Let’s do Mass Effect Friendship Week!
When : From August 1 to August 7
Tag: #mefriendshipweek 
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What is it about? It’s about celebrating all the friendships we love in Mass Effect! Between groups, duos, trios, popular characters, rarely discussed characters or between different species, like humans and turians, volus and elcor, etc, … It can also be between characters that have never met in canon, or between characters from Mass Effect and a different canon.
Let’s discuss what makes those friendships great!
Let’s also discuss the friendships we want to see in Andromeda.

Rules: There are no specific rules, as long as it’s about friendships. You can share your headcanons, post fics or make text posts, edits, gifs, etc. There is no limit to how much you can contribute and everyone can participate.

You really don’t have to stick to a specific theme, but if you need a bit of structure:
August 1: Beginnings (what do you enjoy about them meeting each other? what’s so special about it?)
August 2: Key moments (what made you realize they were great friends?)
August 3: Second family (the ones who made a second family for themselves with all their friends)
August 4: Fights & Reconciliations (what are the conflicts between them? how do they reconcile? or are they no fights at all?)
August 5: Those guys are MY friends (talk about the characters from Mass Effect who are YOUR friends and why)
August 6: Friendship between different members of different species (do you have a specific friendship you love between a member of one species and another? or do you enjoy the relationship between two or three species, and the influence it has on the galaxy?)
August 7: Endings (not really the end like character death, but how does the friendship evolve? do they stay friends for the rest of their life? how does it work compared to the beginnings?)

Every post will be added into a masterpost at the end, just like with Mass Effect AU Week. 

Have fun! :)

ok but the fact that calum likes jazz and blues music honestly makes me so happy?? like can you imagine coming home and hearing it coming out of his home studio and he’d come down singing along to elvis’s ‘heartbreak hotel’ or bobby darin’s ‘beyond the sea’ in a deep voice and he’d see you and a huge grin would break out across his face before he takes your hand and starts slow dancing with you but it’s really exaggerated and not at all serious and you keep stepping on his feet and calum’s smiling down at you as he watches you laugh and in that moment, he’s convinced that all of those 1940′s love songs were written about you for that exact moment

As being someone who has been struggling with weight issues and self-esteem problems, today I felt great about my body. My depression has been pretty bad over the past week, but yesterday and today I felt like a normal person. My fellow tumblr peoples have really helped me, along with my close friends from home. I never post anything like this, but today, it feels okay.

I’m in a hurry, so no chit-chats today. This is my usual guide. Let’s get to it!

1) How do you trigger this weeks stuff?
Just like always, follow the questline! I think this works just like Act 1, so you’ll probably be required to defeat Mysterio 3 times before you start with this weeks things. (If you need help for that still, my guide from last week is here.)  Once you do that you shoul be able to invite Mysterio from the in-game store.

After that you should get a quest where you need to build the Horizon Labs in the same place there was Spidey’s crafting station in Act 1 (you just tap on the little icon in the quest and it automatically brings you where that is if you don’t know what I’m talking about). 

You also need to craft 1 Magic Wand before the fight against Venom gets started (and that will take time cause those requirements have a stupid drop rate like always and it take 8 hours to craft them).

2) How do you fight Venom?

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Will Joss Whedon Write For “Doctor Who?”

“Check back with me when the Doctor is a SHE…” [x] [x]

Why, thank you, Mr. Whedon! I APPROVE. YES, it’s high time Doctor Who was a FEMALE, thank you very much!

And, former Doctor Who, Matt Smith, also threw his support for a FEMALE Doctor Who recently:

“I think a lady Doctor could be close - and would be fun,” he said. “So practise, practise, practise. And talk really fast. And think really fast. And be really brave. And mad. And silly. And good luck - maybe it will be you!"  [x]

Well, there you have it.

BBC (and/or Steven Moffat), pull your finger out already & let’s do this!