So I have a little idea for elsewhere university (forgive the pov switching)
Somewhere in the library, there is a legendary book. If you are in the greatest emotional distress you will ever feel in your time at the university (How the book Knows isn’t certain but then again nothing ever really is), you will find yourself slouching into the library and looking along the shelves. Not searching for anything in particular, just something good to read.
You pick one, not to thin and not too thick, off of the dusty shelf. The jacket feels slightly soft, like the nose of a stuffed animal once most of the velveteen is rubbed off.
You sit down right there in the middle of the aisle, lean your back against a cart, and begin to read. As soon as your finger touches the title page, you feel all of the anxiety pulling out like the tide, a wave of calm rushing over you as you begin to read.
Hours go by. People move around you, not even noticing you’re there. Any classes you missed were cancelled that day.
Some time later, you’re at the final page. You know that soon you will have to go back to the real world now, and that your break is over.
Resigned, you take a deep breath and put the book back on the shelf. You know you will miss it, but there’s nothing you can do, and you’ve heard too many stories of those who would try and abuse the magic here.
With a sudden pop, you can hear movement again. You hadn’t even noticed the students walking by you, or the whispering in the next row. You shake your head, fondly caressing the cover one last time.
You walk out of the library with a much lighter heart than when you came in, ready to face whatever drove you here in the first place.
No student has ever found the book twice, and it’s constantly changing place.
What the contents are varies wildly from person to person; from favorite childhood storybooks to long lost books (forgotten underneath a chair or on a picnic table somewhere on campus) to family photo albums that may have never even existed in the first place.
It’s rumored that during one of the many book-burning eras that the university has lived through, one of the librarians enchanted the book to promote reading, but no one is really sure.
All they know is that it’s nice to have a word of hope in the darkness.

Some Quotes From my Art History Professor:
  • “Caravaggio was the BEST renaissance painter, because he knew his shit.  Literally.  Look at this painting, he’s painted shit on everything, even Saint Peter!”
  • “For those of you fortunate enough to Not grow up catholic, a baptism is where you mist a baby like an orchid to keep it from going to hell.”
  • “You get Extra Credit for you eerily comprehensive knowledge of Muppets.  Now stop talking.”
  • “GOD I love flying buttresses.  They’re so melodramatic!”
  • “I don’t call him “Da Vinci” because that means “From Vinci”.  That’s like calling Steve “Of Greeley” instead of his real name and that’s just rude.  And not just because Greeley is Awful.”
  • “Michelangelo was really depressed because his job sucked.  Also because he was a bit of a douche, but mostly the job.  He should have been doing literally anything else.”
  • “Everything can be improved with a Simpson’s reference!”
  • “Send me Memes, I like having recent content in my lectures.”
    *Next day* “Stop sending me memes. Please.”
  • *whilst angrily pointing at a picture of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles* “The Turtles have all their names mixed up for their personalities and frankly that’s embarrassing.  The techie should be Leo, the Flirt should be Raphael, The Boring Leader Dude should be Donatello and the angry one should be Carvaggio because that asshole literally spent his life drunk, fighting people and blackmailing cardinals.  Carvaggio was the BEST.”
  • “I could have studied in Rome. I could be trying to match boxes of broken dicks to statuary.  Instead of dicks I have you assholes.”
  • “Warhol was, as you young people say, A Troll.  The art is not the Art, the Outrage is the Art.  Which is kind of a Dick Move, which we old people say too.”
  • “Remember Kids- mental illness and heavy metal poisoning are not actually substitutes for Talent and Hard Work! Get therapy and don’t drink your paint water!”

I mean, I’m not gonna pretend I didn’t feel a stab through my chest when I read the spoiler that practically kept me up half the night, but there really isn’t any point in panicking right now. I mean, what do we know for sure?

1. Robert worships the ground Aaron walks on and they are the loves of each others lives - confirmed by the guy in charge of the whole show (umm hello?!!). We’ve also had mentions from Ryan in interviews that it’s all about Aaron and Liv and their family unit. And they’ve built them a set! AND Iain even entertained talks about a Robron baby. This is NOT going to break them apart.

