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No streams today! This includes work stream AND tonight’s stream. I just don’t have time. If I ever want to catch up on my life I need the next few nights completely free for me to bash my head against stuff. 

A small portion of my non-work related to-do list includes:
 -Finally making some speedpaint videos
 -Opening a RedBubble store/ and or Society6
 -Answering Tumblr messages 
 -Starting the collabs I’ve said I would do
 -reporting all these art re-posters >.> (I know you’re finding pictures on DA JUST CREDIT DA DARN YOU PEOPLE) 

I’ll still be streaming friday, cya’ll then!! Have a great week and here’s some music for you. x Just take my entire likes list, have fun.

It’s the first time i post something here. So I hope I don’t make a mistake ^^ It’s not a big deal (interview from 2014) but when I read this yesterday i was like “OMG OMG OMG such a big fanboy”  Leo is so calm and quiet……until this day :

Q: When does Leo, who is unusually quiet and introverted, speak the most?

Leo: When I met Trey Songz.

Hongbin: At that time, rather than thinking that he talked a lot, I thought, “Why is this hyung like this,” and it was to the point I felt secondhand embarrassment. (laughing) People can talk a lot. But he started talking so much so I was really surprised. However my feelings were the same when I met Park Hyoshin sunbae-nim, so on the other hand I sympathized with his feelings too well and I could understand that heart.

Leo: It was also my birthday that day. Honestly, when the members wanted to go shopping in Beverly Hills, I wanted to rest but seeing as it was my birthday, I went out thinking “Okay, let’s just go.” And then, this really unexpected gift came to be.

mrkusanagi asked:

Whose back do you like to look at?

I fancy backs so much I even wrote a DaiSuga fic about it (っ˘ڡ˘ς)


Actually, I just love to look at muscles moving under skin. I’m kind of an anatomy freak fan. To the point of creating a sketch blog where I devote myself to naked bodies and muscles and backs and arms and, oh, did I mention I find hands and elbows sexy? *drool*

warlockofthespirallabyrinth asked:

Hey, got any haikyuu fic recs? btw, love your art!

I don’t have time to read much ;__; So I don’t have any recs except of those fics that already have lots of kudos on AO3 

I listed some of my favs here

Another TVNorge promo

TVNorge has launched their knew poster campaign for this season, and I’m just in love with it. See their slogan is this: 

Best at comedy. Worst at politics. Follow the municipal elections at some other channel.

Of course it’s all to distinct themselves from the other Norwegian TV channels being preoccupied with the election this fall. 

So they use all these iconic political posters to make their own parodying illustrations with their best comedians, and it’s brilliant – like these two:

Of course I’ve been waiting for Ylvis to show up in one of these too, but no such luck…

This is the closest I’ve come so far:

So I though: What the heck, I’ll just make my own political Ylvis poster. 

Feel the void TVNorge? You can call me. :p