i..love these clothes



Victuuri art for a friend’s birthday! I drew it in record time for something this detailed to finish it in time haha

I really need to draw more Yuri on Ice art, as it’s my favorite anime


Finally revamped my boy after leaving him in the gutter for half a year (I couldn’t decide a colour for his pants, so I put in a few). The throat slit is covered by his sweater, but I’ll probably make it more prominent in the future. 

This is my “version”(?) of Anti, I don’t have a solid name for him yet, so I’ve just settled for Kort (which directly translates to “short”) in the meantime. He’s a good boy.

What you should know about Kort:

- Is addicted to Pocky. Pretends they’re cigarettes when he holds one (thinks it makes him look cool but he just ends up looking like a fucking kid).

- Uses pick-up lines on everyone and everything he meets at least once (they’re pretty terrible, and the reason why he doesn’t have many friends)

- Has a pet snail. Will protect it with his life. Talks to it in the way a dog-owner would talk to a puppy.

- Loves playing Monopoly (also why he doesn’t have many friends) and just wasting time in general.

-Pulls out random objects from his pockets, especially shit that shouldn’t be there (pulled a box of pocky out of his ass at some point).


Victuuri Week Day 02: Historical AU

Anyways here’s my contribution to victuuri week: Victor and Yuuri in random eras because I wanted to draw historical outfits (sorry  for any historical inaccuracies)

Flourish  ♡

“ok but-”