2. Robert is completely gutted he got torn apart from Aaron the day after their wedding, and grief/stress does strange things to people. Especially if you’re Robert Sugden.

3. Robert will struggle to cope with life without Aaron, especially when he can’t even hold his husband when he visits him. Imagine how much that would mess with your head.

4. Robert will do and is doing anything in his power to get Aaron out of there sooner. These are not the actions of someone who wants to be with someone else. And we all know that Robert will lie, and cheat, and do whatever it takes if something matters to him.

5. Robert is trying to stay strong for everyone but will no doubt get to a point where he breaks. This spoiler is most likely that ‘breaking’ moment. And I am 100% here for that if it brings some honest and frank discussion of Robert struggling with his emotions, and without Aaron.

6. Robert potentially makes a shitty life decision involving Rebecca, in the midst of his devastation and grief, and then confides in Chas about it because he regrets what he’s done. Don’t tell that’s not progress. Robert never admits when he’s wrong! And we don’t know what he does - so there’s no point panicking and making assumptions - but even if it is the worst thing imaginable, then maybe, I dunno, it takes that actually happening for Robert to realise he has a problem, to recognise Aaron’s trust issues and to deal with them. But, for the record, I REALLY CAN’T SEE IT GOING THAT FAR.

7. Robert only makes said decision after visiting Aaron in prison, where he would have seen his husband battered and broken, and turning to drugs. He will be beside himself with fear and worry. He knows Aaron thought about killing himself last time he was there, and we know he couldn’t handle the thought of losing Aaron again. It will make him SO DESPERATE to get Aaron out. OR, there is the real possibility that Aaron pushes him away (100% an Aaron move), and that Robert then can add anger to his list of emotions bubbling under the surface.

So I guess all I’m saying is - don’t panic?? I know that’s easier said than done, and I definitely had a panic myself, even though I’m usually immune to spoiler panic. But just try and focus on how bloody lucky we really have been. I mean, Robron should really have been done and dusted when Robert put a gun to Aaron’s head, let’s be honest. But ED brought them back from that, in a way that was 100% genuine and believable. And then gave us an incredible wedding. They’ve established them as the power couple of the village - and they wouldn’t do all of that work for nothing.


“Part of good drama is to understand want the audience wants and make them wait for it and not necessarily give them the easiest route from A to B. Robert and Aaron have survived a hell of a lot of challenges over the years and it will continue to be like that. But I think ultimately whatever happens, I feel that they are the love of each others’s lives. Whatever else might happen, the long term destination will eventually see them coming back together whatever they go through.“ - Iain MacLeod

I’ve been working! I mean, screaming! I mean- WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE.

Anxiety from doing A Dumb Thing today kept me from sleeping despite not getting any sleep the previous night, so I’m doing this. May as well make the nerves be productive if they’re going to ruin things as usual. Doesn’t help that I’m about to begin day 5 out of a 7 day stretch at mind-numbing day job. People are burning up my brain with nonstop chatter: I just want to be left alone to work on this so I can finally get on with things.

Only on the second eagle illustration. And as usual, I have not yet started on the ever important bird portion of it. So. Slow.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to @kapreisun for my this gorgeous bust of Ohka (which I’ll be using as my new avatar for this blog)!

This is my second time commissioning her and I’m always so blown away by her skill and kindness. If you are ever looking for a lovely artist with a hella cute style to commission, I’d highly recommend her!


A few days later, Asher went back to work and had his first practice since his father died. Elena wanted to be there to support him so she brought along her study materials so she could work while she watched their practice. ♥


*requested –> Anonymous said: I really love your work! 💖 Do you have any NCT recs? And could you please do some Taeyong angst? Thank you!

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author’s note: 5,378 words. In my thinking process of what to base this angst on, one of my housemates showed me a new anime last weekend and wow. W O W. It’s a game-changer and Inspiration then hit me like a freaking firetruck. lmao look at me i think i’m funny 

*suggestive themes, explicit content, possible emotional discomfort, read at your own discretion* 

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