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lit meme: [2/7] otps

aristotle mendoza and dante quintana, aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe

“Remember that time you kissed me?”
“Remember I said it didn’t work for me?”
“Why are you bringing this up? I remember. I remember. Dammit to hell, Ari, did you think I’d forgotten?”
“I’ve never seen you this mad.”
“I don’t want to talk about that, Ari. It just makes me feel bad.”
“What did I say when you kissed me?”
“You said it didn’t work for you.”
“I lied.”

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I agree that they said the ALBUM is better than her previous work, not the song, but is it though....? 3 out of 15 songs so far have been pretty weak in my honest opinion. I like them, I enjoy them, but I don’t love them. And I’m afraid that’s how this album is going to be. “Look what you made me do, look what you made me do” “you’re so gorgeooooous” I mean..... idk. I’m not blaming anyone though. Maybe the rest of the album will blow me away. But as for now, the bar is set pretty low for me.

I don’t know. I guess I just feel like if a song isn’t talking about a heart breaking love or alluding to anything sexual people don’t appreciate it

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Ughgh youre really cute and the fact that youre 40 honestly gives me, a confused 'older' queer a lot of hope because sometimes idk what im doing with my life and i feel like im running out of time?? Like all these 18 yr olds already on T and getting surgeries and my dysphoric ass feeling like i might as well just give up.

Pros of later transition:

1) Greater autonomy.
2) Less shits to give about toxic people.

Hang in there, friend. :)

I wish they woulda touched more on how Varimorphs work, like all we really got a handle on is Orendi is one. Okay cool but like how does the morphing part work? Is it instant? Does it work over time? What are the limits? I feel like there’s so much more to ask than well ever have answered now but idk I have a few personal ideas on how it might work I just don’t have the energy to type it out rn.

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have you ever thought about what it would be like if Stan had been the one to get stuck in the portal? how would he have come out of it 30 years later, what kind of experiences he may have had that would've been different from Ford's, etc.. idk if this has been in any hcs before or not, but either way, i wanna hear your take on it❤️ ps i love your art style, it gives me life

Thanks! I really appreciate that. To be honest, I haven’t thought a whole lot about it. There is the reverse portal AU, which goes off of that idea of Ford and Stan switching roles as to who falls into the portal. I feel like Stan would be quicker to adapt to the nomadic lifestyle of Dimension jumping quicker than Ford, simply because of those 10 years he spent traveling the country (and, in most cases, in homelessness) as well as surviving all kinds of dangerous situations. I also feel like he would get himself into a lot more trouble (though I see Ford as getting himself into all sorts of troubles and such as well). But other than that, I don’t really have many personal head canons or thoughts about this scenario.

Just got out of work and felt like taking a selfie because I woke up feeling like a rockstar today. Idk, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. My visa renewal notice is still on hold for some weird reason (?) and honestly, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m hoping for the best, expecting the worst though. I can’t help but think about finally getting an invitation to meet Taylor and being unable to attend for something that’s way beyond my control. I don’t think I could ever get over that.

It’s been 8 months since I ended things with someone I haven’t stopped thinking about ever since. I miss him like crazy. I wish I had the guts to text him and tell him how I feel, but I don’t think I can. I honestly don’t know if we’re better off this way. I really hope he’s doing ok.

Two of my closest friends turned their backs on me because they kept claiming that I didn’t have time for them. I’ve talked to them and everything’s fine now. They got me thinking and I just wish I could be a better friend. I’ve been working like crazy on three personal projects asides from my full-time job and I barely have time for myself. I also wish they knew.

I shot a new music video last Sunday and I am extremely excited, yet terrified about putting it out there. It’s the best thing I’ve done so far and I can’t wait for people to see it. It’s taking a lot of time and effort, but I think it’s going to be so worth it.

Anyway. I came here –like I usually do when I need to clear my head– to write down these thoughts. Today was a really good day overall. Obviously, it got 130,000 times better when I found out that GORGEOUS WAS COMING OUT TONIGHT.

My god, @taylorswift I. CAN’T. WAIT.

