cross!sans one of my favourites <3

this painting took me like 5 hours to finish with a mouse it was soo fun at first but got bored at nearly the end i am glad i didn’t mess up at the end…phew

cross!sans belongs to @jakei95 @underversesans

you are awesome jakei ….. i hope you like it :3

Jakei Says: OMG it’s amazing!!! I loved your speedpaint! (Go check guys ;w;)  AND YOU USED A MOUSE!!!! A MOUSE!!! You have my respect!! You made a wonderful work!! Thank you thankyouuu!!! 


Sometimes, all there is left to do is let the ship sink, let the debris decay, and then let it become something beautiful, something of lore. Let it become something you gaze at with reverie as the coral paints it with more majesty than it deserves. When the army doesn’t come for you, when no one chooses to fight for you, when no one dives in after you with fairy tales and promises, you write a different story. You write a tale of adventure and chaos, of survival and fortitude, and instead of wishing to be saved, you save yourself. (x)

Thank you so much, anon, @awinterborn and @fishyskeleton! <3 I try my best drawing her.

On another note: I apologize for the hiatus but it seems summer (especially July) always takes a toll on my mental health. It’s hot, humid and the subway tunnels are closed so the remaining forms of transportation are crowded like hell (and crowds easily stress me out if I’m on my own). Not to mention it takes noticably longer to get to work and home. At work it’s loud because the office beneath us is renovating… things just keep stacking. This picture took me a week to make (with reference, derp) because I couldn’t get myself to draw.

I had hoped it won’t last very long but my energy level is still pretty low. So I will take a few weeks off and try to relax as much as I can. I will only draw basic stuff, get back to the roots and practice what I had long neglected to (hopefully) get a bit better. If you want to see these studies I will gladly post them - otherwise I hope to return in August or September, whenever the weather decides summer is over, to draw more fanart, answer your messages and continue my own stuff.

I’m really sorry :(

Have a wonderful time, guys <3


David Tennant and the Incredible Hulk

Question: Who is your favorite superhero?
David: When I was a kid, it was Incredible Hulk. Definitely. Definitely.
Because there was something about how he wasn’t quite a hero. It was deeply tragic, his story.  Partly the tv show but also the comic books - this sense that he was almost like a child, he was kind of lost. I just loved it and I think that’s a brilliant character.  I used to love him. 

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the-nightwing-rises submitted:

hey bro, i hope you have a wonderful birthday, lotsa hugs and smooches~

this drawing is actually the one that I talked about, I’m glad I was able to finish it in time for your birthday, cause I added Zenny last minute, because whats better than one cutie? I hope you like it~

o o h  my gdo im THRIVING