So today it was confirmed that there would be an 8th Character Song (picture taken the Chinese website ohYYFU.com) to follow up the Levi and Erwin songs, and that is the Beast Titan’s Song titled “Ceaseless Animosity”! It’s set to release on August 1st as a bonus to the Season 2 Blu-Rays. Coincidentally, that is also Zeke’s birthday in the manga. At the moment, it’s unknown if it will have a separate release like the remaining songs.

And of course, the song will star the Beast Titan’s voice actor, Koyasu Takehito, who hasn’t done any music-related work in a while, so this should be exciting and definitely something to look forward!

As with the other releases, Ceaseless Animosity will contain the song, its Instrumental version as well as two monologue sequences, unlike one like the other songs. The information (Be aware, that some translations may or may not be inaccurate) states that one of them will be the typical monologue we get in the other songs, while there is no information about the second one. It could be a Part 2 or some other type of content. Really excited for it!

Please refer back to this original post if there are any uncertainties!


I don’t want to sleep

he almost couldn’t help himself. in fact, if he had any control over himself, he wasn’t sure if he would have kept himself from doing it anyway.

sweat was cooling on their bodies, dean was pressed up against him. it was warm in the car, cold outside and sam didn’t want to move. dad had given dean the car and then took off somewhere in his truck on another hunt. so dean packed up the impala and they took off in their own direction.

he pulled off on the side of the road long after the sun had set and pulled sam into the backseat and dean slowly took his brother apart with his mouth and his fingertips.

after sam’s heart stopped beating so hard through his chest that he was sure that dean could hear it and dean was nestled up against sam, sam looked up at the windows that were covered in condensation.

there was a bubble of laughter in his chest as he propped himself up on his elbow and wrote the only confession that mattered to either one of them.

dean opened an eye and read was sam had written on the elbow and only shook his head as he wrapped his arms around his brother.

you dork.” he muttered, pressing a kiss to the back of sam’s neck.