter.

“I don’t know how to… I mean… thank you so much.” I managed to mutter.

“They won’t be bothering you again beautiful. Promise.”

“Your usual?” I asked him.

“Yeah baby doll. And put your number on the receipt.”

“Pardon?” I questioned. Did I hear him right?

“Put your number on the receipt. I’m taking you out to dinner. I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to ask you for weeks. I’m Happy.”

“I’m happy too… thank you again for helping me…”

“No, my name’s Happy” he grinned. He paid for his cigarettes and gave me a wink. “I’ll call you soon baby girl” Happy turned to leave the store. I was in awe at what just happened. Surely it was a dream. Then he stopped at the door.

“And what should I call you beautiful?” He asked. Honestly he could call me whatever. I was going to go in a date with Mr Sexy Biker himself. I could have died. But I gathered myself and mustered my strength and told him my name.


He gave me another wink before he left..

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“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

damn guys, just jump right in on that angst shit

“You’ve gone awful quiet,” McCree says, and Hanzo freezes. 

He had downed most of his store of sake just trying to drown out his thoughts, but in a cruel twist of irony, his drunkenness had only narrowed his focus upon them, until his fears and his anxieties began to take over and it was all he could do not to let them show. 

They are alone, under the dark of a night sky smattered with distant, twinkling stars, huddled around a tiny fire as they wait for the Overwatch shuttle that will take them home. It’s freezing and lonely and miserable, and the only joy the two of them have found is in the fact that they both carry alcohol on their persons. 

And Hanzo is deeply ashamed that he finds some joy in the situation, just in having McCree to himself for a few cold, isolated, terrible hours. And it frightens him, on a level he never thought possible, the fact that he can care for someone so much that it takes over everything–overrides his his thoughts, his focus, his bodily needs, his everything, all for the chance to drink in the presence of the man beside him. 

“I think,” he says, slowly and carefully despite how he has no control over  the words spilling forth, “that I am in love with you. And I am terrified.”

His heart hits his ribs as the words hang in the air between them. McCree lowers his cigarillo, jaw dropping. The light from the fire turns his widening eyes to a warm, coppery brown.

“What?” he says, and he sounds choked, like the smoke has caught in his throat. 

Hanzo grits his teeth and stares at the fire. His hands tremble faintly, and he cannot make them stop. He knows McCree heard him. He cannot bear to repeat the words. It doesn’t matter how McCree will answer–Hanzo is afraid either way. 

A long moment stretches in the chilly night air. McCree sets down his flask of whiskey, grinds out the remains of his cigarillo in the dirt, and flicks the stub into the fire. 

“Okay,” he says. “I think–I think I get it, then. And if that’s the case, I guess I’m just gonna have to be brave enough for the both of us.”

He reaches over, resting his gloved hand over Hanzo’s between them on the ground. He licks his lips, his gaze boring into Hanzo’s, searching and beseeching all at once.

Hanzo feels just a little less afraid. 

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.16

                                             Part S I X T E E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 4k+

A/N: wow this was long as fuck too, okay. i just wanna say thank you to everybody who supports this series and loves it and gives it those likes and reblogs. i really appreciate the support and praise for it, it really warms my heart. please do get it to 100 notes, as usual, n pls enjoy ! 

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteenseventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                     I M A G I N E 

New York City, 6:02 A.M. 

You woke up in the morning against a warm, breathing body. Your eyes had fluttered slowly, moving your hand to feel Calum’s belly hair that led down to his crotch. Your palm merely swiped over his belly button as you smiled from being this close to your boyfriend. 

Although the suite was dim, you rolled your eyes up to see your boyfriend perfectly. Calum was still asleep, with his head fairly back to emphasize his sharp jawline. His plump lips, currently dry and chapped, were slightly parted as he was breathing through his mouth. He crinkled his nose a few times, with a bit of sniffling. His eyes were shut, seeing as he was in a very peaceful slumber. 

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anxiety is in the middle of talking while giving something to logic when the new kid, affectionately referred to as 'Prince,' walks in. anx drops the topic, his jaw and whatever he's holding

This one’s for you. I hope you like it. It’s really late, and I’m getting up early for tomorrow’s flight, so this one is really really short. It’s cute:)

“Anxiety, you promised to give back my notebook today. Don’t tell me you forget it again.“ Logic looked at Anxiety disapprovingly and said.

“Wait, I think I have it this time. I…Um…I just…Need to find it.” Anxiety searched in his backpack, trying hard to find Logic’s notebook.

Logic sighed, “You know, you really should organize your bag. I can see papers everywhere, and some of them are tragically torn apart, like my heart.”

Anxiety rolled his eyes and grunted, “Come on Logic. He just turned you down. That’s all. Plus, I cannot believe you have a crush on Moral-” And he stopped talking.

Prince walked into the room with dazzling light, according to Anxiety’s description. Prince was the popular new kid in the school. He was known for his friendly personality and the bright smile that was always on his face.

Anxiety’s jaw was dropped. So was the notebook. He stared at Prince. His eyes moved to wherever Prince was going.

“Hello! How’s your day?” Prince delightfully greeted as he passed by.

Anxiety blinked. He replied, “I’m, I’m fine. How are you?” Anxiety cursed himself for being tongue-tied. Now he must look like a mess.

“I’m okay! Thanks for asking! See you later!” Prince’s voice came from a distance. Anxiety blushed furiously when he heard “see you later.”

Logic shook his head. “Looks like someone’s going to be like me.” He teased.

Anxiety returned to his previous conversation with logic. He retorted, “Nope because I won’t be turned down.”

“Do you really have to remind me of that?” Logic snorted.

Anxiety laughed, “Well, it’s not me who pick the topic back up.”

baron | stupid cupid | corbin







Not much. !claustrophobic reader. antagonistic dean & corey. almost sex in an elevator.


I have to thank my girl, my boo @fan-fiction-galore for her encouragement on this and her input.  lot of the ideas in here are thing we discussed and I just love her okay? Also have ot tag my girl, my boo @mimicthephoenix because she’s amazing and her writing is too and she’s always encouraging these things too.Also, going to tag @writergrrrl29 my boo, another I love to dicuss stuff with on here, you are amazing!


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