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Ok idk if this has been asked but what are the main three kids favorite genres of music? I feel like frisk would be into pop and happy songs, Asriel would be into rock and alternative music and chara would just be into some weird ass shit like river dancing music or some instrument no one has ever even heard of before

Chara the ultimate hipster omg

personally I think Frisk likes most kinds of music, but especially happy pop songs and also softer, more emotional acoustic things, I imagine they spend a good few sad days listening to slow, soothing songs about working through bad times bit by bit and waiting for the gray skies to clear up

Asriel definitely likes rock and alternative stuff, though he totally secretly likes adorable happy bubblegum pop too. he listens to it while doing homework or chores, it helps him stay energized and focused. he doesn’t know that anyone but Frisk is aware of this fact and since they’ve promised not to tell anyone (because they know that everyone else knows, but shh, that’s irrelevant), he has decided not to think about it too much. it’s catchy ok, he’s letting himself have this

Chara probably listens to some terrible hipster things as a weird shitpost-y statement, but their actual preferences are your typical lowkey-creepy female-singer-talks-about-modern-life-and-mental-illness genre, melanie martinez and halsey and that whole lot, they simultaneously relate and also sometimes just like to pretend that they relate in order to feel cool and very adult

Frisk thinks Asriel’s alternative music is too angry and they don’t really understand Chara’s tastes so they find that boring

Asriel likes Frisk’s favorite songs just fine, but he finds Chara’s favorites super unsettling and he prefers to just steer clear of that whole mess, it just makes him feel bad

meanwhile Chara has a soft spot for both of their siblings’ favorite songs simply because it’s so very them, so they secretly have a bunch of songs downloaded that they only like because it reminds them of their best friends.

Okay so Theo Raeken:

Theo glances at Liam before he darts for the elevator. He never hit that button for himself. Why? 

1.Because Liam is the reason he’s no longer in hell. Without Liam there, without being Liam’s responsibility what reason does Scott have to keep Theo around?? Theo would rather disappear than go back to Hell. Because that’s what the remaining pack members would do if Liam disappeared and they forgot about the spitfire little beta wolf. They would send Theo straight back to hell somehow. (Especially Malia)

2. He could even be worried about some strange paradox where Liam no longer exists so he subsequently never even got out of hell?? IDK It’s late. (I’m not sure how paradoxes work really, I’m not a scientist)

3.There’s also the theory that its because he feels ingratiated or in love with Liam, I like these options too. A lot.  And Theo, especially Theo. 

Any thoughts?

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Hey i need a gay opinion: i id as a lesbian but fuck, im crushing on Robert Plant (the good old celebrity crush), and idk if this is comp het or im just bi, what do you think?

generally celebrity crushes aren’t indicative of actual attraction. it’s easy to crush on a male celebrity even when you aren’t attracted to men at all. it feels safer because there’s no way he can know about or return your attraction

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Daffodil , Daisy and tulip :3c ?


daffodil: do you prefer to write about an OC or an unnamed reader (y/n)?

definitely an OC. writing as reader insert is too difficult for me lmao

daisy: would you ever consider a career in writing?

yeah? I guess is depends in what tho. idk if I’d want to be a journalist, being a novelist is tough to make it big enough to earn a living, but technical writing would be p good? I think??

tulip: what is your favorite writing blog on tumblr that you feel deserves more followers and reads?

fcKN- I have more than one :))))

@i-w-p-chan @onceabluemoonwrites @adelmortescryche @beanmaster-pika and uhhh my brain has failed me in thinking of more ppl :)))

but y’all are wonderful :D

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this might sound dumb but is it weird that during switching, at least from what i know of, theres often times like.. a gasp? a yawn? my guess is its just like something going on makes the brain go "hey wait you need oxygen" for some reason, but idk if that makes any sense? trying to fight back the usual feelings of "i've never heard anybody talk about this so its probably fake and you're fake" but idk..

