pidge: Does Not Sleep

shiro: ptsd prevents him from getting the rest he sorely needs

hunk: anxiety means he has trouble sleeping, once he’s out though he’s out

keith: kind of used to falling asleep everywhere but his paranoia makes him a VERY light sleeper who tends to wake up and stay up

lance: sleeping with adhd is literal hell but his headphones help. they’re also noise-blocking so gl waking him up lol

keyoshiwarriorindisguise  asked:

A concept: original pidge vs reboot Keith

holy fucking shit………………………….

I mean, reboot keith is Reboot Keith if you know what I mean. Honestly I don’t think Keith is afraid of death. He’s a ‘ride and die’ kind of guy. He would give it all in a fight; plus, he has that knife. 

Meanwhile, 80s Pidge is if a troll doll met Kermit the Frog met the insatiable need for blood. 80s Pidge is ripped to shit, but it’s hidden under an unassuming and unbelievably annoying persona.

Like oh my god this ask has blown my mind?? I think that VLD Keith would be hesitant about fighting someone who is literally twelve but 80s Pidge wouldn’t even pause. He would just go straight for the throat. And that brief moment of indecision on Keith’s part could be his undoing.

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I cleaned up the little comic from the other day, I was really taken aback by how much everyone liked it! 

And I wanted to add a little part two ft. Taiwanese Keith, because I only have a few days left in Taipei and the idea of Keith speaking rapid Mandarin when he’s flustered or nervous is really, really 可愛

(translation: Lance, you were already really cute before, but these scars make you so much hotter, I want to kiss them…bastard, I hate you!)

謝謝幫我翻譯, @sugarleegogo!!

@ everyone replying to anons

I’m sorry to ask, but do you think you could attempt to be a bit more… respecful to the anons? I’ve been seeing people replying to these anons with comments lashing out on them, using the r slur, and just being rude. Please try to refrain from that. Thank you very much.