Words in Bosnian/ Croatian/ Montenegrin/ Serbian without vowels:

brk - mustache
brz - fast (adjective, masculine)
crn - black (adj., m.)
crv - worm
čvrst - firm, strong, solid (adj. m.)
grb - crest, coat of arms
grč - cramp, spasm
grk - bitter (adj., m.)
Grk - Greek man
grm - bush, shrub
hrt - greyhound
krst - cross (noun)
krv - blood
krš - karst, rubble, 
mrk - dark (adj., m.)
prst - finger
skrb - care (noun)
smrt - death
srp - sickle, reaping hook
srž - marrow, essence
strv - carcass, body of a dead animal
škrt - stingy, scrimpy, cheap person (adj., m.)
trg - square, open space
trk - race, gallop
trn - thorn
tvrd - hard, solid (adj., m.)
vrč - jug, water pitcher
vrh - top, summit, pinnacle, peak
vrt - garden
zvrk - curl, whirligig 

The interesting thing is that all these words contain the letter/sound “r” which can take on the function of a vowel. It can form a word (as proven above) and carry a syllable.


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