Not really weird in my experience! Everyone experiences weird side effects of switching a little differently (besides headaches which are pretty common). We tend to blink a lot after we switch, and sometimes physical movement can help us through a “sticky” or slow switch. For us, sneezing can sometimes catapult someone away from the front every now and then 😂😂

Hope that helps,

-Mod Willow

september 26th 2017 | 2/100 days of productivity

my quarterly exams are finally over!! woo^^ test scores come out tomorrow tho huhuhu i’m not sure how to feel about it but i think i did pretty decently! hope my grades are doing well :3

meanwhile, entrance exams are just around the corner… guess who hasnt started yet? yup that’s right! me lol 😂 tbh idk how y'all do it? share me your secrets!!

calling out any fellow procrastinators out there! wanna procrastinate together? 😂😂

what i’m currently in love with : breathe again by emily slough ( @emslough on wattpad!! she’s awesome i love her so much omg )

There are definitely many things worth criticizing in Steven Universe, but it’s weird because one of the biggest criticisms I see is something I personally love about the show?

It’s a lot of criticisms that basically boil down to “pacing”. 

Like “They keep setting up this big mysteries and then not paying off on them!” or “A big thing happens and then we get right back into filler episodes!” and like

Yeah? Exactly. IDK what to tell you. 

Rebecca Sugar is like reverse Steven Moffat, I almost feel like. She sets things up without you even knowing anything is being set up, so it doesn’t build tension, but then when you get the payoff it’s satisfying and obvious. Or, alternatively, she introduces a big plot element, and it’s like “Are we ever going to address this?” and then, eventually, when it naturally comes up, we finally do. 

We saw Connie’s glow bracelet in episode 1, and didn’t even know it was foreshadowing until we me Connie 8 episodes later. We didn’t learn Garnet was a fusion until 50 episodes in. 

We met Lion in episode 10, and there were SO MANY QUESTIONS. What is he? Where do his powers come from? What is his connection to Rose? And we never directly got answers to those questions - instead they were indirectly answered in a “filler” episode about a historical Beach City in episode 106 that really only raised more questions than it answered, followed by the most recent episode, 132, which was about Lars and Homeworld and also, you know, incidentally answered the entire Lion mystery. 

Over three years after it was introduced we finally learned what Lion’s deal is, and it wasn’t even in a Lion-centric story. But you know what? It was still satisfying. At least, I thought so. 

I don’t get the feeling that that explanation was made up. Watching it, I get the feeling Rebecca Sugar knew three years ago what was up with Lion. She just wasn’t going to incorporate it until it became immediately relevant. 

It’s slow, honest, sprawling worldbuilding that I can really fucking get behind. The writers know what this world is and who these characters are, they just aren’t going to force exposition or explanations where they wouldn’t naturally occur if they can avoid it. 

IDK, the whole “we just introduced this big new thing, but now the characters are just dinking around? Living their lives? Why???” thing is, to me, at least a solid half of the draw. I like the show is approachable, that the tension is present but not overbearing. 

It feels like life. Big, life-changing, worldview shifting things happen. And at the same time that it changes everything, it doesn’t actually change very much at all. 

A good friend dies suddenly, you still have to make yourself lunch. Your parents are getting a divorce, you still hang out with your friends and maybe even act like everything is normal. And maybe even forget while you’re hanging out with your friends what is going on at home. You get arrested, get out on bail, know you have a huge case coming up that could determine your whole future, you still play video games for a couple hours the next night, you still go to work the next day. You’re working with your lawyers and everyone to put together your case, of course, but normal life doesn’t stop. It rarely ever does.

IDK, I see these criticisms like “They introduces Bismuth and then just benched her!” or “They introduced the cluster and then it didn’t actually do anything” and it’s like, yet. I have no reason not to trust that those things won’t be coming back around. Everything else in this show has, in time, come back around so far. From seemingly insignificant side characters, to weird locations, to random trivia. 

There’s an old saying, “things change slowly, until they change all at once”, and it has, in my life, generally proven to be true. And it seems to be the Steven Universe approach to story pacing. And I, personally, really really like it. And it’s cool if you don’t. But I don’t think I’d like the show as much if it weren’t so chill. It’s a show that drips along in tiny, soothing, sentimental increments. 

It’s fine if that’s an aspect of the show you don’t like. I have preferences and there are things I don’t like even though they’re arguably good. But I keep seeing people propose it as an aspect of the show that is bad writing. And, I just can’t wrap my head around that? It’s perfectly fine writing. It’s even, often, great writing. I prefer a slow and quiet accruement to a plot-heavy infodump any fucking day. Not that there isn’t often call for the latter, depending on the story you want to tell and how you want to tell it. But I prefer the former. 

So far I haven’t been given any indication there isn’t a planned followthrough for all the many, many threads Steven Universe has laid. They’ve successfully followed through enough times before, often on things we weren’t even aware we should be looking out for, that I imagine they’ll keep doing so. The only reason I ever see the show failing to do so, and having a rushed and unsatisfying end, is time. If they get prematurely cancelled, or prematurely decide to end things out of personal desire to work other projects, then yeah, SU could end badly. Lots of stuff could end up unexplained or given a quick unsatisfying end. But there’s no evidence of that yet, so right now I’m going to take the pacing choices as just that. Choices. Good ones, that I like. Even if they aren’t to everyone’s taste. 

Sam is at the table in the kitchen, finishing his coffee and picking at the last of his just-the-wrong-side-of-crispy bacon, when Dean comes bounding into the kitchen. And he is bounding, that’s the only word for it, except perhaps skipping or – Sam would never say it out loud because it would absolutely guarantee An All Original Dean Winchester Ass-Kicking™ – but Dean’s basically prancing.

“Mornin,’ Sammy,” he says, flashing a wide, toothy grin and making a beeline for the coffeemaker. He’s just wearing his nasty-ass robe and there are honest to god slippers on his feet.

Sam stares at him. He frowns, looks over his shoulder in the general direction of the front door, then back to Dean again. “Did you go out last night?”

Dean frowns at him, starting to pour out his cup. “No? Why?”

“Uh, because,” Sam says. “You’ve got your I Just Got Lucky face on.”

Then something completely unexpected happens. Dean blanches.

Sam’s confusion is only growing; this is not at all the reaction he’s used to. Normally Dean can’t wait to divulge the gory details, just to try and make him squirm. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t – what are you talking about,” he sputters, his eyes wide and rather hunted. “This is, this is my, my normal face.”

“C’mon man. We’ve been living in each other’s pockets for a couple decades here. I know that face.” Sam starts looking at him, really looking, and then yep: there’s the shadow of a hickey, just peeking out from the collar of his t-shirt.

Sam’s about to needle him about it when Cas comes into the kitchen. “Good morning,” he says.

“Hey, morning Cas,” Sam says briefly, then looks back at Dean. He’s intent on resuming his interrogation, but then he stops.

Dean’s looking at Cas with panicked eyes, and his face shifts from white to red so fast it doesn’t even bother stopping at pink.

“What…” Sam starts, then he looks back at Cas, frowning. Everything seems fine; he looks normal.

But then Sam notices that his tie is on backwards.

Holy shit.

I saw a TG meta (forget whose it was) about Hinami feeling left out because of Kaneki and Touka moving on and moving closer without her, wherein this statement was backed by a panel from the manga of Hinami looking at Kaneki and Touka’s backs.

Meanwhile, in Japan there’s a saying that literally translates to “Children grow up looking at their parents’ backs” which means that children look up to/emulate their parents (therefore parents should make sure to do well by them). Seeing your parents backs means you’re too close to them, too protected, not too distant.

Hinami looking at Kaneki and Touka’s backs very likely was meant as her feeling reassured and safe with them (in addition to making sure the reader realizes she thinks of them more as her relatives).

It’s interesting how differences between cultures affect readings.


Remember, a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. But beware. Anger, fear, aggression. The dark side are they. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Luke… Luke… do not… do not underestimate the powers of the Emperor or suffer your father’s fate you will. Luke, when gone am I… the last of the Jedi will you be. Luke, the Force runs strong in your family. Pass on what you have learned, Luke. There is… another… Sky… walker.


they both have so many different feelings about each other piled up on top of the other that they don’t know how to interact anymore. it’s not something that can be resolved any time soon but i’m sure their cooperation will one day be a big step for them in the future